New Festival Organiser

Who is the new Organiser ?

My name is Adrian Saunders, and many of you will have seen me before, as I have worked in various roles at CAMRA’s National Winter Ales Festival (NWAF) and then the Manchester Beer & Cider Festival (MBCF) since 2009.

I don’t currently live in Manchester, but I spent 7 years here at Manchester University, before moving to Northern Ireland. Some of you may recognise me from 11 Belfast Beer & Cider Festivals.

I’ve been a CAMRA member since 1981 and been active with beer festivals since then, but much more so since 2002. Over the years I have taken on many roles, and my other current management roles are as a Bar Manager at the Great British Beer Festival in Olympia, London, and Beer Order and Technical Manager at St Albans Beer Festival.

Graham Donning has grown the NWAF and MCBF since 2009 to its current size of 15,000 visitors, and I have the wealth of his experience to draw on, for which I am grateful.

This is not the biggest event project I have ever managed, as I was site manager for a large outdoor Country Fair during British Food & Farming Year in 1989, and also organised its real ale bar.

I must also mention that I rely heavily on the guidance and support of my wife Cherry, who really loves beer cellar work, but will also be one of my two Deputy Organisers at MBCF. You will probably see her preparing beer for sale on one of the bars.

Finally, I must not forget the great team of volunteers and friends who have given me tremendous support since I announced that I was taking over from Graham as Organiser.

See you in January 2019 in Manchester Central.