Champion Beer Of Britain round judging

On Wednesday, #MBCF17 hosted three North West Regional rounds of the Champion Beer Of Britain competition.

The categories judged were

  • Barley Wines & Strong Old Ales
  • Porters
  • Real Ale In A Bottle

The results were:

Barley Wines & Strong Old Ales

Gold: Coniston – No 9 Barley Wine (Bar 1)

Silver: Hawkshead – Brodie’s Prime Export (Hawkshead Bar)

Bronze: Watermill – Shih Tzu Faced (Bar 3)

Dunham Massey – Winter Warmer (Bar 1)
Lees – Moonraker (IFBB Bar)
Outstanding – Imperial I.P.A. (Outstanding Bar)
Robinsons – Old Tom ( IFBB Bar)
Strands – Barley Wine (Bar 3)


Gold: Dunham Massey – Dunham Porter (Bar 1)

Silver: Watermill – Dogth Vader (Bar 3)

Bronze: Hawkshead – Brodie’s Prime (Hawkshead Bar)

Dent – Dent Station Porter (Bar 1)
Strands – Terrrminator (Bar 3)
Stringers – Turbine Porter (Bar 3)
Tarn Hows  – Beertrix Porter (Bar 3)
Three B’s – Knocker Up (Bar 3)

Real Ale In A Bottle

Gold: Consiton – No 9 Barley Wine

Silver: Stringers – Mutiny Double Stout (Bottle Bar)

Merlin: Merlins Gold