Crumbs! Beer expert really takes the biscuit!

Ever wondered which shortcake to dunk in your stout? Does a digestive go with a doppelbock? Is brown ale is the perfect accompaniment to a bourbon? Wonder no more as the North’s biggest beer festival brings a set of tutored tastings next month including the unique pairing of biscuits with beer.

Building on last year’s sell-out tasting sessions, Manchester Beer and Cider Festival will give drinkers the chance to hear from three of the country’s leading beer experts. They will be running tutored tastings, suitably accompanied by generous samples of some of the 600+ ales on offer. Tickets on sale here.

Kirsty Walker, Roger Protz and John Clarke will be talking about some of their favourite beer styles, showcasing the breadth of taste and history of real ale in the UK and further afield. All three have gathered reputations as entertaining writers and presenters. Their combined expertise will be available to selected audiences on two of the three days the festival opens to the public. Their subjects will range from the story of Belgian beers, the tradition of serving ales from wooden barrels, the mystique of lambic beers from mainland Europe and how beer can best be matched with biscuits.


Brewing can be challenging…..

The Manchester Brewers Challenge was launched at Manchester Beer & Cider Festival in 2018, a unique competition to find Manchester’s top beer irrespective of serving format – cask, keg, key-keg, bottle or can.

The inaugural Challenge was won by Alphabet Brew Co with their Type A served from Key-Keg with bottled Karma Citra from Wigan’s  Wily Fox coming second.

MBCF has now laid down the challenge again – inviting every eligible brewery in Greater Manchester to put forward their best beer. With over 70 breweries in Greater Manchester, the only constraint is that brewers can put just one beer in front of the judges next January as the festival opens so brewers must choose the format which they believe best represents their selected beer