Beers From The Wood

More Heritage, More Beers From The Wood

In 2019, drinkers couldn’t get enough of our Beers From The Wood bar – drinking every drop from the 50 traditional oak casks by Saturday afternoon.

Taking on the challenge, we have sourced even more wooden casks for 2020 and arranged to have them filled with an even more amazing selection of beers.

Osset Brewery presents the 2020 Beers From The Wood Bar which is set to to feature 75 beers from brewers from across the country, including six from Ossett and their other breweries, Rat, Fernandes and Riverhead.

There will be exclusive wooden casks from local favourites Marble Beers, Runaway, Beatnikz Republic and Pomona Island. Amongst many highlights heading over from Yorkshire will be former Champion Beer Of Britain, Elland Brewery’s 1872 Porter, joined by more exclusives from Rat, Fernandes, Abbeydale, Brew York and many more.

Local heritage brewing specialist Beer Nouveau are set to present a selection of beers brewed to historical recipes and served as they would have been when originally brewed – from the wood.

You’ll be able to compare how being matured in wooden casks changes the character of a beer with a number of beers available from wooden casks on the Beers From The Wood Bar and also from modern steel casks on the Coast To Coast Bar.

Beers From The Wood
©James Darcey

You’ll find the Ossett Beers From The Wood bar right at the front of the hall.

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