New Beers for Saturday

Some last minute additions to our beer list – on sale or going on sale today:


Brewery Beer Style ABV
Allgates Cripplegate Sloe Stout Sp 7.2
Allgates Dry Bones BB 4.0
Arbor Motueka IPA IPA 6.7
BlackEdge Black S 4.0
Boggart Dandy Sp 4.2
Deeply Vale Citra Storm GA 4.6
Front Row Lohag B 3.8
Front Row Lomu IPA 5.4
Front Row No 8 M 3.7
Green Mill Chief GA 4.2
Green Mill Northern Lights GA 4.5
Hopcraft Mate Spawn and Die IPA 5.4
Hopcraft Prophets of Doom Coconut Sp 4.5
Hopcraft We Come in Peace BB 4.6
Howard Town Longdendale Lights B 3.9
Howard Town Superfortress BB 4.4
Howard Town TRYPA IPA 6.6
Oakham Citra GA 4.2
Pig and Porter Red Spider Rye sb 5.5
Prospect Big John S 4.8
Ramsbottom Craft Fat Lady Stout S 4.3
Ramsbottom Craft Flaori Maori GA 4.1
Siren Love Of Work GA 3.6
Torrside Late To The Party IPA 5.5
Vocation Chop & Change BB 4.6
Vocation Cloak & Dagger S 5.9
Waen Summit and Nowt BB 4.5