Real Cider & Perry

What is Real Cider?

CAMRA promotes cider that has been fermented from the freshly pressed juice of apples, never from concentrate.

Ciders that still retain their natural unpasteurised flavours, where any carbonation is created by natural conditioning or fermenting within its container, whether that be keg, draught or bottle.

These are the ciders at the Festival that will wear the CAMRA Real Cider badge.

What is Rethink Cider?


RethinkCider is about improving the way cider is perceived – educating drinkers that there is so much more to cider than the mass-produced brands dominating the market.

RethinkCider is all about full juice ciders of diverse styles, ciders made like wine, but with the broad appeal of real ale and independent craft beer.

It’s about celebrating history and tradition, while also applauding innovation and modern thinking, but with a firm ethos of high quality, natural ingredients.

2020 is the year to #ReThinkCider