Please note that you should not assume the subsidy (see below), or make your working at the festival dependent upon it, without advance agreement from  Carol Worthington, Finance Manager:

Manchester is well served by hotels / hostels of all descriptions and budgets. Travelodge are by the far the cheapest option and do regular £19 per night deals. You can generally “do a deal” on any advanced bookings with many Manchester hotels.

The Jury’s Inn hotel which is near to the venue is offering volunteers a special rate of £72 per night for a double/twin room for two people, including breakfast. Book at and enter the promotion code “JIBEER 190119” when booking.

A contribution towards accommodation costs may be available for some Volunteers who do not live within the Greater Manchester boundary  (or for some individuals who have key roles and are unable to travel to or from the venue within the times they are required to work) at a maximum rate of £36 incl VAT per person per night (on presentation of a VAT receipt) or £30 per person per night with a non-VAT receipt.

Due to the limitations of the festival budget, this subsidy is dependent on the number of sessions worked, duration of worked hours, and the task(s) being undertaken. It is generally anticipated that to claim a subsidy volunteers should have worked an average of 8 hours for each nights accommodation and be working until close of business (or at least 9pm on the Saturday). If you do not satisfy all of these criteria you will need to check with the Finance Manager (Carol Worthington) in advance to confirm if you qualify.

Click here for information on how to claim expenses.

Eligible volunteers paying a varying rate over the course of the festival (e.g. some nights at £19 & some nights at £39) may claim up to £36 incl vat  x number of nights stayed regardless of rate paid for individual nights, providing it comes to less than actually paid out, on production of a vat receipt. Two people sharing a room can mean very little or nil cost to you both – please submit only one claim covering both people.

If in doubt, speak to Carol Worthington, Finance Manager, before or during the festival. However, if you have any finance queries, unless you are a Section Manager, only go to the expenses desk at pre-agreed times (see Volunteer Welcome Team for details), as there is no general admittance to the Finance Office.

Anybody staying in their own premises or with a friend will not be allowed any accommodation contribution. Any Greater Manchester resident member who feels they need to utilise City Centre accommodation rather than travelling to and from home, will need to seek prior approval from the Finance Manager, Carol Worthington: