The Petersgate Tap

“Award winning pub” gets bandied about a lot but The Petersgate Tap’s 14 awards in 4 years speaks for itself. 

Since it opened on Stockport’s Petersgate in 2016, father and son team, Alan and Chris Gent have been passionate real ale supporters consistently promoting local or smaller breweries. They’ve also been supporters of local ‘beery’ initiatives (CAMRA’s Mild Magic, the Independent Salford Beer Festival etc.).

Alan and Chris are also keen cider promoters, twice winning the CAMRA Greater Manchester Regional Cider Pub Of The Year award.

6 handpumps and 4 keg lines consistently offer an interesting mix of beers and strengths, but their true speciality is for strong dark beers. The absolute highlights of these are their twice yearly Monsters Weekends, featuring a long list of imperial strength beers from nearby Torrside Brewing.

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During lockdown, The Petersgate Tap is operating a local delivery service offering 2 and 4 pint containers of draft beer alongside a range of bottles and cans. You can order via their website:

Welcome To The Dark Side

Friday 19th February 7pm

For the Manchester Pubs Matters Festival, The Petersgate Tap, in association with Thirst Class Ale, invite you to join them on the Dark Side.

Your box of 12 beers will contain seven dark style beers (Stouts, Porters and Black ‘IPAs’) with the rest of the pack consisting a selection of pale styles.

Seven beers will be from Stockport’s own Thirst Class Ale, two from Greenfield’s Donkeystone brewery plus one beer from each of Neptune, Wishbone and Ossett.

Local beer expert and Petersgate Tap regular John Clarke will lead you through a tasting of six of the dark beers.

Thirst Class Ale head brewer and owner Richard Conway will also be online to give an insight into what it’s been like running a small brewery during a pandemic and answering your questions.

Tickets for this event are priced at £45 including twelve cans and your exclusive codes to attend the online event.

The beers in your box will be:

  • Thirst Class Ale
    • Stocky Oatmeal Stout 4.7%
    • Penny Black IPA 5.9%
    • Hazy Shade Of Winter 5.1%
    • Some Kviek It Hot 5.5%
    • Hoppy Go Lucky 4.1%
    • Tea Wit Tea Woo 4.8%
    • Imperial Petersgate Porter 7.2%
  • Neptune
    • Mohana 5.3%
  • Wishbone
    • Black Imp 10.2%
  • Donkeystone
    • Madagaska 5%
    • Hoppinsesh 5%
  • Osset
    • Treacle Stout 4.8%