UK Cask & Keg Beers

Here’s the full list of cask & keg UK beers for #MBCF20

All beers will be on sale as soon as they are ready to be sold and for as long as they last (with exception of KegStar and selected brewery bars). Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular beer.

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Bar name
Notes (Long)
BlackjackBlackjackGolden BitterGolden Bitter4.2Collyhurst, ManchesterCaskA golden hoppy bitter. Bridging the historic Manchester style of pale hoppy bitter with international hop character
BlackjackBlackjackIPAIPA5.4Collyhurst, ManchesterCaskClassic IPA with always a fresh selecttion of rotational hops
BlackjackBlackjackLemon & Basil SourKettle sour4.1Collyhurst, ManchesterKegOur latest kettle sour! We split the brew into two halfs, with this half we've conditioned on a lot of Basil and Lemon juice and it's tasting good.
BlackjackBlackjackMosaic LightPale ale3.6Collyhurst, ManchesterCaskA low abv beer that packs a big punch, a lot of Mosaic has gone into this one for the hopheads
BlackjackBlackjackPalePale ale4.0Collyhurst, ManchesterKegHoppy, session pale ale bursting from the seams with Admiral, Topaz, Enigma, Vic Secret & Idaho Gem
BlackjackBlackjackPub AleBest bitter4.0Collyhurst, ManchesterCaskSingle hopped best bitter with the classic English hop Bramling Cross
BlackjackBlackjackRed AleRed ale4.5Collyhurst, ManchesterCaskAromas of citrus fruits and sweet strawberries lead with hints of a darker malt base coming through. This gives way to flavours of red fruit and jam with a bitterness that quickly fades to make this a very easy drinking session beer.
BlackjackBlackjackSmall SaisonSaison4.5Collyhurst, ManchesterKegAn easy going and refreshing saison, hopped with Pilot, Willamette and Pacific Jade.
BlackjackBlackjackStoutStout4.5Collyhurst, ManchesterCaskRobust stout with chocolate and licorice notes.
BlackjackBlackJack / McColl'sPeach Of SummerSummer IPA5.8Collyhurst, ManchesterKegIndian Summer IPA with Peach Puree, Cardamom and Coriander.
BollingtonBollingtonAPAAmerican pale4.2BollingtonCaskWest Coast American pale ale with fruity nose & dry piney finish. Dry hopped with Simcoe & Amarillo
BollingtonBollingtonChinook & GrapefruitFruity pale3.6BollingtonCaskFresh grapefruit zest and juice paired with punchy Chinook hops
BollingtonBollingtonEastern NightsIPA5.6BollingtonCaskThis latest IPA is hugely rich in body and flavour with great sweetness but a typical well defined bitterness.
BollingtonBollingtonGinger BrewGinger pale3.6BollingtonCaskA classic ginger bitter, pale hoppy bitter flavour, a smooth taste with fresh root ginger added at the end.
BollingtonBollingtonInceptionPale ale3.8BollingtonKegA modern hop-forward pale brewed with oats and rye for added body and a
smooth mouthfeel. Dry hopped with Ekuanot and Falconers Flight.
BollingtonBollingtonLong HopLager style bitter3.9BollingtonCaskPale lager style bitter with fruity refreshing hops, former summer special brewed for cricket lovers now a permanent beer.
BollingtonBollingtonOat Mill StoutOatmeal Stout5.0BollingtonCaskAward winning Oatmeal Stout with a twist. A hoppy bitter taste keeps the sweetness in check and allows for a great dark beer.
BollingtonBollingtonResonanceSession IPA4.3BollingtonKegA pale fruity session IPA with aromas of tropical fruit, soft sweet taste and finished with a dry hop flavour
BollingtonBollingtonSigmaLactose IPA5.0BollingtonKegA stone fruit laden, 5%, pale, lactose IPA. Hopped with Citra, El Dorado and Idaho 7.
Brass CastleBrass CastleBad KittyVanilla porter5.5MaltonCaskA chewy chocolate vanilla dream of a porter.
Brass CastleBrass CastleBuddyDDH Pale ale5.2MaltonCaskDDH pale ale
Brass CastleBrass CastleDark WebHoppy stout4.8MaltonKeyKegDry stout with a complex malt body offering chocolate and roasted coffee notes, a drying palate, lifted with citrus and pepper aroma through generous addition of Chinook & Columbus hops. Brewed to a gluten free recipe
Brass CastleBrass CastleFriut Lupe (Galaxy & Passionfruit)Fruit pale4.8MaltonCaskHoppy pale with hints of complimentary fruit. *Festival launched beer*
Brass CastleBrass CastleFriut Lupe (Galaxy & Passionfruit)Fruit pale4.8MaltonKeyKegHoppy pale with hints of complimentary fruit. *Festival launched beer*
Brass CastleBrass CastleJack In IronsCoconut imperial stout10.0MaltonKeyKegToasted coconut imperial stout
Brass CastleBrass CastleJunipurrKölsch4.9MaltonKeyKegKolsch style ale infused with York Gin's botanicals
Brass CastleBrass CastleMighty BoochKombucha0.5MaltonKeyKegA low alcohol fermented tea based beverage with crisp funky tarntess lifted with bubble gum aromas. Naturally gluten free
Brass CastleBrass CastleMisfitPale ale4.3MaltonCaskRolling hop-swap pale ale, this time showcasing Ekuanot & Columbus
Brass CastleBrass CastleStarlightPale ale3.6MaltonCaskHoppy winter pale ale
BrightsideBrightsideBelgian DarkChestnut belgian style5.0RadcliffeCaskBrewed in the tradition of creativity and disregard for conformity for which the country is renowned, we've created a "non-style Belgian" beer that tastes Belgian! This delicious chestnut coloured beer was fermented with Belgian yeast at a higher temperat
BrightsideBrightsideDeja BrewIPA4.8RadcliffeCaskIn spite of what we called it, this isn't a resurrected beer rebrewed, we just liked the sound of the name! It's been hopped in the copper with Australian Vic Secret and Enigma; Enigma being a new discovery for us and a relative new kid on the block in th
BrightsideBrightsideGalaxyBlonde ale5.0RadcliffeCask Here's a lovely newbie to start off the new decade and fend off any thoughts of a dry month 😉 Galaxy Blonde IPA focuses on the amazing citrus and passion fruit aromatics that this special hop is famous for, being brewed with a light malt bill to let th
BrightsideBrightsideHellesLager4.8RadcliffeKegStraw coloured with mild bitterness, clean, fresh taste, showing delicate hop aromas and flavours.
BrightsideBrightsideOdinPale blonde ale3.8RadcliffeCaskA very pale blonde ale with a fair whack of wheat. European Noble hops form the basis with three fruity American varieties added late. The late hops to come through clearly in the taste and aroma. A slight wheat haze takes the edge off the usual clarity.
BrightsideBrightsideSeven WavesGolden ale4.2RadcliffeCaskGolden ale made with a blend of Hallertauer Blanc, Citra, Eureka, Amarillo and Mosaic hops, and dry hopped in the FV to make a fresh, vibrant style.
BrightsideWildsideCherry Hibiscus PaleFruit pale4.2RadcliffeKegThis one was inspired by a chat with one of our friends who mentioned a pink beer he'd recently tasted that used hibiscus. Hibiscus flowers give the beer an amazing pink colour, plus really lovely fruity citrus and herbal notes and a light characteristic
BrightsideWildsideChocolate Pastry StoutPain au chocolait stout5.0RadcliffeKegIt's dark and it's cold so it's time to get the stouts on the bar again! This is a deliciously silky oat stout, flavoured to taste like pain au chocolait. A perfect match between classic beer style and French Fancy 😉
OutstandingOutstandingChocolate Liqueur StoutStout4.9SalfordCaskJet black, roasty, bittersweet chocolate!
OutstandingOutstandingIPA5.5SalfordCaskFour diverse hop varieties drawn from across the globe combine to create complex yet well-balanced golden, dry IPA style beer.
OutstandingOutstandingRatatoskPale ale3.7SalfordCaskIt’s pale heavily hopped and named after a Nors mythology squirrel that runs up and down the world tree with messages
OutstandingOutstandingRedCopper bitter4.4SalfordCaskCopper coloured, mellow, biscuity
OutstandingOutstandingSaltford SourFruit sour4.5SalfordKegA classic style gose, slightly salty and sour blended with pure raspberry juice
OutstandingOutstandingStrawberry WitbierFruit wheat beer4.3SalfordKegPure strawberry juice blended with a classic Belgian style Witbear. Fruit & sweetners are balanced by a slightly tart refreshing finish
OutstandingOutstandingUltra PalePale ale4.1SalfordCaskVery light coloured pale ale. Crisp, and zingy with lemony hop notes.
OutstandingOutstandingWhiteWheat beer5.0SalfordKegComplex aromas and flavours of clove, coriander and vanilla interwoven with earthy undernotes, combine to create this singularly refreshing continental style cloudy wheat beer.
RedWillowRedWillowAmarillo, Mosaic, Simcoe, Citra PaleHoppy pale ale4.8MacclesfieldKegA mega-hopped pale ale crammed with all our favourite hops.
RedWillowRedWillowBreakfast StoutCoffee stout5.6MacclesfieldCaskThis dangerously drinkable Vietnamese coffee stout starts with an assertive roasty bitterness from the dark malts which quickly gives way to a smooth rich dark chocolate and hazelnut finish.
RedWillowRedWillowChevalier MildHeritage mild4.6MacclesfieldCaskThe latest release in our Heritage Ales program is Chevalier Mild. Using a revived historical malt which dates back to 1825 we have produced a full bodied and flavourful traditional mild reminiscent of village green cricket matches and Spitfires. English
RedWillowRedWillowFaithless 132 - Citra, Mosaic, MandarinaUltra pale4.9MacclesfieldCaskA limited edition ultra-pale ale brewed with extra pale malt to let the citrus and mango flavours from the US hops shine through. The Mandarina Bavaria adds just a little lemony spice!
RedWillowRedWillowImperial XXX MildImperial mild9.2MacclesfieldCaskBrewed with Chevalier Malt and drawing on 19th Century recipes this is our attempt not to recreate but re-imagine a historical XXX mild. Full of First Gold hops, big and bold with rich toffee flavours and a sweet, sticky, finish full of orange. This is a
RedWillowRedWillowRandom Apple Cider Saison (Blend 1)Brett saison/cider blend6.0MacclesfieldKegBrett Saison aged for 14 months in white wine barrels blended with our very own cider made using Random Apple Company apple juice. The result is ultra-refreshing and incredibly crisp with a delicate chardonnay oak finish.
RedWillowRedWillowRum Barrel Aged RestlessCoffee Porter8.5MacclesfieldKegVery limited edition barrel ages cask of this dark & full bodied porter loaded with Vietnamese coffee beans with sweet nutty chocolate notes
RedWillowRedWillowShamelessIPA5.9MacclesfieldCaskA gloriously hoppy beer; tropical fruit and a clean Grapefruit finish from Mosaic & Simcoe
RedWillowRedWillowSvelte Lager 12°Czech style lager4.6MacclesfieldKegA Heritage Czech lager brewed using a traditional decoction mash with the original Hana pilsner malt and then lagered for 6 weeks. The result, a deliciously full bodied and elegant lager.
RedWillowRedWillowWeightlessSession IPA4.2MacclesfieldCaskPithy grapefruit and mango flavours from Mosaic with a well-rounded body
RedWillowRedWillowWrecklessPale ale4.8MacclesfieldCaskBeautifully balanced pale ale loaded with Citra and Amarillo hops providing massive amounts of tropical fruit and a clean finish.
RoostersRoostersBaby-Faced AssassinIPA6.1KnaresboroughCaskBrewed with 100% Citra hops that create aromas of mango, apricot, grapefruit & mandarin orange, along with a lasting, juicy, tropical fruit bitterness, the Baby-Faced Assassin is a deceptively drinkable India Pale Ale that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Be c
RoostersRoostersHighway 51Juicy pale3.7KnaresboroughCaskBrewed with a blend of Mosaic, Centennial and Rakau hops, juicy, tropical fruit flavours come to the fore in this dry-hopped, sessionable pale ale that’s backed up by a hint of citrus and a grapefruit finish.
RoostersRoostersHowlImperial Stout7.8KnaresboroughCaskJet black, with a creamy head, Howl is Rooster’s our annual, ever-changing imperial stout. This version has been brewed with the addition of rich, dark chocolate and fresh ginger, resulting in a delicious, decadent and complex beer.
RoostersRoostersOne Trick PonyRose Lemonade Sour4.1KnaresboroughKeyKegA sour beer originally brewed in collaboration with Hawkshead Brewery and Taylors of Harrogate. Bramling Cross hops offer a low-level of bitterness to this tart beer that carries a pink hue and floral and citrus notes from Taylors’ Rose Lemonade herbal te
RoostersRoostersSawtoothIPA6.7KnaresboroughKeyKegA slightly hazy, Mountain-Style IPA brewed using a blend of modern, US hop varieties that combine to create a bright and juicy fruit aroma of stone fruit, tangerine and lime, balanced against a moderate malt profile that leads to a low and refreshing bitt
RoostersRoostersThe Italian JobPepper & lemongrass pale4.7KnaresboroughKeyKegA collaboration between Rooster's/Birrificio Italiano. The addition of black pepper and lemongrass to the brew create delicate citrus and spicy aromas, which lead to a moderate level of bitterness
RoostersRoostersTropical AssassinTropical IPA6.1KnaresboroughKeyKegPacked full of mandarin orange and mango flavours harnessed from the Citra hop, the flavour profile of this hazy, limited edition version of Rooster’s flagship IPA has been enhanced further by the addition of a blend of tropical fruit juices.
RoostersRoostersYankeePale ale4.3KnaresboroughCaskLight and easy-drinking, it’s a beer that showcases the floral and
citrus fruit aromas of the Cascade hop, grown in the Yakima Valley
in Washington State, USA, projected against a back drop of soft
Yorkshire water and golden promise pale malt.
RunawayRunawayBerry & Hibiscus SourSour3.5ManchesterKeyKegBerliner Weisse brewed with a herbal tea blend from our friends at Canton in Bristol. Sweet and tart
forest fruits combine with dry, fruity hibiscus on the finish. Sour, delicate and super refreshing kettle
RunawayRunawayBurgundy BA Elderberry and Redcurrant SaisonSaison6.0ManchesterKeyKegFruited saison, aged for 18 months in Burgundy wine barrels. Tart, funky and assertively sour.
RunawayRunawayDouble IPAIPA7.2ManchesterKeyKegAn intensely hoppy, clean, but full bodied American style DIPA. The balance of malty sweetness, fruity aromas and hop driven bitterness make for a very drinkable beer.
RunawayRunawayDry Irish StoutStout4.5ManchesterKeyKegBig roasted dry stout. Hint of milky sweetness to the finish
RunawayRunawayGingerbread StoutStout6.3ManchesterKeyKegRich, full bodied, sweet stout, brewed with root ginger, mace, cloves and cinnamon to give a subtle seasonal twist.
RunawayRunawayIPAIPA5.5ManchesterKeyKegSignature IPA with juicy tropical fruit flavours and aromas
RunawayRunawayMango and Scotch Bonnet SourKettle sour5.5ManchesterKeyKegBeautifully balanced kettle sour with a big hit of pure mango and a delicate hint of fruity scotch bonnet chillies. A punchy, refreshing and super drinkable sour.
RunawayRunawayNZ PaleNZ Pale ale4.2ManchesterKeyKegLight, crisp and fruity pale ale, brewed exclusively using tropical, juicy New Zealand hops
RunawayRunawaySession IPASession IPA4.5ManchesterKeyKegHop forward session strength IPA brewed for optimum drinkability with rotating new world hops.
RunawayRunawayWinter SaisonSaison6.3ManchesterKeyKegClassic, dry, spritzy saison characterised by the fruity esters of traditional Belgian yeast. The inclusion of traditional UK malts and seasonal UK hops give this beer a maltier backbone and a hint of winter berries.
RunawayRunaway / Canton TeaOolong BlondeOolong tea Belgian Blonde6.0ManchesterKeyKegBelgian Blonde brewed with Honey Orchid Oolong tea. Well balanced blonde ale with hints of honey, fruit and mineral notes. Brewed using tea from Canton Tea
Thirst ClassThirst ClassAtmospheric ObscurationHazy pale5.5StockportKeyKegA super hoppy hazy New England style pale. Heavily hopped with Ahtanum and Comet and dry hopped with Azacca and Motueka it smells and tastes of tropical fruits.
Thirst ClassThirst ClassHigh FiveSession pale4.0StockportCaskA session Pale Ale brewed using five different hop varieties from the United States & Australia. A very light & hoppy moreish beer with citrus aroma & flavour
Thirst ClassThirst ClassHoppy Couple IPA (Simcoe & Chinook)IPA6.5StockportKeyKegAmerican style IPA, rich copper in colour with a citrus hop aroma and flavour nicely balanced with a malty backbone.
Thirst ClassThirst ClassHoppy Go LuckyPale ale4.1StockportCaskHoppy session Pale Ale brewed with US hops Amarillo, Citra, Centennial and Cascade. Fruity citrus with a subtle malt backbone.
Thirst ClassThirst ClassMagnumSingle hop pale4.5StockportCaskBrand New beer single hopped with Magnum
Thirst ClassThirst ClassMosaic PalePale ale4.7StockportCaskPale and hoppy beer single hopped with US Mosaic. Fresh tropical flavours of mango, stone fruits and berries.
Thirst ClassThirst ClassPenny Black IPABlack IPA6.2StockportKeyKegBlack IPA with Sorachi Ace, Equinox and Columbus hops. Hop forward with roasted malt backbone
Thirst ClassThirst ClassStocky Oatmeal StoutOatmeal stout4.7StockportCaskBrewed with nine different malts, smooth with chocolate and coffee notes.
Thirst ClassThirst Class / RivingtonPath of Most ResistanceGooseberry and peppercorn saison5.4StockportKeyKegBrewed in collaboration with our friends at Rivington Brewery especially for Salford Beer Festival 2019. This gooseberry and peppercorn saison is hopped with Hallertau Blanc and fermented with saison yeast, leaving aromatic tones
ThornbridgeThornbridgeGreen MountainVermont session IPA4.3BakewellKeyKegVermont session IPA. A hugely aromatic and juicy fruit bomb
ThornbridgeThornbridgeJaipurIndia Pale Ale5.9BakewellCaskA citrus dominated India Pale Ale, soft and smooth building to a crescendo of massive honeyed hoppiness.
ThornbridgeThornbridgeMade NorthMachester bitter3.8BakewellCaskManchester-style bitter which pours a bright golden colour. Bracingly bitter and dry, Made North has light malt aromas and flavours of earthy, floral and very moreish English hops.
ThornbridgeThornbridgeMarket PorterPorter4.5BakewellKeyKegA smooth, robust and creamy porter with a hint of coffee to finish
ThornbridgeThornbridgeMelbaPale ale4.2BakewellKeyKegLight in colour with a peachy character and aromatic US hops
ThornbridgeThornbridgePeverelIPA4.5BakewellCaskSession IPA brewed entirely with Mosaic hops from the USA! Expect explosive tropical fruits, a little tangy grapefruit, you might even get some blueberry, all with a balanced and tastebud teasing bitterness at a hugely quaffable strength
ThornbridgeThornbridgeSaint PetersburgImperial Stout7.4BakewellCaskA fabulous full-bodied stout - chocolaty, malt flavours with a coffee finish combine to give this ale a taste you'll never forget.
ThornbridgeThornbridge / St AustellTrevailEast India Porter5.3BakewellCaskEast India Porter with notes of Chocolate & a slight roasted aroma. Brewed in collaboration with St Austell Brewery using Centennial & Mosaic Hops, St Austell's yeast & a smidge of Nelson Sauvin.
ThornbridgeThornbridge / Tiny RebelLimoneraCloudy lemon ale4.5BakewellCaskLemon dominated ale made with heaps of lemon zest and lemon juice to provide a bright yellow and naturally hazy pint.
Tiny RebelTiny RebelCask I.P.A - AzaccaSession IPA4.3NewportCask
Tiny RebelTiny RebelClwb TropicaJuicy pale5.5NewportKeyKegIt’s super juicy and crammed full of fruity hop flavours that will have your mouth watering.
Tiny RebelTiny RebelDisco DiscoJuicy New England IPA6.5NewportKeyKegWhat kind of a world do we live in where there's not a cracking Tiny Rebel NEIPA available? We've had so much love for our big hoppy New Englands this year that we thought we'd finish strong with a party sensation
Tiny RebelTiny RebelFeel The RhythmHazy IPA4.6NewportCaskHazy IPA - Mix of Juice & Pine
Tiny RebelTiny RebelFive Dollar ShakeMilkshake IPA4.5NewportCaskGimme' a sip of that, I gotta know what a Five Dollar Shake tastes like.'

You know what Vincent Vega, we all want to know, so we made it for everyone. A 4.5% creamy Citra IPA with a rich citrus taste balanced with a creamy body. You just need to rememb
Tiny RebelTiny RebelGrapefruit KrushGrapefruit Radler2.5NewportKeyKeg
Tiny RebelTiny RebelPeaches and CreamMilkshake IPA5.5NewportCaskExclusively on cask! Does what it says on the tin! Peach flavours from peaches! Cream comes from sweet, smooth lactose and IPA from bucket loads of Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe to compliment the sweet fruit flavours.
Tiny RebelTiny RebelPeloton PaleEnglish pale4.2NewportCaskPeloton Pale is a beautiful UK hopped 4.2% session pale ale, and like a peloton this is designed to keep you going all day, with a crisp refreshing taste. With a floral, grassy aroma and spicy, lime taste, this is not one to miss
Tiny RebelTiny RebelRhubarb and Custard SourRhubarb and vanilla sour4.0NewportKeyKegNow here's a throwback! The sharp tang of rhubarb gets a big boost in a sour beer, but it's mellowed out nicely by the sweet, creamy, vanilla custard notes.

Just like they used to be when they were in a paper bag, just a little more grown up
Tiny RebelTiny RebelSalted Caramel Stay PuftSalted caramel marshmallow porter5.2NewportCaskSalted caramel marshmallow porter
East RidingAtomCritical TemperatureCoffee Porter5.5HullCaskCritical Temperature was aged for a month on 4 kilos of coffee beans, allowing a long and slow extraction of the essential compounds, and a fantastic aroma to develop. The beer is a big and rich beast, with a massive nutty, chocolatey and roasty nose and
East RidingAtomParabolaDDH Pale Ale4.8HullCaskHeavily dry hopped with Simcoe, Mosaic and Amarillo. Expect massive tropical flavours, juicy pine and high drinkability
East RidingAtomPhotonWest Coast Pale3.5HullCaskA light and refreshing pale ale with a West Coast edge. Citrus, pine and fruity flavours combine with a lingering bitterne
East RidingAtomSynthesisRaspberry & Chocolate Stout5.0HullCaskRaspberry and Cacao blend to create this thick and silky stout. Expect dense, creamy chocolate and light fruity sweetness.
East RidingAtom / Wilde ChildBarrel Aged PiBelgian Dubbel6.7HullCaskRioja barrel-aged Belgian Dubbel with candied orange peel
East RidingBone MachineBackboneModern Best Bitter3.7HullCaskMalty backbone with toffee and caramel flavour with hints of stone fruit from Norwegian ale yeast. Moderately bitter finish using English Hop, first gold.
East RidingBone MachineRocinanteImperial brown8.5HullCaskImperial brown with roasted chestnuts
East RidingBone MachineSkeleton PartyExtra pale ale5.2HullCaskExtra pale ale, german hops hercules, dry hopped with citra and mosaic
East RidingGreat NewsomeHolderness DarkStrong mild4.3WinesteadCaskAroma of sweet toffee & grassy hops. Sweet chocolate malt and hazelnut on the mouth with a long satisfying finish
East RidingGreat NewsomeLiquorice Lads StoutLiquorice stout4.3WinesteadCaskUsing real liquorice, this stout has heady aromas of Pontefract cakes and deep flavour from a rich roast malt background. With Northern Brewer hops from Germany, it has a World Beer Awards bronze medal and a gold medal from the Society of Independent Brew
East RidingGreat NewsomeSleck DustGolden ale3.8WinesteadCaskStraw coloured thirst quenching easy drinking ale. Pleasingly bittered with lemony citrus hop notes and a floral aroma.
East RidingHalf MoonF Hops SakeGolden ale3.9Ellerton, YorkCaskA bright golden ale with a refreshing hit of grapefruit and a good hoppy finish
East RidingHalf MoonHecklerEnglish pale ale4.5Ellerton, YorkCaskMulti hopped IPA packed with spicy,citrus & tropical fruit flavours
Gtr ManchesterBank TopDark MildDark Mild4.0BoltonCaskA full bodied dark mild with malt and roast aroma, rich mouthfeel and complex taste including roast malt and liquorice .
Gtr ManchesterBank TopHerkules White WalkerAromatic brown ale6.5BoltonCaskFull bodied hoppy aromatic brown ale with sweet malty notes and an orange citrus floral aroma
Gtr ManchesterBank TopPalomino RisingPale bitter5.0BoltonCaskA pale and refreshing bitter with a tropical fruit aroma & a dry bitter citrus finish
Gtr ManchesterBank TopPort O'CallPort Porter5.0BoltonCaskPorter. Roast barley flavour with port overtones - definitely not mild!
Gtr ManchesterBeatnikz RepublicBoardwalkGluten-free pale ale4.0ManchesterCaskMaris Otter and Munich and a touch of oats, give this new beer a light orange colour, slight biscuit notes and a whole lot of body. We have loaded the whirlpool with El dorado to give the juiciest of bases, with Ekuanot to lift and tie in to a massive cit
Gtr ManchesterBeatnikz RepublicDDH Tropic FiestaSession IPA4.0ManchesterCaskA double dry-hopped version of our best-selling beer Tropic Fiesta; this 12g/l dry hopped Session IPA is full of even punchier tropical and stone fruit character
Gtr ManchesterBeatnikz RepublicMidtown PorterPorter4.9ManchesterCaskFull bodied porter with beautiful malty chocolate & coffee flavour, hopped with Chinook for a touch of spiciness
Gtr ManchesterBeatnikz Republic / Electric BearUdder Option6.0ManchesterCaskRoasted malts with a smooth vanilla sweetness and oaty, malty backbone
Gtr ManchesterBeatnikz Republic / RivingtonCrimson FlareAmerican Red5.2ManchesterCaskA crimson red ale using tropical fruit forward hops. Lots of late and dry hopping to create a sessionable red.
Gtr ManchesterBlackedgeBlack PortPort Porter4.9HorwichCaskDeliciously complex, roasted coffee and chocolate flavours with a hint of liquorice and sweet port finish.
Gtr ManchesterBlackedgeBlack StoutStout4.0HorwichCaskA velvety stout with roasted barley flavours and rich undertones of chocolate coffee and liquorice
Gtr ManchesterBlackedgeBlondeBlonde ale4.5HorwichCaskA full bodied blond ale. Well hopped with US Summit to give a bold grapefruit flavour and citrus essence
Gtr ManchesterBlackedgeHopPale ale3.8HorwichCaskAn award wining pale ale, Clean, dry and refreshing citrus flavoured session beer with spicy floral aromas
Gtr ManchesterBlackedgeWest CoastPale golden4.1HorwichCaskPale golden in colour hopped with 4 varieties of west coast pacific hops give this a beer a clean refreshing tropical citrus flavour and aroma SIBA North West Champion of the Competition Gold Winner 2018 & 2019
Gtr ManchesterCloudwaterI'm Into The MysticRed ale4.0Ancoats, ManchesterCaskClassic Irish Red with a modern twist. Hand hopped with Mystic
Gtr ManchesterCloudwaterJesterdayRed ale4.0Ancoats, ManchesterCaskClassic Irish Red with a modern twist. Hand hopped with Jester 2018
Gtr ManchesterCloudwaterOlicana FlowRed ale4.0Ancoats, ManchesterCaskClassic Irish Red with a modern twist. Hand hopped with Olicana
Gtr ManchesterCloudwaterPalePale ale4.0Ancoats, ManchesterCaskOur season-long Pale Ale is a beer for everyday moments, whether it's conversation with friends or quiet relaxation after work, and aims to provide balance between bold flavour and easy drinkability. It's full of rounded tropical fruit flavours with a sof
Gtr ManchesterCloudwaterYounger Than JesterdayRed ale4.0Ancoats, ManchesterCaskClassic Irish Red with a modern twist. Hand hopped with Jester 2019
Gtr ManchesterDunham MasseyDeer BeerEnglish ale4.5Dunham MasseyCaskDeer Beer is a clean, full bodied, malty English ale, with a hint of toffee, and a distinct hop finish.
Gtr ManchesterDunham MasseyLittle BollingtonPale ale3.7Dunham MasseyCaskPale, light easy drinking bitter
Gtr ManchesterDunham MasseyMilk StoutMilk stout4.0Dunham MasseyCaskMulti-award winning stout, brewed with lactose for a sweeter flavour. Full bodied and creamy, with a roast malt character.
Gtr ManchesterGreen MillCats WhiskersMild4.0BroadbottomCaskFull flavoured mild, with a touch of roast, luscious dark malts, a hint of chocolate and just the merest smidgen of hopping to hold it together
Gtr ManchesterGreen MillEnebroJuniper pale4.1BroadbottomCaskPale ale flavoured with juniper berries.
Gtr ManchesterHophurstCosmatiGolden ale4.2HindleyCaskA hoppy citrus golden ale. The use of Mosaic American hops give the unique flavours of blueberry, citrus and tropical fruit.
Gtr ManchesterHophurstMilkshake IPA (Amarillo & Ekuanot)Milkshake IPA4.5HindleyCaskIPA with lactose.
Gtr ManchesterHophurstPorteresqueMilkshake porter5.5HindleyCaskFull bodied Milkshake Porter with flavours of chocolate and a smooth milky sweetness to finish
Gtr ManchesterHophurstPorteresque Irish CreamMilkshake porter5.5HindleyCaskFull bodied milkshake porter with flavours of irish cream and chocolate
Gtr ManchesterHophurstPUDSticky Toffee Milk Stout4.5HindleyCaskSticky Toffee Milk Stout
Gtr ManchesterHophurstSonnetHoppy Blonde Ale4.2HindleyCaskBlonde Ale originally brewed for Wigan Beer Week.
Made with Citra and Chinook. Dry Hopped with Falconers Flight.
Gtr ManchesterJW LeesBig Bad WolfForest fruit red ale3.6MiddletonCaskA deep scarlet coloured beer with forest fruit aromas and a punchy flavour that will be sure to 'blow you away'.
Gtr ManchesterJW LeesBoilerhouse Table Beer (Celia & Ernest)Table beer2.0MiddletonCaskHighly hopped with floral aromas and a fruity, citrusy body. Moderate bitterness and low ABV background add to a clean, refreshing taste.
Gtr ManchesterJW LeesHarvest AleBarley Wine11.5MiddletonCaskLimited edition vintage barley wine, made once & once only from the first hops of the year and the very finest British malt. Very rare in cask conditioned form
Gtr ManchesterJW LeesMoonrakerBarley Wine6.5MiddletonCaskReddish-brown beer with strong, malty fruit aroma. Flavour is rich and sweet. Finish is fruity yet dry.
Gtr ManchesterJW LeesMPAGolden ale3.7MiddletonCaskA golden ale made from all British malt, Liberty & Mount Hood hops
Gtr ManchesterMarbleNorth SouthPetite IPA4.2Collyhurst, ManchesterCaskNorth-South is a 'petite IPA'. Lots of Enigma backed by Amarillo, Azacca & Lemon Drop, brings flavours and aromas of soft stone fruit and zesty lemon & orange, whilst wheat and Vienna provide a full, rounded malt base.
Gtr ManchesterMarblePetiteSmall IPA2.8Collyhurst, ManchesterCaskDesigned to provide all the punchy hop character of an IPA but at a seriusly sessionable strenght, this ‘small IPA’ is a new addition to our core range. Dry and light but with oat, Vienna and Munich malts giving body and touch of biscuit sweetness, and bi
Gtr ManchesterMarbleRufusRed ale5.1Collyhurst, ManchesterCaskDeep and rich in colour, the malt back bone of this beer gives a complexity and caramel sweetness balanced with a clean bitter finish. Holding lashings of Simcoe, Amarollio and Ekuanot hops, giving flavours of warm tangerine and fresh pine.
Gtr ManchesterMarbleStoutStout5.7Collyhurst, ManchesterCaskExtra winter stout with a rich palate, roasted notes, fruity hops & a long, dry, bitter finish
Gtr ManchesterOrigamiArctic FoxPale hoppy ale7.0ManchesterCaskOriginally brewed for #MBCF17, a strong, pale, very hoppy ale brewed with Mosaic hops
Gtr ManchesterPictishPictish PorterPorter4.4RochdaleCaskMarvellously complex black beer. A mellow bitterness and subtle hop aroma balance the robust amber and roast malt flavours.
Gtr ManchesterPictishTalisman IPAIPA4.2RochdaleCaskA golden IPA. Well hopped with a blend of US and European hops, without being overpowering – a solid session ale
Gtr ManchesterPictish / Chorlton HomebrewersTeaching Bottles To SwimBest Bitter4.3RochdaleCaskRich copper in colour, combining additions of UK and US hops in the kettle to provide layers of citrus, stone fruit and resinous pine notes in balance with a medium malt character.
Gtr ManchesterPomona IslandIron BlokeSalted Chocolate Stout7.0SalfordCaskChocolate at the forefront, yielding to flaked salt. Like drinking chocolate covered pretzels!
Gtr ManchesterPomona IslandPale (Mosaic | Chinook)Pale ale3.8SalfordCaskPale ale with rotating hop profile - this one with Mosaic & Chinook
Gtr ManchesterPomona IslandPorterPorter5.7SalfordCaskRobust backbone of malt, matched with subtle bitterness. Finishes with smooth chocolate & rich caramel
Gtr ManchesterPomona Island / ElusiveIt's dangerous to go alone, take this with youSaison6.8SalfordCask#MBCF20 Collaboration Brew. Fresh saison full of pink peppercorns & coriander seeds
Gtr ManchesterProspectNutty SlackDark mild3.9WiganCaskDark brown mild ale with malt and fruit in the aroma. Creamy and chocolatey on the palate, with both malt and fruit in evidence. Malty and moderately bitter finish.
Gtr ManchesterProspectSilver TallyGolden ale3.7WiganCaskA clean, pale golden beer with citrus aromas and full hop flavour, and a dry bitter finish. A silver tally was used by a miner in exchange for a lamp prior to going down into a coal pit. As such, it was used as an early form of a mine management system.
Gtr ManchesterSerious BrewingGoldrushBelgian pale5.6RochdaleCaskRefreshing golden pale ale brewed with Belgian abbey yeast & delicately flavoured with British hops
Gtr ManchesterSerious BrewingMoonlightStout4.5RochdaleCaskSilky smooth stout with chocolate notes and a bitter hop finish
Gtr ManchesterSerious BrewingPhaedraAmber ale4.9RochdaleCaskOrange-infused amber ale.
Gtr ManchesterSerious BrewingPrime - CitraPale ale4.2RochdaleCaskChanging hop series of single hop pale ales - this one uses Citra
Gtr ManchesterSeven Bro7hersOatmeal StoutOatmeal stout4.5SalfordCaskA classic oatmeal stout as dark as the long winter night. A complex malt base of Best Ale, Naked Oats, Rolled Oats, Dextrin Malt, Chocolate Malt, Roasted Barley, Cara and Crystal supply those toasty, coffee, chocolatey flavours while leaving a medium body
Gtr ManchesterSeven Bro7hersSession PalePale ale3.8SalfordCaskLower in alcohol, our session craft beer is a light and refreshing pale ale that delivers tropical fruit and strawberry flavours.
Gtr ManchesterSquawkAixPorter4.6Ancoats, ManchesterCaskBurnt Chocolate and dried cherry on the nose. Dark ruby with a medium body, light chestnuts, toffee and toasted biscuits.
Gtr ManchesterSquawkAQUILAIPA6.2Ancoats, ManchesterCaskSatsuma skins and dried pithy pineapple through the taste, big tropical aromas from Citra, Simcoe and Ekuanot. Totally unfined. Totally quaffable.
Gtr ManchesterSquawkCorvusImperial Stout7.4Ancoats, ManchesterCaskBitter chocolate, roasted hazelnut and burnt cherry. Pours deeply black with a crema head, crushed pepper and wild flowers on the nose.
Gtr ManchesterSquawkCrexSession IPA4.5Ancoats, ManchesterCaskDried apricot, peach and pink grapefruit redolence. Flavour of tropical fruit and rounded bitterness.
Gtr ManchesterSquawkOTISPale ale3.9Ancoats, ManchesterCaskStacks of white grapefruit, papaya and lime on the nose. The Citra and Mosaic add a light haze to the lotus flower pale body.
Gtr ManchesterStockport Brewing CompanyGinger TingeGinger bitter4.2BredburyCaskCrisply hopped bitter with a ginger bite
Gtr ManchesterStockport Brewing CompanyRaspberry PorterRaspberry Porter4.9BredburyCaskDark smooth porter with a raspberry ripple flavour
Gtr ManchesterStockport Brewing CompanySnow AngelBerry pale4.1BredburyCaskA Light Pale Ale, crisp and refreshing with a Berry aftertaste
Gtr ManchesterStockport Brewing CompanyStockporterPorter4.8BredburyCaskRich and flavoursome dark ale with hints of coffee and chocolate. Dark malt and coffee in the mouth, complex finish with liquorice maltiness.
Gtr ManchesterStockport Brewing CompanyWest Coast IPAGolden IPA4.3BredburyCaskGolden and punchy with flavoursome Citrus notes
Gtr ManchesterStubborn MuleThe Mandarin CandidateOrange pale3.4TimperleyCaskPacked with Mandarin oranges, Mosaic Cryo hops, and Mandarin Bavaria T90s it’s fruity and flies out. It’s super tasty for the ABV and with an amazing colour/glow looks spot on for the summer.
Gtr ManchesterStubborn MuleWA15 Magnum Red IPAAmerican IPA7.2TimperleyCaskA man's GOT to know his limitations. This is a 7.2% WA15 Magnum. Do you feel lucky? High hopped and dry hopped this is a fully loaded American-style IPA. Dark amber in appearance the three hop varieties give a powerful, complex, yet balanced flavour and a
Gtr ManchesterStubborn MuleWake me up before you CocoaMicro mocha porter3.2TimperleyCaskCollab with Altrincham’s very own Two Brothers Coffee.

Full of Oats, nice and easy on the ABV and and full of choccy goodness
Gtr ManchesterTrackSonomaSession pale3.8Ancoats, ManchesterCaskA fantastic session pale, fairly dry but refreshing and fruity too.
Gtr ManchesterTrackUzonFruited gose10.0Ancoats, ManchesterCaskTriple Fruited Imperial Gose brewed in collaboration with Zagovor Brewery.

Picture the're stuck between 2 flamingos in a fist fight whilst hoards of toucans mercilessly fire mangoes, guavas and passion fruits directly at you...that's where
Gtr ManchesterTrack / St Mars Of The DesertCydoniaPale ale4.8Ancoats, ManchesterCaskA hazy pale ale, dry hopped with Citra & Waimea
Gtr ManchesterTrack / Wander BeyondPerseusBlack Forest Gateaux Imperial Stout11.0Ancoats, ManchesterCaskRich, festive, complex, strong, dark & with the mouthfeel of a black forest gateaux, this Imperial stout is unctuously rich with flavours of Kirsch cherry, dark chocolate & sweet vanilla backed up by a soft body. The initial sweetness of rich chocolate is
Gtr ManchesterWigan BrewhouseBlue Sky TeaLoose leaf pale ale4.2WiganCaskPale ale infused with J. Atkinson's award winning Blue Sky Blend Tea
Gtr ManchesterWigan BrewhouseGin PitJuniper pale4.3WiganCaskA sweet and fruity beer balanced with the natural dry acidity of juniper berries
Gtr ManchesterWigan BrewhouseMad MonkImperial Stout7.1WiganCaskA rich, intense brew with complex flavours and warming finish. It has a massive bitterness level. SIBA Gold winner.
LancashireBowlandDeer StalkerStout4.5ClitheroeCaskDark, rich stout full of dark fruit flavours balanced with a chocolatey finish obtained from the roasted malts.
LancashireBowlandPheasant PluckerCopper bitter3.7ClitheroeCaskCopper coloured bitter with rounded berry flavours
LancashireFarm Yard / Chain House / Preston Beer GirlsJeans & A Nice HopNew England style IPA4.5LancasterCaskThree way collab between Farm Yard Ales, Chain House Brewing Co. & Preston Beer Girls all of whom made their way down to the brewery to get stuck in with the process! The Preston girls voted on the flavours, hops, style & everything in between to come up
LancashireLancasterBlackTraditional stout4.5LancasterCaskClassic, traditional stout reminiscent of the beer typically found in Lancashire during the 18th and 19th century. A stout for the true connoisseur.
LancashireLancasterBlondeGolden bitter4.0LancasterCaskA uniquely vivid golden bitter. Designed to offer a quality cask conditioned ale to drinkers seeking a pale beer with real taste and aromatic impact.
LancashireLancasterCascadeGoldern Ale4.2LancasterCaskCascade hops give this beer a bright golden appearance with a hint of spicy hop aroma and slight citrus flavour
LancashireLancasterIPAPale ale4.2LancasterCaskA beautifully balanced pale ale loaded with hops providing a hoppy clean finish
LancashireLancasterRedRuby red4.8LancasterCaskA premium strength, ruby red beer, with a wonderfully spicy but sweet fragrance. A robust malt-dominated body finished with a splendid bitter note leaves a lasting impression on the taste buds.
LancashireMoorhousesBlack CatDark mild3.4BurnleyCaskDark mild with delicate chocolate and coffee roast flavours and a crisp, bitter finish.
LancashireMoorhousesBlonde WitchPale ale4.4BurnleyCaskPale coloured ale with a crisp, delicate fruit flavour. Dry, refreshing with a smooth hop finish.
LancashireMoorhousesIce WitchGolden ale4.3BurnleyCaskLight gold, single hopped with Citra giving intense aroma of tropical fruit, mango and pineapple. Strong, yet easy drinking bitterness finish
LancashireMoorhousesM/60 Cheeky Vimto PorterFruit porter4.8BurnleyCaskOur take on a cheeky vimto cocktail. A moreish porter boiled with fresh blueberries & raspberries
LancashireMoorhousesM/63 Mississipi Mud Pie Pastry StoutPastry stout8.0BurnleyCaskA rich imperial stout brewed with chocolate, lactose, French sugar, vanilla & a touch of bourbon
LancashireRivingtonClouded EyesPale ale4.2AndertonCaskPale Ale, Soft, Juicy, Citrus, Mango, Orange, hopped with El Dorado & Ekuanot
LancashireRivingtonFruity PlaysPale ale5.3AndertonCaskPale Ale, lead with Ekuanot & backed up with Mosaic, Chinook & Huell Melon - Mango, Citrus, Fruity
LancashireRivingtonWalking in CirclesExtra pale ale4.2AndertonCaskExtra Pale, Fruity, Spicy, Piney, Tropical, Hopped with Simcoe, Wai-iti & Centennial
LancashireStrataDrumlinOatmeal stout5.0RochdaleCaskSilky, smooth oatmeal stout brewed with 6 different malts and a touch of treacle. Lightly hopped with Bramling Cross
LancashireStrataDrumlin (Maple Edition)Oatmeal stout5.0RochdaleCaskSilky, smooth oatmeal stout brewed with 6 different malts and a touch of treacle. Lightly hopped with Bramling Cross and conditioned with maple syrup
LancashireStrataFramKveilk pale4.8RochdaleCaskHazy Kveik pale brewed with Motueka, Mosaic and Styrian Dragon hops. Super fruity and smooth with big hits of pineapple from the Ebbegarden yeast.
LancashireStrataFramKveilk pale4.8RochdaleTBCHazy Kveik pale brewed with Motueka, Mosaic and Styrian Dragon hops. Super fruity and smooth with big hits of pineapple from the Ebbegarden yeast.
MerseysideBlack LodgeHundred Dollar VolvoEkuanot Pale5.0LiverpoolCaskSingle hopped pale ale using Ekuanot hops
MerseysideBlack LodgeMisery Loves CompanyOat stout4.7LiverpoolCaskSuper chocolatey oat stout that’s smooth and creamy. An all layer indeed
MerseysideBlack LodgeSichuan CapoSpiced Pale4.5LiverpoolCaskSichuan Peppercorn & Coriander session pale ale
MerseysideCarnivalAll Clouds are SilverPale Ale4.8LiverpoolCaskOur rotating session pale ale is full of juicy west coast hops, low in bitterness and massive in fruity flavours and aromas. Clouds is fermented with our house yeast blend to accentuate the big hop flavours.
MerseysideCarnivalMacauPistachio pale ale5.6LiverpoolCaskBrewed with oat milk, loads of rolled oats and torrified wheat for a smooth, silky body with a deep roast coffee in the whirlpool. We then added our own house pistachio tincture after fermentation.

Not suitable for people with nut allergies sadly, but
MerseysideCarnivalTransformerPorter6.2LiverpoolCaskBold roasty flavours with a creamy head, silky mouthfeel and lasting dark chocolate bitterness.
MerseysideChapterBread and CircusesPale ale3.8FrodshamCaskA gloriously refreshing pale ale. A democratic malt bill with a hint of sweetness and an autocratic hop schedule with a sprinkling of Citra and Amarillo result in a true crowd pleaser.
MerseysideChapterDead Man's FistPeppercorn smoked porter5.5FrodshamCaskSubtly smoked porter slinks smoothly past before being followed by the crack and heat of fiery black pepper.
MerseysideChapterSuffering is an Art Chapter 19Passion fruit sour5.1FrodshamCaskPassion fruit sour
MerseysideGibberishMochaccino White StoutWhite stout5.6LiverpoolCaskWhite stout with coffee and cacao nibs
MerseysideGibberishNut Brown ESBBest bitter with nuts6.0LiverpoolCaskAmber best bitter with pecan, hazelnut and peanut
MerseysideLiverpool BrewingLiverpool IPAIPA5.7LiverpoolCaskIntensely hoppy with citrus and tropical fruits
MerseysideLiverpool BrewingLiverpool Pale AlePale ale4.0LiverpoolCaskDry hoppy notes with floral complexity giving way to spicy tones and a slightly creamy malt finish
MerseysideLiverpool BrewingLiverpool StoutStout4.7LiverpoolCaskStrong dark and dry with a smooth spicy finish
MerseysideMission CreepCampaniaNeapolitan ice cream milk stout5.0LiverpoolCaskGazza has been perfecting this beer for the last 4 years, and now
he feels he's got it exactly right... until the next time! Containing
lots of toasty grains, oats and wheat plus milk sugar and
flavourings to give the ice cream character, this goes dow
MerseysideNeptuneBalticBaltic Porter6.2MaghullCaskDried fruit flavours with a light roasted malt sweetness leading to a low balanced bitterness
MerseysideNeptuneBlackBlack IPA5.2MaghullCaskDark ale with citrus, tropical and stone fruits with light malt notes and a resinous bitter finish
MerseysideNeptuneWhiteIPA5.7MaghullCaskCitrus fruits with subtle notes of banana, a light spice and a dry bitterness
MerseysideNeptune / Brass CastleCamulosCherry Dubbel6.9MaghullCaskA rich slightly sweet malt forward beer with dark fruit and raison flavours leading to cherry notes on the finish
MerseysidePeerlessFull WhackStrong pale ale6.0BirkenheadCaskA strong pale ale derived from the days when sailors would demand full rations. High alcohol is complemented by increased bitterness and a fruity hop finish.
MerseysidePeerlessOatmeal StoutOatmeal stout5.0BirkenheadCaskFull bodied black stout. The use of oats gives a good mouthfeel and dark malts provide lots of backbone with toffee and caramel tones. Final gravity is 1013 giving an element of sweetness to balance the bitterness from the roast malts.
MerseysidePeerlessPeninsula IPAGolden IPA5.7BirkenheadCaskRich, strong golden IPA hopped with a range of new world hops including Mosaic, Amarillo, Chinook and Columbus
MerseysidePeerlessTriple BlondBlond ale4.0BirkenheadCaskA unique combination of three types of malt and three types of hop. Blond in style, with a wonderful fruity citrus finish.
MerseysideRock The Boat(Sittin' On) The DockDark mild3.5LiverpoolCaskSmooth dark ale bursting with flavour, best enjoyed Sittin' on the Dock, wastin' time.....
MerseysideRock The BoatWaterloo SunsetGolden ale4.2LiverpoolCaskGolden Paradise: Orange marmalade hops rounded with malt and rye
MerseysideTeam ToxicAll Leave CancelledHazy hoppy pale4.5LiverpoolCaskAzacca is one of the "forgotten" new American hops; widely touted
as a Citra replacement (it isn't) and often sadly overlooked
nowadays... well, not by us! We've packed in 15kg of this citrus
and fruit accented hop along with old favourite Cascade to g
MerseysideTeam ToxicEasy MoneyModern bitter4.1LiverpoolCaskWe've been asked for brown beer / bitter quite a few times and,
after first dismissing it, we had a spur of the moment decision to
brew one.... after all, we both used to make them! So, welcome to
the new member of the family, Easy Money, which is made
MerseysideTeam ToxicOscillate Wildly v5Cherry & Plum cheesecake IPA5.2LiverpoolCaskOur fifth edition of this modern, boundary-pushing style of beer,
brewed with lots of oats as well as Lactose (milk sugar), vanilla
flavouring and, of course, lots of Plum and Cherry juice/puree. It's
a multi-layered and interesting brew, pinky/red in
MerseysideTeam ToxicWalnut WhipWalnut amber ale5.0LiverpoolCaskAn amber ale which tastes like.... yes, you guessed it…
MerseysideWaenSnowballVanilla & coconut stout7.0LiverpoolCaskDark chocolate, vanilla and coconut. Award winning stout - a tea cake in a glass
North YorksBad SeedCake HoleDessert Stout5.7MaltonCaskDessert Stout. Cacao nibs, maple syrup and salt. Sweet, rich, with deep dark chocolate flavours balanced with salt to bring together a decadent pint!
North YorksBad SeedFail SafeCryo-hopped IPA5.9MaltonCaskAmarillo Cryo-hopped IPA. Our first time playing with cryo-hops and we couldn’t be more excited! Cryo-hops let us get more of the delicious intense fruity hop flavours into the beer. This bring huge citrus and orange flavours to this awesome IPA.
North YorksBad SeedJuice BarTropical Pale5.3MaltonCaskTropical Pale. Mango puree combines with Ekuanot cryo-hops and Mosaic for our most exciting beer yet! Huge fruit flavour in this juicey tropical pale. Party on down at the Juice Bar!
North YorksBad SeedNight RavenOatmeal Stout5.0MaltonCaskOatmeal Stout. Dark, rich and roasted malts make for a decadent stout. Notes of biscuit, coffee and chocolate
North YorksBrew YorkHaze Of ThunderAmerican pale ale4.6YorkCaskAmerican Pale Ale, brewed with CTZ, Mosaic, Loral & Simcoe hops
North YorksBrew YorkJarsaSession pale3.7YorkCaskJuicy & refreshing session pale ale
North YorksBrew YorkViking DNASmoked porter5.0YorkCaskSmoked porter with strong coffee and chocolate notes encased in smooth smokiness.

The smoked malt known as Rauchmalt comes from Germany and is smoked over Beechwood.
North YorksGreat HeckApocalypse BrauHoppy stout6.1Great HeckCaskA super-smooth, strong, dark ale made from a blend of Yakima IPA and Patrick Irish stout. The constituent parts of the beer complement one another to give a rich, satisfying ale with a silky mouth feel, bold flavours and a potent punch
North YorksGreat HeckMount HoodGolden ale4.5Great HeckCaskA golden ale with a white head and a solid body, US Mount Hood hops are used late in the boil and during fermentation to give moderate bitterness, a refined spicy aroma and a clean taste.
North YorksGreat HeckPatrickStout4.8Great HeckCaskStout brewed with a blend of six malts and hopped with Pilgrim and Goldings to give a smooth roasty finish
North YorksNorth RidingFudge Brownie StoutStout7.4SnaintonCaskA rich and robust stout using a double mash technique for extra strength.7 different malts lots of fudge, lots of chocolate,lots of stout.
North YorksNorth RidingMosaic PalePale ale4.3SnaintonCaskMosaic hopped pale, full of blueberry & citrus flavours
North YorksNorth RidingUS IPA (V34)US IPA5.5SnaintonCaskDry hopped with Ekuanot BBC pellets. Flavours and aromas & dank fruity, spicy & mildly peppery
North YorksRudgateRuby MildRuby mild4.4Tockwith, YorkCaskNutty, deeply rich and satisfying Ruby Mild
North YorksRudgateYork Chocolate StoutStout5.0Tockwith, YorkCaskA deep rich and satisfying premium stout with complex balanced flavours and a warm subtle chocolate finish
North YorksTheakstonDouble Cross IPAEnglish IPA4.2MashamCaskA classic IPA with a beautifully balanced malt and hop character. In the style of the original export ale using Old English hops, married to traditional malt, Double Cross IPA is a full bodied and satisfying pale golden ale with a rich tea biscuit flavour
North YorksTreboomAvant GardeFrench farmhouse Biere de Garde6.0Shipton by BeningbroughCaskA superb contemporary amber French farmhouse-style beer with an emphasis on malt flavours. Rich and rounded with a hint of sweetness. Brewed with Bouclier and Saaz hops.
North YorksTurning PointLucid DreamCookie Cream Stout5.0KnaresboroughCaskCookie Cream Stout- Eight malt varieties give a complex backbone to this "dessert in a glass" beer. Cacao nibs, biscuit and oats bring cookie to the party with the cream coming from lactose in the boil and a touch of vanilla.
North YorksTurning PointSwerve DriverAmerican IPA6.0KnaresboroughCaskA monstrously dry-hopped IPA. As pale as the moon, with layers of tropical fruit, lemon zest and pine from a triple dry hop charge of Centennial, Amarillo, and Mosaic.
North YorksTurning PointWavelengthAmerican pale ale4.5KnaresboroughCaskIncredibly light in colour, and glistening with Mosaic, Mosaic and more Mosaic. A juicy and piney showcase of our absolute favourite hop.
North YorksYorkGuzzlerGolden ale3.6YorkCaskA light golden beer with well balanced hops and malt against a background of fruitiness. Crisp, dry, and refreshing.
South YorksAbbeydaleAbsolutionStrong golden ale5.3SheffieldCaskMid-straw coloured beer with aromas of tropical fruit and mangoes. The beer is sweet all the way through, balanced by some bitterness at the finish. Flavours are fruity with toffee apples and bananas. Overall a clean tasting beer, sweetish but not cloying
South YorksAbbeydaleBretted 1868 (Barrel Aged)Scotch ale11.7SheffieldCaskHistoric strong scotch ale (wee heavy) recipe brewed in collaboration with beer historian Ron Pattinson.
South YorksAbbeydaleHeathenAmerican pale4.1SheffieldCaskRefreshing pale session beer showcasing the marvellous Mosaic hops from America. Bursting with tropical fruit flavours and a pleasant citrus bitterness. Just in case there wasnt enough in the initial brew, we have dry hopped with even more Mosaic for good
South YorksAbbeydaleSerenity #3Session IPA3.8SheffieldCaskMassively hopped Session IPA (SIPA) packed full pf Jarrylo, Amarillo & Galaxy
South YorksAbbeydaleWanderer #6 - Kaffir Lime & Lemongrass SaisonKaffir Lime & Lemongrass Saison5.5SheffieldCaskKaffir Lime leaf and Lemongrass Saison
South YorksAcornOld Moor PorterVictorian porter4.4Wombwell, BarnsleyCaskA full bodied victorian style porter with hints of liquorice. The initial bitterness gives way to a smooth, mellow finish.
South YorksBradfieldFarmers 2020Pale ale3.5High Bradfield, SheffieldCaskA light pale beer, medium hopped with a sharp dry finish
South YorksBradfieldFarmers Belgian BlueBerry pale4.9High Bradfield, SheffieldCaskChristmas berry overtones; and has a slight blue tint to the head - making it an unusual winter warmer!
South YorksBradfieldFarmers BlondeBlonde beer4.0High Bradfield, SheffieldCaskA very pale, brilliant blonde beer, with citrus and summer fruit aromas, making it extremely refreshing.
South YorksBradfieldFarmers PalePale ale5.0High Bradfield, SheffieldCaskA distinctive fruity pale ale, well balanced with a powerful floral bouquet, full-bodied and a predominantly dry aftertaste.
South YorksBradfieldFarmers StoutStout4.5High Bradfield, SheffieldCaskA dark enriched ‘black and white’ stout balanced by roasted malts and flaked oats with a subtle but bitter hop character
South YorksLost IndustryPeople's RepublicYorkshire bitter4.5SheffieldCaskEasy drinking pale Yorkshire Bitter
South YorksLost IndustryStrawberry Daiquiri SourKettle sour5.2SheffieldCaskA Lactobaccilus kettle sour with loads of pureed strawberry, oats and lactose
South YorksLost Industry / NavigationTiramisu Imperial StoutImperial Dessert Stout8.5SheffieldCaskThis very special collaboration between Navigation Brewery, Lost Industry from Sheffield and Lee & Fletcher Coffee from Nottingham. Cold-steeped coffee, Organic Peruvian cocoa nibs and Madagascan Vanilla combine in this big hitting Imperial Dessert Stout
South YorksSteel CityHive MindHoneycomb Saison6.9SheffieldCaskHoneycomb Saison
South YorksSteel CityHop Manifesto ReloadedHoppy pale5.8SheffieldCask2019 reboot of Steel City's first ever brew. Same grain ratio but an extra 1% ABV. Same IBU. Same aroma hops. Same dry hop but ten times more of them.
West YorksBriggs Signature AlesNorthern SoulPale Ale3.8HuddersfieldCaskp here in West Yorkshire, sparks can fly when opinions clash.

Northern Soul captures the spirit of two Yorkshire men having a heated debate over a pint of ale.

After all, this is Northern Soul.
Northern Soul is pale in colour, with a citrus flavour
West YorksElland1872 PorterPorter6.5EllandCaskRich, complex and dark Porter from an original 1872 recipe, with an old port nose, and coffee and bitter chocolate flavours on the palate. Champion Beer Of Britain 2013.
West YorksEllandWhite PrussianSession Pale3.9EllandCaskA crisp, clean and refreshing beer made from lager malt and German hops. A fruity flavour with a floral, spice and citrus aroma from Perle and Mittlefruh hops. Pale straw in colour as the name suggests. The newest addition to the core range due to its pop
West YorksFernandesOctohopBlonde bitter4.0WakefieldCaskA tangy blonde bitter, brewed with eight different hop varieties being added at various stages in the process. Dry-hopping during conditioning results in a dry, resinous finish.
West YorksFive TownsOh You Pretty ThingsPeach & Hibiscus Pale6.1WakefieldCaskPeach & Hibiscus Pale
West YorksFive TownsThe Peanut Butter ConspiracyPeanut Butter Stout7.5WakefieldCaskPeanut Butter Stout
West YorksIlkleyBlondeSession Blonde3.9IlkleyCaskHints of citrus compliment the soft biscuit, with a moreish finish. The traditional golden bitter has had a makeover. Easy-drinking, good-looking and a beer for everyone.
West YorksKirkstallDexter Salted CaramelMilk stout4.5KirkstallCaskA full-bodied yet easy-drinking milk stout series, this version featuring the indulgent opulence of salted caramel.
West YorksKirkstallKirkstall Pale AleGolden session beer4.0KirkstallCaskWonderfully golden session beer. Fresh malt and hop aroma lead to a satisfyingly bitter finish
West YorksKirkstallSingle Hop SIPA - CentennialSession IPA4.5KirkstallCaskSingle hop session IPA using the Centennial hop
West YorksLeedsMidnight BellDark mild4.8LeedsCaskA premium dark mild. Crystal and chocolate malts combine with wonderful Willamette hops to give a full bodied, complex character to this award winning ale.
West YorksLeedsYorkshire GoldGolden fruity ale4.0LeedsCaskA golden fruity ale. The famous grapefruit hop Chinook gives this beer great citrus flavour with a satisfying, long lasting finish.
West YorksMagic RockDark ArtsStout6.0HuddersfieldCaskA decadently deep and indulgent experience.Spicy hop notes and full flavours of chocolate, liquorice, blackberries and figswith a lingering roasted bitterness finish.
West YorksMagic RockHigh WireHop forward pale5.5HuddersfieldCaskA tribute to the Pale Ales of the West Coast of America. Unapologetically hop forward in character. Mango, lychee and lip-smacking grapefruit flavours plus a smoothly composed malt base.
West YorksNomadicSister DorisCacao & Vanilla Stout5.2LeedsCaskCacao & vanilla Stout
West YorksNomadic / Toast AleBeans on ToastCoffee IPA5.2LeedsCaskCoffee collaboration with Toast ale. Uses surplus bread from bluebird bakery & Leeds Bread Co-operative. Coffee from Wølfox
West YorksNorthFull Fathom 5Coffee & coconut porter6.5LeedsCaskRich, roasty and slick. Full Fathom 5 boasts a complex malt bill with coffee and coconut infused in the mash to bring even more flavour than before. Balanced sweetness and a dry finish build the perfect beer for a second cold infusion of coffee and coconu
West YorksNorthern MonkDon’t Mess With YorkshireEnglish pale ale4.5LeedsCaskBased on a classic English pale ale but with added oats for mouthfeel and select US hop varieties including Falconer's Flight and Ekuanot bringing a resinous, lime zest finish backed up with citrus bitterness and floral notes.
West YorksNorthern MonkEternalSession IPA4.1LeedsCaskOur flagship beer is a World Beer Cup award-winning session IPA that's low in ABV but high in hops. Appropriately named Eternal, this feather-bodied flavour bomb is fit to uplift your body and soul any time of day, any season of year.

True to style, th
West YorksNorthern MonkNorthern StarMocha porter5.2LeedsCaskBrewed in collaboration with Leeds' local master coffee roasters North Star, we blend their specialty ground coffee beans into the brew, providing a Yin-Yang harmony between roast bitterness and dulcet hints of hazelnut. On top of this, we add in dark cho
West YorksOssettMandarinaGolden bitter4.0OssettCaskA golden malty bitter brewed from pale and Munich malts. Late hopping in the boil with German Mandarina Bavaria hops results in citrus, tangerine and marmalade aromas.
West YorksOssettYorkshire BrunetteSession bitter3.7OssettCaskAn easy-drinking session bitter brewed from pale, wheat and roasted malts. Pale chestnut in colour and with moderate bitterness, aromas of spice and citrus fruit come from German and Slovenian hops.
West YorksRatWhite RatPale ale4.0HuddersfieldCaskVery pale and hoppy. A combination of three high alpha American hops produce an intensely aromatic and resinous finish.
West YorksRiverheadRocky Fountain StoutMarshmallow stout5.5MarsdenCaskIndulgedent marshmallow chocolate fruity stout.
West YorksRiverheadSherbert LemonLemongrass & lime wheat4.0MarsdenCaskA Light and refreshing Lager colour clear wheat beer flavoured with lemon grass & Lime leaves. Hopped with plenty of citrus hops to provide a thirst quenching pint.
West YorksSaltBarley WineBarley Wine8.0SaltaireCaskOne of only four casks produced
West YorksSummer WineOregonWest coast pale ale5.5HonleyCaskOregon is our West Coast Pale Ale, brewed with lashings of US Cascade hops. This zingy pale ale has grapefruit, sherbet, spicy floral & citrus notes, all set against a surprisingly robust malt body to bring mouthfeel & sweetness to balance this very morei
West YorksSummer WineResistanceMild3.7HonleyCaskAroma of roast malt, coffee and chocolate with similar flavours. A lovely roast linger and mildly bitter.
West YorksSummer WineTeleporterPorter5.0HonleyCaskA Rich Dark Porter brewed with 10 different malts giving a sweet roast richness that is balanced with just enough hop character. This ale has a surprising drinkability for it's colour and abv. Don't let the sumptuous roast malt fool you, this porter is se
West YorksTimothy TaylorBoltmakerBest bitter4.0KeighleyCaskTawny bitter combining hops, fruit and nutty malt. Lingering, increasingly bitter aftertaste. Formerly, sometimes still, sold as Best Bitter
West YorksTimothy TaylorGolden BestLight mild3.5KeighleyCaskRefreshing, amber-coloured traditional Pennine light mild. Malty throughout. Fruit in the nose increases to complement the delicate hoppy taste
West YorksTimothy TaylorKnowle SpringBlonde beer4.2KeighleyCaskKnowle Spring Blonde is a full-bodied blonde beer brewed with Golden Promise barley malt, Strisselspalt hops from Alsace, and UK-grown Minstrel, Cascade and Chinook hops. It’s an easy-drinking beer with floral and grapefruit aromas, spiced orange on the t
West YorksTimothy TaylorLandlordBest bitter4.3KeighleyCaskFull bodied beer with complex hop aromas and flavour
West YorksTimothy TaylorRam TamCaramel bitter4.3KeighleyCaskA black beer with red highlights topped by a coffee coloured head. Roast coffee bitterness balanced by fruit and malt with burnt caramel coming through in the dry and bitter finish
West YorksVocationChocolate FactoryScrumdiddlyumptious Stout.6.0HalifaxCaskScrumdiddlyumptious Stout.
Brewed with pure imagination and mixed by waterfall, a tremendous, milky, chocolately treat is in store for you.
West YorksVocationHeart & SoulSession IPA4.4HalifaxCaskAll the hoppy goodness of an IPA, but brewed to a sessionable strength.

Its intense fruit-salad character comes from generous additions of US West Coast hops.

A full bodied and fruity beer, with notes of passion fruit, grapefruit, gooseberry, pineap
West YorksVocationLow & BeholdEnglish pale ale3.9HalifaxCaskLow & Behold our new session pale ale!
Despite its low ABV this beer is big on flavour. Expect an explosive aroma and clean crisp taste.
West YorksVocationNorthern TerritoriesAmerican porter5.3HalifaxCaskA smooth, lightly roasted American Porter. Rich tasting and robust with notes of coffee and an underlying hop presence
West YorksWilde ChildBrownie HunterMilk stout4.9LeedsCaskChocolate fudge brownie stout
West YorksWilde ChildOceanic AcquisitionDDH DIPA8.2LeedsCaskNearly 20 grams per litre of beverage of Vic Secret, Topaz and Galaxy hops have been thrown into this bad boy DDH DIPA. A low bitterness, oat heavy malt bill and all those big boy hops and hop oils equal one juicy beer.
West YorksWilde ChildThe Italian JobTiramasu milkshake stout6.0LeedsCaskWith more velvety dark malts, lactose and tiramisu flavouring crammed into it than a scrap yard of Mini Coopers, this super decadent milkshake stout will be sure to blow your bloody doors off and make sure you come back for another helping.
Kegstar71 BrewingMaking HerstoryBaltic Porter6.2DundeeKegA subtle but complex interplay of chocolate and coffee, with light citrus notes of the hops.
KegstarAbbeydaleFunk Dungeon: Stock the HarvestBretted gooseberry saison8.3SheffieldKeyKegA light, refreshing,tart saison, hopped with Eldorado hops and infused with gooseberries, slightly hazy and oh so scrummy
KegstarAbbeydale / SirenFunk Dungeon Brett Force TraumaBretted Pale5.0SheffieldKegMosaic hopped bretted pale ale
KegstarAlmastyBlackberry SaisonFruit saison6.0Newcastle upon TyneKegA refreshing farmhouse ale with wild blackberries.
KegstarBeatnikz RepublicSeriously Mixed Up SourSour4.3ManchesterKegGrape, Raspberry and Blackcurrant together in this fruit sour.
KegstarBlack IrisEndless SummerSession IPA4.5NottinghamKegAn American hopped session IPA using Mosaic and Simcoe hops.
KegstarBlack LodgePhonetic ReversalImperial IPA8.0LiverpoolKegDouble IPA with Citra, Simcoe & Mosaic Cryo
KegstarBoundaryScrewballFruit IPA5.1BelfastKegRaspberry & Vanilla Ice Cream IPA. 
KegstarBrew YorkImperial TonkokoImperial Stout7.5YorkKegDouble coconut, double vanilla, double everything!
KegstarBrewery of St Mars of the DesertSpezialLager5.6SheffieldKeginspired by franconian landbiers, this is a golden lager with a slightly sweeter malty body. Hopped with traditional spalt hops in the cool ship and spunded to retain natural carbonation and flavours.
KegstarBurning SkySaison EdelberrySaison / Farmhouse ale6.4FirleKegBlend of 3 different mixed and spontaneous fermentation barrel aged beers with in house yeast strains, aged on local elderberries.
KegstarBurton RoadPleasure Land PaleAmerican pale ale5.0ManchesterKegAmerican style pale ale with plenty of Mosaic hops and a bigger malt base. Light amber in appearance with a balanced fruity and bitter taste. It's a real pleasure to drink
KegstarBuxtonAxe^XNEIPA6.8BuxtonKegAxe raised to the power of X. 200% more dry hopping. 20% oats for enhanced mouthfeel & character
KegstarBy The RiverHead HunterPale ale4.5GatesheadKegDDH Pale... After much research and having brought you the prototype (Protohunter) we are proud to bring you the refined and final recipe of our core session pale. Centennial, Citra and Mosaic combine to create a citrus infused easy drinker that hangs on
KegstarCloudwaterDDH PalePale ale5.5Ancoats, ManchesterKegOur all-season DDH Pale provides a balance between a juicy, full-bodied IPA and easy-drinking Pale. 'DDH' means this Pale has been double dry hopped, using twice the amount of hops as our standard Pale. Thick peach and grapefruit flavours are carried by a
KegstarCloudwaterDIPADouble IPA8.5Ancoats, ManchesterKegThe Double IPA is a style we’ve become synonymous with, and this bold, juicy DIPA showcases our favourite hops, yeast and brewing processes. Whilst its roots stretch back to a full team West Coast beer tasting in September 2015, and our scene-changing V s
KegstarDouble BarrelledSeven Dollar SaturdayStout5.0ReadingKegThe dark, roasted flavour of the rich chocolate malts used in the grain bill creates a smooth, well balanced milk stout in Seven Dollar Saturday.
KegstarDurationStrong Opinions Held LightlyIPA6.2West AcreKegAn open mind is a treasured thing. This IPA is neither East nor West because there is room for much more. Strong opinions stuck in a groove go nowhere. Strong opinions, held lightly remain open and keep the adventure alive. Sway with us on your journey, m
KegstarFierceDay ShiftPale ale5.0AberdeenKegA Session hoppy Pale Ale with Chinook & Summit hops.
KegstarFierce / Yeastie BoysFierce By Nature - Farmhouse GrapeFarmhouse Grape Ale7.2AberdeenKegBrett fermented golden ale aged on grapes. Collab with Yeastie Boys
KegstarFive PointsRailway PorterPorter4.8HackneyKegA Porter in the classic London style with our own twist. Aromas of chocolate and coffee with hints of caramel, brewed with British East Kent Goldings hops.
KegstarFyne / DurationBeamsSaison5.7CairndowKegOak-aged rustic blended saison with Brettanomyces
KegstarHammertonCrunchStout5.4IslingtonKegA massive hit of roasted peanuts and biscuit on the nose, followed by a silky-smooth mouthfeel, and a sweet CRUNCH as it goes down.
KegstarHowling HopsTropical DeluxePale ale3.8LondonKegA fruity and hop-forward session beer fermented with a New England yeast strain. Aromas of stonefruit and pine, a reserved malt profile and a clean, dry finish.
KegstarKernelDry StoutDry Stout4.4BermondseyKegCitra and Simcoe Hopped Dry Stout.
KegstarKernelPale Ale (Citra Mosaic)Pale Ale5.3BermondseyKegPale Ale hopped with Citra and Mosaic hops.
KegstarKirkstallSour CherryBerliner Weisse4.0KirkstallKegA Berliner Weisse and our tangiest beer to date. Morello cherries with a scattering of lemon peel and Perle hops make for an intensely refreshing, fiercely red sour.
KegstarKirkstallVirtuousAmerican IPA4.5KirkstallKegOur gluten-free, vegan friendly session IPA has a clean citrus aroma that gives way to a fruity hop flavour. Flavours of tropical and citrus fruits, with hints of pine and blueberry are perfectly balanced by its complex malt base, giving it a flavoursome
KegstarLeft Handed GiantBreak It DownEnglish pale ale4.0BristolKegPale Ale with Mosaic, Ekuanot, Bitter Gold & Cryo Mosaic
KegstarLeft Handed Giant / Other HalfHigh PlacesImperial IPA6.7BristolKegImperial IPA with Citra, Sabro and Amarillo
KegstarLittle Earth ProjectOrganic Harvest Saison 2018Saison6.7SudburyKegIn early September the hops we grow on our little field, in the village of Chelsworth, become ready for picking. The hop oils and aromas are all around you when handpicking in the September sunshine, so we decided to brew a beer to let these fresh green h
KegstarLittle Earth ProjectRaspberry, Mint & Cocoa Nib SourFruited sour5.4SudburyKegWe love experimenting with flavours so when we emptied a 500L Butt containing a cocoa nib sour, we decided to fill it with something that would compliment the flavours of this slightly chocolatey barrel. During the summer, we approached a local fruit farm
KegstarLost & Grounded / DonzokoMega LagerLager5.4BristolKegWe love it when a plan comes together! Fellow lager fanatics Donzoko Beer & Braybrooke Beer recently joined us, producing what we could only call a Mega Lager! Smooth, slightly biscuity, traditionally hopped - a testament to the art of lager brewing.
KegstarLost IndustryStrawberry Daiquiri SourKettle sour5.2SheffieldKegA Lactobaccilus kettle sour with loads of pureed strawberry, oats and lactose
KegstarMagic RockFantasmaGluten free IPA6.5HuddersfieldKegA dank and juicy IPA using Golden Promise, wheat and Cara Munich malts in the mash for a sweetly smooth body. For the hops we judiciously bittered with Magnum in the kettle followed by Citra T90 in both the whirlpool and in dry-hopping. The aroma/flavour
KegstarMagic RockHuman CanonballDouble IPA9.2HuddersfieldKegMeet Cannonball’s big brother; we used more malt, more hops and more magical conjuring to crank up the flavour of our explosive IPA ‘Cannonball’. Get your taste buds ready for massive pine and candied orange aromas combined with bitter/sweet grapefruit an
KegstarManchester UnionManchester Union LagerCzech style laer4.8ManchesterKegBig malty body with rounded mouthfeel finishes with intense dryness from Saaz and Marynka hops. Crisp and refreshing.
KegstarMarble / FierceChocolate & Hazelnut Imperial StoutImperial Stout12.2Collyhurst, ManchesterKegA rich, velvety Imperial Stout, brewed with cacao, cacao nibs and carob, with a smidge of Nutella – look out for the soft hazelnut finish.
KegstarMills BrewingRunning BeerSour5.0BerkeleyKegGolden sour, fermented with our local wild culture in oak barrels. Blend of barrels between 1.5-2.5 years old
KegstarNeon RaptorKilos And PoundsSour India Pale Ale6.0NottinghamKegKilos and Pounds is a Sour India Pale Ale. We generously hopped a lactose filled body with Nelson Sauvin, Citra, Mosaic and Cascade creating a great aromatic layer. We then conditioned on huge amounts of Raspberry and Pineapple puree completing this refre
KegstarNeptuneEziliAmerical pale ale4.0MaghullKegLight pale. Centennial & Mosaic hops combine to give a lemon tropical taste sensation
KegstarNorthSputnikAmerican pale ale5.0LeedsKegEveryone's favourite hazy-but-crisp American pale ale. Light in colour and body with assertive piney bitterness and a fruity candy aroma.
KegstarNorth / Broaden & BuildPorcini & Cacao StoutImperial Stout8.0LeedsKegAt the beginning of October we had the pleasure of welcoming Matthew from Broaden and Build in Copenhagen to brew a full bodied stout using porcini and cacao. The recipe was inspired by one of Matt's desserts at Amass restaurant. The end result is a rich
KegstarNorthern MonkKingIPA7.4LeedsKegThe base beer has a hefty proportion of wheat in the grist, plus some flaked oats, with the goal of rounding out the mouthfeel. Dextrin malt also helps with this and adds a stickiness to the mouthfeel. As a third strategy, we added unfermentable maltodext
KegstarOdysseyLittle Something IdahoPale ale4.3WhitbourneKegCombination of spelt, oats & wheat malt give a soft pillowy, juicy, mouthfeel to support Idaho hops.
KegstarPartizanSimcoe Centennial IPAIPA6.5BermondseyKegSlightly hazy gold with a medium body. Ripe, juicy tropical fruit and citrus with a sweet resin and herbal notes with a medium bitter finish! Ridiculously smooth and hoppy!
KegstarPilotDouble Mochaccino Imperial milk stout9.5LeithKegImperial Mocha Milk Stout. The big brother to our award-winning Mochaccino Stout. Everything is doubled…

A ludicrously rich, imperial version of Mochaccino Stout. Double the malt, cocoa, coffee, vanilla & lactose, with black treacle and dark brown suga
KegstarPolly's Brew CoEldorado Mosaic IPAIPA6.4MoldKegExpect pineapple and mango notes to collide with a resinous backbone in a juice-smash of an IPA
KegstarPomona IslandDay Bow BowDDH Pale5.6SalfordKegDDH Pale with Vic Secret hops
KegstarPomona IslandEgo Tripping At The Gates Of HellTriple IPA10.5SalfordKegTaking our vitamins, disciplining our bodies, getting strong. It’s here. Our first Triple IPA packed with Cryo Mosaic and Citra, clocking in at 10.5% and fermented with London Fog
KegstarPressure DropPromenadeSmoothie sour4.8Tottenham HaleKegAt Pressure Drop, we aways have a blast brewing with yuzu. Our now-retired sour IPA, Nanban Kanpai, was all about the yuzu and we have missed its delicious citrus flavours. With this in mind, and taking inspiration from Espadrille, our first triple fruite
KegstarRivingtonDarkness IsImperial Stout9.0AndertonKegRich and Dark, slight roastiness, full bodied and coffee aroma & taste.
KegstarSaltFlavortownPorter8.0SaltaireKegAn 'out of bounds' porter brewed with the addition of honeycomb dust for a decadent sweet finish. expect full mouthfeel with leading notes of cacao, toffee and honeycomb.
KegstarSirenDeath By Carribean Chocolate CakeImperial Stout9.1FinchampsteadKegThis is the doubled-down version of one of our all-time favourite beers, Caribbean Chocolate Cake, brewed in collaboration with Cigar City Brewing. Expect even more hand-roasted cacao nibs, even more Cypress and Amburana wood, and even more pure canned in
KegstarSquawkPasserIPA6.1Ancoats, ManchesterKeyKegA hoppy boi from the ground up, we've pushed our hopping rates once again with the introduction of Lupulin hops to all our core range. Crushed Pineapple and Grapefruit, dense haze and a free trip to taste town.
KegstarStubborn MuleWake Me Up Before you CocoaMicro mocha porter3.2TimperleyKegCollab with Altrincham’s very own Two Brothers Coffee.

Full of Oats, nice and easy on the ABV and and full of choccy goodness
KegstarThree BrothersHopical StormAmerican IPA5.3Stockton-On-TeesKegA juicy hop forward tropical IPA with aromas of pineapple and mango mix with a delicious juicy body and a low bitter finish. This beer is designed to be easy drinking and delicious, spun up in the whirlpool and a generous double dryhop to really bring the
KegstarTo The MoonApollo V4NEIPA5.5StockportKegThis new england style is dry hopped with simcoe, ekuanot, mosaic and enigma hops offering up a fruity platform for simcoe (our favourite hop). The beer will have a well balanced body and malt character to let the hops sing.
KegstarTorrsideDogs of War: War Russel 2019:2Barley Wine10.0New MillsKegport barrel American barleywine".
Welcome to make something up if you want though! It's well hopped, ruby coloured, nice & port-y
KegstarTorrsideKneel Before GrodImperial Stout9.5New MillsKegSuper smooth imperial stout with a typical Torrside twist, brewed with oak-smooed wheat
KegstarTrackUzonFruited gose10.0Ancoats, ManchesterKegTriple Fruited Imperial Gose brewed in collaboration with Zagovor Brewery.

Picture the're stuck between 2 flamingos in a fist fight whilst hoards of toucans mercilessly fire mangoes, guavas and passion fruits directly at you...that's where
KegstarUnityDriftWheat5.0SouthamptonKegA rich and smoky porter brewed to celebrate the opening of God's House Tower, a new arts and heritage venue nestled in Southampton's medieval walls. Named after the famed cannon that sat on the building's roof and inspired by beers once brewed at Southamp
KegstarVault CityMango InfernoFruit Sour6.3EdinburghKegAlphonso mango takes the lead, subtle heat from habanero chilli & topped off with smoky chipotle peppers
KegstarVerdantPly Me A RiverIPA8.0FalmouthKegPine, resin, grapefruit and a touch of dankness atop a clean and simple malt bill and a bone dry finish
KegstarVocationBreakfast ClubStout6.9HalifaxKegInspired by one of our favourite breakfasts: blueberry waffles. this indulgent and full bodied stout has a sweet, malty body, topped with rich fruit flavours. It's breakfast in a can.
KegstarVocationPurple GrainSour IPA6.4HalifaxKegCollabfest 2019 Raspberry & Blackcurrant New England Sour IPA brewed in collaboration with BrewDog Leeds and Vocation.
Pouring a bright purple this is unmistakably fruity, sour and hoppy. With a base of wheat, oats and lactose, Purple Grain a complex beer
KegstarVocation / MarbleHill FolkIPA5.9HalifaxKegMountain IPA is where East Coast meets West. It's juicy, moderately bitter with a refreshing finish
KegstarWander BeyondEnticeImperial Milkshake IPA10.0ManchesterKegLoosely based around the Illicium recipe, Entice is a single hopped imperial milkshake IPA with Azacca. With plenty of oats and lactose for a silky body, the azacca hops compliment the sweetness with flavours of pineapple, tangerine and tropical fruits.
KegstarWild BeerBA NinkasiGraff (Cider / Beer blend)9.0WestcombeKegNinkasi is our celebratory beer brewed with a copious amount of NZ hops and made with 10% locally sourced Somerset apple juice. This beer’s roots run deep within our brewery, we have continuously brewed it since 2012 and we have no plans to stop anytime s
KegstarWild Beer / AlesongIsle of AvalonFruited sour5.7WestcombeKegAlesong brewing specialise in brewing wild and barrel-aged beers in Oregon in the USA. They have produced multiple award-winning beers since they started in 2015 and we were incredibly honoured to have the opportunity to work with them for this collaborat
KegstarWiper & TrueSundance IPAIPA5.6BristolKegEast Coast meets West Coast with Wiper and True’s Sundance. Bursting with the tropical fruit flavours of mango and pineapple and hedgerow berry flavours for a refreshing and complex IPA.
KegstarWylamI Blame The DaylightDDH Pale4.2Newcastle Upon TyneKegDDH Pale... An exuberantly bouncy light pale ale with a hot side addition of Centennial and Citra whole cone hops followed by a subtle double dry hop into the tropical zone with Enigma, Simcoe and Azzaca.
KegstarYonderAnnieWild Ale6.8BinegarKegAnnie is a mixed culture wild ale, brewed to celebrate our first year of trading as Yonder Brewing & Blending.
Our house cultures fermented this base beer over a series of months, whilst we slowly infused it with foraged flavours, found on our doorstep, b
KegstarYonderGowan & GobboBelgian Dubbel6.8BinegarKegA darker ale brewed with dandelion and burdock with a hint of spice for the full festive effect.
BrewsmithBrewsmithBrewsmith APAAmerican pale5.0RamsbottomCaskA pale ale brewed with American hops with resinous pine, grapefruit and pine aromas
BrewsmithBrewsmithBrewsmith BitterPale session bitter3.9RamsbottomCaskA pale session bitter. Moderate bitterness, pronounced floral/citrus hop aromas.
BrewsmithBrewsmithBrewsmith CascadeUltra-pale session ale3.9RamsbottomCaskUltra-pale session ale with Cascade, Bravo, Crystal and Ekuanot hops
BrewsmithBrewsmithBrewsmith PalePale ale4.2RamsbottomCaskA refreshingly bitter and hoppy pale ale. Big floral hop aroma, medium body, long dry bitter finish
BrewsmithBrewsmithOatmeal StoutOatmeal stout5.2RamsbottomCaskA full bodied, richly textured stout. Balanced bitterness. Coffee, liquorish, blackcurrant and citrus aromas.
Cave DirectBeavertownGamma RayAmerican Pale Ale5.4LondonKegThe concept was to create a juicy tropical beer. A brew you can sit on and drink all day, rammed with juicy malts and huge tropical aromas of mango and grapefruit. Massive additions of American hops are added to the whirlpool giving huge hop flavour. The
Cave DirectNorthern MonkEternalSession IPA4.1LeedsKegOur flagship beer is a World Beer Cup award-winning session IPA that's low in ABV but high in hops. Appropriately named Eternal, this feather-bodied flavour bomb is fit to uplift your body and soul any time of day, any season of year.

True to style, th
Cave DirectSirenSound WaveWest coast IPA5.6FinchampsteadKegwest coast IPA: golden, immensely hoppy and alive with grapefruit, peach and mango flavours.
DonkeystoneDonkeystoneDARIPARed IPA7.2GreenfieldKegDouble American red IPA
DonkeystoneDonkeystoneFerris MulerSession IPA3.7GreenfieldCaskVegan hazy session IPA
DonkeystoneDonkeystoneGingerbread StoutGingerbread milk stout5.0GreenfieldCask
DonkeystoneDonkeystoneHoppinSeshHoppy session ale3.7GreenfieldCaskHoppinSesh has the lowest ABV in our range but that trait truely ends there as this beer has big flavour. It is our way of showing that a crisp, clean and full bodied hoppy ale doesn’t have to come with a high ABV. We utilised some of the best ingredients
DonkeystoneDonkeystoneJavanillaCoffee stout5.0GreenfieldCaskBy far one of our most complex beers. Our coffee and vanilla stout uses 6 different malts including huge amounts of oats to give a wonderfully rich body. The stout is then matured in cask with whole Java Espresso coffee beans and natural vanilla pods to c
DonkeystoneDonkeystoneKaiheDDH IPA5.0GreenfieldKegDouble dry hopped New Zealand Chinook IPA
DonkeystoneDonkeystoneKaiheNew Zealand IPA5.0GreenfieldKegNew Zealand hopped IPA
DonkeystoneDonkeystone / Stubborn MuleLost Days IPAEnglish IPA4.9GreenfieldCask
HawksheadHawksheadBitterPale bitter3.7StaveleyCaskA pale, hoppy and bitter ale: a slight elderflower aroma from Slovenian "Celeia" hops, followed by long bitterness. A great session bitter
HawksheadHawksheadBlack LagerBlack lager4.5StaveleyCaskA slow, cool fermentation lends itself to a smooth, full body with a crisp finish with subtle hints of sweet roasted malt, throwing up lots of floral and fruity notes on the nose
HawksheadHawksheadCitra & Amarillo PalePale ale3.5StaveleyCaskJanuary 2020 Session Series pale ale.
HawksheadHawksheadDry Stone StoutStout4.5StaveleyCaskWell-balanced dry traditional stout with a long dry finish.
HawksheadHawksheadFive HopTropical golden ale5.0StaveleyCaskZesty, tropical fruit flavours balanced by juicy malt character.
HawksheadHawksheadHelles LagerBavarian lager4.3StaveleyKegA traditional Bavarian style Lager originating in Munich. Very crisp and clean with subtle floral and spicy aromas,
with a pleasant malt sweetness. Very pale in colour and hopped with the classic German variety’s Tettnang, Perle and Hallertau Hersbrucker
HawksheadHawksheadLighter TimesLow Alcohol Pale0.5StaveleyKegLighter Times brings together the perfect balance of speciality malts and big hop flavour. Full bodied and packed full of American hops really showcasing you don’t need to be big in volume to be big on taste!
HawksheadHawksheadRoute 590West Coast IPA5.6StaveleyKegBrewed with a very restrained malt bill this beer is all about the hops, dry and crisp with aromas of orange, lemon, passionfruit and papaya and waves of palate cleansing bitterness which makes way for more tropical and citrus notes. This beer is not abou
HoltHoltFiesta ExpressPale ale4.9Cheetham HillCaskNew beer for MBCF. Brewed with American hops and bursting with flavour, take a trip to the New World with fresh hoppy aromas and bountiful notes of tropical pineapple and grapefruit
Named in honour of the old train station where the festival is now held,
HoltHoltNorthern HopCitrus Pale Ale4.2Cheetham HillKegEasy-drinking and highly sessionable, this Citrus Pale Ale brings a touch of the tropics up north. With hoppy notes and a good deal of bitterness, Northern Hop is a characterful and crisp golden ale that takes a chunk of our pale ale past and marries it p
HoltHoltSixexDark beer6.0Cheetham HillCaskBrewed to a traditional recipe with rich Crystal and Black malts, this high ABV premium beer is the oldest product in the Holt's bottled beer range.

It has a wonderful dark woody aroma and a distinctive roasted flavour.
HoltHoltThe SportsmanSpiced winter ale4.1Cheetham HillCaskBrewed a deep copper colour, the Sportsman is a spiced winter ale with bursting bitterness and a touch of sweetness. The combination of fresh oranges, delicate allspice and hints of clove create a subtle drop of winter delight, making the Sportsman an ide
MallinsonsMallinsonsCentennial XLStrong golden ale5.3HuddersfieldCaskRich gold in colour, it has wafting aromas of lemon and candied peel. Huge quantities of whole leaf hops result in a true hop flavour of zesty lemon, with a rich, sumptuos mouth feel and a soft bitter finish
MallinsonsMallinsonsChinookGolden ale4.0HuddersfieldCaskOne of our range of single hopped beers, brewed only using Chinook hops.
Described as "Golden colour with a light citrus hop nose, bitter lightly citrusy taste and a long bitter slightly dry finish. Brewed using only Chinook hops from the USA."
MallinsonsMallinsonsJesterBlonde beer4.0HuddersfieldKeyKegOne of our range of single hopped beers brewed only using Jester hops from the UK. This is a blonde beer with a light grapefruit and lychee nose, a medium bitter and fruity taste and a medium bitter finish.
MallinsonsMallinsonsRiverboat QueenBlonde ale4.2HuddersfieldCaskThis is a blonde ale with faint aromas of orange blosson from Amarillo hops, a beautiful orangey taste and light elements of grapefruit pith. It has a clean sharp finish. A tasty brew!.
MallinsonsMallinsonsRum PorterRum Porter6.0HuddersfieldKeyKegDark & smooth roasted taste with the addition of a bottle of spiced rum for an extra layer of flavour
MallinsonsMallinsonsTaihekeRich gold beer3.8HuddersfieldCaskOne of our range of single hopped beers brewed only using Taiheke hops from the New Zealand. This is a rich gold beer with floral and lemon notes in the aroma, full bodied for its ABV, giving hints of pithy grapefruit and lemon and a lovely zesty bitter f
MallinsonsMallinsonsThe FoolPale ale4.0HuddersfieldKeyKegPale ale with light aromas of lemon and tropical fruits, medium bitter taste and finish
SaltaireSaltaireBlondeBlonde ale4.0ShipleyCaskStraw coloured light ale with soft malt flavours. Delicately hopped with Czech and German hop varieties
SaltaireSaltaireCascadePale Ale4.8ShipleyCaskAmerican style pale ale with the floral aromas & strong bitterness of Cascade & Centennial hops
SaltaireSaltaireCitraPale ale4.2ShipleyCaskFresh & zesty pale ale
SaltaireSaltaireSouth IslandPale ale3.5ShipleyCaskClean, crisp beer with subtle fruitiness from Nelson Sauvin hops
SaltaireSaltaireTriple ChocoholicChocolate stout4.8ShipleyCaskStrong chocolate bouquet & a rich chocolate flavour from chocolate malts, cocoa & chocolate essence
SaltaireSaltaire / VocationHarbor LightsOatmeal stout5.9ShipleyCaskA New England Oatmeal Stout brewed in collaboration with Vocation Brewery.

Built upon on a backbone of dark malts and a heavy oat presence, this beer oozes a warm roasted body and creamy mouthfeel.

Vermont yeast, plus Galaxy & Ekuanot hop additions
Tapped & BernardBernardBohemian PilsnerUnpasteurized light lager4.5HumpolecKegThis unpasteurized light lager is a beer with a balanced bitter taste in harmony with its tasty fullness, hop aroma and rich foam.
Tapped & BernardBernardDark LagerUnpasteurized dark lager5.1HumpolecKegThis non-filtered dark lager with a fine yeast culture is an unpasteurized beer brewed from four types of malt, with a distinctive full taste and a fine bitterness. Its special flavour makes it unique on the Czech beer market.
Tapped & BernardBernardLight LagerGolden Pilsner3.8HumpolecKegA golden Pilsner-style lager, characterized by its richness of colour and aromatic bouquet. Bernard Beer provides a full bodied flavor – smooth and refreshing with no aftertaste – a well balanced brew. The beer is brewed in compliance to the Bavarian Puri
Tapped & BernardTapped Brew CoMojoSession pale3.6SheffieldCaskA light bodied session pale ale. Lightly hopped with Admiral, Goldings and Bramling hops to give an easy drinking pale.
Tapped & BernardTapped Brew CoSheaf Street PaleSession IPA4.5SheffieldCaskPacked full with Centennial and Mosaic hops, this session pale has big tropical fruit aromas which carry through into the taste. Notes of grapefruit in the taste with a pleasant bitterness.
Tapped & BernardTapped Brew CoSorsby StoutDry stout4.0SheffieldCaskA traditional dry stout made with plenty of roasted barley to give prominent coffee and roasted malt notes, complimented by some subtle sweeter flavours from the caramalt and crystal malt. Hopped with Target and Bramling Cross. Named after Robert Sorsby w
Tapped & BernardTapped Brew CoStation PorterEnglish Porter5.0SheffieldCaskOur take on a classic English porter. Generous amounts of chocolate and brown malt give a nice dark chocolate flavour with subtle hints of coffee, Hopped with Target and First Gold to balance some of the sweetness, with some notes of liquorice
Beers From The WoodAbbeydaleBlack MassDark ruby ale6.7SheffieldCaskVery dark ruby ale with a rich creamy head. Aromas of dark chocolate, coffee and burnt toast. Full bodied and warming with strong flavours of bitter chocolate, fruitcake, raisins and hints of cherries. A lingering bitter finish.
Beers From The WoodAbbeydaleGooseberry SaisonFruit saison7.5SheffieldCaskLight, refreshing,tart saison, hopped with Eldorado hops and infused with gooseberries
Beers From The WoodBad CoBilberry Milshake IPAYorkshire foraged bilberry IPA5.8DishforthCaskAt this time of year if you know where to look, Yorkshire is awash with the utterly delicious Bilberry - the wild variant of blueberries that pack much more flavour and have a deliciously tart aftertaste - and we thought we would harness these almighty be
Beers From The WoodBad Seed / Black StormDark Forest TheoryChocolate Cherry Stout5.5MaltonCaskChocolate Cherry Stout. Rich dark chocolate meets sour cherry in a decadent grown up dessert. Black malts combine with Cacao nibs and sour cherry puree to make a perfect winter warmer!
Beers From The WoodBeer NouveauBarrel-Aged West Coast IPAIPA6.8ManchesterCaskAn original 80's Californian IPA recipe aged for 9 months in a Bourbon barrel
Beers From The WoodBeer NouveauBrown PorterPorter4.0ManchesterCaskA traditional porter brewed with diastatic brown malt.
Beers From The WoodBeer NouveauBrown StoutStout Porter5.0ManchesterCaskA thicker bodied porter using oats and wheat to increase the mouthfeel.
Beers From The WoodBeer NouveauHeritage Barrel-Aged East India Pale AleIPA5.9ManchesterCask18 month barrel-aged East India Pale Ale, part of heritage barrel-ageing programme
Beers From The WoodBeer NouveauHeritage Barrel-Aged East India PorterPorter6.9ManchesterCask12 month barrel-aged East India Porter made with specially kilned heritage malt
Beers From The WoodBeer NouveauManchester Hop Project : Manchester Green HopPale ale4.3ManchesterCask
Beers From The WoodBeer NouveauManchester Hop Project : Ordsall Old AleOld Ale6.3ManchesterCaskHeritage 18th century malts brewed with hops grown at Ordsall Hall used to recreate a historic beer style
Beers From The WoodBeer NouveauSurplus : Chocolate Orange StoutChococate orange stout8.0ManchesterCask################
Beers From The WoodBlackedgeDark RumPorter4.6HorwichCaskA dark rum porter with rich chocolate & roasted coffee. Finished wirh liquorice and mellow sweet dark rum.
Beers From The WoodBlackjackAce Of Spades (Barrel aged)Imperial stout10.0Collyhurst, ManchesterCaskThree year barrel aged imperial stout
Beers From The WoodBlackjackBarley WineBarley Wine11.0Collyhurst, ManchesterCaskOur first Barleywine coming in at a nice warming 9.6%, lots of malt and mainly hopped with goldings and admiral
Beers From The WoodBrass CastleAnnexationRussian Imperial Stout8.3MaltonCaskIn a time of renewed Russian imperialism, we bring you an 8.3% traditional aged Russian Imperial Stout. Smooth like the Volga and as bonkers as Putin.
Beers From The WoodBrass CastleHazelnut MildMild4.2MaltonCask5-malt nut brown mild with a delicate hazelnut aroma.
Beers From The WoodBrass CastleMalton AmberLight amber4.0MaltonCaskLight amber ale brewed in collaboration with Malton's Woodhams Stone historical society, which houses the breweriana of the towns earlier breweries and the last barrel coopered in Malton
Beers From The WoodBrew YorkCherry TonkokoCherry & coconut stout9.5YorkCaskStill as luxuriously decadent as before, we now bring you Cherry Tonkoko. Now with silly amounts of Morello Cherries added to compliment the lingering spice and almond of the Tonka Beans and Madagascan Vanilla.
Beers From The WoodCarnivalTransformerPorter6.2LiverpoolCaskBold roasty flavours with a creamy head, silky mouthfeel and lasting dark chocolate bitterness.
Beers From The WoodCarnivalTransformer Vanilla EditionVanilla porter6.2LiverpoolCaskRobust porter with hints of chocolate, spicy rye and candied fruits with a dark chocolate bitterness finished with lasting, decadent vanilla.
Beers From The WoodCheshire BrewhouseGibralter PorterPorter8.1CongletonCaskPorter originally brewed by a brewery on the Isle of Wight in 1864 and recreated by Cheshire Brewhouse and Rising Tide Brewing Company in Portland, Maine in Nov 18. Brewed with heritage Chevallier Barley
Beers From The WoodCheshire BrewhouseGovinda Chevallier EditionHeritage IPA6.8CongletonCaskBrewed faithfully to a heritage Burton-Upon-Trent IPA recipe. The recipe dates from the early 1800’s
Beers From The WoodCheshire BrewhouseLord FlameBest bitter4.2CongletonCaskBest Bitter brewed with Challenger & Bramling Cross
Beers From The WoodCheshire BrewhouseSmokehouse PorterSmoked salted caramel porter8.1CongletonCaskSmokhouse Porter is a slightly smoked, salted caramel, chocolate, sticky-toffee pudding, porter, with a bourbon vanilla flip.
Speciality Malts are married with an abundance of Dates, Cacao, Black Treacle & Bourbon Vanilla pods, creating a delicious, smoo
Beers From The WoodClunCitadelEnglish IPA5.9ClunCaskBrewed in our own microbrewery. It is a formidable strong ale which will appeal to the real hop lover. Perhaps more accurately described as an original style IPA, the beer is produced with Marris Otter pale malt and deploys the mighty Green Bullet hop to
Beers From The WoodDarwinBeagle BlondeBlonde ale4.1SunderlandCaskA golden coloured pale ale with refreshing citrus hops leading to a dry, bitter finish
Beers From The WoodDarwinRolling Hitch IPAIPA5.2SunderlandCaskAmarillo hopped IPA, with British Heritage Malts. Flowers and Citrus aroma
Beers From The WoodElland1872 PorterPorter6.5EllandCaskRich, complex and dark Porter from an original 1872 recipe, with an old port nose, and coffee and bitter chocolate flavours on the palate. Champion Beer Of Britain 2013.
Beers From The WoodFernandesBlack VoodooChocolate Orange Stout5.1WakefieldCaskBlack moreish beer with a chocolate, orangey, vanilla flavour coming through.
Beers From The WoodFernandesMalt EasyLight brown ale4.0WakefieldCaskLight Brown beer with a malty biscuit flavour with a hint of honey from the malt. Medium hopped with American Centennial.
Beers From The WoodFernandesRedneckRed ale4.4WakefieldCaskPale red ale hopped generously with American Centennial hops to give a nice fruity hoppy kick with hints of toffee
Beers From The WoodFive TownsAlways Crashing In the Same CarBelgian Tripel8.4WakefieldCaskRhubarb infused tripel using orval yeast
Beers From The WoodFive TownsBaby BlueNZ Pale ale4.5WakefieldCaskPale ale single hopped with Nelson Sauvin.
Beers From The WoodFive TownsLost HopeGolden ale4.4WakefieldCaskGolden ale brewed with Chinook and Mosaic hops giving a pine and citrus finish
Beers From The WoodFive Towns / North Riding BrewpubMad MonkRussian Imperial Stout8.0WakefieldCaskRussian Imperial stout
Beers From The WoodHadrian BorderFarne IslandAmber bitter4.0Newcastle upon TyneCaskAmber coloured bitter, blended malt & hops makes this well-rounded beer balanced & refreshing
Beers From The WoodHadrian BorderGrainger AlePale ale4.6Newcastle upon TyneCaskBrewed using a single malt, and hopped with a selection of three varieties giving a well-balanced finish. Very pale in appearance because of the Pale Ale Malt used.
Beers From The WoodHadrian BorderSecret KingdomEnglish bitter4.3Newcastle upon TyneCaskDark, rich and full-bodied slightly roasted with a malty palate ending with a pleasant bitterness.
Beers From The WoodHalf MoonChinook IPAGolden IPA5.4Ellerton, YorkCaskGolden IPA, double dry hopped with Chinook for big fruity flavours
Beers From The WoodHalf MoonDark MasqueradeMild3.6Ellerton, YorkCaskA rich ruby/brown ale which is packed with dark chocolate and liquorice flavours.
Beers From The WoodHalf MoonOld ForgeAmber bitter3.8Ellerton, YorkCaskBright amber coloured ale with a soft spiced lemon ​and honeyed flavour
Beers From The WoodHalf MoonPort OutPorter4.6Ellerton, YorkCaskA classic English porter, dark in colour and soft on the palate
Beers From The WoodKirkstallBlack Band PorterPorter5.5KirkstallCaskA full bodied yet beautifully smooth dark porter. Perfectly balanced.
Beers From The WoodMarbleRioja Barrel Aged Old AleFunky old ale10.8Collyhurst, ManchesterCask3 year old Rioja barrel aged English Old Ale inoculated with a blend of wild yeast and souring bacteria. A multi-layered malt profile provides rich dried fruit flavours with a subtle spicy, cherry, and oak character. Gentle balsamic acidity helps to cut
Beers From The WoodNeptuneHear the SirensImperial stout10.0MaghullCaskLuscious, viscous Imperial Stout brewed by Neptune's Julie with writer Katie Mather
Beers From The WoodNeptune / Brass CastleCamulosCherry Dubbel6.9MaghullCaskA rich slightly sweet malt forward beer with dark fruit and raison flavours leading to cherry notes on the finish
Beers From The WoodNorth RidingSticky Toffee PorterPorter7.4SnaintonCaskBig robust porter using a double mash technique and demerara sugar. Full bodied and infused with toffee post fermentation. High level deserterati status!
Beers From The WoodNorth RidingVanilla Bourbon StoutStout6.0SnaintonCaskRobust stout hopped with English Bramling hops & infused with vanilla & bourbon
Beers From The WoodOrigamiFolding by the FireLight stout6.0ManchesterCaskLight stout with winter spice aroma
Beers From The WoodOssettYorkshire BlackFruity Porter4.6OssettCaskBlack fruity porter. A tasty blackberry porter brewed with deep roasted malts giving a chocolate taste with a hint of coffee and hopped with traditional English hops & American Cascade hops. Hints of blackberry in the finish.
Beers From The WoodPhippsBlack StarBlack IPA4.8NorthamptonCaskThe perfect marriage of our Ratliffe Stout malts to give deep dark colour and a smooth mellow chocolate flavour, allied to the hop selection from our vest selling Phipps IPA to give the classic pale ale hop nose and bite
Beers From The WoodPhippsGold StarGolden Ale5.2NorthamptonCaskA strong export pale ale. This was the last new recipe developed by Phipps in the late ‘50s and the first local brew to be axed by Watneys as being far too good to go up against their keg varieties. We revived this beer to mark our return to brewing in No
Beers From The WoodPomona Island / ElusiveIt's dangerous to go alone, take this with youSaison6.8SalfordCask#MBCF20 Collaboration Brew. Fresh saison full of pink peppercorns & coriander seeds
Beers From The WoodRatRat In BlackStrong Mild4.5HuddersfieldCask4 different malts combine to give a beer with burnt, coffee & chocolate malt character. Slightly sweet on the palate, but moderate bitterness & fruity/spicy aroma come from English grown Bramling Cross hops.
Beers From The WoodRiverheadRedbrook PremiumRed brown ale5.5MarsdenCaskRed brown strong ale. Mellow yet robust, slightly sweet.
Beers From The WoodRunawayFarmhouse PaleSaison3.9ManchesterCaskFarmhouse style table beer fermented with classic saison and Beaujolais yeasts for a refreshing, dry, mouthfeel with a fruity citrus flavour. Origianlly brewed with Beermoth for their 5th Birthday.
Beers From The WoodSteam MachineKolkataExport stout7.0Newton AycliffeCaskEast India Export Stout
Beers From The WoodSteam MachineVoyagerOld ale6.5Newton AycliffeCaskTrue Old Ale: a dark beer inspired by authentic historic recipes, matured for over a year on a mix of wild English yeasts, then blended with a young fresh beer, and then dry hopped with loose leaf amarillo in the wooden cask. Expect a rich mix of dark ber
Beers From The WoodTheakstonBest BitterEnglish bitter3.8MashamCaskA fine, golden-coloured bitter with a full flavour that lingers on the palate. With a good bitter-sweet balance this beer has a robust hop character described as citrus and spicy. It's a refreshing and very satisfying pint, noted for the aroma of its Fugg
Beers From The WoodTheakstonBlack Bull BitterEnglish bitter3.9MashamCaskA bright, amber Bitter, well attenuated to give a crisp, refreshingly dry taste. The late and dry hopping with Golding hops ensures a pronounced citrus fruit flavour and aroma.
Beers From The WoodTheakstonLightfootPale ale4.1MashamCaskCreated as a tribute to the other Masham brewery Theakstons acquired in 1919. A refreshing pale beer - dry and light with a pronounced floral hop aroma and a mellow, satisfying hoppy aftertaste.
Beers From The WoodTheakstonOld PeculierOld ale5.6MashamCaskOne of the world’s great beers – smooth, strong and mellow
Beers From The WoodTheakstonXBBest Bitter4.5MashamCaskA premium strength beer with a rich, fruity taste to match. Ruby coloured, and expect a rich body and full flavour;. XB balances bitterness and sweetness, offsetting hoppy bitterness with fruitiness.
Beers From The WoodThree KingsBilly Mill AleSession bitter4.0North ShieldsCaskClassic session bitter. A dash of Crystal malts and two additions of First Gold hops makes this light quaffable ale a delight to drink. Dry hopped with First Gold & Citra® hops.
Beers From The WoodThree KingsDarkSide of The ToonStout4.1North ShieldsCaskA dry, dark, roast, bitter, creamy ale with hints coffee and chocolate. Medium body & mouthfeel from flaked & roasted barley. 45 IBU's from Challenger hops.
Beers From The WoodThree KingsSeven DaysPale ale4.0North ShieldsCaskBrewed with Munich Malts and hopped with USA Willamette & UK Fuggles Hops.
Beers From The WoodThree KingsShield MaidenGolden bitter3.9North ShieldsCaskGolden Bitter with Bramling Cross & First Gold Hops.
Beers From The WoodThree KingsShieldsmanSession bitter3.9North ShieldsCaskEasy drinking session ale with medium bitterness and a hint of the tropics from Citra® hops.
Beers From The WoodTigertopsKolsch Style Beer. K. S. B.Golden bitter3.8WakefieldCaskGolden, not as hoppy as Pacific Sun
Beers From The WoodTigertopsPacific SunKolsch pale5.0WakefieldCaskKoppy pale beer with German Kolsch yeast
Beers From The WoodTreboomBaron SaturdayPorter5.2Shipton by BeningbroughCaskDark and mysterious, the voodoo spirit Baron Saturday captured our imagination; this porter would be his preferred pint.

Brewed with a blend of five different malts it has hints of coffee, chocolate and liquorice
Beers From The WoodTreboomSpicecrackerSpiced ale5.1Shipton by BeningbroughCaskRuby winter ale spiced with ginger cinnamon and allspice
Beers From The WoodWild BeerFruitbooterRespberry & peppercorn saison5.1WestcombeCaskRaspberries + Pink Peppercorns + Raspberries

A blast of fruitiness, this is a foudre-fermented and -aged, pink peppercorn saison topped up with an acid drop of select barrels before being packed to the brim with the ripest Somerset raspberries.

Beers From The WoodWild BeerMurmurWine yeasts, hops + brut5.0WestcombeCaskfermented with an ale and 2 different wine yeasts and utilises hops with vinous notes to produce a complex, balanced beer