Advice for breweries

The Manchester Beer & Cider festival strives to feature the very best breweries and beers from the local area and elsewhere.

We are fortunate that the UK has so many very good breweries producing an exciting range of beer so we cannot feature even a fraction of those breweries who would like to have their beers at the festival.

The 2020 festival will major on beers from Merseyside, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Yorkshire and Humberside / East Riding. The only exceptions to this will be Beers From The Wood and keg/KeyKeg beers.

While we are pleased to feature new breweries, particularly from the Manchester area, the vast majority of beers will be selected from breweries who have an established reputation for quality, flavour and reliability and are known to the festival team. New breweries featured will usually be by recommendation from other brewers and/or respected publicans.

Brewery Bars

Brewery bars at the festival are by invitation only.

Regrettably, we can only accommodate a small number of brewery bars and already have more breweries we would like to invite than we can accommodate.

If your brewery is considered for a brewery bar, you will be invited by our coordinator between January and August 2019.

General supply

New breweries featured will usually be by recommendation from other brewers and/or respected publicans. However, if you are a brewery interested in supplying the festival please note the following.

  • Contact can be made through the “Contact Us” page of the website or by e-mailing beerorder (at)
  • The maximum order for a brewery not previously featured at the festival will normally be two firkins or one kilderkin.
  • The beers MUST be delivered to Manchester Central on Sunday 19th (preferred) or Monday 20th January 2020.
    Breweries not from the local area must indicate how they would propose to supply the festival (i.e. by direct delivery on one of the designated delivery days; delivery by another supplying brewer; via a wholesaler).
    The festivals preferred wholesalers are Glassworks Drinks, LWC and Kirkstall Brewery.
  • As Manchester Central may have another event moving in immediately after the festival, empty casks will be required to be collected on Sunday 26th January, either by the supplying brewery or by arrangement with another brewery. Due to logistics of moving uncollected casks off site, preference will be given to those brewers who make their own arrangements for collection on Sunday 26th. Uncollected casks will be collected by Keg-Watch.
  • When contacting us, please include a list of your core beers, including style ABV and brief tasting notes. Please provide indicative prices for your core beers (we appreciate that prices may change between now & ordering).
  • Please indicate any likely specials or seasonals which will be available in January with as much detail as available.
  • If you have the ability to provide kilderkins, please indicate this in your contact.
  • If you have won any awards in the Champion Beer Of Britain competition or other CAMRA beer festivals, please indicate this in your contact.
  • Any keg / KeyKeg beers offered should be unfiltered & unpasteurised.
  • Standard terms will be for payment to be made within 60 days of delivery although we endeavour to pay all breweries as quickly as possible after the festival – usually within one week.

Failure to provide the information requested above will result in your enquiry being viewed less favourably than that from a brewery who does supply this information.

Unfortunately due to the large number of enquiries received, we are not able to respond to all enquiries in person.