Little Ireland 2018

The Irish are known for liking a good pint. But while the country’s beer scene has been dominated by the ubiquitous stouts for generations, a new breed of brewers from Waterford to Portrush are bringing exciting new beers to the beer scenes on both sides of the border including many of them reintroducing cask ale to the island.
MBCF has picked out ten of the best Irish craft breweries – six from Northern Ireland and four from the Republic – to showcase their beers on cask and key-keg / keg formats.

Beimid ag ól! – Lets be drinking!

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A Question of if
County Antrim
Belgian Golden Strong ale
BoundaryBlind Artist2.8BelfastCounty AntrimBelgian Table BeerKeg/Key-keg
BoundaryMeans to and End6BelfastCounty AntrimBelgian Stout. Complex and generally wonderfulKeg/Key-keg
BullhouseBrainwashed4NewtownardsCounty DownGermanic lager. Hallertau Blanc for the buttering, flavour and aroma additions, dry hopped with a small amount of Chinook. White grape and fresh lemongrass. Easy drinking session lager for the masses.Cask
BullhouseP454.2NewtownardsCounty DownEasy drinking Pale Ale. Pale and Crystal Malt. Columbus and Amarillo.Keg/Key-keg
BullhouseSmall Axe4.3NewtownardsCounty DownHoppy, sessionable IPA packed with resinous West Coast hops. When Bob Marley wrote Small Axe in 1970, The Wailers were the 'small acts' stepping up to chop down the 'big tree.' Here's to the little guys.. with their Small AxeCask
BullhouseThe Dankness5.5NewtownardsCounty DownDank dank dank. Haze haze haze. Juicy juicy juicy. Intense tropical fruit aroma and flavour. Full bodied. Low bitternessKeg/Key-keg
Eight DegreesKnockmealdown5MitchelstownCounty CorkEvolution of the traditional Irish stout, it resembles a Victorian-era Irish porter and provides complex dark malt characteristics with distinctive espresso flavours. Without the weight of a stout, the porter is well rounded with mellow English hops.Keg/Key-keg
Eight DegreesThe Full Irish IPA6MitchelstownCounty CorkColour/appearance: pours a pale gold colour, with lovely white head. Medium carbonation.
Aroma: lots of hops! It’s a hop bomb with citrus and floral characters, particularly grapefruit at the fore, with hints of lime, melon and lychees.
Flavour: hoppy f
FarmageddonAnzac pale ale4.5ComberCounty DownFull bodied flavour from the Australian/NZ hops. Summer and Galaxy hops combine to make a dry but fruity flavourCask
FarmageddonIndia Export Porter5.2ComberCounty DownWell hopped with grains leading to complex layers of thirst quenching bitterness including a chocolatey-orange finish. definitly not a black IPA, its a well hopped porter following the same tradition as IPA (except this was for the troups not the officersCask
FarmageddonIPA5.5ComberCounty DownBig, hoppy American IPA, using hops from the pacific Northwest balanced with a bit of crystal maltKeg/Key-keg
Farmageddon / Hopcraft / WaenWreckin' Crew5.5ComberCounty DownGolden strong pale with citra galaxy and bit of Sorachi AceCask
KnockoutCascade IPA4.5BelfastCounty DownHeavily hopped with Cascade to give smooth floral and citrus aroma and flavorCask
KnockoutIrish Red Ale4.5BelfastCounty DownA gluten free Red ale hopped with WillametteCask
LacadaDevil's Washtub5.2PortrushCounty AntrimWe, and our customers, are having fun pinning this one down. Like the landmark it is named after this beer is more than a little mysterious – Dark IPA? Cascadian Dark? Dark Ale? What you do get is a dark, almost ruby red beer. The creamy head exudes a serCask
LacadaEast The Beast6PortrushCounty AntrimMango & pineapple aroma from Mosaic hops comes steaming off the head with a sweetness left single pale malt billKeg/Key-keg
LacadaShore Dulse Stout7PortrushCounty Antrimsmooth velvety stout with a complex malt profile including the use of dulse seaweed which leads to a subtle wood-smoke and sea salt aftertaste, reminiscent of a camp fire by the shore.Cask
LacadaUtopian Stout8PortrushCounty AntrimBrewed with four malts. Surprisingly, there are no oats in this Stout but we use a mashing regime/ratio that gives us plenty of body in the finished beer. It is silky smooth, not too dry and so is devilishly easy to drink with the big malt flavours of coCask
MetalmanEquinox4.6WaterfordCo WaterfordA refreshing wheat lager designed with lazy sunny days in mind. Hazy bright yellow, it’s a smooth and refreshing beer with a light dry finish. Orange and lemon peel are added to the brew kettle for a burst of citrus, along with some ground coriander to giCask
MetalmanIronmonger6.5WaterfordCo WaterfordLuscious malty body and a fruity citrus finishKeg/Key-keg
MetalmanPale Ale4.3WaterfordCo WaterfordAmerican style pale ale. Dark gold, with citrus & floral aromas produced by American hops. A dry bitter finishCask
Mourne MountainExport Stout6.5WarrenpointNewryA smooth, rich and warming stoutCask
Mourne MountainMourne Gold4WarrenpointNewryGold from the Mournes has a distinct composition, containing around 10% silver. The grist of our Mourne Gold beer combines lager malt with 10% wheat malt, producing a very pale ale. Continental Brewers Gold hops give a fresh and fruity aroma, making thisCask
Mourne MountainMourne Mist4.5WarrenpointNewryWe love those grey, misty days because they slowly replenish our water supply. Just like the original source of Pilsner, we combine soft brewing water with biscuity barley malt and the classic Bohemian hop variety, Saaz, for a floral aroma and an earthy bKeg/Key-keg
O'Hara's51st State IPA6BagenalstownCo. CarlowTropical flavours of grapefruit, passion fruit, apricot & peach. Intense citrus aroma & well-balanced mild bitternessKeg/Key-keg
O'Hara'sIrish Red4.3BagenalstownCo. CarlowSmooth malt body complimented by caramel tones and perfectly balanced in bitternessCask
O'Hara'sLeann Follain Extra Irish Stout6BagenalstownCo. CarlowFull-bodied extra Irish stout. Dark chocolate tones with a hint of vanilla combine with mild mocha aromaCask
O'Hara'sOpsession4BagenalstownCo. CarlowOpsession IPA is a sessionable IPA, created to be light and refreshing whilst keeping all the flavour profile that we love and expect from an IPA.
The generous hop additions perfectly play off a crisp malt backbone delivering a flavoursome beer to satis
RascalsBourbon Milkshake Stout6RathcooleCo. DublinBourbon barrel aged version of Milkshake Stout. Brewed with coconut, vanilla & chocolateCask
RascalsSwankee White IPA5RathcooleCo. DublinAmerican IPA meets Belgian Witbier. Swankee is a hybrid of the two styles, hopped like an American IPA with the malt bill of a wheat beer and fermented with Belgian Wit yeast. Big CITRUS and PEACH fruity profile with subtle spice from the Belgian yeast. SKeg/Key-keg
RascalsWunderbar IPA6RathcooleCo. DublinWunderbar is our WONDERFUL IPA brewed with 100% German hops. This is a hop forward IPA, full of fruity hop flavour with a medium bitterness. Late and dry-hopped with Hallertau Blanc and Mandarina Bavaria. The hops offer sweet tangerine on the nose and sweCask