Breast Cancer Care Pink Quiz

Throughout the festival, Breast Cancer Care gave you the opportunity to participate in the Pink Quiz with the opportunity to win a daily cash prize.

The questions and answers for the quiz are below.

  1. Jesse Pinkman was a character in which TV series?

Answer: Breaking Bad

  1. What is the real name of the singer /songwriter known as Pink?

Answer: Alecia Beth Moore

  1. What kind of fruit is a Pink Lady?

Answer: Apple

  1. What did Allan Pinkerton do?

Answer: Detective or Spy

  1. In which South American country is the presidential palace known as the Pink House?

Answer: Argentina

  1. Which newspaper, first published in London in 1888, is printed on pink paper?

Answer: Financial Times

  1. In which continent would you find a pink river dolphin?

Answer: South America

  1. What medical condition is also known as ‘pink eye’?

Answer: Conjunctivitis

  1. Which city in India is known as the ‘Pink City’ due to its architecture?

Answer: Jaipur

  1. What birds are pink mainly due to their diet of shrimps and algae?

Answer: Flamingos

  1. In snooker, how many points is the pink ball worth?

Answer: Six

  1. In which bike race would the overall leader wear a pink jersey?

Answer: Giro d’Italia

  1. Pink doesn’t feature in the Olympic ring colours – name the five colours that do?

Answer: Blue, Black, Red, Yellow and Green

  1. What film did Marilyn Monroe appear in wearing a famously shocking pink dress?

Answer: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

  1. In the 1963 film ‘The Pink Panther’, what is the Pink Panther?

Answer: A diamond

  1. Who starred in the 1986 film ‘Pretty In Pink’ as Andie Walsh?

Answer: Molly Ringwald

  1. In what country are films that contain nudity referred to as ‘pink films’?

Answer: Japan

  1. ‘The Madonna of the Pinks’ is usually attributed to which Renaissance artist?

Answer: Raphael

  1. Which famous Impressionist painted ‘Dancers In Pink’?

Answer: Degas

  1. Which famous UK artist painted a car pink on Brick Lane?

Answer: Banksy


All of the answers are places within a 20 mile radius of Manchester Beer and Cider Festival.

Clue Answer
1. Hurry back home Rusholme
2. Bargain prices Sale
3. Don’t drop ‘em Oldham
4. Moors Murderess Hindley
5. Out on a _______ Lymm
6. A locked door has a Bolton
7. Dynasty family name Carrington
8. Mouldy crossing Rawtenstall
9. Centre weight Middleton
10. Shout a taxi Hale
11. Pigs classy home Style
12. Dark pole Blackrod
13. Goon show character Eccles
14. Floral mount Rose Hill
15. Dutch pottery Delph
16. Future monarchs place Charlestown
17. Warm Liverpool river Heaton Mersey
18. Miss detective Marple
19. Finger indicate the way Poynton
20. _______ & seek Hyde
21. To inter Bury
22. Inter a loaf Bredbury
23. Fruity weight Appleton
24. Childhood illness Mumps
25. Shoeless sandy Shaw
26. Crimson bowl Reddish
27. Peculiar habits Strangeways
28. Timber crossing river Woodford
29. United home Trafford
30. Select lake Picmere
31. Stiff candle centre Ardwick
32. Witches hill (20CWT) Pendleton
33. Fortress weight Castleton
34. Seasonal chair Summerseat
35. Richard ?? … Special agent Barton
36. Missing soup Lostock
37. Stroll into the lions lair Walkden
38. Sport in the meadow Gamesley
39. Golfer helper uses his Cadishead
40. Tups behind Ramsbottom