Gluten Free Beers 2018

With all the beers we have available at MBCF18, we are conscious that unfortunately some people can’t enjoy them all because they have an intolerance to some of the ingredients. Most of our beers are made with malted barley and therefore contain gluten.

Thankfully the beer scene is looking up for those seeking gluten-free beers with more and more brewers producing gluten-free beers – we have gathered our largest ever range of gluten-free beers.

And of course all our range of ciders and perries are also gluten-free.

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Pale Bandit GFA
Blonde ale with smooth Citrus flavours and a light crisp finish
The FontMagic RockFantasma6.5HuddersfieldA dank and juicy IPA using Golden Promise, wheat and Cara Munich malts in the mash for a sweetly smooth body. For the hops we judiciously bittered with Magnum in the kettle followed by Citra T90 in both the whirlpool and in dry-hopping. The aroma/flavourY
1ArborSingle Hop Simcoe4BristolSingle hopped pale ale, using the wonderful 'Simcoe'N
1First ChopAPE6.3SalfordGrapefruit IPAY
1First ChopHOP4.1SalfordAn ultra pale 4.1% ale born from a love of hops. Five varieties of whole hops from the US, New Zealand and Slovenia are added through the boil and finally to the cask. Producing a thirst quenching session beer with massive hop flavours. Gluten free.Y
1First ChopMCR3.8SalfordInspired by the Manchester Bitters consumed in great quantities during a mis-spent youth. Given the First Chop treatment (lots more hops!)Y
1First ChopPOD4.2SalfordVanilla stoutY
1First ChopRED4.6SalfordFruity and spicy with big hop flavours and a pleasant lingering bitterness. Dry hopped with Columbus.Y
1First ChopTre5SalfordA blonde, Juicy IPA, with tropical notes of Pineapple, Mango and Passion-fruit on the nose. A bright, thirst-quenching beer, with a sweet start, finishing on a bitter note creating a fantastic balance to this moreish ale.Y
3YorkIntermission IPA3.5YorkIntermission is a session IPA that is both Gluten Free and Vegan-friendly. A Maris Otter barley based grain bill gives a clean crisp base allowing the hops to shine, with gluten removed during production. A quintet of US hop big hitters - Azacca, Cascade,Y
Little IrelandKnockoutIrish Red Ale4.5BelfastA gluten free Red ale hopped with Willamette

Plus on the bottle bar:

Greens Amber 5.0%
Greens India Pale Ale 5.0%
Greens Premium Pilsner 4.5%

Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular beer.