Unfined beers suitable for vegetarians 2017

Most of the beers at the festival are fined with isinglass, a derivative from the sturgeon fish, to aid clarity. However, a growing number of brewers are making beers without isinglass finings making them suitable for vegetarians.
Below is a list of beers where the brewer has advised that they are unfined and therefore suitable for vegetarians.

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Aces High
Collyhurst, Manchester
Classic IPA, hoppy and delicious
BlackJackBarley WineBW9.6Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackOur first Barleywine coming in at a nice warming 9.6%, lots of malt and mainly hopped with goldings and admiral
BlackJackBelmelonSB5.8Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackPale ale hopped with a combination of Belma and Huell Melon with a bit of Pekko dry hopping
BlackJackBlack MariaBIPA5.8Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackHoppy aroma, light body with stout colour & tasty roasty malt flavour with lots ofUS hops.
BlackJackBockSp6Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackA famous style of German dark lager with Munich wheat malt and a bit of chocolate to give that rich malty flavour and hopped with Noble hops
BlackJackCentennial LightB3.6Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackLight and refreshing pale ale single hopped with plenty of Centennial
BlackJackDragon's TearsSa5.2Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackGolden saison, brewed with Ella whole hops. Late addtions of Dragon's Tears, Jasmine tea
BlackJackFirst DealBB4.4Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackA ruby bitter with a nicely balanced malt/ hoppiness with spicy/blackcurrant overtones.
BlackJackKing of ClubsS7.4Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackRobust Imperial stout with roast coffee & berry nose, tangy berry & liquorice taste and a dry roasted finish.
BlackJackOne Eyed JackP6Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackHeavily hopped, slightly smokey porter using the singular hop, Sorachi Ace which imparts a unique flavour
BlackJackShuffled DeckGA3.8Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackA light and pleasantly hoppy pale ale with slight orange/ grapefruit overtones
BlackJackSolitaireBB4.3Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackStripped back pale ale with blend of lager malt and Maris Otter, simply hopped with delicate American & German varieties
BlackJackTexas Hold 'emSB4.7Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackA pale ale with a bit of Munich malt, hopped with Nugget, Bravo and Amarillo
BlackJackThe PokiesB3.6Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackNew Zealand hop session pale ale
Brass CastleBad KittyP5.5MaltonBrass CastleA chewy chocolate vanilla dream of a porter.
Brass CastleBlack RussianP7MaltonBrass CastleRobust Baltic Porter with coffee beans and cacao nibs added during fermentation
Brass CastleEclipseSp5.7MaltonBrass CastleGentle roastiness lies behind a welter of New World hops in this Cascadian Dark Ale
Brass CastleHelles LagerL4.4MaltonBrass CastleLight, refreshing, Munich-style Helles Lager. Gluten-free.
Brass CastleHelles LagerL4.4MaltonBrass CastleLight, refreshing, Munich-style Helles Lager. Gluten-free
Brass CastleHoptical IllusionSp4.3MaltonBrass CastleOur gluten-free 4.3% hop-forward pale ale bursts with tropical, citrus and pine notes. An APA that is certified to be well below the codex standard of 20ppm
Brass CastleLemmingSB7.4MaltonBrass CastleOur Cliffhanger pale ale amplified to 7.6% and again using solely cascade hops
Brass CastleSacred LakeBB4.3MaltonBrass CastlePale ale hopped with New Zealand Rakau and Waimea
Brass CastleSalty DogSo3.6MaltonBrass CastleGrapefruit gose is a gently sour and salted version of the Leipzig-born style. The beer carries flavour complexity (oak, vanilla and smoke) from the wood barrel
Brass CastleSunshineIPA5.7MaltonBrass CastleBitterness is balanced by malt sweetness in our IPA and dry-hopping rounds out the aroma
MarbleA Carefully Planned Pale AleSB4.8Collyhurst, ManchesterMarbleThis ale combines the chewy sweetness and peppery spice of crystal rye with richly juicy and tropical Australian hops - huge aromas of ripe peach, pineapple and passionfruit jump out of the glass
MarbleChocolate MarbleS5.5Collyhurst, ManchesterMarbleA strong, stout-like ale. Warming chocolate aroma and taste.
MarbleEarl Grey IPASp6.8Collyhurst, ManchesterMarbleA pale but strong beer with a subtle hint of Earl Grey tea in the aftertaste.
MarbleExtra PorterP5.9Collyhurst, ManchesterMarbleBrewed to Entire Butt standards. Heavily hopped with Citra and Nelson Sauvin during the boil, then again with the Citra during fermentation. The result: an aggressively bitter US-style porter with a seductively fruity aroma of grapefruit, mango and tangerine
MarbleHowgate & KempSB6.4Collyhurst, ManchesterMarbleA New Zealand hopped pale ale orginally brewed as a collaboration. Howgate has moved on & Kemp is now Marble's Head Brewer!
MarbleLagonda IPAIPA5Collyhurst, ManchesterMarbleClassic india pale ale, immense citrus and floral hop notes balanced against a dry bitter finish.
MarbleManchester BitterBB4.2Collyhurst, ManchesterMarbleYellowy gold with white head. Light, citrusy and bitter hop aroma then biscuity maltiness. Hop bitterness with dry floral finish.
MarblePintGA3.9Collyhurst, ManchesterMarblePale straw-gold colour with a sharp, hoppy aroma, and a strong hoppiness in the flavour, plus a fresh, citrus-tang.
Pig & PorterCast No ShadowSp5.7Royal Tunbridge WellsPig & PorterCoffee stout - big coffee & chicory flavour with added Kahlua liqueur
Pig & PorterDisgraceful BehaviourSp6Royal Tunbridge WellsPig & PorterCoffee stout - big coffee & chicory flavour with added Kahlua liqueur
Pig & PorterFire & BloodSa6.5Royal Tunbridge WellsPig & PorterCoffee stout - big coffee & chicory flavour with added Kahlua liqueur
Pig & PorterLove MedicineP6Royal Tunbridge WellsPig & PorterCoffee stout - big coffee & chicory flavour with added Kahlua liqueur
Pig & PorterSigns Of TrivialitySa5.5Royal Tunbridge WellsPig & PorterA classic saison style brewed with English hops to give an element of sherbet lemon in the aftertaste
Pig & PorterSlow BlackS5.1Royal Tunbridge WellsPig & PorterFull mouthfeel with smoothness & limited bitterness. Smooth coffee & chocolate with a hint of berry fruit
Pig & PorterWhispering BobIPA6.5Royal Tunbridge WellsPig & PorterAn American IPA. Solid malt base with a hint of toffee and elements of grapefruit, pine & peach in the aroma
Anspach & HobdayThe Griotte B.A. SyrahSP5LondonKey-kegCherry infused & bright pink in colour, finely balanced notes of fruit, sourness and complex notes from the Syrah barrel.
Brew by NumbersPale Ale 21|60SB5.2BermondseyKey-kegA naturally hazy pale ale bursting with Mosaic and Enigma's vibrant and juicy tropical fruit notes.
Brew by NumbersSaison 01|20Sa5.3BermondseyKey-kegSoft citrus and grape notes from Hallertau Blanc weave neatly into Wai-iti's waxy lemon zest character in this fruit-forward and delicately spicy saison
Burning SkyDevils RestIPA7FirleKey-kegDeceptively drinkable, with a burnt orange colour and full flavour in the mouth. Huge amounts of Simcoe & Centennial hops find their way into the kettle, with even more sneaking in post fermentation for a ‘proper’ IPA flavour.
Burning SkySaison L'HiverSa4.2FirleKey-kegThe same base recipe as the L'Automne but has been infused with Hawthorne leaves and berries. The result is subtle but distinct.
ElusiveHopperfenweisseW5.4FinchampsteadKey-kegA Munich style wheat beer hopped with NZ Rakau hops then dry hopped with Amarillo
ElusiveLevel UpSB5FinchampsteadKey-kegA red ale that balances six different malts against heavyweight hops to produce a beer with great depth of flavour and aroma
Elusive / Wild WeatherHerman ToothrootSB7.6FinchampsteadKey-kegColumbus hops, full malt body & raisins soaked in spiced Rum give a rich beer with layers of flavour & complexity
FivecloudsWinter PaleSB5MacclesfieldKey-kegHopped with Ahtanum, Cascade & a touch of Chinook, crisp and easy drinking
IntrepidChristmas Pudding StoutS7.5BroughKey-kegA rich full bodied stout with deep Christmas pudding flavours.
Mad HatterLiverpool TartSo4.2LiverpoolKey-kegLemon gose : sessionable, tart, based on the scouse sweet treat
Mad HatterNightmare on Bold StreetS5.3LiverpoolKey-kegA luxuriously smooth milk stout, cold infused with the finest coffee beans.
Mad HatterTzatzikiSo4LiverpoolKey-kegThis kettle sour was made using Greek yoghurt, with added cucumbers and mint soaked in ouzo. Yamas!
Ramsbottom CraftNZ Black DIPASB7.2RamsbottomKey-kegCascadian dark ale with New Zealand hops
Stubborn MuleChocolate StoutS5.8TimperleyKey-kegChocolate malts & a good helping of the best cacao powder makes an extremely drinkable mid-abv stout
TorrsideFranconiaSP5.2New MillsKey-kegDeep golden ale brewed with 85% smoked malt, inspired by the smoked beer traditions of Germany
TorrsideI'm SpartacusIPA6.8New MillsKey-kegBig fruity IPA, loaded with even more Simcoe hops
TorrsideWest Of The SunBB4.5New MillsKey-kegLight fruity pale ale with generous amounts of Wai-iti & Green Bullet hops from New Zealand
TorrsideWith Strange AeonsS10New MillsKey-kegSerious imperial stout, big, complex and warming
Ramsbottom CraftNZ Black DIPASB7.1RamsbottomKey-keg (cask)Cascadian dark ale with New Zealand hops
Stubborn MuleChocolate StoutS5.8TimperleyKey-keg (cask)Chocolate malts & a good helping of the best cacao powder makes an extremely drinkable mid-abv stout
TorrsideWest Of The SunBB4.5New MillsKey-keg (cask)Light fruity pale ale with generous amounts of Wai-iti & Green Bullet hops from New Zealand
Elusive​HopperfenweisseW5.4Finchampstead1Munich style wheat beer hopped with NZ Rakau hops & dry hopped with Amarillo. Unfined & hazy
ElusiveThe Nightmare RoomP6Finchampstead1Robust, roasty Porter with rauch smoked malt contributing a fruity smokiness. Unfined.
First ChopAVAB3.5Salford1Reminiscent of classic continental lager due to Saaz hops but with punch from Galaxy & Columbus hops.
First ChopIPAIPA4.5Salford1Classic India Pale Ale
First ChopIPAIPA4.5Salford1Classic India Pale Ale
First ChopPOPIPA5.4Salford1US style IPA, pale amber with orange & spicy hop notes with an extra citrus burst from added orange oils.
FivecloudsWinter PaleSB5Macclesfield1Hopped with Ahtanum, Cascade & a touch of Chinook, crisp and easy drinking
LangwithLord HumungousP4.8Mansfield2Aroma of dry oatmeal & bitter chocolate; soft & smooth flavours with liquorice overtones
LangwithLucy LocketIPA5.1Mansfield2Crisp, sweet flavours with a Citrus aftertaste & subtle hop aromas
LangwithMystic PegBB4.1Mansfield2Floral, fresh aroma with a hint of grapefruit. Crisp taste with a zesty bite
LangwithScuba MozzSB5.2Mansfield2Amber ale with floral & fruity pine aroma; Smooth roast & tangy flavours
LangwithStumpy's BitterB3.8Mansfield2Light golden bitter. Full bodied & dry with a balanced malt sweetness
OffbeatDelisherousS6.1Crewe2Rich, sweet stout - the beer equivalent of a mug of hot chocolate by a log fire
OffbeatUnconventional Lime Pepper SaisonSa4.6Crewe2Citrusy fruit & a hint of black pepper make a clean refreshing pint
OrigamiArctic FoxIPA7Manchester2Specially brewed for #MBCF17, a strong, pale, very hoppy ale brewed with Mosaic hops
Serious BrewingMoonlightS4.5Rochdale3Silky smooth stout with chocolate notes and a bitter hop finish
Stubborn MuleAbsolute BankerSB4.7Timperley3Smooth pale ale with a bitter finish and citrus notes
TorrsideWith Strange AeonsS10New Mills3Serious imperial stout, big, complex and warming
Torrside / MBCFMild4JohnSp3.8New Mills3Dark smooth mild brewed with outs for mouthfeel and liquorice root for long sweet finish. Brewed specially for #MBCF17 with John "@Beers4John" Clarke.