Manchester Pubs Matter

Logo by Drumbeat

The team from MBCF are pleased to announce the Manchester Pubs Matter Festival.

With our pubs suffering from devastating restrictions over the past ten months, we’ve partnered with five of Manchester’s finest pubs to bring you a festival you can enjoy from home – while supporting our local pubs.

Between 17th and 20th of February, the five pubs will virtually welcome you to their pubs for a special online event.

The pubs are:

  • The Font Chorlton
  • The Marble Arch
  • The Petersgate Tap
  • The Smithfield Market Tavern
  • Wigan Central

Each event is different – there’s beer tasting nights, a pub quiz, a good old pub discussion and even a music night with the Smithfield DJs.

Accompanying each session is a specially curated box of beers or ciders put together by the pubs and the local breweries or suppliers they’ve partnered with. You’ll taste some of these beers with the brewers who made them and your host publicans.

Find out more by clicking here.