Festival Charity

The North West Air Ambulance Charity’s helicopters fly 365 days a year, with the doctors and paramedics on board providing rapid treatment and hospital transfers to patients across the entire North West region each year – an area covering 5,500 square miles and 8 million people. Since it launched in 1999, the charity has flown over 17,000 missions across the region, with the ambulance called out an average of five times a day, rising to ten in summer. 

Just as many critically injured patients would not survive without the service that the charity provides, the North West Air Ambulance would not be here without the support of its community of fundraisers and partners. The charity is completely reliant on public and corporate donations to keep the North West’s Air Ambulance Charity helicopters operational and helping to save lives, needing to raise over £9.5 million a year to support its lifesaving service. 

For more information on the North West Air Ambulance Charity or to donate, please visit www.nwaa.net or call 0800 587 4570

If you’re interested in our volunteering opportunities, email
volunteers (at) nwaa.net

We wouldn’t be here without you.

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