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Beer & Cider Of The Festival 2016

You, our visitors were asked to choose your favourite beers & ciders from our range. The results of the Real Radio XS Beer, Cider & Perry Of The Festival Votes were:

Beer Of The Festival

Gold: Pictish Brewery – Talisman IPA
Silver: Outstanding Beers – Chocolate Liquer Stout
Bronze: Robinsons – Old Tom

Cider Of The Festival

Manx Cider Co – Jenny Lay Back

Perry Of The Festival

Greggs Pit – Thorn

Relive MBCF16 from start to finish

Relive the festival from start to finish with our time lapse video.

From the first container load of equipment at 8am on Saturday 16th to Runaway Brewery’s bar leaving at 5pm on Sunday 25th, 9 days of hard work, 15,000 amazing customers and supping of 50,000 pints compressed into 5 and a half minutes.

New Beers for Saturday

Some last minute additions to our beer list – on sale or going on sale today:


Brewery Beer Style ABV
Allgates Cripplegate Sloe Stout Sp 7.2
Allgates Dry Bones BB 4.0
Arbor Motueka IPA IPA 6.7
BlackEdge Black S 4.0
Boggart Dandy Sp 4.2
Deeply Vale Citra Storm GA 4.6
Front Row Lohag B 3.8
Front Row Lomu IPA 5.4
Front Row No 8 M 3.7
Green Mill Chief GA 4.2
Green Mill Northern Lights GA 4.5
Hopcraft Mate Spawn and Die IPA 5.4
Hopcraft Prophets of Doom Coconut Sp 4.5
Hopcraft We Come in Peace BB 4.6
Howard Town Longdendale Lights B 3.9
Howard Town Superfortress BB 4.4
Howard Town TRYPA IPA 6.6
Oakham Citra GA 4.2
Pig and Porter Red Spider Rye sb 5.5
Prospect Big John S 4.8
Ramsbottom Craft Fat Lady Stout S 4.3
Ramsbottom Craft Flaori Maori GA 4.1
Siren Love Of Work GA 3.6
Torrside Late To The Party IPA 5.5
Vocation Chop & Change BB 4.6
Vocation Cloak & Dagger S 5.9
Waen Summit and Nowt BB 4.5

Champion Beer Of The North West 2016


GOLD: Prospect – Nutty Slack

SILVER: Robinsons – Old Tom

BRONZE: Blackedge – Dark Rum




Gold: Blackedge – Dark Rum

Silver: Bank Top – Port O Call

Bronze: Dunham Massey – Dunham Porter

Boggart Hole Clough  Rum Porter
Fell                            Robust Porter
Happy Valley              Black Out XO
Hawkshead                Brodie’s Prime


Gold: Barngates – Goodhew’s Dry Stout

Silver: Peerless – Oatmeal Stout

Bronze: Stringers – No 2 Stout

BlackEdge                 Black
Brimstage                  Oyster Catcher Stout
Dent                          T’owd Tup
Hawkshead                Dry Stone Stout
Hooded Ram              Jack the Ram


Gold: Robinsons Old Tom

Silver: Bolington – Goldenthal

Bronze: Coniston – No 9 Barley Wine


Dunham Massey             Winter Warmer
Hawkshead                     Brodie’s Prime Export
Lees                               Moonraker
Outstanding                    Imperial IPA


Gold: Watermill – Shih Tzu

Silver: Saddleworth – Shaftbender

Bronze: Cumbrian Legendary – Grasmoor Dark

Beartown                        Black Bear
Fuzzy Duck                    Ruby Duck
Marble                            Chocolate Marble
Merlin                             Dragonslayer

Unfined beers suitable for vegetarians

Most of the beers at the festival are fined with isinglass. Below is a list of beers where the brewer has advised that they are unfined and therefore suitable for vegetarians.

Ad Hop Sasquatch 1
Almasty Gingerbread Mild 1
Almasty Winter Saison 1
Alphabet Brew Co A to The K 1
Bad Seed Orange and Rosemary Belgian Pale 1
Bad Seed Summer Ale 1
Beer Nouveau Satanic Mills 1
Beer Nouveau / Chorlton Home Brewers Et Tu Brewtus 1
Beer Nouveau / MBCF Sally’s Tipple 1
Bexar County Un Poquito Pequeño 1
Bexar County Victoria Export Stout 1
Boudicca Spiral Stout 1
Boudicca Three Tails Bitter 1
Brass Castle Cliffhanger 1
Brass Castle Helles Lager 1
Brass Castle Sunshine 1
Five Oh Brew Co Sorachi Grey 1
High Peak Brew Co Pale Ale 2
High Peak Brew Co Porter 2
Left Handed Giant US Porter 2
Moor Old Freddy Walker 2
Moor Sloe Walker 2
Northern Alchemy 60 Min Pils 2
Offbeat Disfunctional Functional IPA 2
Offbeat Lupy Lager 2
Offbeat Off The Rails Chocolate Stout 2
Offbeat Outlandish Pale 2
Pilot Iced Tea Ale 2
Quantum Grailfrit 3
Quantum Milk Stout 3
Stringers No 2 Stout 3
Stubborn Mule Single Hop IPA (Amarillo) 3
Thirst Class Penny Black IPA 3
Thirst Class Wild Wit Fury 3
Torrside Centenial 3
Torrside Franconia 3
Torrside / Manchester Homebrew Club Upstairs Downstairs 3
Waen Snowball 3
Weird Beard Little Things That Kill 3
Weird Beard Pankot Palace 3
Blackjack Ace of Spades Blackjack
Blackjack Aces High Blackjack
Blackjack Belgian Red IPA Blackjack
Blackjack Dead Man’s Hand Blackjack
Blackjack Dragon’s Tears Blackjack
Blackjack Four of a Kind Blackjack
Blackjack New Deck Blackjack
Blackjack Porter Blackjack
Blackjack Snip Snap Snorum Blackjack
Blackjack Stout Blackjack
Blackjack The Pokies Blackjack
Blackjack Wai-iti IPA Blackjack
Blackjack / Hawkshead / Quantum Manuka Blackjack
Cloudwater Bitter Cloudwater
Cloudwater Brown Cloudwater
Cloudwater ESB Cloudwater
Cloudwater Imperial Stout Cloudwater
Cloudwater IPA Cloudwater
Cloudwater Pale Cloudwater
Cloudwater Stout Cloudwater
Ad Hop If you’re hoppy and you know it clap your hands Key-keg
Ad Hop / MBCF Choc Rockin’ Beats Key-keg
Alphabet Brew Co Flat White Key-keg
Alphabet Brew Co Nouvelle Saison: Beetroot and Horseradish Key-keg
Bad Seed I am the one who Equinox Key-keg
Bad Seed Vic Secret Sour Key-keg
Bexar County Death in the Sea of Mediocrity Key-keg
Bexar County Papa Steve Key-keg
Brass Castle Heretic Key-keg
Brass Castle / Ad Hop California Steamin Key-keg
Brew By Numbers 01|14 Saison Jarrylo Key-keg
Brew By Numbers 10|05 San Sebastien Key-keg
Brew By Numbers 25|03 Enigma Key-keg
Intrepid Cornucopia Rhubarb & Strawberry Key-keg
Quantum Imperial Stout (Cranberry) Key-keg
Weird Beard Mac Spreadsheet Ninja Key-keg
Weird Beard Saison 14 Key-keg
Weird Beard Trad Spreadsheet Ninja Key-keg
Marble Chocolate Marble Marble
Marble Earl Grey IPA Marble
Marble Ginger 5.1 Marble
Marble Lagonda IPA Marble
Marble Manchester Bitter Marble
Marble Pint Marble
Marble Stouter Stout Marble