Cider Women Reception

Trade Event – Wednesday 22nd 4.30pm

MBCF is pleased confirm that we will host a Cider Women reception at our trade and press session on Wednesday 23rd January.

Cider Women is a new pan-industry and consumer group designed to champion the role of women in cider.

It had its official launch in October at the preview of the Women & the Art of Cider exhibition at the Museum of Cider, Hereford and its Northwest Launch at the Crown and Kettle, Manchester, in November 2019.

Its aim is to raise the profile of women and to encourage positive development in the world of cider, as well as welcoming all who are interested and promoting inclusivity on all fronts within the cider community.

The Cider Women Reception at Manchester Beer and Cider Festival is sponsored by The Real Al Company and will include tastings of Cider and Perry made by women.

It will be a networking opportunity for women cider makers, suppliers and on and off trade workers!

This is an inclusive event and all trade visitors who support women in the cider, beer and the drinks trade are welcome.

We hope to see you there!

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