Fruit wines & mead

We will also have available a range of English fruit wines from Lyme Bay winery and natural mead from the Lancashire Mead Co available by the glass from the Bottle Bar.

Brewery / Producer
Tasting Notes
Lyme Bay WineryCherry.Fruit Wine11.00%Sweet
Lyme Bay WineryElderflower.Fruit Wine11.00%Dry
Lyme Bay WineryPeach.Fruit Wine11.00%Med sweet
Lyme Bay WineryRaspberryFruit Wine11.00%Med dry
Lyme Bay WineryStrawberry.Fruit Wine11.00%Medium
Lancashire Mead CompanyAegirMead14.50%Orange & Tannined
Lancashire Mead CompanyBaldurMead14.50%Dry
Lancashire Mead CompanyFreyaMead14.50%Sweet
Lancashire Mead CompanyOdinMead14.50%Tannined
Lancashire Mead CompanySkadiMead14.50%Med sweet