Cider & Perry

Cider & PerryThe following is the list of ciders and perrys ordered for the 2020 festival.

The final list may be subject to change and we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular cider or perry at any given session.

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Pure (unfermented) apple juice will also be available.

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Cider / Perry Name

Wilding Cider2018 Draught Dry6.5%SomersetCiderA beautifully balanced soft Somerset cider. No added sulphites.
Udders Orchard - Local PerryAddle Croft Perry6.5%YorkshirePerryMade with the Norton Butt perry pear
Eve's CideryAlbee Hill7.0%USBottle CiderStill and Dry Cider, single orchard, Finger Lakes Region, New York
TurnersApple Pie4.0%KentFruit CiderFlavoured with warming spices and sweetened with fresh apple juice
Nightingale CiderAppledore Road4.9%KentCiderMedium cider
PomologikBjork6.5%SwedenBottle CiderCox Orange macerated with birch leaves. Floral green tea and rosewater flavours
Newton CourtBlack Mountain Perry4.2%HerefordshireBottle PerryBottle fermented sparkling perry
Apple CountyBlackcurrant4.0%MonmouthFruit CiderCider infused with blackcurrant
Dunham Press - Local CiderBlackcurrant4.0%Gtr McrFruit CiderCider blended with organic blackcurrant and raspeberry
Greggs PitBlakeney Red, Butt & Oldfield6.0%HerefordshirePerryMedium dry perry
Ross on WyeCitrus Perry6.2%HerefordshirePerryEasy going perry with citrussy body and is smooth and light
Blue BarrelColwick Perry6.5%NottsPerryMedium Perry made with perry pears from Notts
Dunham Press Dabbler6.2%Gtr ManchesterCiderMedium dry cider. Dabinett blend from the orchards at Dunham Massey
Greggs PitDabinett & Yarlington Mill6.0%HerefordshireBottle CiderSweet keeved bottle conditioned sparkling cider
Ross on Wye Cider & PerryDabinett 20187.8%HerefordshireKeg Conditioned CiderCreamy vanilla notes, juicy, full-bodied and a little spice filled finish
Little PomonaDabinett, 'Enter the Dragon'7.6%HerefordshireKeg Conditioned CiderQueen of the cider apples. From the famous Dragon Orchards
Nightingale CiderDiscovery Single Variety6.0%KentCiderDiscovery blend is a medium fruity cider with a delicate rosé blush.
ThornboroughDry6.5%YorkshireCiderWinner Yorkshire Food and Drink 2019
ThornboroughDry Cider6.9%YorkshireBottle CiderBottle conditioned crisp, dry sparkling Yorkshire orchard cider
BartestreeEleven Girl Perry7.7%HerefordshireBottle PerryMedium Dry. Named after the 11 women who handpicked the Pears
Ross on Wye Cider & PerryFlakey Bark SV6.8%HerefordshireBottle PerryA rare and highly acclaimed perry with powerful flavours
PULPT CiderFlare4.9%SomersetCiderA gentle Chisel Jersey blend. A sweeter balanced cider.
Jolter PressForest Beast - Chisel Jersey SV6.1%GlosBottle CiderBottle conditioned in the heart of the Forest of Dean
Ross on Wye Cider & PerryFoxwhelp 2019 Pet Nat5.9%HerefordshireKeg Conditioned CiderPressed in September & kegged while still fermenting. Youthful and sharp
Hogan's CiderFrench Revelation4.8%WarksCiderA Breton style cider born from the traditional process of ‘keeving’
Temperance St/AscensionGlow - Cider/Beer hybrid9.4%Mcr/SussexCider From the WoodSpiced cider, barrel conditioned with Pale Ale wort and Voss Kveik yeast
Gospel Green Gospel Green Brut 20168.4%HampshireBottle CiderChampagne method natural carbonation, crisp with a light acidity
Gospel Green Gospel Green Rosé 20178.4%HampshireBottle CiderBrut with a pinot noir dosage, gives a zing of tart raspberry
Tom Olivers Fine PerryKeeved Perry #44.2%HerefordshireBottle PerryA sweet perry
Leeds Urban Harvest Leeds City Cider6.0%YorkshireCiderDry. Winner Leeds Beer Festival
PULPT CiderLevel5.4%SomersetCiderLight and balanced. 70% Dabinett, 30% bittersweet & bittersharp blend
Hogan's CiderLibertine6.5%WarksCiderMulti award winning, indulgent, rich and tannic, sweetly satisfying cider
Udders Orchard - Local CiderLindley Gold6.0%YorkshireCiderA blended medium dry cider
Hogan's CiderLonely Partridge Perry5.8%WarksPerryA fruity and cloudy perry
Barley WoodMayday6.9%SomersetCiderSmooth, easy-drinking, medium blended Somerset cider
Silly MooMedium Dry4.2%SussexCiderA blend of Cider apples and Dessert apples
Temperance St - Local CiderMelonie (Watermelon)4.0%Gtr McrKeg Fruit Cider2018 Black Dabinett, dry hopped, & blended with 2019 co-fermentation
Temperance St - Local CiderMelonie (Watermelon)4.0%Gtr McrFruit Cider2018 Black Dabinett, dry hopped, & blended with 2019 co-fermentation
Ross on Wye Cider & PerryMichelin Single Variety7.2%HerefordshireCiderA medium bitterseet apple with soft tannins
CharnwoodMount St Bernard's Abbey7.3%LeicsCiderMedium-dry cider, apples from home of Tynt Meadow Trappist Beer.
Nightingale CiderMystery BirdKentCiderA special limited edition blend for our Festival
Little PomonaOld Man and the Bee7.1%HerefordshireBottle CiderHarry Masters Jersey blend. Soft delicate tannins and fruity
Tom Olivers Fine CiderOlivers Farmhouse Cider6.5%HerefordshireCiderMedium Dry
Olivers Fine PerryOlivers Farmhouse Perry6.0%HerefordshirePerryDry and delicious
High Peak - Local CiderOur House Is On Fire5.4%DerbyshireCiderApplewood smoked pommace, conditioned with 2018 cider & sweetened with apple juice
Dunham PressPeterloo Perry6.4%Gtr McrPerryMedium. A Thorn Perry Pear Blend. Winner of National Fruit Show 2019.
Ross on Wye Cider & PerryPolytheism7.8%HerefordshireCiderOak cask fermentations, complex blend by Independent Salford Beer Festival
PiltonPomme Pomme4.8%SomersetKeg Fruit CiderSweet keeved cider with a little tart quince
Dunham Press - Local CiderPorters Perfection6.4%Gtr McrCiderMedium. A light fruity cider, which is very pale in colour
AscensionPurple Haze4.0%SussexFruit CiderWild ferment cider, fresh apple, blackcurrant and lemon juices. No added sulphites
Ross on Wye Cider & PerryRaison D'Etre 20177.4%HerefordshireBottle CiderDabinett & Michelin blend fermented in oak
Crafty Nectar No 8Rhubarb Cider 20184.0%Keg Fruit CiderWinner of 'The Stable' Cider of the year 2019, in which 25,000 voted
Little PomonaRoot and Branch7.8%HerefordshireKeg Conditioned CiderWild fermented. Big, rich, fruity and funky with gorgeous big tannins.
SkyborryRural Method Cider6.0%PowysBottle CiderBottled before full fermentation to create a sparkling cider
Nightingale CiderRussett Single Variety8.1%KentCiderVery Dry SV cider. Strong, complex & nutty flavour
KnivetonScorchio!7.5%DerbyshireCiderA strong dry blended cider made with local cider apples
Pure NorthSingle Variety Katy6.0%YorkshireCiderA dessert apple grown in the Pure North Orchards, refereshing mild flavour
SkyborrySkyborry Draught 2017 & 20186.5%WalesCiderFull bodied, stopped fermenting just before it reached full dryness
Ross on Wye Cider & PerrySomerset Redstreak 20188.4%HerefordshireKeg Conditioned CiderA beautiful smooth gentle cider
NightingalesSongbird7.0%KentBottle CiderEgremont Russet apples, floral notes and green apple flavours
Jolter PressSqueal5.8%GlosCiderMedium Sweet. Classic blend of bittersweets Dabinett and Michelin
Wilding CiderStoke Red4.6%SomersetBottle CiderSingle variety, naturally sweet
Dunham Press - Local CiderStreaker6.2%Gtr McrCiderMedium. Somerset and Herefordhshire Redstreak apple varieties
PULPTUnion6.4%SomersetCiderClean and modern - 70% Dabinett, 30% bittersweet & bittersharp blend
Barley WoodUprising6.0%SomersetBottle CiderMedium fruity blend, Yarlington Mill & Crimson King apples
BartestreeVicky Apple Single Variety3.1%HerefordshireCiderLower alcohol medium sweet cider, pressed 2019
Apple CountyVilberie6.0%MonmouthCiderMedium Dry. A classic Welsh Cider with a refreshing crisp finish
Dunham Press - Local CiderVilberie6.8%Gtr McrCiderMedium Dry. French variety, very tannic but sweet bittersweet juice
Hogan's CiderWild Elder4.0%WarksFruit CiderDelicately sweet, hand foraged elderflower blended with Cider
Newton CourtWinnals Longden Perry5.3%HerefordshirePerrySV award winning medium-dry perry
Ross on Wye Cider & PerryYarlington Mill 20176.3%HerefordshireKeg Conditioned CiderOne of the most revered apple varieties. Aged two years before kegged
Tom Olivers Fine CiderYarlington Mill Single Variety6.7%HerefordshireBottle CiderYarlington Mill oak aged