Cider & Perry 2018

The following is the list of ciders and perrys ordered for the 2018 festival.

The final list may be subject to change and we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular cider or perry at any given session.

Pure (unfermented) apple juice will also be available.

To find out more about traditional cider & perry click here

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Gould Cider
'The Wrastler' Cider
Barkers BBC Medium Cider6.0%WorcestershireCider
Thatchers Big Apple Cider5.0%SomersetCider
Millwhites Blackberry Blush CiderSomersetCider
Red Bank Blueberry Cider5.0%Greater ManchesterCider
Barkers BURP Dry Perry6.0%WorcestershirePerry
Thatchers Cheddar Valley Cider6.0%SomersetCider
Haywood Farm Cider6.0%CornwallCider
Wasted Apple Cider7.0%CornwallCider
Winkleigh Sams Cider with Blackcurrant4.0%DevonCider
Kent Cider with MangoKentCider
Kent Cider with RhubarbKentCider
Westons Country Perry4.5%HerefordshirePerry
Red Bank Crackin Pear Perry7.0%Greater ManchesterPerry
Barbourne Dabinett Whisky Cask Cider7.5%WorcestershireCider
Bartestree Dry CiderHerefordshireCider
Cleeve Orchard Dry Cider6.0%HerefordshireCider
Dan Y Graig Dry CiderMonmouthshireCider
Grumpy Johns Dry Cider6.0%West YorkshireCider
Thornborough Dry Cider6.0%North YorkshireCider
Troggi Dry CiderMonmouthshireCider
Dunham Press Dunham Dabbler Cider6.2%Greater ManchesterCider
Dunham Press Early Bird Cider6.3%Greater ManchesterCider
Red Bank Early Harvest Cider7.0%Greater ManchesterCider
Duddas Tun Elderflower CiderKentCider
Westons Family Reserve Cider5.0%HerefordshireCider
Madhatters Farting Dog Cider6.5%Greater ManchesterCider
Pure North Fusion Cider6.5%West YorkshireCider
Ross on Wye Gin Perry6.0%HerefordshirePerry
Hecks Glastonbury Gold Sweet Cider6.5%SomersetCider
Pagett Golden Slipper CiderGloucestershireCider
Pure North Have'N'apple Cider 4.6%West YorkshireCider
Hecks Hendre Huffcap Dry Perry SV6.5%SomersetPerry
Kirthenwood Heritage Cider5.0%CornwallCider
Hecks Kingston Black Cider SV6.5%SomersetCider
Udders Orchard Luddite Dry Cider6.3%West YorkshireCider
Lancashire Lune Valley Dry Cider7.0%LancashireCider
Moss Cider Many Hands Dry Cider6.3%Greater ManchesterCider
SiDa Maxonian Mist Cider5.6%CheshireCider
Colemans Medium Cider6.0%North YorkshireCider
Days Cottage Medium CiderGloucestershireCider
Forgotten Orchard Medium CiderGloucestershireCider
Grumpy Johns Medium Cider6.0%West YorkshireCider
Llanblethian Orchards Medium CiderGlamorganCider
Millwhites Medium CiderSomersetCider
Orgasmic Medium Cider6.0%HerefordshireCider
Presshead Medium CiderWiltshireCider
Sebs Medium CiderHerefordshireCider
Springherne Medium CiderHerefordshireCider
Touchwood Medium Cider6.0%CornwallCider
Winkleigh Sams Medium Cider6.0%DevonCider
Ventons Medium CyderDevonCider
Olivers Medium Dry Cider6.0%HerefordshireCider
Wilkins Medium Dry Cider6.0%SomersetCider
La Cantina Morning Glory Cider6.0%West YorkshireCider
Celtic Marches Nell Gywn Cider4.0%HerefordshireCider
Madhatters Nine Holes Cider6.0%Greater ManchesterCider
Hedgehogger Old Aged Pig CiderNorth YorkshireCider
Westons Old Rosie Cider7.3%HerefordshireCider
Polgoon Vineyards Original Cider5.0%CornwallCider
Cornish Orchards Pear4.8%CornwallPerry
Hedgehogger Peary PigNorth YorkshirePerry
Bartestree PerryHerefordshirePerry
Butford Organic PerryHerefordshirePerry
Cleeve Orchard Perry6.0%HerefordshirePerry
Days Cottage PerryGloucestershirePerry
Forgotten Orchard PerryGloucestershirePerry
Hartland PerryGloucestershirePerry
Pagett PerryGloucestershirePerry
Sevencider PerryGloucestershirePerry
Springherne PerryHerefordshirePerry
Troggi PerryMonmouthshirePerry
W M Watkins PerryMonmouthshirePerry
Hedgehogger Pink Pig Cider4.0%North YorkshireCider
St Ives Porth Pear5.0%CornwallPerry
Hurst View Puckered Pear5.5%StaffordshirePerry
Red Bank Raspberry Cider5.0%Greater ManchesterCider
Biddendens Red Love Cider 5.0%KentCider
Westons Rosies Pig Cider4.8%HerefordshireCider
Duddas Tun Salted Caramel CiderKentCider
Dunham Press Sawpit Cider6.0%Greater ManchesterCider
Yorkshire Scrumpy Still Cider6.5%West YorkshireCider
Barbourne Stawberry Cider4.0%WorcestershireCider
Millwhites Strawberry CiderSomersetCider
Dunham Press Streaker Cider6.2%Greater ManchesterCider
Wiscombe Suicider Medium Dry8.0%DevonCider
Blackmore Vale Sweet CiderSomersetCider
Ganley and Naish Sweet CiderSomersetCider
Green Valley Sweet Cider6.8%DevonCider
Raglan Mill Sweet CiderMonmouthshireCider
Pure North Sweet Union Cider5.5%West YorkshireCider
Hedgehogger Tammy Pig CiderNorth YorkshireCider
Newtons Thorn Perry6.0%HerefordshirePerry
Celtic Marches Thundering Molly Cider5.2%HerefordshireCider
Ampleforth Abbey Traditional Cider6.5%North YorkshireCider
Thatchers Traditional Cider6.0%SomersetCider
Rosies Triple D Medium CiderDenbighshireCider
Snailsbank Very Perry4.5%HerefordshirePerry
Udders Orchard Waterloo Sunset Perry6.3%West YorkshirePerry
Newtons Whisky Cask Perry6.0%HerefordshirePerry
Barbourne Worcester Perry6.0%WorcestershirePerry
Westons Wyld Wood Cider6.0%HerefordshireCider
La Cantina Yesterdays Dream Perry6.0%West YorkshirePerry
ProducerCider/Perry name.CountyCider or Perry