Bière Sans Frontières – International Beers 2018

Manchester Beer & Cider Festival will feature four bars of draught and bottled beers from around the world.
Out international selection has a new home for 2018 at the front of the Central Hall to the right of the entrance.

All bottled beers will be located on the Bottle Bar while draught beers will be split by their country of origin – German, Belgian and Czech on one bar and rest of the world on the other. Beers from Catalonia and the Basque region will be hosted by our friends from Barcelona Beer Festival.


We cannot guarantee the availability of any particular beer at any particular session.

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Brewery / Producer
Tasting Notes
BelgiumAchouffeHoublon ChouffeAbbey Tripel9.0BottleBottle BarAn Indian Pale Ale type beer with a harmonous balance between a marked bitterness and a pleasant frutiness. Ⓥ
BelgiumBoonFramboiseFruit5.0BottleBottle BarMore than 300 grams per litre of fresh raspberries give this lambic a fresh fruity taste
BelgiumBoonOude GeuzeGueuze6.5BottleBottle BarA subtle blend of aged lambics
BelgiumBoonOude KriekFruit6.5BottleBottle BarClear red with no head retention. Sweet and sour cherries, berries, grapes, dry woody notes, rusty metallic notes. Medium sweet and sour, light nutty bitter. Medium body, soft carbonation. Rich fruity aroma and feel. Rusty metallic, nutty/woody bittersweet and fruity tart finish.
BelgiumChimayRougeTrappist7.0BottleBottle Barruby brown colour with dried fruit, port aromas and a sweet nutty toffee flavour.
BelgiumDe GraalBlondBlonde6.5BottleBottle BarGold beer with fruity spicy aromas and a fruity floral taste.
BelgiumDe GraalGemberGinger8.0BottleBottle BarGold beer with fruity ginger spice aromas and a malty floral ginger taste.
BelgiumDe GraalTripelAbbey Tripel9.0BottleBottle BarDark golden beer sweet yesty aromas, a sweet and bitter taste and a dry finish.
BelgiumDe Kale RiddersTumulus AuraWheat5.5BottleBottle BarGolden coloured with a white head and citrus aromas and a dry finish.
BelgiumDe Kale RiddersTumulus MagnaTripel9.0BottleBottle BarDark golden beer with white head and flavours of sweet spice and a long bitter aftertaste.
BelgiumDe Kale RiddersTumulus NeraStout8.0BottleBottle BarBlack with beige head, smokey nose and cinder toffee flavours and a sweet chocolate finish.
BelgiumDe LeiteBon HommeAbbey Dubbel6.5BottleBottle BarReddish brown colour with fruity malty aromas and caramel, choclate flavours and a light hoppy finish.
BelgiumDe LeiteEnfant TerripleAbbey Tripel6.0BottleBottle BarOrange gold colour with spicy citrus aromas and a spicey peppery citrus flavours and a dry yeasty finish.
BelgiumDe LeiteMa Mere SpecialPale Ale6.0BottleBottle BarAmber colour with caramel and hop aromas and a bitter flavour.
BelgiumDochter vd KorenaarCharbonStout7.0BottleBottle BarDry stout with vanilla and smoke notes.
BelgiumHanssensFramboiseFruit6.0BottleBottle BarClear red amber, no head, just a few bubbles. Aroma has raspberries, light funk and notes of hay. Raspberry yoghurt flavour. Sweet and sour, tart and tasty.
BelgiumHanssensOudbeitjeFruit6.0BottleBottle BarMurky orange with a foamy white head. Flavors are strawberry, acetone, oak and cork with funky notes. Strong lactic acidity. Light body, soft carbonation, slick texture.
BelgiumHanssensOude GueuzeGueuze6.0BottleBottle BarClear golden body, thin white head. Huge barnyard notes in the aroma escorted by vinegar, lemon zest, salt and earth. Taste of cheese, salt, vinegar, dark sugar and lemon zest. Very sour and the finish is quite bitter (not hoppy, more like when you are chewing on lemon peel). Almost totally flat.
BelgiumHet AnkerBoscoliFruit3.5BottleBottle BarA bright, clear beer made with red berries, giving a crisp clean slightly sweet finish. Ⓥ
BelgiumHet AnkerGouden Carolus ChristmasSpiced10.5BottleBottle BarAn Indian Pale Ale type beer with a harmonous balance between a marked bitterness and a pleasant frutiness. Ⓥ
BelgiumHof Ten DormaalAmberSaison7.5BottleBottle BarAmber coloured beer with sour lemon candy aromas and a herbal yeasty taste.
BelgiumHof Ten DormaalWitgoudBelgian Strong8.0BottleBottle BarGolden beer with caramel spice aromas and a sweet malt fruity flavour.
BelgiumLiefmansCuvee BrutFruit6.0BottleBottle BarLiefmans Cuvee Brut is a deep reddish-brown colour, with a pale head and wood and almond notes. On the palette, you can clearly taste the slightly sweet, yet at the same time gently bitter fruit flavours. Ⓥ
BelgiumLindemansCassisFruit3.5BottleBottle BarPours dark red with tall, long-lasting, foamy white head and nice lacing. Nose is of funky yeast, black current and sour wine. Body is medium and tangy. Taste is pleasantly sour, funky, tart with black current. Finish is long and sour. Ⓥ
BelgiumLindemansCuvee Renee Oude KriekFruit7.0BottleBottle BarDeep cherry red colour with a tart cherry aromas and taste
BelgiumLindemansPecheresseFruit2.5BottleBottle BarGolden beer with fruity peach aromas and taste.
BelgiumOud BeerselFramboiseFruit6.2BottleBottle BarDark red with a pink head. Aroma of big and sweet raspberries, taste of.. well you guessed it; raspberries. It is tart but not as tart as you usually get your framboise. Very juice and overall refreshing.
BelgiumOud BeerselOude GueuzeGueuze5.0BottleBottle BarRich, refreshing, complex and intriguing. Hoppy flavour with the typical smell of wild yeasts.
BelgiumOud BeerselOude KriekFruit6.0BottleBottle BarDark garnet beer with small pinkish head that forms puddles on the surface. Lightly carbonated. Aroma is dark cherry and a little wood. Not as rich in the aroma as I was hoping. Taste is a little more muted than others of this style. Some dark cherries, light sourness, a little funk and a build up of tart cherry drops in the finish.
BelgiumRochefortRochefort 10Trappist11.3BottleBottle BarDark beer with strong plum and blackcurrant aromas and flavours
BelgiumSt BernardusAbtAbbey Quadrupel10.0BottleBottle BarDark beer with fruity aroma, fullbodied taste and a long bittersweet finish
BelgiumSt FeuillienTripleAbbey Tripel6.5BottleBottle BarPale amber beer with hoppy spicy aromas and a fruity malty taste.
BelgiumWestmalleTripelTrappist8.0BottleBottle BarThis is a complex ale with a fruity aroma and a nice nuanced hop scent. It is soft and creamy in the mouth, with a bitter touch carried by the fruity aroma. An exceptional ale, with a great deal of finesse and elegance, and with a splendid long after taste. Ⓥ
BelgiumBoon2 year old LambiekLambic6.5DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechDeep yellow to golden body, small white head. Aroma of berries, flowers, citruses, zest, wine, must, cherries, hay, yeast, flowers... really rich aroma! Taste is also very rich: sour and tart. Cherries, wild cherries, citruses, stones of fruits, apricots, flowers, yeast, but mostly berries. Mediun to full body, high carbonation.
BelgiumBoonOude KriekFruit6.5DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechClear red with no head retention. Sweet and sour cherries, berries, grapes, dry woody notes, rusty metallic notes. Medium sweet and sour, light nutty bitter. Medium body, soft carbonation. Rich fruity aroma and feel. Rusty metallic, nutty/woody bittersweet and fruity tart finish.
BelgiumDe La SenneSchieven IPAIPA6.8DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechOrange brown beer with grain malty aroma, marzipan toffee flavour and a bitter hoppy finish.
BelgiumDe La SenneStouterikStout4.5DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechIrish style stout with an aromatic hoppy aroma and light dry roasted taste.
BelgiumDe La SenneShieve Tabarnak #3Belgian Ale5.3DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechA collaboration with Le Trou du Diable Brewery in Canada. A dark yellow beer with fruity malty aromas and a hoppy fruity taste leading to a bitter finish.
BelgiumDe LeiteMerci MamanBlonde6.0DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechGold colour with peppery straw aromas and a light citrus taste.
BelgiumDochter vd KorenaarBelle Fleur IPAIPA6.0DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechGold beer with floral hop aromas and a medium bitter tart slightly sour taste.
BelgiumDochter vd KorenaarPasse PartoutIPA3.0DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechGolden session beer with hoppy aromas and a bitter citrus flavour.
BelgiumGlazen TorenOndinneke TripelAbbey tripel8.5DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechPale golden yellow beer with fruity spicy aromas and a sweet malty spicy flavour leading to a little bitter finish.
BelgiumOude BeerselFramboise LambikFruit5.0DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechRed pink coloured beer with sour raspberry aroma and a sweet and sour raspberry flavour.
CzechBudvarDarkDark5.7BottleBottle BarMalty aromas slightly smoky with hints of cold coffee. Chocolate and caramel tastes with a sweet finish. Ⓥ
CzechBudvarOriginalPilsner5.0BottleBottle BarFloral hop aroma with some malt. Malty flavour with a smooth bitterness and a spicy bitter finish. Ⓥ
CzechBudvarDarkDark4.7DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechMalty aromas slightly smoky with hints of cold coffee. Chocolate and caramel tastes with a sweet finish. Ⓥ
CzechBudvarOriginalPilsner5.0DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechFlora hop aroma with some malt. Malty flavour with a smooth bitterness and a spicy bitter finish. Ⓥ
CzechBudvarKrausened LagerLager5.0DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechA hazy golden beer with a lazing white head. The aroma has notes of grain, straw, spices, hops, and hints of diacethyl. The flavor is sweet with notes of malt, grain, straw, and herbs, leading to a bitter finish. Ⓥ
GermanyAndechsDunkel DoppelbockStrong Dunkel7.2BottleBottle BarClear mahogany color with tan head. Aroma has dark, toasted malts and some brown sugar. Taste starts sweet and malty with a burnt sugar note. Finish has some roasty bitterness. Medium body and carbonation. Ⓥ
GermanyAugustinerDunkelDunkel5.2BottleBottle BarDark Amber coloured beer with caramel, fruity aroma and a malty sweet taste with a long dry finish
GermanyKargWeissWheat5.1BottleBottle BarAmber coloured beer with a heavy cloveand banana aroma and a long lasting spicy clove taste.
GermanyKargWeissbier DunkelDark Wheat5.6BottleBottle BarDark Orange colour with a banana and clove aroma and a banana, clove and apple flavour.
GermanyKneitingerBock DunkelStrong Dunkel6.5BottleBottle BarRuby mahogany coloured beer with chocale and malt aroma and a long malty taste.
GermanyPyraserHopfenpflueckerPilsener4.9BottleBottle BarYellow coloured beer with citric aromas and apples and some bitterness in the flavour.
GermanyPyraserSchwarzbierBlack Beer5.2BottleBottle BarDark brown coloured beer with spicy honey aromas and a light chocolate, nutty, honey flavour.
GermanySchlenkerlaMarzenRauchbier5.2BottleBottle BarDark amber coloured beer with smokey bacon aromas and a malty smoky long lasting flavour.
GermanySchlenkerlaUrbockRauchbier6.5BottleBottle BarMahogany coloured beer with smoked bacon aromas and a long dry smoky treacle flavour.
GermanySchneiderAventinus Tap 6Strong Wheat8.2BottleBottle BarDark ruby coloured beer with strong banana and roasted malt aromas and a taste of plums and liquorice.
GermanySchneiderHopfenweisse Tap 5Wheat8.2BottleBottle BarLight orange coloured beer with banana and citrus aromas and hoppy malty flavour.
GermanyAndechsDoppelbock DunkelStrong Dunkel7.2DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechClear mahogany color with tan head. Aroma has dark, toasted malts and some brown sugar. Taste starts sweet and malty with a burnt sugar note. Finish has some roasty bitterness. Medium body and carbonation. Ⓥ
GermanyAndechsSpezial HellHell5.9DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechClear pale yellow bodied with medium sized head. Chalky and slightly lemony aroma. Hints of honey malt, too. Flavor was well balanced between lightly sweet and lightly bitter, but not thin, actually full bodied for the style and tasty. Fine, surprisingly long finish started herbal dry with more sweetness emerged towards the end. Ⓥ
GermanyAndechsWeissbier HellWheat5.5DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechReally hazy, milky looking, peach color with white head. Aroma is full of banana esters and sweet honey malt. Taste has also banana shake flavor with some cloves and smooth yeast. Medium to full bodied with medium to high carbonation. Ⓥ
GermanyAugustinerOktoberfestOktoberfest6.0DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechAroma of grass and some toasty malt. Taste is sweetness and sourness. Some bitterness as well. Well combined. Mouthfeel is kind of marshmallowy. Rather sweet finish. Ⓥ
GermanyFruhKolschKolsch4.8DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechPale golden coloured beer with peppery herbal hop aromas and a delicate light malt flavour with hints of pear finishing with a light hop bitterness.
GermanyGriefHelles VollbierVollbier4.8DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/Czechamber coloured beer with fruity, nutty aromas and a slightly nutty sultana flavour.
GermanyHacker PschorrOktoberfest MarzenOktoberfest5.8DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechIt pours clear with a cooper color and an off white moderate head. It has caramel aromas with low fruit and some sweetness to it. There are sweet flavors, but not overly. There is a slight plum-like flavoring to it with the caramel and a hint of cherry. It has a moderate body with low bitterness and a clean finish. Ⓥ
GermanyHofbrauOktoberfestbierOktoberfest6.3DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechA clear pale golden colour with a fizzy white head. Aroma of bready malts, some grain, slight mineral and subtle grassy, herbal hops. Taste of bready malts, grain, subtle grassy, herbal hops. Medium bodied and moderate carbonation. A dry, lingering, herbal hop bitterness in the finish. Ⓥ
GermanyKargStaffelsee GoldWheat5.7DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechGolden brown colour with banana and clove aromas and a light fruity banana and citrus flavour ending with light bitterness.
GermanyKargWeiss HellWheat5.2DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechAmber coloured beer with a heavy cloveand banana aroma and a long lasting spicy clove taste.
GermanyKeesmannFestbierDortmunder5.3DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechGolden coloured beer with malty aroma and a light fruity malty taste.
GermanyKeesmannHeerren PilsPils4.9DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechLight gold colour with warm malty aroma and a bitter malty taste.
GermanyKneitingerEdel PilsPils5.2DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechAroma is hops and light oats. Appearance is clear golden with a two finger white foam. Taste is medium bitter and very light sweet. A medium carbonation with a light, perfectly balanced dryness. Ⓥ
GermanyKneitingerExport DunkelDunkel5.2DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechPours clear brown with a creamy, beige head. Moderately sweet with notes of light cocoa, brown bread, faint earth. Light to medium bodied with average carbonation. Sweet finish with subtle brown sugar, toasted brown bread, touches of toffee. Ⓥ
GermanyLowenbrauOktoberfestOktoberfest6.1DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechPours a Yellow color with fast to go white head. Taste is a very fresh beer with crisp grassy hops, malty and medium sweet. Ⓥ
GermanyPaulanerOktoberfestOktoberfest6.0DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechAroma is light malt, light bread. Appearance is clear golden with a white head. Taste is light to medium sweet and very light bitter. A medium carbonation. Ⓥ
GermanyReissdorfKolschKolsch4.8DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechGold coloured beer with a light malty aroma and a faintly sweet flavour with a light hop finish.
GermanySchlenkerlaMarzenSmoked5.2DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechDark amber coloured beer with smokey bacon aromas and a malty smoky long lasting flavour.
GermanySchneider WeisseMeine Festweisse Tap 4Wheat6.2DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechYellow coloured beer with banana and malt aromas and a flavours of banana and citrus malt finishing with a hoppy aftertaste
GermanySchneider WeisseHopfenweisse Tap 5Wheat5.3DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechLight orange coloured beer with banana and citrus aromas and hoppy malty flavour.
GermanySchumacherAltAlt4.6DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechAmber coloured beer with fruity malty aromas and a malty citric flavour ending with a light bitter finish
GermanySpatenOktoberfestOktoberfest5.9DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechThe color is a deep gold with a foamy white head. Some nice lacing. The smell is a bit caramel, some wheat and malt flavors and a bit sugary. The taste is of caramel and cinammon. There is also so bitter fruit flavors as well. Ⓥ
GermanyVierzenheiligenTrunk DunkelDunkel5.2DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechMahogany coloured beer with mild smoky aromas and hints of chocolate and nuts. A malty nutty taste with a long sweet finish.
BelgiumGreensGreens Gluten Free AmberGluten Free5.0BottleBottle BarDeep amber coloured beer with rich full bodied flavours and a balanced bitter and roasted finish.
BelgiumGreensGreens Gluten Free India Pale AleGluten Free5.0BottleBottle BarAmber red in colour with a mix of herbal and pine aroma, a full mouth feel of the special hopping is unique for this IPA. Ⓥ
BelgiumGreensGreens Gluten Free Premium PilsnerGluten Free4.5BottleBottle BarGolden straw coloured beer with citrus hop aromas, hints of vanilla flavour followed by slight bitter finish.
CzechBudvarBudvar B FreeAlcohol Free0.5BottleBottle BarClear, orange, frothy, white foam, medium sweetness, lightly bitter, light body, thin feel, soft carbonation, & astringent finish. Ⓥ
GermanySchneider WeisseTap 3 Mein AlkoholfreiAlcohol Free0.0BottleBottle BarOrangey yellow coloured beer with light banana yeast aromas and a semi dry wheat taste.
SpainBlackLabPunto De RocioAmerican Pale Ale5.5DraughtBarcelona Beer FestivalPunto de Rocío is an easy drinker. Ideal for those hot
Barcelona afternoons when the rest of the world is taking the siesta. A classic
APA with a round flavor that enters with a touch of sweetness and hops, and
leaves you with a slightly citrusy aroma.
SpainBlackLabClaudiaAmerican IPA7.0DraughtBarcelona Beer FestivalClaudia is the star of the BlackLab. With intense
citrus and tropical fruit aromas like mango and papaya, Claudia is very
refreshing and has a perfect balance of sweetness, acidity and bitterness.
Barcelona's IPA!
SpainBidassoa Basque BreweryCenitzAmerican IPA6.2DraughtBarcelona Beer FestivalLight sweet notes of cereal balanced by a mild bitterness with a marked citrus character, tropical fruit and herbal nuances
SpainBidassoa Basque BreweryRussian Imperial StoutRussian Imperial Stout10.2DraughtBarcelona Beer FestivalIntense aromas and flavors of coffee and cocoa combined with citrus nuances of orange peel and grapefruit. Soft citrus and bitter finish complemented by sweet nuances of caramel malts.
SpainCervesa Lo VilotBlack PowerAmerican Imperial Stout8.5DraughtBarcelona Beer FestivalAn intense stout which is strong, alcoholic, malty and yet hoppy with toasted notes and black and/or dried fruits with a warm finish. Dense head and a lasting dark cinnamon colour. Despite the intense flavours, the components blend together to create a complex yet harmonious beer.
SpainCervesa Lo VilotTropical FunkyHoppy Fruit Sour4.8DraughtBarcelona Beer FestivalMixed style between a sour beer with fruits and an IPA. Made with local natural apricots and a large amound of hops in dry hopping, these make it an original and very aromatic beer, while in mouth is bitter and acid.
SpainDougallsHappy OtterIndian Pale Ale6.0DraughtBarcelona Beer FestivalDry, blond beer, made with a very generous contribution of American hops that gives the beer flavors and aromas reminiscent of citrus and tropical fruits, with a moderate bitterness.
SpainDougallsIPA9American Pale Ale3.5DraughtBarcelona Beer FestivalDouble dry hopp with a load of american hops. Maris Otter, Extra pale, Oats.
SpainGarage Beer CoSoupIPA6.0DraughtBarcelona Beer FestivalNew England IPA with Mosaic and Citra hops.
SpainGarage Beer CoNo/CountryImperial stout10.0DraughtBarcelona Beer FestivalCoffee crema catalana imperial stout
AustraliaPrancing PonyBlack AleBlack IPA6.0BottleBottle BarBlack with a big creamy off-white head. Aroma of weak roasted malts, toasted caramel. Taste is smooth with a creamy mouthfeel, light roasted with a light tarish and liquorice note
AustraliaPrancing PonyIndia Red AleImperial IPA7.9BottleBottle BarDark red brownish colour, a firm creamy head and lots of fruity aromas on the nose, this ale has a big, malty body with late bitterness.
AustraliaPrancing PonySunshine AleGolden Ale4.8BottleBottle BarStraw coloured, light malt sweetness, moderate bitterness with a citrus kick and dry finish
New ZealandRenaissanceBoonies PilsPilsener5.5BottleBottle BarGolden with a very thick white head. Fresh aroma. Medium dry bitter taste.
New ZealandRenaissanceStonecutterScotch Ale7.0BottleBottle BarNine malts are blended to produce layers of caramel, coffee, liquorice, chocolate and roasty flavours and these are balanced by a tart, raisiny fruitiness that gradually gives way to a lingering dry finish. Rich, full bodied. warming and moreish.
New ZealandTuataraSauvinovaAmerican Pale Ale4.7BottleBottle BarA single hop pale ale exploding with the distinctive tropical gooseberry notes that made it’s Sauvignon Blanc namesake famous.
Netherlands3 HorneBananatanaFruit7.0BottleBottle BarA quality amber ale base brewed through with fresh fruits. In this case bannana's and sultanas
NetherlandsBad HairUt bittere eindipa6.5BottleBottle Baramber colored body with a white head and with a spicy citrus hops aroma a spicy herby yeast hops sweet bitter taste with a bitter finish
NetherlandsBrouwerij Kees!Strawberry FieldsStrawberry Pale Ale6.0BottleBottle BarChocolate Oatmeal Stout with lots of strawberries!
NetherlandsDe Kromme HaringInktvis Black IPABlack IPA6.0BottleBottle BarBlack with creamy head. Aroma is very IPA with resinous hop. Flavour is more in the stout direction with roasted burnt malts dominating.
NetherlandsDe MolenAmarilloImp IPA9.3BottleBottle BarInitially bright burnished copper colour and a slight haze. Seems quite heavy bodied with good fruit notes but soft carbonisation and a gentle bitterness actually leave a very easy drinking and light beer
NetherlandsDe MolenOp & TopBiitter4.9BottleBottle BarA modern session I.P.A. Fruity hop flavours balanced by biscuity malt and some sweetness.
NetherlandsEmelliseVanilla Icecream StoutMilk Stout5.5BottleBottle Barroma is vanilla, black chocolate, roasted. Taste is roasted malts, vanilla, lacto, chocolate, some ice cream hints indeed.
NetherlandsEmelliseWhite Label Black Fruity Red WineDoppelbock BA7.0BottleBottle BarDark brown with tan head. Massive oak floorboard, berries, red fruit, chestnut, balsamic, old red wine. Moderate sweet and sour and bitter.
NetherlandsLOC BreweryHogger PAPale Ale5.7BottleBottle BarA hazy golden/yellow coloured pour with a medium white head on top. Hoppy, citrus, grapefruit aroma. Tastes similar, hoppy, citrus, grapefruit, slightly bitter.
NetherlandsOedipus BrewingGaiaIPA7.0BottleBottle BarAn amber colored beer with the focus on resiny, piney hop varieties (Cascade, Columbus, Chinook, Centennial and a bit of Amarillo).
NetherlandsOedipus BrewingMannenliefdeSaison6.0BottleBottle BarClear golden with orange hue and medium sized slight bubbly white head. Nice dry grain character, slight sour citrus, spices, dry bitterness in a raw-vegetable kind of way. Medium to light bodied with dry feel and full carbonation. I hardly get the peppers in this, but veru decent saison.
NetherlandsOedipus BrewingThai Thai TripelTripel8.0BottleBottle BarLemongrass, Galangal root, coriander, orange peel and chilli pepper blend in with some exotic latehops in this tripel.
NetherlandsSNABIjsbokEisbock9.0BottleBottle BarAmber with a beige head. Aroma and taste of malt, toffee, prunes, brown sugar and caramel.
NetherlandsSNABMaelstromBarley Wine9.3BottleBottle BarAroma: slightly sweet, hops, caramel toffee, licorice. Taste: slightly sweet arrival, good amount of hops, caramel, citrus fruits and raisins. Nice Barley Wine.
NetherlandsBrouwerij Kees!Lapsang Souchong - Smokey AltSmokey Alt7.0DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldAroma of caramel,chocolate milk and vanilla sweet creamy with lacotose flavors and smooth well balanced overall,nice well balanced overall and good full body.
NetherlandsBrouwerij Kees!Caramel FudgeImperial Stout11.5DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldAroma of roasted malt, caramel, dark chocolate, liquorice, fruits, coffee, some hops. Flavour is moderate to medium sweet with a moderate to medium bitter finish. Thick full body, although not massively thick. Aromatic and well-balanced Imperial Porter, very tasty.
NetherlandsBrouwerij Kees!Export PorterImperial Stout10.5DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldDark brown with red shades, stable beige head. Aroma: creosote, bands, roasted malt, some woody and earthy notes. Sweet with moderate spicy bitterness. Very good.
NetherlandsBrouwerij Kees!En Garde - Collaboration with HaandbrygerrietBiere de Garde7.5DraughtBSF - Rest of the Worldamber colored body with a white head and with a spicy yeast malt hop aroma a spicy yeast malt hops sweet herby bitter taste with a bitter finish
NetherlandsDe Kromme HaringBarbarian FishingWild I.P.A.8.0DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldAroma is conifer, somewhat fruity. Taste is conifer, fruit, pineapple, strong caramel, some guava and papaya.
NetherlandsDe Kromme HaringSpotsylvana FrankenfishI.P.A.7.0DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldNose is sourish. Malty, leaves, light grapefruit. Medium bittersweet. Long hoppy medium bitter. Light body, dry
NetherlandsDe MolenDag & DauwBergamot IPA7.1DraughtBSF - Rest of the Worldhazy golden orange with a white head. Aroma of pine with tropical fruit. Sweet taste. Bitter finish.
NetherlandsDe MolenMooi & MeedogenloosQuadruppel10.2DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldDark brown with a good tan head. Dark fruity and sweet malty aroma and taste, lots of dried fruit, chocolate, caramal, brown sugar, some nice spice,
NetherlandsHet UiltjeBite of LimeLemon Pilsner5.5DraughtBSF - Rest of the Worldhazy orange with a small white head. Aroma is citrusy, crisp fruity. Soapy, citrusy and slight herbal. Meloow and slught citrusy finish.
NetherlandsHet UiltjeIn Between Agenda's - Collaboration with PohjalaBlack IPA7.0DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldIn Between Agendas is a bottom fermented imperial black lager with passion fruit and dry-hopped with mosaic and equinox hops.
NetherlandsHet UiltjeTree SwingBerliner Weiss2.7DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldBlonde, cloudy. Tea and pineapple in the aroma and flavor. Tart, lemon. Soft herbal aftertaste.
NetherlandsKaapse BrouwersBeaBlack Rye IPA6.0DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldIPA mixed with some dark tones; the roast chocolate is the kick that makes this beer so special!
NetherlandsKaapse BrouwersCarrieIPA6.5DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldAmber coloured not clear IPA. Big cream head. Very hoppy, nice bitters. Smell and tast of lychee, kiwi, citrus
NetherlandsLOC BreweryDinky CitraSession IPA4.7DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldHazy orange with a thin white head. Some citrus and grapefruit aroma. Very full, hoppy flavour with a dry finish.
NetherlandsLOC BreweryTrain Hopper DIPAImp IPA8.4DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldBasically the Mosaic let loose! Lots of hoppy fruit flavours and some sweetness. Dangerously easy to drink.
NetherlandsOedipus BrewingOfflineBière de Table4.5DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldAroma of pineapple, tropical fruit. Taste is grapefruit, pineapple, tropical fruit.
NetherlandsRamsesIJsbeerStrong Scotch Ale8.4DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldPours brown, nose is caramel, light smoke, toffee, herbal, taste is sweet, dry, herbal.
NetherlandsTwo Chefs BrewingDirty KatarinaImp Stout10.5DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldA hefty stout!Strong complex flavours of dark fruits and chocolate along with dark malts and sugars.All balanced by the alcohol.
NetherlandsTwo Chefs BrewingGreen BulletIPA5.7DraughtBSF - Rest of the Worldcitrusy hops, malt. Taste is medium bitter, medium sweet, malty backbone, citrusy hops, some caramel.
NetherlandsTwo Chefs BrewingWhite Mamba aka Louis LouisWit5.2DraughtBSF - Rest of the Worldhazy yellow with a medium white head. Light to medium body with moderate carbonation. Subtle bitter and sweet tones. Citrus, herbs, wheat and lemongrass. Very refreshing.
SwedenBrewski45th APAAmerican Pale Ale4.5BottleBottle Barpale gold, white head. Zesty, pink grapefruit, lime, grape, grassy hops. Fairly biitter and dry, lemon peel.
SwedenOmnipolloBianca Mango Lassi Gose 3,5%Gose3.5BottleBottle BarGose brewed with rock salt, lactose and mango purée.Mango, salt, fruit skin, taffy
SwedenOmnipolloMazarinAmerican Pale Ale5.6BottleBottle BarPours cloudy amber colour with an off-white head. An aroma of grass and citrus. The taste is medium sweet and medium bitter
SwedenOmnipolloNoa Pecan Mud CakeImp Stout11.0BottleBottle BarWhen I was 12 I dreamed of becoming a pastry chef. Call this a creative outlet. Henok-The brewer. This is awesome
SwedenOmnipolloSelassie - Coffee Vanilla StoutImp Stout - Brewed at Dugges11.0BottleBottle BarImperial Stout with Ethiopian Coffee and Vanilla Beans
SwedenPoppelsRussian Imperial StoutImp Stout9.5BottleBottle BarThick creamy tan head. Clear black pour. Chocolate in the aftertaste. Very good.
SwedenPoppelsSession IPASession IPA4.2BottleBottle Barhazy orange with a thin white head. Oranges, fruity, hint of toffee, malt, hint of butterscotch. Malty, hint of bitterness.
SwedenPoppelsSession Pale AleSession Pale Ale3.5BottleBottle BarGolden with a small white head. Fruity and flowery tones. Fruit, malt and hops. Light body with a bitter / fruity finish.
SwedenTempelPerdition RaspberrySour/Wild Ale8.3BottleBottle BarSour raspberry stout
SwedenBeerbliotekA Moment of Clarity Session IPAIPA4.7DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldLight and clear IPA. Slightly touch to grapefruit, but great aroma.Done for GBG week
SwedenBrewskiMangofebeer Session IPASession IPA3.6DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldLight to medium bitterness. Aroma and flavour is orange, hops, pine, mango.Their first commercial beer!
SwedenBrewskiSnoutjuice - Cocoa & Vanilla Imp StoutStout11.5DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldHuge creamy head and bags of aroma. Aroma and taste are roast malt, chocolate, coffee, licorice, fruits, caramel and has a nice dry finish.
SwedenBrewskiPineapple Unplugged APAAPA4.7DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldHazy pale yellow pour with a white head. Notes of pineapple, grassy hops, citrus. Dry and herbal.
SwedenOmnipolloNebuchadnezzarImperial IPA8.5DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldOrange, crystal clear. Aroma cane sugar, tropical fruit, toffee. Palate medum, nice carbonation. Taste tangerines, pineapple. Dry finish
SwedenPoppelsAmerican Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale5.4DraughtBSF - Rest of the Worldthe aroma is hoppy with plenty of fruit the taste is medium bitterness and with a dry bitter finish.
FranceSt SylvestreGavrocheBière de Garde8.5BottleBottle Barfrench red ale. Bottle conditioned.Very sessionable 🙂
FranceThiriezRouge FlamandeBière de Garde5.8BottleBottle BarHazy amber brown with a small tan head. Aroma of malt, caramel, herbs and light ripe red fruits. Flavour is moderate sweet and bitter.
USACalderaVas DeferensDubbel8.1BottleBottle BarVas Deferens Ale is a Belgian-style ale with a unique twist incorporating a little snip of this and a little snip of that. This is an extremely rare release, Belgian-Style Strong Ale brewed with blood orange zest, orange bitters, and dark Belgian candi sugar
USAEvil TwinFalco - IPAIPA7.0CanBottle BarSweet floral and piney hop aroma with hints of spiciness
USAEvil TwinLow Life - US PilsnerPilsner5.5CanBottle Barmells of citrus hops and pine. Slight citrus and light flavor
USAHereticShallow GravePorter7.0BottleBottle BarAroma: chocolate, coffee, App.: black, beige head light sweetness, full body, creamy,
USAWestbrook BrewingIPA IPA6.5CanBottle Barhazy golden full white head. Pleasant aroma of citrus and pine. Medium sweet taste. Medium body , finishes with dry hop bitterness.
USAWestbrook BrewingWhite ThaiWheat5.0CanBottle BarAroma is of citrus, lemon grass and a touch of peach. Taste: citrussy, but also with a light touch of peach (like Belgian yeast). Palate is ver smooth.
USACrooked Stave ArtisanSt BrettaBrett Saison5.8DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldI have no idea which particular version it will be until it gets here!
USACrooked Stave ArtisanSurettaOA Provision Saison6.2DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldI have no idea which particular version it will be until it gets here!
USACrooked Stave ArtisanNordic Blueberry - SourSour Fruit5.5DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldWild ale with blueberries, Kissmeyer heather, and yarrow.
USACrooked Stave ArtisanPetite Sour Raspberry OASour Fruit5.5DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldRed color with off white to pinkish head. Yeasty aroma, funky, barnyard notes, sweet and tart fruity, berries. Sweet and acidic taste
USACrooked Stave ArtisanPetite Sour Rosé OASour Fruit5.0DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldWild ale aged in oak barrels on fruit skins.
USACrooked Stave ArtisanPetite Sour Tart Cherry OASour Fruit5.5DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldMixed Fermentation Ale Aged in Oak with Tart Cherries
USACrooked Stave ArtisanOne Claw PAPale Ale5.5DraughtBSF - Rest of the Worldclear gold with a huge white head and an earthy aroma. There is a medium-bodied pale malt flavor with a nice bitter rye maltiness.
CzechPivovar BernardDarkDark Lager5.1DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldAn unpasteurized beer brewed from four types of malt, with a distinctive full taste and a fine bitterness.
CzechPivovar BernardLightLight Pilsner3.8DraughtBSF - Rest of the WorldA golden Pilsner-style lager with a richness of colour and aromatic bouquet and a full bodied flavour, smooth and refreshing with no aftertaste

In addition to the draught beers listed above there will be a range of German beers available in both bottles and on draught. The styles will include wheat beers both dark and pale, Altbier from Dusseldorf, Kolsch from Cologne, Rauchbier from Bamberg and other regional specialities. The details of the full range will not be known until the beers are delivered. All German Beers at this festival are brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot Purity Law and are Vegan.