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Manchester Pubs Matter

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The team from MBCF are pleased to announce the Manchester Pubs Matter Festival.

With our pubs suffering from devastating restrictions over the past ten months, we’ve partnered with five of Manchester’s finest pubs to bring you a festival you can enjoy from home – while supporting our local pubs.

Between 17th and 20th of February, the five pubs will virtually welcome you to their pubs for a special online event.

The pubs are:

  • The Font Chorlton
  • The Marble Arch
  • The Petersgate Tap
  • The Smithfield Market Tavern
  • Wigan Central

Each event is different – there’s beer tasting nights, a pub quiz, a good old pub discussion and even a music night with the Smithfield DJs.

Accompanying each session is a specially curated box of beers or ciders put together by the pubs and the local breweries or suppliers they’ve partnered with. You’ll taste some of these beers with the brewers who made them and your host publicans.

Find out more by clicking here.

MBCF 2021 Postponed

It remains uncertain when large scale gatherings will be able to resume.

However, with the possibility that Manchester Nightingale Hospital will continue to occupy Manchester Central into 2021, we can confirm that Manchester Beer & Cider Festival will not take place at Manchester Central in January 2021.

We hope to put on a festival when safe to do so during 2021, subject to a suitable venue being available. This will obviously need to conform to government health regulations and guidance to protect our customers and volunteers.

At this stage, we therefore cannot confirm when or where a festival will be held, but further updates shall be announced as and when we can. In the meantime please continue to support your local pubs, clubs, breweries and cider makers – and above all, stay safe.

Stay safe, stay beer loving….

We at MBCF recognise these are tricky times for beer and cider lovers. We trust you are keeping safe, and supporting breweries and pubs who are managing to supply your favourite drinks.

We are working to bring the festival back to Manchester early next year, and monitoring government and CAMRA guidance on the return of large-scale gatherings in the UK. With the current uncertainty, we are not yet able to confirm dates for the 2021 event.

When we are able to promote a festival that is safe for all our customers, supporters and volunteers, we will bring you more news.

In the meantime, CAMRA’s Pulling Together initiative includes details of over 3000 pubs and breweries who are offering takeaway and delivery services during these times.

Pulling Together


Thanks to you

Thanks to all 14,402 who came to MBCF20, supped our beers and ciders and (we trust) enjoyed yourselves at the North’s biggest festival.

We doubled the size of our Beers from the Wood bar, laying our hands on every wooden cask we could find. Despite this, you conspired to drink the bar dry on Saturday afternoon. Unlike the other 24 bars in the festival, we can’t simply have a reserve stock to replenish if demand exceeds supply. Perhaps we’ll hide that bar in a dark corner next time…

The number of repeat visitors – we know, thanks to those of you who completed our three-question survey while voting for your favourites – suggests we get most things right. But as organisers we commit to reviewing each part of the festival. No event flourishes by saying “but we’ve always done it this way.”

Several of our team are standing down – to be confident of putting on the festival next year, we’re going to need new people (with new ideas) to join us and shape the future of MBCF. Learn more about joining the team here.