UK Beers 2018

Here’s the full list of cask & keg British beers for 2018.

All beers will be on sale as soon as they are ready to be sold and for as long as they last (with exception of The Font and selected brewery bars). Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular beer.

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Notes (Long)
BlackjackBlackjackAce Of Spades9Collyhurst, ManchesterBig imperial stout aged for 5 months
BlackjackBlackjackAces High5.5Collyhurst, ManchesterClassic IPA, hoppy and delicious
BlackjackBlackjackBock6.2Collyhurst, ManchesterA famous style of German dark lager with Munich wheat malt and a bit of chocolate to give that rich malty flavour and hopped with Noble hops
BlackjackBlackjackFirst Deal4.4Collyhurst, ManchesterA ruby bitter with a nicely balanced malt/ hoppiness with spicy/blackcurrant overtones.
BlackjackBlackjackFour of a Kind6.2Collyhurst, ManchesterAmerican style IPA. Hopped with the big four US hops. Cascade, Centennial, Columbus & Chinook.
BlackjackBlackjackJabberwocky4.1Collyhurst, ManchesterA very hoppy pale ale with a bit of rye, hopped with many, many things, but predominantly Sterling
BlackjackBlackjackMosaic Light3.6Collyhurst, ManchesterA low abv beer that packs a big punch, a lot of Mosaic has gone into this one for the hopheads
BlackjackBlackjackSmall Saison4.5Collyhurst, ManchesterAn easy going and refreshing saison, hopped with Pilot, Willamette and Pacific Jade.
BlackjackBlackjack / Falcon Tap215.5Collyhurst, ManchesterA cranberry IPA brewed with the Falcon Tap in York, contains lactose which balances out the tartness of the cranberries nicely. Hopped with Pasific Gem, Hallertau Blanc and Calypso
BlackjackBlackjack / Hop HideoutThe Choice Is Yours6.9Collyhurst, ManchesterDark brown traditional export porter. 7 different malts. Hopped mainly with Goldings with a bit of Admiral & Cluster. Thick & chocolaty.
BlackjackBlackjack / Reasons To Be CheerfulManchester Brown4.5Collyhurst, ManchesterEasy drinking proper brown ale with a hint of hazelnuts
Brass CastleBrass CastleBad Kitty5.5MaltonA chewy chocolate vanilla dream of a porter.
Brass CastleBrass CastleBlack Russian7MaltonRobust Baltic Porter with coffee beans and cacao nibs added during fermentation
Brass CastleBrass CastleDisruptor IPA7.4MaltonA devilishly drinkable hazy New England IPA. Hopped with Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe & Comet for big fruit aroma.
Brass CastleBrass CastleHelles Lager4.4MaltonLight, refreshing, Munich-style Helles Lager. Gluten-free.
Brass CastleBrass CastleMisfit4.3MaltonOur rolling hop-swap pale ale, this time showcasing Cascade & Summit hops for plenty of citrus aroma.
Brass CastleBrass CastlePineapple Pale4.3MaltonPale ale brewed with fresh pineapple and Huell Melon hops.
Brass CastleBrass CastleQuench3.2MaltonHeavily hopped New England style pale ale. Citra and Mosaic hops are held in suspension in the beer to give maximum juiciness and distinct haziness.
Brass CastleBrass CastleReady, Grisette, Go!3.8MaltonOur take on the classic Belgian farm-house style grisette. Wheat based, and moderately hopped to create an ale that is light, dry and thirst quenching. [Being launched specially at MBCF]
Brass CastleBrass CastleWeizenbock7MaltonStrong, dark wheat beer, inspired by the classic style originating in Munich.
BrewsmithBrewsmithAPA5RamsbottomA pale ale brewed with American hops with resinous pine, grapefruit and pine aromas
BrewsmithBrewsmithBitter3.9RamsbottomA pale session bitter. Moderate bitterness, pronounced floral/citrus hop aromas.
BrewsmithBrewsmithNelson Sauvin Pale4.2RamsbottomBitter & hoppy pale ale brewed specially with Nelson Sauvin hops. Vanilla & grapefruit aromas
BrewsmithBrewsmithOatmeal Stout5.2RamsbottomA full bodied, richly textured stout. Balanced bitterness. Coffee, liquorish, blackcurrant and citrus aromas.
BrewsmithBrewsmith / MBCFBrown Ale4.2RamsbottomRoasted malts with resin, pine & blackcurrant hop notes. Brewed with the MBCF team
BridgehouseBridgehouseAired Ale4.1OxenhopeA Pale ale. Malty biscuit character with citrus flavours and a crisp aroma resulting from a mix of English and American hops.
BridgehouseBridgehouseBaltic Rum Porter6OxenhopeA medium gravity Baltic style porter. A mix of malts produce a smooth sweet base. Baltic hops and rum give depth and character.
BridgehouseBridgehouseEasy Tiger6.1OxenhopeA citrus India Pale Ale. Smooth, easy drinking but with a big hoppy middle & a dry bitter finish
BridgehouseBridgehouseLand Lady IPA5.1OxenhopeAromas of Mango and tropical Fruit give way to a dry, pink Grapefruit finish. A good balance of hop and Malt make this an easy drinking IPA!
BridgehouseBridgehousePale Bandit GFA3.6OxenhopeBlonde ale with smooth Citrus flavours and a light crisp finish
BridgehouseBridgehouseTequila Blonde3.8OxenhopeA crisp Blonde ale with sweet citrus aromas, infused with real Mexican Tequila and lime, that result in an exciting mix
of floral and citrus flavors balanced with bitterness.
BrightsideBrightsideDarkside Stout4.6RadcliffeBlack stout with a flavour dominated by chocolate malt and roast barley.
BrightsideBrightsideMancunian4.5RadcliffeBlonde ale with the emphasis on hop flavour rather than bitterness.
BrightsideBrightsideMaverick IPA4.8RadcliffeA light amber IPA based on American hops
BrightsideBrightsideSeven Waves4.2RadcliffeGolden ale made with a blend of Hallertauer Blanc, Citra, Eureka, Amarillo and Mosaic hops, and dry hopped in the FV to make a fresh, vibrant style.
BrightsideBrightsideYellow Dwarf4.5RadcliffeBrewed with Citra, Southern Cross, Equinox and Columbus this is full of fruity, hoppy flavours. Designed for summer!
BrightsideWildsideKey Lime Pie Lager4.8RadcliffePie like yo mamma makes! With Hallertauer Blanc, Waimea and Mandarina Bavaria hops, Lime oil and lactose
BrightsideWildsideOrange & Cinnamon Amber4.5RadcliffeWarm and wintery, non-Christmas Christmassy beer with orange peel oil and cinnamon sticks
BrightsideWildsideSession v33.4RadcliffeGluten free
HawksheadHawksheadBitter3.7StaveleyA pale, hoppy and bitter ale: a slight elderflower aroma from Slovenian "Celeia" hops, followed by long bitterness. A great session bitter
HawksheadHawksheadChuckleberry3.5StaveleyA chuckleberry is a cross between redcurrant, gooseberry and jostaberry. Sweet juice balance the lemon citric-tartness of the base beer, a kettle-soured Berliner Weisse, aged post-fermentation, on whole fresh chuckleberries.
HawksheadHawksheadCumbrian Five Hop5StaveleyZesty, tropical fruit flavours balanced by juicy malt character.
HawksheadHawksheadDry Stone Stout4.5StaveleyWell-balanced dry traditional stout with a long dry finish.
HawksheadHawksheadGalaxy Pale4StaveleySingle hopped with Galaxy, the beer was brewed with a light malt base to show off the hop's fruit character exploding with peach, passion fruit and pineapple flavours.
HawksheadHawksheadGreat White4.8StaveleyA spiced, cloudy, wheat beer. Brewed with wheat, Maris Otter barley, coriander seeds, dried Seville Orange peel and Motueka hops from New Zealand, to produce a delicately hopped, crisp, highly refreshing beer.
HawksheadHawksheadIti3.5StaveleyCrisp with citrus and floral aromas on the nose and huge flavours of gooseberry, grapefruit & tropical fruit.
HawksheadHawksheadNorthern Imperial Stout9.5StaveleyA deep, rich, complex, intense, strong black beer. Mouthfeel is full bodied with chocolate, coffee and roasted flavours. Dark stone fruit in the background. Finish is bitter-sweet and warming.
HawksheadHawksheadSolar Sour3.3StaveleyVery pale, refreshing, low alcohol, kettle-soured, unfiltered, cloudy wheat beer with restrained lemony tartness. The style is Berliner Weisse.
HawksheadHawksheadXPA4StaveleyExtra pale ale with Jester, Citra and Mosaic
MallinsonsMallinsonsAmarillo4.2HuddersfieldVery pale gold with a light orange citrus nose, bitter orange hop taste and long bitter, dry-ish finish. Brewed only using amarillo hops
MallinsonsMallinsonsCitra3.9HuddersfieldSingle hopped US pale
MallinsonsMallinsonsHapi5.4Huddersfield3 different New Zealand hops and then Nelson Sauvin in the fermentor for extra kick
MallinsonsMallinsonsNelson Sauvin3.8HuddersfieldA golden coloured ale, with a lovely citrusy grapefruit nose, a hoppy citrus taste followed by a similar finish.
MallinsonsMallinsonsNew World Pale4HuddersfieldHops from USA, New Zealand and Australia combine to make in a hoppy pale ale
MallinsonsMallinsonsPilsner Centennial3.9HuddersfieldWe decided to try our classic single hopped Centennial recipe, but instead of using Lager malt, we wanted to up the ante and try some Pilsner malt. The result is superb! This is pure Centennial hops, packed with an aroma of zesty lemons and a huge citrusy
MallinsonsMallinsonsStouted Caramel4.7HuddersfieldSalted caramel Oatmeal Stout, dark and tasty
MallinsonsMallinsonsThe Redeemer5.1HuddersfieldRich golden late hopped with Simcoe giving strawberry and Turkish Delight notes
OutstandingOutstandingBlond4.5SalfordPale, citrussy, refreshing
OutstandingOutstandingChocolate Liqueur Stout4.9SalfordJet black, roasty, bittersweet chocolate!
OutstandingOutstandingFour4SalfordThis lager outclasses its rivals with its crisp clean herbal hop flavour and refreshing dry finish.
OutstandingOutstandingGolden Loom3.9SalfordA clean, refreshing pale bitter. The house beer of Dulcimer bar in Chorlton
OutstandingOutstandingImperial IPA7.4SalfordGolden, strong, implausibly hopped.
OutstandingOutstandingRed4.4SalfordCopper coloured, mellow, biscuity
OutstandingOutstandingStrawberry Witbier4.3SalfordPure strawberry juice blended with a classic Belgian style Witbear. Fruit & sweetners are balanced by a slightly tart refreshing finish
OutstandingOutstandingWhiteSalfordComplex aromas and flavours of clove, coriander and vanilla interwoven with earthy undernotes, combine to create this singularly refreshing continental style cloudy wheat beer.
OutstandingOutstandingWhite IPA4.5SalfordPale, hazy refreshing. Two worlds collide as Belgian wit beer teams with assertive New World hops to create a wheat beer with a twist
Pig & PorterPig & PorterDance First4.2Royal Tunbridge WellsA subtly hopped dry stout brewed originally to prove a point that dark beer can be refreshing in the summer and now available all year round. Hops: Summit, Columbus and Willamette.
Pig & PorterPig & PorterDream More4.2Royal Tunbridge WellsA series of 4.2% Pale Ales designed to showcase the particular characteristics of some of our favourite hops. The malt base is
simple and constant - a touch of Munich malt gives a hint of sweetness - but this is all about the hops. This version features
Pig & PorterPig & PorterLost Colony4.8Royal Tunbridge WellsSuper hoppy American Pale Ale with notes of orange zest, pine and hint of darkness
Pig & PorterPig & PorterPrimodial Süp4.4Royal Tunbridge WellsA session IPA created by P& Porter and Primordial Radio
Pig & PorterPig & PorterRed Spider5.5Royal Tunbridge WellsAn award winning ruby red ale made with rye malt and Centennial and Columbus hops. The rye lends a peppery spiciness and the Centennial gives a massive burst of citrus.
Pig & PorterPig & PorterSoft Black Drizzle4.4Royal Tunbridge WellsLondon Porter infused with chocolate and hints of vanilla
Pig & PorterPig & PorterTBC
Pig & PorterPig & Porter / RivingtonLair Of The Baubai9.1Royal Tunbridge WellsBaltic Porter infused with raspberries. A baubas is a Latvia bogeyman, baubai is the plural!
RunawayRunawayDry Irish Stout4.5ManchesterBig roasted dry stout. Hint of milky sweetness to the finish
RunawayRunawayLemon Drizzle5.4ManchesterBrewed in collaboration with Grub MCR to celebrate their third birthday, the concept here is to evoke memories of the favourite family lemon drizzle cake recipe of Grub's directors Jules & Bailey. Using the hand-peeled zest and juice of 400 lemons in the
RunawayRunawayMarzen Lager5.4ManchesterAmber coloured, Oktoberfest style lager with a rich malty flavour & fruity aroma
RunawayRunawayNZ Pale4.2ManchesterLight, crisp and fruity pale ale, brewed exclusively using tropical, juicy New Zealand hops
RunawayRunawayPale Ale4.7ManchesterCrisp, dry, refreshing Pale Ale with a big citrus character
RunawayRunawaySession IPA4.5ManchesterHop forward session strength IPA brewed for optimum drinkability with rotating new world hops.
RunawayRunawayTropical Crush DIPA8ManchesterFruity but light Double IPA
RunawayRunawayWinter Saison6.3ManchesterClassic, dry, spritzy saison characterised by the fruity esters of traditional Belgian yeast. The inclusion of traditional UK malts and seasonal UK hops give this beer a maltier backbone and a hint of winter berries.
RunawayRunaway / Brew WildSmoked Braggot8.5ManchesterA medieval Honey Beer recipe remade for our modern times. Smoothly delicious cross between ale and mead made with raw and unfiltered local honey
RunawayRunaway / HandymanHandyman IPA5.3ManchesterIPA made with Liverpool's Handyman Brewery as the house beer at their Handyman Supermarket bar
Thirst ClassThirst ClassAll That Glitters4.6StockportA golden ale well hopped with Amarillo, Ekuanot and Chinook hops. Citrus and grapefruit flavours up front with an assertive bitter finish.
Thirst ClassThirst ClassCask Aid Pale4.3StockportA very pale and very refreshing ale. We’ve put a lot of US Cascde hops into this beer to make a light and citrusy easy-drinking brew packed with flavour.
Thirst ClassThirst ClassFarmhouse In Your Soul5.1StockportTraditional Saision farmhouse-style beer. Fruity with belgian saison yeast character.
Thirst ClassThirst ClassHazy Love7.2StockportSweet, fruity and juicy - our New England IPA is a hazy hop beast. We've crammed a silly amount of hops into the kettle and dry hop for this beer.
Thirst ClassThirst ClassHigh Five4StockportA session Pale Ale brewed using five different hop varieties from the United States & Australia. A very light & hoppy moreish beer with citrus aroma & flavour
Thirst ClassThirst ClassHopfordian IPA6StockportA fruity IPA full of American hops Cascade, Willamette and Simcoe. A pleasant malt sweetness with loads of citrus flavours.
Thirst ClassThirst ClassHoppy Couple IPA (Columbus & Wakatu)6.2StockportAmerican style IPA, rich copper in colour with a big citrus hop aroma & flavour
Thirst ClassThirst ClassNew Zealand Pale4.4StockportA session Pale Ale brewed with a healthy dose of Rakau and Wai-iti hops from New Zealand. A very light and hoppy moreish beer with great hoppy aroma and flavour.
Thirst ClassThirst ClassStocky Oatmeal Stout4.7StockportBrewed with nine different malts, smooth with chocolate and coffee notes.
Tiny RebelTiny RebelBillabong4.6NewportA pale ale bursting at the seams with Australian hops
Tiny RebelTiny RebelCali5.6NewportWest Side! Our American Pale Ale is inspired by the rough and ready of the West Coast. Things aren’t always sunshine and lolipops. Don’t let the juicy, tropical fruit flavours fool you.
Tiny RebelTiny RebelCerial Killer3NewportSo good, so low - you could have it for breakfast! Oats give body and malt character whilst a trio of hops, incl juicy little Mosaic, gives fresh, fruity bitterness.
Tiny RebelTiny RebelClwb Tropicana5.5NewportIt’s super juicy and crammed full of fruity hop flavours that will have your mouth watering.
Tiny RebelTiny RebelCwtch4.6NewportUntraditional Welsh Red Ale. Citrus and tropical fruit dominate the taste that is backed up with caramel malts that balance the moderate bitterness. Drinkability and balance makes this beer.
Tiny RebelTiny RebelDutty4.2NewportUnfiltered. Hazy. Murky. They might describe the look, but they don’t really describe what we’ve achieved. Vermont Session IPA
Tiny RebelTiny RebelFull Nelson4.8NewportThe sweet, musty flavour of Nelson Sauvin is similar to the Sauvignon grape - and both grow in the same region of New Zealand. Sweet Munich malt compliments fruity hop flavours in this Maori-inspired ale.
Tiny RebelTiny RebelImperial Puft9NewportA flavour explosion that’s like a proton torpedo in your exhaust port. An Imperial March into your mouth. Return of the Marshmallow. We've taken everything great about Stay Puft and gone bigger.
Tiny RebelTiny RebelPeaches and Cream5.5NewportExclusively on cask! Does what it says on the tin! Peach flavours from peaches! Cream comes from sweet, smooth lactose and IPA from bucket loads of Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe to compliment the sweet fruit flavours.
Tiny RebelTiny RebelStay Puft5.2NewportMarshmallow porter has the classic roasty qualities of a proper dark ale, whilst the marshmallow gives it a smooth sweetness, both combining for a delightful, S’mores-like ale. A sweet treat for the cold winter nights.
The FontAbbeydaleFunk Dungeon - Imperial Brett Saison9SheffieldSpiced saison brewed with cardamom, star anise, liquorice root and UK hops. Aged in white oak for 4 months with Brettanomyces to give a soft funky character with a citrus edge.
The FontAlphabet Brew CoType A8Ancoats, ManchesterOrangey juice bomb with Mosaic, Simcoe, Azacca and Rakau hops
The FontBeatnikz RepublicRussian Riot9ManchesterDark, thick, big body & bourbon oak
The FontBexar CountyYoung and Unafraid5PeterboroughA Kombucha soured elderflower, grapefruit and yuzu pale. Kombucha (fermented tea) lays the base for the citrus and elderflower flavours to play in harmony.
The FontBlack IrisLost Art of Keeping Secrets8.5NottinghamA 100% Vic Secret Hopped DIPA.
The FontBox SocialGin Sour3.7NewcastleCollab with Hepple Gin Co. A gin botanical sour
The FontBrewshackCornbrook Pale Ale4ManchesterA classic British ale, in keg! Inspired by historic British recipes, fermented with english ale yeast to give a crisp and subtly hopped session ale.
The FontBurton RdBurton Rd Brewing Co IPA5.6ManchesterDry hopped with plenty of Citra & Chinook giving a mixture of fruit, citrus and pine
The FontCloudwaterIPA Simcoe Chinook6.5Ancoats, ManchesterThis IPA was fermented with New England yeast and features Simcoe and Chinook aroma hops. Cloudwater increased the proportion of Golden Naked Oats for this one, giving the beer a cleaner oat presentation.
The FontCloudwaterSession IPA Vic Secret Mosaic4.5Ancoats, ManchesterThis Session IPA features Vic Secret and Mosaic aroma hops, backed up by Citra, and was fermented with Lallemand's New England yeast. Carapils and Caramalt support the base malt for added sweetness and body.
The FontCloudwaterSmall Nelson Sauvin Rye Pale2.9Ancoats, ManchesterIn this third iteration of our new series of Small Beers, we replaced oats and heritage crystal with rye and red rye crystal respectively, to give a spiced note from the malt. Fermented with New England Lallemand yeast and a 12 g/L dry hop of equal quanti
The FontCloudwater / LervigBourbon Black Forest Stout12Ancoats, ManchesterA Heaven Hill bourbon barrel conditioned version of our sour cherry and sweet cherry concentrate infused Black Forest Stout, brewed in collaboration with Lervig Aktiebryggeri.
The FontCwrw IâlIsthmus of Darien5.6MoldA New Scotland IPA in association with Bairds Malt and Lallemand yeast invented for the Replicale Project . Hopped with first gold hops and brewed with pineapple, coconut and a small amount of peat smoked malt.
The FontElusiveOverdrive (Lap 7)5.5FinchampsteadA crisp and dry American Pale Ale hopped with Pekko and dry-hopped with Equinox
The FontElusiveSpellbinder v26FinchampsteadA London-style Porter brewed to a classic recipe with late hop additions of Hallertau Tradition. Whole bean Hasbean coffee (Honduras Finca Cerro Azul Natural Red Catuai) was added during cold conditioning to bring a clean coffee flavour and aroma with hin
The FontLegitimate IndustriesTax Evasion4.4LeedsCrisp, German-style lager full of Pilsner and Vienna malts, and a blend of Mandarina Bavaria and Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops, this deliciously selfish swine knows he’s getting away with a murderously refreshing brew
The FontLittle Earth ProjectCrab Apple Saison6.7SudburyLocally sourced hops and barley are complemented by the addition of sharp Crab Apples. Wild yeast came from Crab Apples were also added to the conditioning tank to and give a fresh zippy acidity.
The FontLost & GroundedRunning with Sceptres5.2BristolGerman Pilsner malt from with three traditional hop varieties – Magnum, Perle and Hallertauer Mittelfruh – to produce a clean, unfiltered, Hop Bitter Keller Pils.
The FontMad HatterOrange 'N' Basil6.2LiverpoolThis sour IPA features our new favourite flavour combination. It is pithy and sweet witha refreshing tang.
The FontMad HatterUnder The Spreading Chestnut Tree4.6LiverpoolA smooth, rich and nutty brown ale made with real chestnut flour. Perfect as the nights are drawing in.
The FontMad Hatter / BoundaryThe Great Milk Agitator in The Sky5LiverpoolWe brewed a blueberry and vanilla sour with our friends from Boundary brewing. It is delicious and PURPLE!
The FontMad Hatter / Wild WeatherLightning Sombrero8.5LiverpoolThis gooseberry DIPA is the result of a very fun brew day with Wild Weather Ales and is a fruity flavour bomb!
The FontMagic RockBearded Lady Dessert Edition10.5HuddersfieldBearded Lady Imperial Stout Bourbon aged Stout with Cacao Nibs, Vanilla & Cinnamon
The FontMagic RockFantasma6.5HuddersfieldA dank and juicy IPA using Golden Promise, wheat and Cara Munich malts in the mash for a sweetly smooth body. For the hops we judiciously bittered with Magnum in the kettle followed by Citra T90 in both the whirlpool and in dry-hopping. The aroma/flavour
The FontMagic RockHigh Wire Grapefruit5.5HuddersfieldHigh Wire Grapefruit is a fruit-infused version of our best-selling West Coast pale ale. We accentuated the original beer’s smoothly composed malt body and lip-smacking citrus character with the addition of 100% natural pink grapefruit flavour. Juicy, tar
The FontMarbleDamage Plan7.1Collyhurst, ManchesterPlan on bitter, dank hops packed with tropical pineapple pulp, papaya and mango notes all backed up by a crisp, low colour base line. Equinox, Nelson Sauvin, Mosaic, Summit and Citra have been layered to create a damagingly fruity track. The beer that ope
The FontMarblePeaches & Beaches6.2Collyhurst, ManchesterThis beer is a collaboration with Slim Pickens Cider & Mead Co. located in Tampa, Florida. We've amalgamated styles with our good friend Todd Strauss and in the true spirit of collaboration we've created a beer as refreshing as a cider with the smashabili
The FontMoorRey Of Light8PitneyStar Wars The Last Jedi inspired Double IPA. "The force is strong with this one"!
The FontNeptune / Twisted BarrelTwisted Thai'd Thai Spiced6.5CrosbyInspired by a Thai green curry, lemongrass, lime and chilli come together to give a spicy and zesty citrus kick.
The FontRedWillowFaithless 756.2MacclesfieldNorwegian Farmhouse Ale brewed with Sigmund Voss Kveik yeast, hopped with Centennial & Nelson Sauvin
The FontRivingtonProper Ace3.7AndertonGrisette - Dry Hopped with Sorachi Ace
The FontRivingtonToday Was a Good Day6.6AndertonClassic West Coast IPA, Citrus, Piney, Dank, Caramel, Bitter, hopped with Cascade, Columbus, Chinook, Simcoe & Mosaic
The FontSalopianAuric4ShrewsburyAn excessively dry hopped session IPA,with a strong grapefruit aroma and a dry body with a quenching array of fruit rind,dried pine, lemon zest sparkling over a long enveloping finish.
The FontSerious BrewingGoldrush5.6RochdaleRefreshing golden pale ale brewed with Belgian abbey yeast & delicately flavoured with British hops
The FontSerious BrewingGoldrush5.6RochdaleRefreshing golden pale ale brewed with Belgian abbey yeast & delicately flavoured with British hops
The FontShindiggerMango Unchained4.2ManchesterAustralian & American hop-forward IPA blended with Mango & Pineapple. Fresh & fruity, imagine if Rubicon made beer…
The FontSquawkChocolate Milk Stout7.4Ancoats, ManchesterStout with 20kg of Cocoa nibs added to the fermenter
The FontStubborn MuleMagnum Red IPA7.2TimperleyA man's GOT to know his limitations. This is a 7.2% WA15 Magnum. Do you feel lucky? High hopped and dry hopped this is a fully loaded American-style IPA. Dark amber in appearance the three hop varieties give a powerful, complex, yet balanced flavour and a
The FontTorrsideCoffee Imperial Grodziskie5New MillsOak-smoked wheat beer aged on Monsooned Malabar coffee beans. Look, it's imperial for the style, ok?
The FontTorrsideI'm so Bored With The USA7.4New MillsA slightly different take on a modern, hazy IPA, hopped to US IPA levels but brewed with entirely European hops
The FontTrack / FontAltered State - Orange Acid IPA5.3Ancoats, ManchesterCollaboration with Manchester's three Font bars - an IPA with Amarillo and Eldorado with added orange zest
The FontTrack / Northern MonkCircle Work8.5Ancoats, Manchester​A DIPA made with our hooded brethren Northern Monk. Brewed with Vermont Yeast and Heavily hopped with Ella, Galaxy and Enigma. Big punchy tropical Aromas with a lovely rounded mouthfeel
The FontWild BeerYokai4.5WestcombeTaking inspiration from Yadokai, our infamous sake-inspired 13% beer packed with umami character and yuzu, Yokai brings the delights of salty umami seaweed balanced with bright yuzu citrus. More accessible in an easy going session beer
The FontWild CardSorrel Saison5.1WalthamstowBrewed with Trinidadian Sorrel, a fresh and fruity twist on a traditional Christmas beer
The FontWiper & True / DuggesCardinal Sour6.8BristolCollaboration with Dugges (Sweden).Punchy fruit and balanced acidity flavours of tannins and berries, alongside the addition of blackberries and an infusion of hibiscus flower, create a complex beer with a deep claret hue.
The FontWishbone / Thirst ClassCloudy with a chance of hops5.9KeighleyCloudy with a chance of hops is our Collaboration brew with Thirst Class from Stockport, this is our take on a New England IPA, Dry Hopped, Unfined, Cloudy Craft-Murk! We hope you like Ahtanum, Mosaic & Nelson Sauvin hops 5.9%
1AbbeydaleDeception4.1SheffieldA pale beer, made with fabulous Nelson Sauvin hops. Aromas of elderflower and grapes. Strong citrus flavours, especially grapefruit. Long lasting bitter finish. Very refreshing and packed full of flavour.
1AbbeydaleDuck Baffler4.1SheffieldA pale beer with light, passion fruit and lemon aromas and flavours and a refreshing bitter finish. Made with 100% low colour Maris Otter malt and Citra hops from North America.
1AbbeydaleFunk Dungeon Encantada (w/ Apricot & Rosemary)7.1SheffieldNeolithic inspired barrel aged gruit. Brewed with honey, mugwort, juniper berries, yarrow & heather flowers with apricot & rosemary added in the barrel.
1AbbeydaleLost Souls10SheffieldDeep and complex brew with a hefty malt bill - so big we had to mash in twice! Packed full of Galaxy, Chinook, Centennial and Columbus hops.
1Anspach & HobdayThe Porter6.7LondonA beer that dominated London's past reinvented for today
1Anspach & HobdayThe Session IPA4.8LondonSession IPA hopped with Centennial, Ekuanot, Waimea
1Anspach & Hobday / FullersThe ESB5.5LondonCollab with Fullers. Extra Special Bitter using Fullers yeast
1ArborSingle Hop Simcoe4BristolSingle hopped pale ale, using the wonderful 'Simcoe'
1ArborSMAC My Brew Up4.8BristolAmerican-style pale ale brewed with Simcoe, Mosaic, Amarillo and Columbus hops. Tropical fruit and floral aroma. The flavour is citrus and tropical fruits with a dry finish
1AshoverButts Pale Ale5.5Clay CrossIn the style of an American Pale Ale - strong & pale with plenty of American hops
1AshoverDamson Porter4.8Clay CrossDark, rich & fruity. Soft yet full of body & flavour
1AshoverPoets Tipple4Clay CrossLight copper traditional bitter with good malth flavour and well-balanced bitterness
1AshoverVictorian Ruby Mild7Clay CrossTraditional strong mild. Originally International Women’s Day collaboration brew
1Bank TopBarley To Beer3.6BoltonA pale bitter with a citrus lemon and herbal finish.
1Bank TopDark Mild4BoltonA full bodied dark mild with malt and roast aroma, rich mouthfeel and complex taste including roast malt and liquorice .
1Bexar CountyOld S(un)kool5.2PeterboroughThis isn't a hyped up juice bomb but rather an old school beer with actual bitterness. Rather uncool really.
1Bexar CountyPapa Steve9PeterboroughImperial Stout
1Bexar CountyTexas Pecan Coffee Mild3.6PeterboroughNon traditional mild with a hint of pecan coffee imported from San Antonio specially for this brew. Dark and delicious with the taste of coffee. A hint of pecan to finish.
1Bexar County / Pig and PorterThat's Mintal8.3PeterboroughBrewed for MBCF. Peppermint porter. Big peppermint aroma, dark bitter chocolate & peppermint in the flavour. Easy drinking with a refreshing finish.
1Black IrisBajan Breakfast4NottinghamOatmeal Pale Ale with masses of American hops
1Black IrisBetter The Devil You Know5.5NottinghamAustralian IPA with tropical fruit flavours and long lingering bitterness
1Black IrisRise and Shine5.2NottinghamCoffee milk stout
1Black IrisStab In The Dark5NottinghamNew Zealand stout. Dark & rich
1BlackEdgeBlack Port4.8HorwichDeliciously complex, roasted coffee and chocolate flavours with a hint of liquorice and sweet port finish.
1BlackEdgeDark Mild3.9HorwichDark as the night. Lightly hopped with a smooth caramel, chocolate flavour with a hint of liquorice & blackcurrant
1BlackEdgeGinger4.5HorwichA deep golden ale brewed using uk admiral hops and fresh ginger to give a spicy orange and ginger flavour
1BlackEdgeIPA4.7HorwichGenerously hopped with four varieties of American hops. Full bodied, full flavoured and well balanced. Hoppy with a grapefruit aroma.
1BlackEdgeSession3.5HorwichA pale golden session ale light and hoppy with a soft fruit and citrus flavour with smooth bitter finish
1Blue MonkeyBG Sips4Giltbrook, NottinghamA pale and intensely hoppy beer. Enticing tropical fruit aromas, finished with a good level of thirst quenching, almost peppery bitterness
1Blue MonkeyBonobo5.3Giltbrook, NottinghamA powerful black IPA loaded with magnum, centennial, cascade and nelson hops for an explosive finish!
1Blue MonkeyGuerilla4.9Giltbrook, NottinghamPitch black stout full of malty complexity balanced by a robust bitter bite
1BollingtonDinner Ale4.3BollingtonDeep copper coloured beer with a fresh slightly fruity nose, a traditional style bitter with a dry hoppy finish
1BollingtonEastern Nights5.6BollingtonThis latest IPA is hugely rich in body and flavour with great sweetness but a typical well defined bitterness.
1BollingtonOat Mill Stout5BollingtonAward winning Oatmeal Stout with a twist. A hoppy bitter taste keeps the sweetness in check and allows for a great dark beer.
1BollingtonWhite Nancy3.6BollingtonPale coloured session ale with lots of body and good fruity taste.
1Box SocialFubsy4.2NewcastleOatmeal stout
1Box SocialGingerbread Campfire Porter7NewcastleDark sweet porter with Lactose, Toasted Marshmallow, Pumphreys Coffee, Vanilla and Cocoa & added ginger.
1Box SocialSession IPA4.7NewcastleCitrussy IPA
1Box Social / RunawayMetanoia6NewcastleDouble dry hopped Nelson & Apricot IPA
1BradfieldFarmers Belgian Blue4.9High BradfieldChristmas berry overtones; and has a slight blue tint to the head - making it an unusual winter warmer!
1BradfieldFarmers Blonde4High BradfieldA very pale, brilliant blonde beer, with citrus and summer fruit aromas, making it extremely refreshing.
1BradfieldFarmers Brown Cow4.2High BradfieldRich deep chestnut coloured ale, with beautifully smooth creamy head. Citrus aftertaste gives way to a long dry finish
1BradfieldFarmers Pale Ale5High BradfieldFruity floral bouquet full-bodied with a dry aftertaste
1BradfieldFarmers Stout4.5High BradfieldA dark enriched ‘black and white’ stout balanced by roasted malts and flaked oats with a subtle but bitter hop character
1Brew YorkEkuanot Be Serious5.3YorkHoppy extra pale
1Brew YorkSeed Of Stout5.5YorkVanilla & Tonka bean stout
1BrightwaterCoal Porter4.9EsherA classic Porter Stout with the dryness of the Roasted Barley perfectly balanced with the other malts and a clean hop taste. Could be described as having a delicate Hazelnut flavour.
1BrightwaterErnest3.7EsherNamed after Prof Ernest Salmon who developed the hop used. Has the freshness of new world hops but without the overbearing bitterness. Brewed with Very Pale malt using Ernest and Chinook hops
1Bristol Beer FactoryEspresso Martini Stout4.5BristolOccasional Milk Stout ESPRESSO variant; same base recipe brewed with coffee. Sweet lactosey smoothness with coffee overtones. Lush
1Bristol Beer FactoryTwelve Apostles5BristolBrewed to showcase a trio of Australian hops. Galaxy giving citrus & passion fruit, Ella bringing anise & floral aromas and Enigma redcurrant and melon. A clean base of extra pale malts let the hop aromas jump out of the glass.
1ChapterDead Man's Fist5.5FrodshamSubtly smoked porter slinks smoothly past before being followed by the crack and heat of fiery black pepper.
1ChapterParabola4.7FrodshamParabola is a punchy, fragrant APA with a huge Columbus burst that complements the smooth malt bill.
1ChapterTemos Tanta3.9FrodshamA bitter brewed with English hops (Admiral and First Gold) as well as curacao for a deliciously subtle marmalade undertone
1CloudwaterDDH Pale NZ Chinook5.5Ancoats, ManchesterDouble dry hopped mid strength pale
1Cloudwater / PSBHWizard King12Ancoats, ManchesterBelgian imperial stout brewed with Port Street Beer House for their 7th Birthday.
1Coach HouseBlueberry5WarringtonPale in colour with a light delicate bitterness & the natural flavour of Blueberry
1Coach HouseElderflower4.1WarringtonA thirst quenching refreshing blonde ale with hints of citrus and grapefruit. The elderflower gives the beer a wonderful floral aroma and further enhances the citrus hops with a slightly sweet aftertaste.
1Coach HouseGunpowder Mild3.8WarringtonA very dark mild with a full liquorice and treacle flavour and a slightly bitter aftertaste.
1Cross BayNitro5.4MorecambeA thick and creamy stout with a big chocolate and mint body due to additions of Tulip cocoa and peppermint leaves
1Cross BayRipa Red IPA4MorecambeA session IPA brewed with a blend of English malts generous
additions of Simcoe hops for a passion fruit, pine and berries
flavour and aroma
1Cross BayVesper NWA3.8Morecambemixed malt base of Munich & Wheat malt brings a crisp yet smooth taste with bright tropical fruit flavors from the infusion of American El Dorado, Delta and Centennial hops.
1Cwrw IâlLimestone Cowboy4.5MoldA robust dark copper ale using roasted malts, big tasting American hops & West Coast yeast for a hop forward style ale
1Cwrw IâlPocket Rocket4MoldA cheeky boisterous extra pale ale, made using crisp clean malts. With a late dry hopped smooth floral and citrus flavour
1Dancing DuckDark Drake4.5DerbyDelicious malty, caramel and liquorice flavours combine wonderfully in a smooth drinking velvety, oatmeal stout with a freshly roasted coffee and toffee finish.
1DonkeystoneHoppinSesh3.7GreenfieldHoppinSesh has the lowest ABV in our range but that trait truely ends there as this beer has big flavour. It is our way of showing that a crisp, clean and full bodied hoppy ale doesn’t have to come with a high ABV. We utilised some of the best ingredients
1DonkeystoneJavanilla5GreenfieldBy far one of our most complex beers. Our coffee and vanilla stout uses 6 different malts including huge amounts of oats to give a wonderfully rich body. The stout is then matured in cask with whole Java Espresso coffee beans and natural vanilla pods to c
1Elland1872 Porter6.5EllandRich, complex and dark Porter from an original 1872 recipe, with an old port nose, and coffee and bitter chocolate flavours on the palate. Champion Beer Of Britain 2013.
1ElusiveInvisible Wall8.2FinchampsteadFor our 100th brew we pushed the boat out and brewed something big and decadent. This rich milk stout was taken to the next level by organic cacao nibs that were soaked in Bourbon and a single-origin coffee from Hasbean
1ElusiveOverdrive (Lap 7)5.5FinchampsteadA crisp and dry American Pale Ale hopped with Pekko and dry-hopped with Equinox
1ElusiveShadow of the Beast5FinchampsteadA beer black in colour with moderate roasted malt profile. American hops provide notes of pine and citrus.
1First ChopAPE6.3SalfordGrapefruit IPA
1First ChopHOP4.1SalfordAn ultra pale 4.1% ale born from a love of hops. Five varieties of whole hops from the US, New Zealand and Slovenia are added through the boil and finally to the cask. Producing a thirst quenching session beer with massive hop flavours. Gluten free.
1First ChopMCR3.8SalfordInspired by the Manchester Bitters consumed in great quantities during a mis-spent youth. Given the First Chop treatment (lots more hops!)
1First ChopPOD4.2SalfordVanilla stout
1First ChopRED4.6SalfordFruity and spicy with big hop flavours and a pleasant lingering bitterness. Dry hopped with Columbus.
1First ChopTre5SalfordA blonde, Juicy IPA, with tropical notes of Pineapple, Mango and Passion-fruit on the nose. A bright, thirst-quenching beer, with a sweet start, finishing on a bitter note creating a fantastic balance to this moreish ale.
1Five TownsRaven King6WakefieldStrong coffee porter
1Five TownsWarszawa9.1WakefieldCherry infused Belgian Tripel
1Fixed WheelBlackheath Stout5HalesowenFull Bodied fruity stout dedicated to the home of our Blackheath Brewery, brewed with New Zealand and English hops to give an Oaky bitterness and a dark fruits finish. Pacific Gem and Bramling Cross Hops.
1Fixed WheelCentury Gold4.8HalesowenBright golden ale with a big hop presence, lemon bitterness & orange aroma
1Fixed WheelDomestique Australian Pale4.5HalesowenLayered American & Australian hops, tropical fruit flavours hints of lemon & a gentle bitter finish
1Fool HardyRagging Yeti5Heaton NorrisA complex bourbon porter
1Fool HardyRavenous Romp3.8Heaton NorrisThis is an emblematic beer, a contemporary twist on the traditional bitter. Brewed with new world hops, it has a wealth of taste for it's low ABV.
1Fool HardyRenowned Ginger4.4Heaton NorrisA traditionally made golden, smooth yet fiery ginger beer. A generous depth of ginger is revealed in every mouthful and a wonderful root ginger aroma to match.
1Fool HardyRiddle3.9Heaton NorrisAn easy-drinking session pale ale with a good balance of hops, as you would expect from a Fool Hardy beer, very quaffable.
1Fool HardyRiptide5Heaton NorrisA blood orange & Ceylon orange pekoe leaf tea IPA
1Fool HardyRou Shou4.1Heaton NorrisExtremely clean-drinking, sweet, refreshing pale ale with strong floral aroma and elderflower notes from Cascade hops. Rou Shou is the perfect beer to make it your new favourite session ale.
1Four KingsGold4HydeA thirst quenching golden beer, with a long hard finish with a
hop bitterness and tart fruit that comes from using the finest English East Kent Golding’s and Fuggle hops.
1Four KingsIPA4HydePale in colour with a fresh hoppy aroma and a malty hoppy
flavour; finely balanced, it has an intense bitterness leading to a long dry finish. Brewed using the finest English Challenger and East Kent Golding’s hops.
1Four KingsPorter5.2HydeRich and chocolatey character from a blend of brown and chocolate malts. Bitter taste with a slight sweetness and a moderate bitter finish with a roasted coffee in the aftertaste. Medium body with unctuous texture.
1Green DuckDuck & Dab5StourbridgeAmerican Rye IPA with a new blend of American hops each tie it is brewed
1Green DuckDuck Blonde4.2StourbridgeBrewed with real passion fruit and Ahtanum hops. Refreshing with long sweet finish
1Green DuckUprising4.2StourbridgeA sip of australian summer time, a plethora of passion fruits, peaches and oranges with a deep evolving sweet finish, hopped with Galaxy and Ella.
1GreenfieldBlack Five4GreenfieldFull flavoured dark bitter with a taste of liquorice
1GreenfieldGenesis IPA4.6GreenfieldBrewed with Citra & Amarillo hops, with a touch of roasted barley
1GreenfieldSilver Owl4GreenfieldPale beer made with powerfull hops for a fruity finish
2HopcraftCampania5PontyclunNeapolitan milk stout
2Hopcraft / Steel City / WaenJumping Someone else's Bandwagon4.9PontyclunGazza isn't a fan of murky beer; too muddy, too out of focus, too yeasty, would be better with some finings in... and don't get him started on these New England IPAs with their flabbiness and lack of bitterness!!!

Well, with Dave U from Steel City and
2Hophurst2 Rounds of 6 Before Breakfast3.5HindleyBreakfast IPA. Lots of Citra, Chinook & Cascade.
2HophurstArlo4.7HindleyAmerican West Coast Pale Ale. Citra, chinook and cascade hops for a massive mango grapefruit flavour.
2HophurstCosmati4.2HindleyA hoppy citrus golden ale. The use of Mosaic American hops give the unique flavours of blueberry, citrus and tropical fruit.
2HophurstIncognito4.9HindleyBlack IPA with hop flavours of berries, tropical fruit and citrus
2Irwell WorksCopper Plate3.8Ramsbottom, BuryThis is a traditional northern bitter copper coloured with a sharp
Bitterness and a full and complex flavour. An excellent session bitter
That retains its flavour pint after pint
2Irwell WorksMarshmallow Unicorn4.4Ramsbottom, BuryA stout containing lactose, a sugar derived from milk. Being unfermentable it adds sweetness, body, and calories to the finished beer.
2KirkstallIgnore the Ignorant4.2KirkstallLight & refreshing sessionable blonde beer with citrusy aromatics. Hopped with Citra, Amarillo & Cascade
2KirkstallKirkstall Pale Ale4KirkstallWonderfully golden session beer. Fresh malt and hop aroma lead to a satisfyingly bitter finish
2LancasterAmber3.7LancasterPunching above its weight in flavour, this low strength bitter is dark gold in colour, with an abundantly hoppy bouquet of subtle floral & citrus aromas. Classic session bitter.
2LancasterBlack4.5LancasterClassic, traditional stout reminiscent of the beer typically found in Lancashire during the 18th and 19th century. A stout for the true connoisseur.
2LancasterBlonde4LancasterA uniquely vivid golden bitter. Designed to offer a quality cask conditioned ale to drinkers seeking a pale beer with real taste and aromatic impact.
2LancasterBodecea4LancasterLight blonde with floral & spicy finish with a grassy scented aroma
2LancasterCitra4.7LancasterSingle hopped blonde ale with refreshing mango aftertaste & light crisp bitterness leaving to a smooth dry finish
2LangwithJeanie’s Mild3.5MansfieldWith its’ trademark deep brown mild colour, Jeanie’s does not disappoint. Smooth and rich to taste, this ale has an evocative smoky aroma and freshness in the finish.
2LangwithLord Humungous4.8MansfieldDeliciously deep dark brown ale with a subtle oatmeal and chocolate aroma. The full-bodied yet soft mouth feel compliments the liquorice overtones beautifully.
2LangwithMystic Peg4.1Mansfielda floral and
Fresh aroma with a hint of grapefruit. The taste is crisp and clean
with a zesty bite that subtly lingers on the palate.
2LangwithStumpy’s Bitter3.8MansfieldTraditionally bitter yet by utlising combinations of malt in the recipe, it is at the same time sweet with earthy overtones,
2Legitimate IndustriesDouble Agent w/ Brettonmyces10.4LeedsImperial Russian Stout aged in bourbon barrel inoculated with Brettanomyces. This is the first time this version of the beer has poured in cask.
2Legitimate Industries / Northern MonkBelgian Quad in Bourbon10.6LeedsBelgian beer brewed with Northern Monk. Using Westmalle yeast, this beer has aged for 15 months in bourbon barrel. This is the first time this version of the beer has poured in cask.
2Loch LomondSilkie Stout5AlexandriaA rich stout with hints of chocolate, coffee and orange
2Magic RockCommon Grounds5.4HuddersfieldA full-bodied, decadently smooth coffee beer in collaboration with local roaster Dark Woods. 7 different malts combine with 7 different coffees added at 3 different points during the brew to create a sweet toffee, rich fruit and chocolate depth, accented
2Magic RockDairy Freak5.2HuddersfieldOur latest collaboration beer is with Huddersfield institution Dixons makers of unique and delicious ‘Milk Ices’ since 1961. In homage to this favourite local treat we use Golden Promise, Crystal and Carafa malts to add light maltiness and colour and Pinh
2Magic RockDark Arts6HuddersfieldA decadently deep and indulgent experience.Spicy hop notes and full flavours of chocolate, liquorice, blackberries and figswith a lingering roasted bitterness finish.
2Magic RockHat Trick3.7HuddersfieldA modern take on a traditional pale ale in association with our local football club Huddersfield Town. A complex and satisfyingly malty body allied to fruity US Citra and Eureka hops make for a deliciously refreshing and moreish pre or post game pint (or
2Magic RockInhaler4.5HuddersfieldThings move quickly in the beer world and our latest pale ale/IPA hybrid is designed to showcase some of the newer hop varieties which work so well in modern hop forward beers. Pale malt, a little crystal malt , low bitterness and then six different hops!
2Manchester Brewing CoAnother Caucasian Please, Gary?6.5Manchesterwhite stout, with freshly ground coffee added to the mash, cold brew coffee added to the boil, and coffee beans added to the fermenter.
2Manchester Brewing CoFactory4ManchesterStraw in colour with a deep, dry bitterness and tangy citrus aroma
2MarbleManchester Bitter4.2Collyhurst, ManchesterYellowy gold with white head. Light, citrusy and bitter hop aroma then biscuity maltiness. Flavour is hop bitterness with dry floral finish.
2MarblePiwakawaka6.2Collyhurst, ManchesterThis IPA is as much a New Zealander as its namesake, the mischievous little Pīwakawaka bird. We've used Nelson Sauvin, Motueka, Southern Cross and the lesser spotted Dr. Rudi to achieve a burst of smashed gooseberry juice, pineapple and a playful hint of
2MarbleTuckerlovsky4.7Collyhurst, ManchesterNamed for our Head of Sales and his wife, this punchy session IPA is made with a blend of Northern and Southern hemisphere hops. Bright citrus and juicy tropical fruits partner with a subtle malt sweetness
2MarbleUppe Hela Natten5.1Collyhurst, ManchesterMeaning 'up all night' in Swedish, Uppe Hela Natten is brewed with Takk Coffee House's North Projekt espresso blend coffee to a recipe devised by our former brewer Jonny Read. Deep roasted malt character is balanced by a little lactose, giving this beery
2Marble / Hawkshead / Burning Sky3 Threads Porter ‘Young’6.5Collyhurst, ManchesterThis beer is the 'Young' un-aged part of a project to create a blended porter
2Martland MillArctic Convoy4.5WiganTraditional full bodied stout with a rich roasted malt palate giving a pleasant hint of bitterness and a smooth chocolaty finish.
2Martland MillClog Maker4WiganA rich golden full bodied ale with a refreshing fruity flavour and an inkling of cedar and honey.
2Martland MillKnocker Upper3.9WiganA straw coloured ale with floral aroma, rich honey taste & hints of fruit
2Martland MillSpinners Gold3.8WiganAn enjoyable, easily quaffable golden ale. Created with a well balanced hoppiness, a pleasant citrus taste with a hint of spiciness.
2MillstoneOld Thomas Bell Ale6.5MossleyStrong dark ale based on / inspired by ‘Old Tom’ brewed by Gartsides which was popular until the 1960’s
2MillstoneTiger Rut4MossleyA very pale and hoppy ale. Brewed using only the Chinook hop, mellow bitters make way for a distinctive citrus aroma.
2MillstoneTrue Grit5MossleyA very pale and hoppy strong ale. Well hopped using only Chinook hops; the mellow bitters make way for a distinctive citrus/grapefruit aroma
2MillstoneWhiskey Cask Stout5.5MossleyMillstone's classic stout aged in Speyside whiskey casks
2MoorHoppiness6.5PitneyAll the rich malt and fruit flavours of a Barley Wine combined with the hoppy crispness of a Pale Ale.
2MoorNor'Hop4.1PitneyUltra pale, ultra modern, ultra hoppy. This sexy beer showcases the best in Northern hemisphere hops and will leave your senses pushed to overdrive
2MoorOld Freddy Walker7.3PitneyA rich, dark, full-bodied ale that really has to be tasted to be appreciated. One for the connoisseur!
2MoorRevival3.8Pitneyvery hoppy and refreshing bitter, brewed to celebrate the revival of the brewery, and meant to revive you when you need it. Light in colour but not flavour thanks to a blend of Pale, Lager, Cara, Crystal and Wheat malts. The hops are a blend of American
2NeptuneAbyss5CrosbyChocolate & roasted coffee stout, with subtle liquorice notes
2NeptuneMosaic4.5CrosbySingle hopped pale with Mosaic
2NeptuneRun Aground5.8CrosbyIPA brewed with Magnum & Simcoe hops. Flavoured with a bespoke coffee blend from Crosby Coffee
2Neptune / MBCFKing Of The Sea4.4CrosbyBest bitter with Northern Brewer, Willamette & Cascade hops, brewed for MBCF with Chorlton Homebrew's Alex Pembroke
2North RidingFudge Brownie Stout (Ski Sundae Edition)7.4East Ayton, Scarborough
2North RidingUS IPA (v11)5.5East Ayton, ScarboroughLatest iteration of North Ridings ever changing USA hopped IPA
2Northern MonkNew World IPA6.2LeedsNew World IPA uses a combination of US, Australian and British hop varieties and is inspired by the hop ratios and techniques originally used.

This hoppy English IPA is brewed with British pale malts and five hop varieties. It has a sweet malt forefron
2Northern MonkNorthern Star5.9LeedsBrewed in collaboration with Leeds' local master coffee roasters North Star, we blend their specialty ground coffee beans into the brew, providing a Yin-Yang harmony between roast bitterness and dulcet hints of hazelnut. On top of this, we add in dark cho
2Northern MonkStriding Edge3LeedsThis Patron's Project is named Striding Edge after the notorious mountain in the lake district where you can scramble your way to great heights! Don't be fooled by the ABV, this beer is sessionable but very juicy and is generously hopped with simcoe, citr
2Northern MonkeySheephouse4.2BoltonPale ale with New Zealand hops alongside British Hops, to create a wonderfully zesty flavour with hints of lime and a peachy aroma.
2Northern MonkeyUnderdog6BoltonChocolate treacle porter. Sweet easy drinking treacle flavour, and hints of malty chocolate
2OffbeatExcentrique Chocolat Fraise Noir4.3CreweSweet stout with strawberry chocolate & lactose for a bit of je ne sais quoi
2OffbeatOff Kilter Porter4.3CreweChocolate, black and crystal malt combine with Maris Otter for this rich porter.
Off Kilter Porter has a secret peppery ingredient for a touch of heat
2OffbeatPorangi NZ Pale5.1CrewePacked full of New Zealand hops, this is full of citrus and tropical flavour
2PeerlessKnee Buckler IPA5.2BirkenheadGolden IPA style beer. Lots of initial hop bitterness which is matched with a little hint of sweetness from the use of Crystal and Caramalts. The aftertaste and aroma comes from a blend of American hops, Citra, Cascade and Columbus which gives a distinct
2PeerlessOatmeal Stout5BirkenheadFull bodied black stout. The use of oats gives a good mouthfeel and dark malts provide lots of backbone with toffee and caramel tones. Final gravity is 1013 giving an element of sweetness to balance the bitterness from the roast malts.
2PeerlessPeerless Pale3.8BirkenheadMade with American hops - very pale in colour, with a zingy citrus finish
2PeerlessTectonic6.2BirkenheadDeep honey coloured ale bursting with fresh hop aroma. Brewed and dry-hopped with a blend of Amarillo, Chinook and Galaxy.
2PentrichBlossoms at Night6Ripleyheavily hopped West Coast style IPA. Liberal use of a selection of US hops provide punchy citrus flavours a firm bitter bite
2PentrichThree Graves6.6RipleyA rich and luxurious Porter, deep black in colour with smooth notes of coffee and chocolate
2PictishBrewers Gold3.8RochdaleA refreshing thirst quenching pale golden session beer. Malty undertones and a powerful spicy hop aroma combine to produce a dangerously moreish beer.
2PictishTalisman IPA4.2RochdaleA golden IPA. Well hopped with a blend of US and European hops, without being overpowering – a solid session ale
2Pomona IslandNZ Pale (Motueka/Rakau/Waimea)5.3SalfordLight, easy drinking pale. Heaps of citrus & pine with a little spice on the nose, a pleasant bitterness to finish
2Pomona IslandPorter5.7SalfordRobust backbone of malt, matched with subtle bitterness. Finishes with smooth chocolate & rich caramel
2ProspectBig Adventure5.5StandishA well hopped malty and powerful ale with a superb toffee finish
2ProspectNutty Slack3.9StandishDark brown mild ale with malt and fruit in the aroma. Creamy and chocolatey on the palate, with both malt and fruit in evidence. Malty and moderately bitter finish.
2ProspectWhatever!3.9StandishA pale, straw coloured ale blended with 4 different hop varieties to give a intensely hopped clean flavour and a grapefruit aroma.
The latest addition to our beer range, a pale intensely hopped beer made with 4 different hop varieties. Part of our core b
2Purple MooseDark Side Of The Moose4.6PorthmadogDelicious dark ale with a deep malt flavour from roasted barley and a fruity bitterness from Bramling Cross hops.
2Purple MooseElderflower Ale (Ysgawen)4PorthmadogA refreshing pale ale brewed with Cacade hops & the added indulgence of Elderflower
2Rammy CraftBumble's Honey Ale4RamsbottomGolden ale fermented with honey and elderflowers
2RedWillowClueless 32 - Kveik Pale6.2MacclesfieldPale ale brewed with fruity Kviek Norwegian Farmhouse yeast and with coriander, juniper and orange
2RedWillowFaithless 764.3MacclesfieldDouble Dry Hopped pale ale
2RedWillowSmokeless5.7MacclesfieldSurprisingly approachable smoked porter, velvet smooth with a robust malt backbone.
2RedWillowWeightless4.1MacclesfieldPithy grapefruit and mango flavours from Mosaic with a well-rounded body
2RedWillow / ElusiveMoreOrLess American Brown4.9
2RivingtonDays of Candy5.3AndertonLed with Hallertau Blanc and backed up with Mosaic, Simcoe and Chinook, Grape, wine, citrus
2Rivington / MBCF / TryanuaryYou Have To Call Me Nighthawk5.6AndertonHopped export porter
2Rock The Boat(Sittin' On) The Dock3.5LiverpoolSmooth dark ale bursting with flavour, best enjoyed Sittin' on the Dock, wastin' time.....
2Rock The BoatDragon's Teeth4.3LiverpoolChocolate stout
2Rock The BoatMussel Wreck3.9LiverpoolA subtle blend of malt and hops creates an easy drinking smooth ale, fruity hop flavours with a short bitter finish 3.9% a.b.v. Named after the wrecked mussel boat that appears at low tide off Ainsdale Beach.
2RoostersScrambler4KnaresboroughDelicate hop flavours are complemented by the addition of fresh watermelon in this crisp, fruity and refreshing pale ale that offers a gentle level of bitterness.
3SalopianDarwins Origin4.3ShrewsburyAn eclectic mix of hops from across the world produces a beer that offers something to everyone. Crisp, tart, fruity and refreshing but also with a juicy malt background. Hops used: Cascade, Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin, Saaz
3SalopianHop Twister4.5ShrewsburyThe palate is fresh, piercing and focused, with soft malt overtones
and pronounced citrus flavours. A strong focus of taut, lemony,
grapefruit on the finish which is balanced by a dry bitterness
3SalopianKashmir5.5ShrewsburyAn elegant strong Salopian version of an IPA, citrus, pines and
tropical fruit engulf the palate and caress the senses a dry
body with an extremely long lingering finish.
3SalopianLullaby9ShrewsburyWest Coast IPA that marries a beautiful smooth silky grapefruit infused body with mandarin and blood orange shimmering through a twist of bitterness and a medley of pineapple, lychee and resinous hop loveliness.
3SalopianMeraki4.8ShrewsburyChocolate and vanilla bounce across a delectable bed of rich malt flavours with nougat and cocoa flowing through a smooth and creamy finale
3SalopianShropshire Gold3.8ShrewsburyA light, copper-coloured ale with an unusual blend of body and dryness.
3SaltaireBlonde4ShipleyStraw coloured light ale with soft malt flavours. Delicately hopped with Czech and German hop varieties
3SaltaireCascade Pale Ale4.8ShipleyAmerican style pale ale with the floral aromas & strong bitterness of Cascade & Centennial hops
3SaltaireSaltaire Pride3.9ShipleyA classic English pale bitter, with light malt base and spicy fruitiness from the Challenger, Bramling Cross and Cascade hops.
3SaltaireTriple Chocoholic Stout4.8ShipleyStrong chocolate bouquet & a rich chocolate flavour from chocolate malts, cocoa & chocolate essence
3Serious BrewingGoldrush5.6RochdaleRefreshing golden pale ale brewed with Belgian abbey yeast & delicately flavoured with British hops
3Serious BrewingGoldrush5.6RochdaleRefreshing golden pale ale brewed with Belgian abbey yeast & delicately flavoured with British hops
3Serious BrewingMoonlight4.5RochdaleSilky smooth stout with chocolate notes and a bitter hop finish
3Serious BrewingSerious Wit4RochdaleBelgian Wheat Beer spiced with orange peel & crushed coriander seeds
3Seven Bro7hersIPA5SalfordFirst, we mixed hops and malt. Then, added a touch of citrus and grape fruit. Why? Because we can. And it makes for a great beer that�s bittery rather than sweet.
3Seven Bro7hersMarshmallow Stout4SalfordWell-balanced porter stout combined with a helping of all natural toasted marshmallow. Moorish yet subtle
3Seven Bro7hersSession3.8SalfordThirst quenching session ale with citrus aromas & tropical fruit flavours
3Seven Bro7hersStout5.2Salforddark and silky beer made with malts that deliver a huge hit of roasted coffee and chocolate. Combined with fruity undertones from the careful addition of hops
3Seven Bro7hersTBC
3Silver StreetGood Intentions5.4Bury"Crowdbrewed" at a brewery open day for #Tryanuary. Coffee porter with orange peel & cardamon
3Silver StreetPorter5BuryA deceptively easy drinking robust porter with a hint of liquorice and a floral, orange peel aroma.
3Silver StreetSession3.9BuryBalanced session ale with a blend of new world & English hops; tangerine and blackcurrant notes
3SirenSuspended In Citra4FinchampsteadThe lastest beer in the suspended series. This time with the mother of all hops...citra
3SirenYu Lu3.6FinchampsteadLoose leaf pale ale brewed with Earl Grey Tea and Lemon Zest and hopped with an all-star American hop profile of Chinook, Citra, Amarillo and Simcoe
3SquawkPale - Mosaic3.8Ancoats, ManchesterPale ale with regularly changing hop bill - this one should be Mosaic
3SquawkSession IPA4.5Ancoats, ManchesterSession IPA with an ever changing blend of hops
3SquawkThe Brink Nelson Sauvin Red Ale5.1Ancoats, ManchesterRed Ale with Nelson Sauvin hops, brewed in collaboration with Central Manchester Pub Of The Year, The Brink
3Stockport Brewing CompanyAvant Garde - Cutting Edge3.8StockportA well balanced English bitter with cedar, green tea & spicy notes
3Stockport Brewing CompanyCentaurus4StockportGolden ale with notes of citrus marmalade & a dry bitter finish
3Stockport Brewing CompanyGinger Tinge4.2StockportCrisply hopped bitter with a ginger bite
3Stockport Brewing CompanyJester4.2StockportLight goldon with citrus flavours from Jester hop
3Stockport Brewing CompanyStockPORTER4.8StockportRich and flavoursome dark ale with hints of coffee and chocolate. Dark malt and coffee in the mouth, complex finish with liquorice maltiness.
3Stubborn MuleAbsolute Banker4.7TimperleyTop hops in generous quantities create this smooth pale ale with a bitter finish. Golden in appearance this will prove a refreshing with it citrus notes. We love putting our keg and bottle contenders into cask for festivals so we've done exactly that in t
3Stubborn MulePre-Prohibition Cream Ale5.5TimperleyDespite the dark insinuation prohibition might be looming, this
pilsner/pale ale hybrid is a refreshingly light & crisp beer. The recipe is a nod to the US pre-prohibition era so its Liberty hops to add a refreshing essence of citrus, grapes, peaches and
3Stubborn Mule / MBCFL'il Napoleon3.9TimperleyL'il Napoleon is a small beer. A short, cocky, arrogant, attention seeking small beer. It's an aggressively ambitious session Pale Ale, a little fella that'll stand out in any company, and with three US hops in the shape of Mosaic, Cascade & Crystal it's
3ThornbridgeCocoa Wonderland6.8BakewellCocoa Wonderland is a full bodied, robust porter with natural mocha malt flavours from the complex malt grist, complementing the decadent additions of real cocoa beans to the maturation process. A truly wonderful, award winning Chocolate beer.
3ThornbridgeHopton4.3BakewellA burnt gold Pale Ale brewed with Pioneer and Bramling Cross hops. Slight malt aromas with a hint of lime and lemon peel. Medium bodied with biscuit character and citrus in the taste.
3ThornbridgeJaipur5.9BakewellA citrus dominated India Pale Ale, soft and smooth building to a crescendo of massive honeyed hoppiness.
3ThornbridgeMcConnells5BakewellCreamy vanilla stout with raspberry flavours & a dark chocolate bitter finish
3ThornbridgePeverel4.5BakewellSession IPA brewed entirely with Mosaic hops from the USA! Expect explosive tropical fruits, a little tangy grapefruit, you might even get some blueberry, all with a balanced and tastebud teasing bitterness at a hugely quaffable strength
3ThornbridgePredjama5BakewellSlovenian Hopped IPA
3TicketybrewDouble Hop Pale Ale (Simcoe / Wai-iti)4StalybridgeLatest from Double Hop Pale range extracting the most flavour and aroma out of the two hops used but less bitterness than the norm to create balance due to the spicy yeast
3TicketybrewMarmalade Pale Ale4StalybridgeA tart, citrusy Marmalade Pale Ale
3TicketybrewSalted Caramel Coffee Stout5.2StalybridgeA luxurious treat full of our favourite things – salted caramel, Ethiopian coffee roasted by our friends at Mancoco, cacao nibs for the chocolate hit.
3TitanicPlum Porter4.9Stoke-on-TrentThis beer is dark strong and well rounded; the richness of such a rotund beer is brought to an even keel by the late addition of Goldings hops and natural plum flavouring.
3TorrsideBig Sad Eyes4New MillsClassic old school mild - dark, smooth and easy drinking, with a hint of treacle added to the cask
3TorrsideBru-1 Hundred5New MillsTorrside's 100th brew, single-hop pale ale, featuring the brand new pineapple-y US hop Bru-1
3TorrsideMonsters: American Barleywine 2017 - Bourbon Barrel10New MillsThis year's batch of hop-forward American Barley, mellowed out for six months in bourbon barrels
3Torrside / Cwrw IâlViennese Whirl4.8New MillsViennese Whirl biscuit in beer form with added vanilla and raspberry
3Torrside / GrubGrubby Bastard6New MillsCollab with GRUB MCR - chocolatey smoky beer
3TrackDenali Single Hop4.4Ancoats, ManchesterNew single hop session IPA using the experimental US Denali hop - expect pineapple, pine & citrus
3TrackEkuanot Table Beer3Ancoats, ManchesterNew low ABV table beer using the Equanot hop - expect aromas of melon, berry, orange peel & lime
3TrackEnigma4Ancoats, ManchesterPale using Australian Enigma hop - expect tart berry fruits such as raspberry or red current, melon, citrus
3TrackSonoma3.8Ancoats, ManchesterA fantastic session pale, fairly dry but refreshing and fruity too.
3TrackSonoma (Unfined)3.8Ancoats, ManchesterA special unfined version of Track's flagship pale ale - contrast it with the fined version for flavour
3Vibrant ForestCambrian Root5.1Lymington542 Million years ago the Cambrian Explosion began, an evolutionary expansion unrivalled in speed, scope and importance. From the primordial murk came forth the ancestral forms of most life as we know it.

At first, all is darkness. Thick chocolate and
3Vibrant ForestIlex4.5LymingtonDual hop pale Chinook & Lemon Drop
3Vibrant ForestMetropolis6LymingtonBlack IPA. Citrus & tropical fruits followed by hints of dark chocolate &a delicious bitter balance.
3Vibrant Forest / AlphabetDunklelunch5.6LymingtonDunkle Weisse with lemon drop & manderina hops
3WaenChilli Plum Porter6.1PontyclunA dark velvety smooth porter, with luscious plum falvours and a chilli warmth
3WaenPamplemousse4.2PontyclunPale ale full of American and New Zealand hops, fresh and zingy, fantastic lingereing finish
3Wander BeyondCave Dweller11ManchesterImperial stout with added maple syrup
3Wander BeyondNorthern Night4.1ManchesterGinger porter
3Wander BeyondPeak3.8ManchesterPeak is an alternative to standard stuffy bitters. We use a simple malt structure and balance the flavour with refreshing notes of mango and blueberries derived from the citra and mosaic hops.
3Weird BeardBlack Perle3.8HanwellCoffee milk stout chock full of roasty malts, milk sugar and hopped with handfulls of perle on a chest ful of Zamorana coffee beans.
3Weird BeardFive O'clock Shadow7HanwellSo we decided to mix it up slightly over here with our hops. Out go Citra, Apollo and Columbus, in come Simcoe, Centennial and Chinook. The flavour profile should be a bit less dank and a little more piney, a bit more of a traditional American IPA recipe.
3Weird BeardMariana Trench5.3HanwellPacific Northwest meets Pacific Southeast as the best of American and New Zealand hops meld together with just enough malt backbone to allow them to sing. A riot of mango and passion-fruit on the nose but balanced enough to drink by the bucketful.
3Weird Beard / Elusive / Unity / Vibrant Forest / 40ft / Odyssey / AffinityCollabageddon6.4HanwellBelgian Black IPA This is a beer that represents the collective of forward thinking, modern day brewers honing in on their skills and their favourite ingredients. It pops a juicy mix of citrus, lemon curd, resin and bubblegum with Simcoe and Sorachi hops.
3Wild CardAce Of Spades4.7WalthamstowA London Porter with flavours of rich chocolate, smooth caramel and a roasted coffee edge. Full-bodied and deliciously dark.
3Wild CardNew Zealand Pale3.8WalthamstowA fruity pale ale made with Pacific gem. This beer has punchy tropical fruits on the nose with a berry finish.
3Wily FoxDark Flagon4.4WiganA dark rich & velvety rum porter
3Wily FoxFox Hat4.2WiganThis artisan hop-infused Golden Ale, is brewed using only the
finest Maris Otter malt and complemented by the addition of
American Cascade & Chinook hops to create a bitter, zesty, but
well-balanced, moreish ale with distinctively spicy, citrus and
3Wily FoxKarma Citra4.3WiganGolden ale with a quadruple hit of Citra hops
3Wily FoxProhibition APA3.9WiganA classic American Pale Ale, overbrimming with pungent grapefruit notes, from Cascade & Chinook hops.
3WindmillAnderson4.4StandishA traditional bitter with a dark berry aroma & a caramel finish
3WindmillLiverpool Porter4.5StandishOn the gentle slopes of Clieves Hills, looking west out to sea across the great port of Liverpool, the finest barley ripens in the warm Lancashire sun. And we snaffle as much as we possibly can, sending it for roasting to create this outstanding ruby-colo
3WishboneAbyss4.3KeighleyRich, Dark and Roasty with restrained hopping from British Admiral
3WishboneMotueka Faux Lager5.2KeighleyUnfined New Zealand hopped Blonde Ale. Dry-hopped Faux Lager
3Wishbone / NeptuneDouble Abyss6.8KeighleyDouble Stout. Amalgamation of Wishbone's Abyss recipe with Neptune's Abyss
3WylamGalatia3.9Newcastle Upon TyneExtra light session pale with a heavy absorbed dose of New World Hops. Fresh orange shred, stone fruit blasts and a clean dry fresh pine kick to the finish.
3WylamJakehead IPA6.3Newcastle Upon TyneSupercharged India Pale Ale.... Rich/bright & amber/bronze with lots of American hop aroma. Distinctly bittersweet on the palate with a massive hop complexity fashioned deep within the IPA tradition.
3WylamSwipe Right SPA4.7Newcastle Upon TyneSmashed Juice Session Pale... with oats and wheat. Heart removed and replaced with a beating tropical hop donor of Grapefruit, Pineapple and Kiwi Fruit pulp.
3YorkCenturion's Ghost5.4YorkA warming, dark, bitter ale with a roasted malt taste. Very easy to drink for its strength.
3YorkIntermission IPA3.5YorkIntermission is a session IPA that is both Gluten Free and Vegan-friendly. A Maris Otter barley based grain bill gives a clean crisp base allowing the hops to shine, with gluten removed during production. A quintet of US hop big hitters - Azacca, Cascade,
3YorkMostly Ghostly5.4YorkMostly Ghostly was born from the marriage between two great Yorkshire companies, The Chilli Jam Man and York Brewery.
Deviously infusing the award winning, dark ruby, Centurion’s Ghost Ale with the infamous and scary Ghost Pepper, Mostly Ghostly could gi
3YorkOtherside IPA4.5YorkMaris Otter pacific pale ale packed full of antipodean promise. We’ve selected four of the best New Zealand grown hops to provide a feast for the taste buds. Expect a host of tropical fruit notes against a background of citrus and pine from dry hopping wi
100 ClubFuller'sGales Seafarers3.6ChiswickA satisfying, refreshing light, amber beer whose taste is achieved by the blend of finest English malt, Admiral hops and the unique Gales yeast.
100 ClubFuller'sGolden Pride8.5ChiswickDeep amber, full bodied, moderately hopped and rich in malt. Reminiscent of sweet orange oil, toasted grains, and bread. As the late Michael Jackson, beer writer and connoisseur, put it: 'the Cognac of beers
100 ClubFuller'sImperial Stout10.7ChiswickImperial Stout delivers roasted dark chocolate notes against a slightly fruity acidity. Sovereign and Centennial hops, meanwhile, bring floral flavour, enhanced by dried rose buds that hint at Turkish delight. There’s a taste of liquorice there too, ahead
100 ClubFuller'sOlivers Island3.8ChiswickA quenching, zesty ale brewed with orange peel, Oliver’s Island sees hops and malt work together in glorious harmony.
100 ClubFuller'sVintage Ale 2017ChiswickRare strong beer with a complex character usually available in bottle only
100 ClubHarvey'sDark Mild3LewesMalty and Mellow. Soft & slightly sweet with a dry, nutty aftertaste
100 ClubHarvey'sOld Ale4.3LewesRich and dark. Soft and full bodied, with hints of dried fruits and dates
100 ClubHarvey'sPrince Of Denmark7.5LewesComplex beer with aromas of leather, chocolate & liquorice, with a lingering taste
100 ClubHarvey'sSussex Best Bitter4LewesA blend of four local hops creates a superbly balanced bitter
100 ClubHarvey'sWharf IPA4.8LewesModern heavily hopped IPA. It is brewed with new hop varieties to create a joyful outpouring of fresh flavours from the bine. Zesty and fragrant, this golden beer contains the very essence of our local hop gardens.
100 ClubHoldensBlack Country Special5.1Woodsetton, DudleyA Dark amber premium beer with robust malty overtones and a bitter sweet full bodied taste. Brewed using the Finest English Maris Otter Malt and Goldings hops this big, beautiful malty monster is an industrial strength beer at it’s best.
100 ClubHoldensGolden Glow4.4Woodsetton, DudleyAn 18ct gold, golden ale with subtle yet fragrant hop aromas, a moreish gentle sweetness and an almost citrus like pleasant bitter finish. Brewed using the finest English Maris Otter malts and choicest Fuggles, Golden Glow is a thirst quenchingly refreshi
100 ClubHoltBitter4Cheetham HillCopper-coloured beer with malt and hops in aroma and taste. Long-lasting bitterness to finish.
100 ClubHoltBootleg Brewing Co Urban Fox4.2Cheetham HillA red "rye PA" packed with citrus hops. An ideal session beer.
100 ClubHoltMild3.2Cheetham HillDark brown with a fruity, malty nose. Strong bitterness for a mild; dry malt and hops finish.
100 ClubHoltTwo Hoots4.2Cheetham HillA light, crisp and refreshing golden ale, with a hint of citrus and slightly sweet aftertaste.
100 ClubHook NortonDouble Stout4.8Hook NortonA blend of malts gives Double Stout it's character. Black malt enriches the colour and delivers an unmistakable 'toast' flavour. Brown malt gives it the dryness.
100 ClubHook NortonHooky Gold4.1Hook NortonA very pale, crisp beer, with a hoppy character. A fruity aroma and a pleasant, light taste.
100 ClubHydes18633.5WeasteWhilst this beer has a modest abv, making it highly sessionable, it is brewed in the traditional way
using Best Pale Ale and Crystal malts, to give a full and satisfying pint. Mid‐brown in colour owing
to the use of a small amount of Caramel sugar added
100 ClubHydesBovec4WeasteA complex mix of Continental malt and Slovenian hops gives this ale a pleasant slightly hopped aroma with citrusy undertones
100 ClubHydesLowry4.7WeasteCrafted from Citra and Chinook hops to produce an intensely hoppy and refreshing Golden beer. The use of amber malt gives the beer an attractive richness with oodles of strong citrus and lovely tropical tones. A real “Hop Heads” beer.
100 ClubHydesWild Wichita3.7WeasteDark Ale
100 ClubLeesMoonraker6.5MiddletonReddish-brown beer with strong, malty fruit aroma. Flavour is rich and sweet. Finish is fruity yet dry.
100 ClubLeesMPA3.7MiddletonA golden ale made from all British malt, Liberty & Mount Hood hops
100 ClubLeesPhantom3.8MiddletonAroma of pine & grapefruit with a malty, citrus fruit taste. Named after the Rolls Royce Phantom
100 ClubLeesStout4.2MiddletonBrand new stout from JW Lees being launched at MBCF18
100 ClubMarston's61 Deep4.1Burton on TrentPale Ale. Five American and Australian hops. Fresh, zesty aroma. Tropical fruit and citrus notes.
100 ClubMarston'sOwd Roger7.4Burton on TrentOwd Rodger, brewed to a recipe believed to be over 500 years old, is Marston’s award winning 7.6% strong ale. Brewed using malted barley, whole leaf English aroma hops and well water, Owd Rodger offers an explosion of rich fruit flavours with a dry bitter
100 ClubMarston'sPearl Jet4.1Burton on TrentStout with hints of chocolate, coffee & sweet treacle flavours and yet smooth & clean tasting
100 ClubMarston'sPower Of 33.9Burton on TrentLight, maly & refreshing. 3 English hops, Golding, Challenger & Pioneer give 3 aromas, malt, grapefruit & pine
100 ClubMoorhousesBlack Cat Reserve7BurnleyA dark ale with deep complex notes of roasted coffee, chocolate and mocha, balanced by hints of dark cherry and blackcurrant.
100 ClubMoorhousesM/06 IPA5.3BurnleyLimited edition American Pale Ale from the Moorhouses M1 pilot brewery
100 ClubMoorhousesM/10 Vanilla Stout6BurnleyLimited edition Vanilla Stout from the Moorhouses M1 pilot brewery
100 ClubMoorhousesPendle Witches Brew5.1BurnleyA full malty flavoured beer with a strong fruity hop aftertaste with a hint of sweetness.
100 ClubRobinsonsCwrw'r Ddraig Aur4.1StockportFull-bodied, with rich malt and hops, complemented by complex aromas of spice & tart fruit
100 ClubRobinsonsDouble Hop4.8StockportFull bodied with rich malt and long lingering hop dominated by tangy citric fruit and a roasted malt finish.
100 ClubRobinsonsOld Tom8.5StockportLegendary, full-bodied dark beer. Complex flavours includes dark chocolate, port, and dark fruits.
100 ClubRobinsonsTrooper4.8StockportMalt flavours and citric notes from a unique blend of Bobec, Goldings and Cascade hops dominate this deep golden ale with a subtle hint of lemon.
100 ClubRobinsonsUnicorn4.2StockportBrewed since 1896, a magnificent pale, thirst quenching ale with rich malt and hops and complex aromas of Golding hops, malt and tart fruit. A long dry finish with citrus fruit notes.
100 ClubTimothy TaylorBoltmaker4KeighleyTawny bitter combining hops, fruit and nutty malt. Lingering, increasingly bitter aftertaste. Formerly, sometimes still, sold as Best Bitter
100 ClubTimothy TaylorKnowle Spring4.2KeighleyKnowle Spring Blonde is a full-bodied blonde beer brewed with Golden Promise barley malt, Strisselspalt hops from Alsace, and UK-grown Minstrel, Cascade and Chinook hops. It’s an easy-drinking beer with floral and grapefruit aromas, spiced orange on the t
100 ClubTimothy TaylorLandlord4.3KeighleyFull bodied beer with complex hop aromas and flavour
100 ClubTimothy TaylorPoulters Porter4.8KeighleyRich, dark, warming 4.8% porter with hints of coffee, chocolate and liquorice.
The chocolate flavours in this beer complement hearty rich flavours, and contrast with sweet meats. It can also cool down the heat of Tandoori spices. The chocolate notes als
100 ClubTimothy TaylorRam Tam4.3KeighleyA black beer with red highlights topped by a coffee coloured head. Roast coffee bitterness balanced by fruit and malt with burnt caramel coming through in the dry and bitter finish
100 ClubWadworth6X4.1DevizesCopper-coloured ale with a malty and fruity nose, and some balancing hop character. The flavour is similar, with some bitterness and a lingering malty, but bitter finish.
100 ClubWadworthBrewers Strength IPA6.2DevizesUS-hopped beer, with sweetness counterbalanced by strong, spicy, zingy hops
100 ClubWadworthDirty Rucker3.9DevizesA bold English Bitter. Fruity on the palate and a malty sweetness leads to a peppery note for a smooth finish
100 ClubWadworthHorizon4DevizesThe golden ale is packed with 100% pale ale malt and a blend of classic and New World hops. It offers zesty, citrus and hop aromas and a crisp, tangy finish on the palate. Its best drunk cool.
100 ClubWadworthRed APA4.6DevizesA rich red-coloured American-hopped pale ale, bursting with pine and citrus aromas, countered by notes of earth, spice and berries on the palate. Mouthwatering, with an intensely satisfying bitterness
Little IrelandBoundaryA Question of if7.4BelfastBelgian Golden Strong ale
Little IrelandBoundaryBlind Artist2.8BelfastBelgian Table Beer
Little IrelandBoundaryMeans to and End6BelfastBelgian Stout. Complex and generally wonderful
Little IrelandBullhouseBrainwashed4NewtownardsGermanic lager. Hallertau Blanc for the buttering, flavour and aroma additions, dry hopped with a small amount of Chinook. White grape and fresh lemongrass. Easy drinking session lager for the masses.
Little IrelandBullhouseP454.2NewtownardsEasy drinking Pale Ale. Pale and Crystal Malt. Columbus and Amarillo.
Little IrelandBullhouseSmall Axe4.3NewtownardsHoppy, sessionable IPA packed with resinous West Coast hops. When Bob Marley wrote Small Axe in 1970, The Wailers were the 'small acts' stepping up to chop down the 'big tree.' Here's to the little guys.. with their Small Axe
Little IrelandBullhouseThe Dankness5.5NewtownardsDank dank dank. Haze haze haze. Juicy juicy juicy. Intense tropical fruit aroma and flavour. Full bodied. Low bitterness
Little IrelandEight DegreesKnockmealdown5MitchelstownEvolution of the traditional Irish stout, it resembles a Victorian-era Irish porter and provides complex dark malt characteristics with distinctive espresso flavours. Without the weight of a stout, the porter is well rounded with mellow English hops.
Little IrelandEight DegreesThe Full Irish IPA6MitchelstownColour/appearance: pours a pale gold colour, with lovely white head. Medium carbonation.
Aroma: lots of hops! It’s a hop bomb with citrus and floral characters, particularly grapefruit at the fore, with hints of lime, melon and lychees.
Flavour: hoppy f
Little IrelandFarmageddonAnzac pale ale4.5ComberFull bodied flavour from the Australian/NZ hops. Summer and Galaxy hops combine to make a dry but fruity flavour
Little IrelandFarmageddonIndia Export Porter5.2ComberWell hopped with grains leading to complex layers of thirst quenching bitterness including a chocolatey-orange finish. definitly not a black IPA, its a well hopped porter following the same tradition as IPA (except this was for the troups not the officers
Little IrelandFarmageddonIPA5.5ComberBig, hoppy American IPA, using hops from the pacific Northwest balanced with a bit of crystal malt
Little IrelandFarmageddon / Hopcraft / WaenWreckin' Crew5.5ComberGolden strong pale with citra galaxy and bit of Sorachi Ace
Little IrelandKnockoutCascade IPA4.5BelfastHeavily hopped with Cascade to give smooth floral and citrus aroma and flavor
Little IrelandKnockoutIrish Red Ale4.5BelfastA gluten free Red ale hopped with Willamette
Little IrelandLacadaDevil's Washtub5.2PortrushWe, and our customers, are having fun pinning this one down. Like the landmark it is named after this beer is more than a little mysterious – Dark IPA? Cascadian Dark? Dark Ale? What you do get is a dark, almost ruby red beer. The creamy head exudes a ser
Little IrelandLacadaEast The Beast6PortrushMango & pineapple aroma from Mosaic hops comes steaming off the head with a sweetness left single pale malt bill
Little IrelandLacadaShore Dulse Stout7Portrushsmooth velvety stout with a complex malt profile including the use of dulse seaweed which leads to a subtle wood-smoke and sea salt aftertaste, reminiscent of a camp fire by the shore.
Little IrelandLacadaUtopian Stout8PortrushBrewed with four malts. Surprisingly, there are no oats in this Stout but we use a mashing regime/ratio that gives us plenty of body in the finished beer. It is silky smooth, not too dry and so is devilishly easy to drink with the big malt flavours of co
Little IrelandMetalmanEquinox4.6WaterfordA refreshing wheat lager designed with lazy sunny days in mind. Hazy bright yellow, it’s a smooth and refreshing beer with a light dry finish. Orange and lemon peel are added to the brew kettle for a burst of citrus, along with some ground coriander to gi
Little IrelandMetalmanIronmonger6.5WaterfordLuscious malty body and a fruity citrus finish
Little IrelandMetalmanPale Ale4.3WaterfordAmerican style pale ale. Dark gold, with citrus & floral aromas produced by American hops. A dry bitter finish
Little IrelandMourne MountainExport Stout6.5WarrenpointA smooth, rich and warming stout
Little IrelandMourne MountainMourne Gold4WarrenpointGold from the Mournes has a distinct composition, containing around 10% silver. The grist of our Mourne Gold beer combines lager malt with 10% wheat malt, producing a very pale ale. Continental Brewers Gold hops give a fresh and fruity aroma, making this
Little IrelandMourne MountainMourne Mist4.5WarrenpointWe love those grey, misty days because they slowly replenish our water supply. Just like the original source of Pilsner, we combine soft brewing water with biscuity barley malt and the classic Bohemian hop variety, Saaz, for a floral aroma and an earthy b
Little IrelandO'Hara's51st State IPA6BagenalstownTropical flavours of grapefruit, passion fruit, apricot & peach. Intense citrus aroma & well-balanced mild bitterness
Little IrelandO'Hara'sIrish Red4.3BagenalstownSmooth malt body complimented by caramel tones and perfectly balanced in bitterness
Little IrelandO'Hara'sLeann Follain Extra Irish Stout6BagenalstownFull-bodied extra Irish stout. Dark chocolate tones with a hint of vanilla combine with mild mocha aroma
Little IrelandO'Hara'sOpsession4BagenalstownOpsession IPA is a sessionable IPA, created to be light and refreshing whilst keeping all the flavour profile that we love and expect from an IPA.
The generous hop additions perfectly play off a crisp malt backbone delivering a flavoursome beer to satis
Little IrelandRascalsBourbon Milkshake Stout6RathcooleBourbon barrel aged version of Milkshake Stout. Brewed with coconut, vanilla & chocolate
Little IrelandRascalsSwankee White IPA5RathcooleAmerican IPA meets Belgian Witbier. Swankee is a hybrid of the two styles, hopped like an American IPA with the malt bill of a wheat beer and fermented with Belgian Wit yeast. Big CITRUS and PEACH fruity profile with subtle spice from the Belgian yeast. S
Little IrelandRascalsWunderbar IPA6RathcooleWunderbar is our WONDERFUL IPA brewed with 100% German hops. This is a hop forward IPA, full of fruity hop flavour with a medium bitterness. Late and dry-hopped with Hallertau Blanc and Mandarina Bavaria. The hops offer sweet tangerine on the nose and swe