UK Beers 2017

Here’s the list of cask & key-keg conditioned British beers for 2017.

All beers will be on sale as soon as they are ready to be sold and for as long as they last (with exception of key-keg and selected brewery bars). Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular beer.

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Cask & key-keg beers

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Bar name / number
BlackJackAces HighSB5.5Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackClassic IPA, hoppy and delicious
BlackJackBarley WineBW9.6Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackOur first Barleywine coming in at a nice warming 9.6%, lots of malt and mainly hopped with goldings and admiral
BlackJackBelmelonSB5.8Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackPale ale hopped with a combination of Belma and Huell Melon with a bit of Pekko dry hopping
BlackJackBlack MariaBIPA5.8Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackHoppy aroma, light body with stout colour & tasty roasty malt flavour with lots ofUS hops.
BlackJackBockSp6Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackA famous style of German dark lager with Munich wheat malt and a bit of chocolate to give that rich malty flavour and hopped with Noble hops
BlackJackCentennial LightB3.6Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackLight and refreshing pale ale single hopped with plenty of Centennial
BlackJackDragon's TearsSa5.2Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackGolden saison, brewed with Ella whole hops. Late addtions of Dragon's Tears, Jasmine tea
BlackJackFirst DealBB4.4Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackA ruby bitter with a nicely balanced malt/ hoppiness with spicy/blackcurrant overtones.
BlackJackKing of ClubsS7.4Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackRobust Imperial stout with roast coffee & berry nose, tangy berry & liquorice taste and a dry roasted finish.
BlackJackOne Eyed JackP6Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackHeavily hopped, slightly smokey porter using the singular hop, Sorachi Ace which imparts a unique flavour
BlackJackShuffled DeckGA3.8Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackA light and pleasantly hoppy pale ale with slight orange/ grapefruit overtones
BlackJackSolitaireBB4.3Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackStripped back pale ale with blend of lager malt and Maris Otter, simply hopped with delicate American & German varieties
BlackJackTexas Hold 'emSB4.7Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackA pale ale with a bit of Munich malt, hopped with Nugget, Bravo and Amarillo
BlackJackThe PokiesB3.6Collyhurst, ManchesterBlackJackNew Zealand hop session pale ale
BollingtonBollington BestGA4.2BollingtonBollingtonA delightfully hoppy bitter. Clean & Crisp with a light golden colour and refreshing bitter after taste.
BollingtonChinook & GrapefruitSp3.6BollingtonBollingtonFresh grapefruit zest and juice paired with punchy Chinook hops
BollingtonGinger BrewSp3.6BollingtonBollingtonA classic ginger bitter, pale hoppy bitter flavour, a smooth taste with fresh root ginger added at the end.
BollingtonLong HopGA3.9BollingtonBollingtonPale lager style bitter with fruity refreshing hops.
BollingtonOat Mill StoutS5BollingtonBollingtonOatmeal Stout with a twist. Hoppy bitter taste keeps sweetness in check and allows for a great dark beer.
BollingtonResonanceIPA4.3BollingtonBollingtonA pale fruity session IPA with aromas of tropical fruit, soft sweet taste and finished with a dry hop flavour
BollingtonWhite NancyB3.6BollingtonBollingtonPale coloured session ale with lots of body and good fruity taste.
Brass CastleBad KittyP5.5MaltonBrass CastleA chewy chocolate vanilla dream of a porter.
Brass CastleBlack RussianP7MaltonBrass CastleRobust Baltic Porter with coffee beans and cacao nibs added during fermentation
Brass CastleEclipseSp5.7MaltonBrass CastleGentle roastiness lies behind a welter of New World hops in this Cascadian Dark Ale
Brass CastleHelles LagerL4.4MaltonBrass CastleLight, refreshing, Munich-style Helles Lager. Gluten-free.
Brass CastleHelles LagerL4.4MaltonBrass CastleLight, refreshing, Munich-style Helles Lager. Gluten-free
Brass CastleHoptical IllusionSp4.3MaltonBrass CastleOur gluten-free 4.3% hop-forward pale ale bursts with tropical, citrus and pine notes. An APA that is certified to be well below the codex standard of 20ppm
Brass CastleLemmingSB7.4MaltonBrass CastleOur Cliffhanger pale ale amplified to 7.6% and again using solely cascade hops
Brass CastleSacred LakeBB4.3MaltonBrass CastlePale ale hopped with New Zealand Rakau and Waimea
Brass CastleSalty DogSo3.6MaltonBrass CastleGrapefruit gose is a gently sour and salted version of the Leipzig-born style. The beer carries flavour complexity (oak, vanilla and smoke) from the wood barrel
Brass CastleSunshineIPA5.7MaltonBrass CastleBitterness is balanced by malt sweetness in our IPA and dry-hopping rounds out the aroma
BrewsmithAPASB5RamsbottomBrewsmithA pale ale brewed with American hops with resinous pine, grapefruit and pine aromas
BrewsmithBitterB3.9RamsbottomBrewsmithA pale session bitter. Moderate bitterness, pronounced floral/citrus hop aromas.
BrewsmithGalaxyB3.9RamsbottomBrewsmithRefreshingly ultra pale ale loaded with fruity Galaxy, Calypso and Willamette hops
BrewsmithNew Zealand PaleGA4.2RamsbottomBrewsmithMotueka, Wakatu, Rakau and Dr Rudi hops create this pronounced floral and pine aromas with assertive bitterness
BrewsmithOatmeal StoutS5.2RamsbottomBrewsmithFull richly textured stout. Balanced bitterness. Coffee, liquorish, blackcurrant & citrus aromas.
BrewsmithOatmeal StoutS5.2RamsbottomBrewsmithFull richly textured stout. Balanced bitterness. Coffee, liquorish, blackcurrant & citrus aromas.
BrightsideCitra BlondeBB4.2RadcliffeBrightsideEverything you'd expect from a Citra blonde; refreshing and zingy on the palate with lots of citrus and tropical fruit flavours and aromas
BrightsideEquinoxIPA5RadcliffeBrightsideThe next in their single hopped IPA range. The next super popular hop, giving Citra a run for its money. It’s bursting with tropical fruit (not just citrus) and has a nice herbal edge to it. Give it a go!
BrightsideMaverickIPA4.8RadcliffeBrightsideA light amber IPA based on American hops
BrightsideUnderworldP4.4RadcliffeBrightsideRefreshing, crisp porter with mainly English hops, but relying primarily on the malt for flavour.
BrightsideUS Cask LagerL4.3RadcliffeBrightsideBrewed in a traditional lager method with lager yeast, but this time with Columbus and Citra taking centre stage, for a more hop-forward modern style of lager. Clean and crisp as you’d expect, but fruity and hoppy to boot
WildsideGinger & Orange Golden AleSp4.5BrightsideHops: Rakau, Columbus, Citra. Malt: Lager, Cara Blonde, Amber, Crystal, Wheat. Extras: Fresh and ground ginger, orange oil, cloves. Result: Awesome fiery citrus
WildsideImperial GoldSB6.8BrightsideHops: Equinox, Simcoe, Columbus. Malt: Lager, Cara Blonde & Ruby, Wheat. Result: Epic mouthful!
WildsideRed Chilli LagerSp4.8BrightsideHops: Southern Cross. Malt: Lager, Cara Blonde, Wheat. Extras: Dried bird's-eye chilli, fresh red chilli, ground hot paprika, lime oil. Result: The calm and the storm
WildsideRoggenbierSp5BrightsideHops: Polaris, Hallertau Blanc. Malt: Pale Ale, Rye, Special B, Roast Barley, Wheat. Result: Das ist gut!
HawksheadBitterB3.7StaveleyHawksheadA pale, hoppy and bitter ale: a slight elderflower aroma from Slovenian "Celeia" hops, followed by long bitterness. A great session bitter
HawksheadBrodie's PrimeP4.9StaveleyHawksheadA dark premium beer, which is not what it seems. Rich and malty with a roasted edge, but then comes the spiciness and fruits.
HawksheadBrodie's PrimeP4.9StaveleyHawksheadA dark premium beer, which is not what it seems. Rich and malty with a roasted edge, but then comes the spiciness and fruits.
HawksheadBrodie's Prime ExportBW8.5StaveleyHawksheadExtra strength Brodie's Prime. More intense flavour but still velvety smooth.
HawksheadCumbrian Five HopGA5StaveleyHawksheadZesty, tropical fruit flavours balanced by juicy malt character.
HawksheadDry Stone StoutS4.5StaveleyHawksheadWell-balanced dry traditional stout with a long dry finish.
HawksheadLakeland GoldGA4.4StaveleyHawksheadHoppy and uncompromisingly bitter with complex fruit flavours from the blending of three hops
HawksheadNZPASB6StaveleyHawksheadPacked with wild fruit flavours. Made of four New Zealand hops (Green Bullet, Riwaka, Motueka & Nelson Sauvin) by a Kiwi brewer.
HawksheadSession IPAIPA4.7StaveleyHawksheadNew session IPA from Cumbria
HawksheadWindermere PaleGA3.5StaveleyHawksheadMaris Otter pale ale malt with a bit of wheat. Loads of fruity hop flavours. The signature aroma hop is Citra.
MarbleA Carefully Planned Pale AleSB4.8Collyhurst, ManchesterMarbleThis ale combines the chewy sweetness and peppery spice of crystal rye with richly juicy and tropical Australian hops - huge aromas of ripe peach, pineapple and passionfruit jump out of the glass
MarbleChocolate MarbleS5.5Collyhurst, ManchesterMarbleA strong, stout-like ale. Warming chocolate aroma and taste.
MarbleEarl Grey IPASp6.8Collyhurst, ManchesterMarbleA pale but strong beer with a subtle hint of Earl Grey tea in the aftertaste.
MarbleExtra PorterP5.9Collyhurst, ManchesterMarbleBrewed to Entire Butt standards. Heavily hopped with Citra and Nelson Sauvin during the boil, then again with the Citra during fermentation. The result: an aggressively bitter US-style porter with a seductively fruity aroma of grapefruit, mango and tangerine
MarbleHowgate & KempSB6.4Collyhurst, ManchesterMarbleA New Zealand hopped pale ale orginally brewed as a collaboration. Howgate has moved on & Kemp is now Marble's Head Brewer!
MarbleLagonda IPAIPA5Collyhurst, ManchesterMarbleClassic india pale ale, immense citrus and floral hop notes balanced against a dry bitter finish.
MarbleManchester BitterBB4.2Collyhurst, ManchesterMarbleYellowy gold with white head. Light, citrusy and bitter hop aroma then biscuity maltiness. Hop bitterness with dry floral finish.
MarblePintGA3.9Collyhurst, ManchesterMarblePale straw-gold colour with a sharp, hoppy aroma, and a strong hoppiness in the flavour, plus a fresh, citrus-tang.
Outstanding3.9GA3.9BuryOutstandingExtra pale, light, hoppy
OutstandingBlondBB4.5BuryOutstandingPale, citrussy, refreshing
OutstandingChocolate Liqueur StoutS4.9BuryOutstandingJet black, roasty, bittersweet chocolate!
OutstandingImperial IPABW7.4BuryOutstandingGolden, strong, implausibly hopped.
OutstandingRedBB4.4BuryOutstandingCopper coloured, mellow, biscuity
OutstandingRye Pale Ale 4.2%BB4.2BuryOutstandingDarker amber coloured ale. Has a dominant fruitiness, but an underlying citrus bitterness running through it
OutstandingSorachi WeissBB4.4BuryOutstandingCloudy, lemon & lime, wheat
OutstandingSorachi WeissSp4.7BuryOutstandingCloudy, lemon & lime, wheat
Pig & PorterCast No ShadowSp5.7Royal Tunbridge WellsPig & PorterCoffee stout - big coffee & chicory flavour with added Kahlua liqueur
Pig & PorterDisgraceful BehaviourSp6Royal Tunbridge WellsPig & PorterCoffee stout - big coffee & chicory flavour with added Kahlua liqueur
Pig & PorterDream MoreGA4.2Royal Tunbridge WellsPig & PorterA series of 4.2% Pale Ales designed to showcase the particular characteristics of some of our favourite hops. This version features Mosaic, giving notes of Tropical fruit particularly Mango.
Pig & PorterFire & BloodSa6.5Royal Tunbridge WellsPig & PorterCoffee stout - big coffee & chicory flavour with added Kahlua liqueur
Pig & PorterLove MedicineP6Royal Tunbridge WellsPig & PorterCoffee stout - big coffee & chicory flavour with added Kahlua liqueur
Pig & PorterRed Spider RyeSB4.8Royal Tunbridge WellsPig & PorterRuby red ale with rye malt and Centennial & Columbus hops. Peppery spiciness & a massive burst of citrus.
Pig & PorterSigns Of TrivialitySa5.5Royal Tunbridge WellsPig & PorterA classic saison style brewed with English hops to give an element of sherbet lemon in the aftertaste
Pig & PorterSkylarkingIPA4Royal Tunbridge WellsPig & PorterUltra-pale session IPA hopped with Ella and Galaxy for hints of tropical fruit, mango, lychee & melon
Pig & PorterSlow BlackS5.1Royal Tunbridge WellsPig & PorterFull mouthfeel with smoothness & limited bitterness. Smooth coffee & chocolate with a hint of berry fruit
Pig & PorterWhispering BobIPA6.5Royal Tunbridge WellsPig & PorterAn American IPA. Solid malt base with a hint of toffee and elements of grapefruit, pine & peach in the aroma
RunawayAmerican BrownSB5.7ManchesterRunawaySeriously moreish Brown Ale with caramel sweetness balanced by big flavour hops
RunawayDouble IPAIPA7.2ManchesterRunawayIntensely hoppy, clean, but full bodied American style DIPA. Balance of malty sweetness, fruity aromas & hop driven bitterness
RunawayDry Irish StoutS4.5ManchesterRunawayBig roasted dry stout. Hint of milky sweetness to the finish
RunawayGingerbread Stout (BB aged)Sp6.7ManchesterRunawayRich, sweet stout brewed with cinnamon, clove and root ginger for a seasonal twist on a classic beer
RunawayNZ PaleBB4.2ManchesterRunawayLight, crisp and fruity pale ale, brewed exclusively using tropical, juicy New Zealand hops
RunawayPaleSB4.7ManchesterRunawayCrisp, dry, refreshing Pale Ale with a big citrus character
RunawayWinter SaisonSa6.3ManchesterRunawayRedcurrant edition. Collaboration with Mallinson's Brewery, Huddersfield.
Tiny RebelBeat BoxBB4.5NewportTiny RebelFloral sweet citrusy hop aroma. Taste of orange or tangerine citrus with bitter grapefruit, malt and dry finish
Tiny RebelCherry BombSo5NewportTiny RebelExplosively sour, Cherry Bomb is packed full of sweet cherries that round off this modern take on a kriek. Usually only found on keg this is a real and rare treat for MBCF!
Tiny RebelCwtchBB4.6NewportTiny RebelCitrus & tropical fruit dominate the taste, backed up with caramel malts
Tiny RebelFubarGA4.4NewportTiny RebelFloral hoppy flavours up front, leading into a dry spicy bitterness on the back.
Tiny RebelFubarGA4.4NewportTiny RebelFloral hoppy flavours up front, leading into a dry spicy bitterness on the back.
Tiny RebelFugg LifeBB4.2NewportTiny RebelDelivers a rich bitterness before a clean, dry finish
Tiny RebelHankB4NewportTiny RebelWith tropical and citrus aromas and a low-to-medium bitterness, this is one easygoing West Coast-style beer. Floral flavours with slight caramel and biscuit notes make this well-balanced and highly drinkable
Tiny RebelJuicyGA4.8NewportTiny RebelFilled with the juiciest hops offering many mouth-watering flavours
Tiny RebelStay PuftP5.2NewportTiny RebelMarshmallow porter has the classic roasty qualities of a proper dark ale, whilst the marshmallow gives it a smooth sweetness, both combining for a delightful, S’mores-like ale. A sweet treat for the cold winter nights.
TrackDouble SonomaIPA8.2Ancoats, ManchesterTrack
TrackGoing to the SunIPA7Ancoats, ManchesterTrack
TrackMojaveBB4.2Ancoats, ManchesterTrackLight in colour with a peppery aftertaste
TrackMojaveBb4.3Ancoats, ManchesterTrackLight in colour with a peppery aftertaste
TrackSonomaGA3.8Ancoats, ManchesterTrackA fantastic session pale, fairly dry but refreshing and fruity too.
TrackTobaS5.6Ancoats, ManchesterTrackRich & smooth Oatmeal Stout combining rich chocolate & roasted malts with smooth hop bitterness & citrus notes
TrackTreble ConeIPA5.5Ancoats, ManchesterTrackNew Zeakand hopped IPA
TrackVic Secret4Ancoats, ManchesterTrack
TrackZakaBb4.8Ancoats, ManchesterTrackBeautiful fresh tasting modern pale ale
BatemansDark LordSM4.4WainfleetIFBBA dark, mahogany beer with a rich, nutty flavour and spicy bittersweet finish.
BatemansGoldGA3.9WainfleetIFBBRefreshing golden beer brewed with lager malt and Chinook & Cascade hops, giving citrus flavour and aroma
BatemansXBB3.7WainfleetIFBBClassic amber ale crafted by the fusion of English Golding and Challenger hops with Lincolnshire pale and chocolate malts, slowly matured to create a grainy quaffable beer
BatemansXXXBBB4.5WainfleetIFBBClassic English tawny pale ale, fruity with peppery aroma and fruity, biscuity flavour.
Bath AlesGemSB4.1BathIFBBChestnut brown with spicy hop, malt & toffee aromas and balanced bitter sweet flavour
BrainsBread of HeavenB4CardiffIFBBTraditional with distinctive reddish hue & rich hop aroma, finely balanced by a more-ish fruit finish
BrainsCafé PhoenixP4.4CardiffIFBBRich, dark & smooth Porter with flavours of caramel, toffee and coffee. Single-hopped with UK Phoenix and accentuated with a coffee blend
BrainsThe Rev James GoldGA4.1CardiffIFBBCrisp, sweet golden ale with fresh fruit flavours balanced by an intriguing depth & light malty aroma.
BrainsThe Rev James OriginalBB4.5CardiffIFBBRich & well-balanced with mellow malty flavour that gives way to a clean, refreshing finish
Fuller'sBengal LancerIPA5ChiswickIFBBPale in colour, full-bodied with a distinctive hoppiness that marks it out as a true India Pale Ale.
Fuller'sESBSB5.5ChiswickIFBBWonderful rich mahogany . Cherry and orange, balanced by soft malty toffee and caramel notes.
Fuller'sLondon PorterP5.4ChiswickIFBBRich, dark and complex, this beer has an outstanding depth of flavour.
Fuller'sOlivers IslandGA3.8ChiswickIFBBQuenching, zesty ale brewed with orange peel. Hops & malt work together in glorious harmony
Harvey'sArmada AleBB4.5LewesIFBBDry-hopped. A golden ale with a vibrant hop tone and a dry finish
Harvey'sOld AleO4.3LewesIFBBRich and dark. Soft and full bodied, with hints of dried fruits and dates
Harvey'sPrince Of DenmarkS7.5LewesIFBBComplex beer with aromas of leather, chocolate & liquorice, with a lingering taste
Harvey'sSussex Best BitterB4LewesIFBBA blend of four local hops creates a superbly balanced bitter
HoltBitterB4Cheetham HillIFBBCopper-coloured beer with malt and hops in aroma and taste. Long-lasting bitterness to finish.
HoltBootleg Brewing Co Fools GoldB3.9Cheetham HillIFBBA crisp pale ale with tropical fruit hops.
HoltBootleg Brewing Co Urban FoxBB4.2Cheetham HillIFBBA red "rye PA" packed with citrus hops. An ideal session beer.
HoltTwo HootsGA4.2Cheetham HillIFBBA light, crisp and refreshing golden ale, with a hint of citrus and slightly sweet aftertaste.
HydesLowryGA4.7WeasteIFBBCitra & Chinook hops produce a refreshing golden beer
HydesMount LubinGA5WeasteIFBBGolden Ale
HydesOld IndieM3.5WeasteIFBBSmooth ebony ale with subtle notes of roasted malt & caramel
HydesWest Coast WheatW4WeasteIFBBU.S. style dark wheat ale
LeesAtomicB3.8MiddletonIFBBAmber beer brewed with new british hop variaety. Fruity hoppy aroma & bitter smooth flavour
LeesBitterB4MiddletonIFBBAn all-malt brew setting the standard for Northern ales. Amber beer with malty and citrus fruit aftertaste. First brewed in 1828.
LeesHarvest AleBW11.5MiddletonIFBBLimited edition vintage barley wine, made once & once only from the first hops of the year and the very finest British malt. Very rare in cask conditioned form
LeesManchester StarO7.3MiddletonIFBBChocolate, malty overtones & a warming finish from 100% British malt, chocolate malt & Goldings hops
LeesMoonrakerBW6.5MiddletonIFBBReddish-brown beer with strong, malty fruit aroma. Flavour is rich and sweet. Finish is fruity yet dry.
LeesMPAGA3.7MiddletonIFBBA golden ale made from all British malt, Liberty & Mount Hood hops
McMullensAKB3.7HertfordIFBBSoft malty taste with a light fragrant aroma & clean finish.
McMullensCountryBB4.3HertfordIFBBGolden bitter with hints of citrus and spicy berries for a well balanced beer
McMullensImperial IPAIPA5.6HertfordIFBBFull bodied IPA with a delicate roast coffee, burnt caramel aroma and a full fruit balance
McMullensStronghartO7HertfordIFBB36 month Barrel aged liquid Christmas pudding. Rich, dark & exceptionally smooth. Former CAMRA champion Barley Wine
PalmersBest BitterBB4.2BridportIFBBA full-drinking, malty ale with a delicious hop character.
PalmersCopper AleB3.7BridportIFBBBalanced, copper-coloured session ale, good citrus fruit with a hoppy aroma
PalmersDorset GoldGA4.5BridportIFBBA refreshing and thirst-quenching golden premium ale, with a palate that’s full and fruity and lightly hopped with Kent Goldings.
PalmersTally HoO5.5BridportIFBBStrong, nutty, full strength dark beer. Oaky and roasted flavour, with deep and distinctive taste.
RobinsonsDizzy BlondeB3.8StockportIFBBRefreshing with a clean zesty hop dominated palate complemented by a crisp dry finish.
RobinsonsDizzy Resolution!O4.4StockportIFBBAromas of roasted malt & fruity hop with dash of liquorice balanced by the addition of Demerara sugar. A warming full bodied pint
RobinsonsOld TomBW8.5StockportIFBBLegendary, full-bodied dark beer. Complex flavours includes dark chocolate, port, and dark fruits.
RobinsonsTrooperSB4.8StockportIFBBMalt flavours and citric notes from a unique blend of Bobec, Goldings and Cascade hops dominate this deep golden ale with a subtle hint of lemon.
Shepherd NeameHog Island East Coast Pale AleSB4.8FavershamIFBBitrus, pine and fruit aromas melded with light caramel notes & robust bitterness
Shepherd NeameSpitfireBB4.2FavershamIFBBDark amber with fruit & toffee on the nose and spicy hoppy bitterness
Shepherd NeameSpitfire GoldGA4.1FavershamIFBBBalanced, light golden ale with citrus &pine aroma, sweet malt flavour and soft bitter finish
St AustellBombay Steamer East India PorterP5.3St. AustellIFBBRobust dark porter with strong bitterness imparted by English Goldings Hops inspired by the original East India Porters of the 1850s
St AustellProper JobIPA4.5St. AustellIFBBIPA packed full of citrus pineapple, grapefruit resinous flavours with a fine crisp bitter finish
St AustellTributeBB4.2St. AustellIFBBLight, hoppy, zesty orange & grapefruit flavours balanced with biscuit malt
TheakstonAtlantic RedBB4.3MashamIFBBFull bodied American Red brewed with Pilgrim hops to give a spicy honey cedarwood character
TheakstonBlack Bull BitterB3.9MashamIFBBCrisp, refreshingly dry taste with citrus fruit flavour and aroma
TheakstonLightfootBB4.1MashamIFBBA refreshing pale beer - dry and light with a pronounced floral hop aroma and a mellow, satisfying hoppy aftertaste.
TheakstonOld PeculierO5.6MashamIFBBOne of the world’s great beers – smooth, strong and mellow
ThwaitesCraft CrusaderB3.9BlackburnIFBBWhole leaf Crusader hops give a spicy floral bitterness, balanced with light biscuit malt flavours
ThwaitesMMXVIIIPA3.6BlackburnIFBBFruity IPA with tropical citrus & orange flavours from a combination of five hops
ThwaitesNew LightGA3.4BlackburnIFBBLight blonde beer with citrus fruit flavours from the mixture of European & North American hops
ThwaitesRum PorterP6.2BlackburnIFBBWith oak & spice notes coming through, a slight chocolate & raisin finish and a good slug of rum!
Timothy TaylorBoltmakerB4KeighleyIFBBTawny bitter combining hops, fruit and nutty malt. Lingering, increasingly bitter aftertaste. Formerly, sometimes still, sold as Best Bitter
Timothy TaylorGolden BestM3.5KeighleyIFBBRefreshing, amber-coloured traditional Pennine light mild. Malty throughout. Fruit in the nose increases to complement the delicate hoppy taste
Timothy TaylorLandlordBB4.3KeighleyIFBBFull bodied beer with complex hop aromas and flavour
Timothy TaylorRam TamO4.3KeighleyIFBBBlack beer with red highlights. Roast coffee bitterness balanced by fruit & malt with burnt caramel coming through in the finish
Wadworth6XBB4.1DevizesIFBBCopper-coloured ale with a malty & fruity nose, some bitterness & a lingering malty bitter finish
WadworthDirty RuckerB3.9DevizesIFBBFruity on the palate and a malty sweetness leads to a peppery note for a smooth finish
WadworthFilthy ChuckerGA3.8DevizesIFBBTangy golden ale with two American hops to give a punchy, zingy citrus flavour
WadworthSwordfishSp5DevizesIFBBFull-bodied, deep copper-coloured ale flavoured with Pussers Rum
WellsBombardier Burning GoldGA4.1BedfordIFBBZesty aromas leading to a dry, crisp flavour with a hint of citrus on the palate & a smooth finish
WellsBombardier Pale AleB3.6BedfordIFBBAroma of peppery hops & raisins, palate of more dark fruit, juicy malt & tangy hops
WellsMcEwans IPAIPA4BedfordIFBBFull-bodied, hoppy ale with citrus fruit aroma & a dry refreshing finish
WellsYoungs Winter WarmerSB5BedfordIFBBRich ruby coloured beer with a complex fruity nose with hints of candy. Full bodied leading to a bittersweet, vinous finish.
Anspach & HobdayThe Griotte B.A. SyrahSP5LondonKey-kegCherry infused & bright pink in colour, finely balanced notes of fruit, sourness and complex notes from the Syrah barrel.
BoundaryAmerican Pale AleB3.5BelfastKey-kegFull bodied giving a balanced & refreshing biscuit and citrus flavour. Not too hoppy & a perfect gateway, thirst-quenching beer.
Brew by NumbersPale Ale 21|60SB5.2BermondseyKey-kegA naturally hazy pale ale bursting with Mosaic and Enigma's vibrant and juicy tropical fruit notes.
Brew by NumbersSaison 01|20Sa5.3BermondseyKey-kegSoft citrus and grape notes from Hallertau Blanc weave neatly into Wai-iti's waxy lemon zest character in this fruit-forward and delicately spicy saison
Burning SkyDevils RestIPA7FirleKey-kegDeceptively drinkable, with a burnt orange colour and full flavour in the mouth. Huge amounts of Simcoe & Centennial hops find their way into the kettle, with even more sneaking in post fermentation for a ‘proper’ IPA flavour.
Burning SkySaison L'HiverSa4.2FirleKey-kegThe same base recipe as the L'Automne but has been infused with Hawthorne leaves and berries. The result is subtle but distinct.
ElusiveHopperfenweisseW5.4FinchampsteadKey-kegA Munich style wheat beer hopped with NZ Rakau hops then dry hopped with Amarillo
ElusiveLevel UpSB5FinchampsteadKey-kegA red ale that balances six different malts against heavyweight hops to produce a beer with great depth of flavour and aroma
Elusive / Wild WeatherHerman ToothrootSB7.6FinchampsteadKey-kegColumbus hops, full malt body & raisins soaked in spiced Rum give a rich beer with layers of flavour & complexity
FivecloudsWinter PaleSB5MacclesfieldKey-kegHopped with Ahtanum, Cascade & a touch of Chinook, crisp and easy drinking
HammertonN1BB4.1IslingtonKey-kegA session pale ale with a variety of fruity and aromatic hops from around the globe. The malt and hop combination creates an interesting flavourful thirst-quenching beer.
HardknottLong DropSB4.8MillomKey-kegSession IPA containing C-hops (Columbus, Centennial, Citra). A citrus aroma with hints of soft summer fruits and a gentle bitterness.
IlkleyLotusIPA5.9IlkleyKey-kegClassic amber IPA with hints of mango and grapefruit
IntrepidChristmas Pudding StoutS7.5BroughKey-kegA rich full bodied stout with deep Christmas pudding flavours.
Mad HatterLiverpool TartSo4.2LiverpoolKey-kegLemon gose : sessionable, tart, based on the scouse sweet treat
Mad HatterNightmare on Bold StreetS5.3LiverpoolKey-kegA luxuriously smooth milk stout, cold infused with the finest coffee beans.
Mad HatterTzatzikiSo4LiverpoolKey-kegThis kettle sour was made using Greek yoghurt, with added cucumbers and mint soaked in ouzo. Yamas!
MoorAngel of EvilIPA7PitneyKey-kegStar Wars inspired black IPA celebrating the dark side of the force. Chocolate and coffee notes give way to resinous pine hop flavours.
MoorGuardian of PeaceIPA7PitneyKey-kegStar Wars inspired IPA celebrating the light side of the force. Citrus notes, bright, fresh and easy drinking.
MoorImperial EntanglementS9.7PitneyKey-kegStar Wars inspired imperial red ale, rich malt character with prominent hop flavours hiding the high ABV.
PartizanSaison KriekSa3.8BermondseyKey-kegDeep cherry red, Dry and acidic with a strong cherry aroma and flavour. Delicate mouthfeel, definitely not sweet.
Ramsbottom CraftNZ Black DIPASB7.2RamsbottomKey-kegCascadian dark ale with New Zealand hops
Ramsbottom CraftNZ Black DIPASB7.2RamsbottomKey-kegCascadian dark ale with New Zealand hops
Stubborn MuleChocolate StoutS5.8TimperleyKey-kegChocolate malts & a good helping of the best cacao powder makes an extremely drinkable mid-abv stout
Stubborn MuleMosaic Single HopIPA5.7TimperleyKey-kegStrength hidden beneath smooth caramel notes & layers of pungent whole leaf Mosaic hops
TorrsideFranconiaSP5.2New MillsKey-kegDeep golden ale brewed with 85% smoked malt, inspired by the smoked beer traditions of Germany
TorrsideI'm SpartacusIPA6.8New MillsKey-kegBig fruity IPA, loaded with even more Simcoe hops
TorrsideWest Of The SunBB4.5New MillsKey-kegLight fruity pale ale with generous amounts of Wai-iti & Green Bullet hops from New Zealand
TorrsideWith Strange AeonsS10New MillsKey-kegSerious imperial stout, big, complex and warming
Twisted BarrelSaison From Another PlaceSa5.5Key-kegA spicy and floral saison, brewed with elderflower and pink & black peppercorns. Well carbonated and very quaffable
Weird BeardAttack of the RyeclopsSB5.5HanwellKey-kegRye Pale Ale. Floral & spicy hoppiness meets rye chewiness & spice
Weird BeardBlack PerleS3.8HanwellKey-kegCoffee milk stout chock full of roasty malts, milk sugar & hopped with handfulls of perle on a chest ful of Zamorana coffee beans
Weird BeardSafe StoutSp7.7HanwellKey-kegStout packed full of Chokeberries giving complex mouthand aroma with hints of chocolate & coffee
Wiper & TrueQuintetIPA6.4BristolKey-kegAn all out India Pale Ale blending five of our favourite seasonal hops. Bright fruit and floral notes play alongside fresh herbal qualities and a satisfying bitterness, creating a harmony of bold flavours.
Ramsbottom CraftNZ Black DIPASB7.1RamsbottomKey-keg (cask)Cascadian dark ale with New Zealand hops
Ramsbottom CraftNZ Black DIPASB7.1RamsbottomKey-keg (cask)Cascadian dark ale with New Zealand hops
Stubborn MuleChocolate StoutS5.8TimperleyKey-keg (cask)Chocolate malts & a good helping of the best cacao powder makes an extremely drinkable mid-abv stout
TorrsideWest Of The SunBB4.5New MillsKey-keg (cask)Light fruity pale ale with generous amounts of Wai-iti & Green Bullet hops from New Zealand
Weird BeardAttack of the RyeclopsSB5.5HanwellKey-keg (cask)Rye Pale Ale. Floral & spicy hoppiness meets rye chewiness & spice
AbbeydaleDaily BreadB3.8Sheffield1Well-balanced, copper coloured beer with malty flavours, smooth bitter finish & subtle hop characteristics
AlmastySalted CaramildSp3.8Newcastle upon Tyne1Dark chocolate mild with added salted caramel. Sweet caramel aroma & chocolate malt flavours
ArborJohnny NiceBIPA6.2Bristol1Cascadian Dark Ale brewed with Simcoe, Mosaic & Columbus hops
ArborShangri-LaBB4.2Bristol1The guys went a bit hop crazy with Citra, Equinox, Mosaic & Columbus
AshoverMoscowS9.5Chesterfield1Imperial Russian Stout
BinghamsVanilla StoutS5Ruscombe1Dark stout brewed using dark malts & infused with vanilla pods. CAMRA Supreme Champion Beer of Britain 2016
BinghamsVanilla StoutS5Ruscombe1Dark stout brewed using dark malts & infused with vanilla pods. CAMRA Supreme Champion Beer of Britain 2016
BlackEdgeDark MildM3.9Horwich1Lightly hopped with a smooth caramel, chocolate flavour with hint of liquorice & blackcurrant
BlackEdgeGingerSp4.5Horwich1A deep golden ale brewed using uk admiral hops and fresh ginger to give a spicy orange and ginger flavour
Blue MonkeyChocolate GuerrillaS4.9Giltbrook, Nottingham1A complex & malty stout with a rich chocolate aroma & flavours.
Blue MonkeyFunky gibbonBB4.1Giltbrook, Nottingham1Traditional light-copper coloured session ale infused with Willamette hops to create a fruity earthy beer
BradfieldFarmers Belgian BlueSB4.9High Bradfield1Christmas berry overtones; and has a slight blue tint to the head - making it an unusual winter warmer!
BradfieldFarmers BlondeGA4High Bradfield1A very pale, brilliant blonde beer, with citrus and summer fruit aromas, making it extremely refreshing.
BradfieldFarmers Pale AleSB5High Bradfield1Fruity floral bouquet full-bodied with a dry aftertaste
BradfieldFarmers Steel CowGA4.5High Bradfield1Fruity full bodied beer with citrus & summer fruit aromas. Refreshing ale with sharp dry aftertaste.
BradfieldFarmers StoutS4.5High Bradfield1A dark enriched ‘black and white’ stout balanced by roasted malts and flaked oats with a subtle but bitter hop character
BridgehouseHoly CowIPA5.6Oxenhope1Heavenly india pale ale. Delivilishly different.
BridgehouseIrish CreamSp6.2Oxenhope1Hazelnut & Vanilla Stout
BridgehousePorterP4.5Oxenhope1Beautifully balanced, brewed from an old traditional recipe dating back to the 1700s, with a full lingering rich flavour.
BridgehouseTequila BlondeSp3.8Oxenhope1Blonde ale with citrus aromas, infused with real Mexican Tequila & lime.
BridgehouseTequila BlondeSp3.8Oxenhope1Blonde ale with citrus aromas, infused with real Mexican Tequila & lime.
BridgehouseYorkshire AleBB4.2Oxenhope1Very traditional style bitter. Copper coloured, well hopped with saaz, fuggles and finished off with pilgrim.
Brinkburn StreetByker Brown AleP4.8Newcastle1A hoppy version of traditional brown ale made in Newcastle, not in Yorkshire!
Brinkburn StreetThe Pursuit Of HoppinessGA5.2Newcastle1Mango, lychee & grapefruit flavours with a hint of warming spices and a smooth dry finish. Unfined & hazy
Bristol Beer FactoryMalzO4.9Bristol1Malt forward dark ale. Rich German malts & spicy European hops
Burning SkyAuroraSB5.6Firle1Juicy malt backbone & an expansive blend of US hops give big citrus tropical fruit flavours
Burning SkyPorterP4.8Firle1Sumptuously rich porter with a pleasant bitter finish
CloudwaterPaleB3.9Ancoats, Manchester1A light infusion of new world hops delivers great taste down to the bottom of the glass, but won’t fatigue the palate
CloudwaterPaleB3.9Ancoats, Manchester1A light infusion of new world hops delivers great taste down to the bottom of the glass, but won’t fatigue the palate
CloudwaterRed AleSB4.8Ancoats, Manchester1Red ale from Cloudwater's last ever cask ale production
Cloudwater / To ØlChristmas Cake Imperial StoutS11.8Ancoats, Manchester1Last cask of what was THE beer to talk about over Christmas 2016 - with another month's aging on it. It is what it says on the tin.
ConistonNo 9 Barley WineBW8.5Coniston1Oats give body and smoothness, complex flavours reminiscent of dark chocolate and coffee.
ConistonThurstein PilsnerL4.8Coniston1Pilsner Style, top fermented Lager with 100% Hallertau Hersbrucker leaf hops from S Germany. Matured for over 30 days.
CrypticAnagramGA3.5Stockport1Golden Session ale with a hoppy & fruity aroma, refreshing & light dry finish.
CrypticEnigmaGA5Stockport1Deep golden Pale Ale. A spicy & citrusy aroma followed by a full bodied well hopped honeyed taste
CrypticMilliS5.4Stockport1Dark stout with mild bitterness and sweet & mellow vanilla bean finish with roasted after notes.
CrypticThe GhostM3.7Stockport1Dark & fruity Mild with a hint of chocolate enriched with a hazelnut flavour.
CrypticU.S.B.SB6.9Stockport1Strong hoppy, brown ale brewed with American Cascade hops - warm, rich & sweet taste
Dancing DuckAbductionIPA5.5Derby1Tropical fruit flavours in balance with a hoppy bitterness, a good malt character & clean finish
Dancing DuckAy UpB3.9Derby1Pale session ale. Subtle malt and floral notes matched with citrus hop, rounded off with a slightly dry finish.
Dancing DuckDark DrakeS4.5Derby1Malty, caramel & liquorice flavours combine in a smooth drinking velvety, oatmeal stout with roasted coffee & toffee finish.
Dark StarCrème BruleeSp5.9Partridge Green1Dessert in a glass
Dark StarHopheadGA3.8Partridge Green1Pale golden ale with strong floral aroma & elderflower notes from Cascade hops
Deeply ValeCitra StormB4Bury1Pleasant session ale bursting with the flavours & aromas of lemon & grapefruit Citra hops
Deeply ValeDeeply BlondeGA4.5Bury1New World hops Amarillo, Centennial & Citra give an easy drinking citrus & tropical fruit explosion
Deeply ValeDV8S4.8Bury1Deliciously smooth award winning breakfast stout
Deeply ValeEquilibriumB3.8Bury1Balanced session ale. Pale in colour with malty base topped with just the right amount of bitterness
DentDent Station PorterP3.8Dentdale1Dark, classic English porter with delicate tones, a rich smooth head & lingering light bitter aftertaste
Dunham MasseyDunham PorterP5.2Dunham Massey1A classic old style English porter. Dark, creamy, full bodied and packed with flavour.
Dunham MasseyWinter WarmerO6.6Dunham Massey1Strong, tasty, traditional North Western Winter ale. Perfect for a cold day
Electric Bear BrewingSpilt MilkS5Bath1Complex maltyness of a stout with a sweet vanilla finish
Elusive​HopperfenweisseW5.4Finchampstead1Munich style wheat beer hopped with NZ Rakau hops & dry hopped with Amarillo. Unfined & hazy
ElusiveThe Nightmare RoomP6Finchampstead1Robust, roasty Porter with rauch smoked malt contributing a fruity smokiness. Unfined.
First ChopAVAB3.5Salford1Reminiscent of classic continental lager due to Saaz hops but with punch from Galaxy & Columbus hops.
First ChopIPAIPA4.5Salford1Classic India Pale Ale
First ChopIPAIPA4.5Salford1Classic India Pale Ale
First ChopPOPIPA5.4Salford1US style IPA, pale amber with orange & spicy hop notes with an extra citrus burst from added orange oils.
FivecloudsWinter PaleSB5Macclesfield1Hopped with Ahtanum, Cascade & a touch of Chinook, crisp and easy drinking
Fool HardyDammit I'm MadB4Heaton Norris1Easy drinking golden, hoppy, citrus pale ale predominantly brewed using NZ hops
Fool HardyRendezvous #5GA3.8Heaton Norris1Full flavoured, intrepid and deep. Fresh citrus notes & aroma from a fusion of American hops
Fool HardyRhino HornSp4.1Heaton Norris1Special edition Honey & Ginger Stout made with finest Latin American honey & Chinese root ginger
Fool HardyRude VagablondBB4.2Heaton Norris1Pale blond session ale. Fruit flavours from New Zealand & American hops
Fool HardyRussian RouletteIPA5Heaton Norris1Crisp, hoppy, distinctive, bitter IPA, brewed with four different hops
FyneMills and HillsS9.5Cairndow1Imperial Stout - very dark with flavours of prunes & fruitcake
Glastonbury AlesThrillerP5Somerton1Cappuccino Porter. Hints of chocolate in the malts & real coffee beans give a smooth & creamy finish.
GloucesterDockside DarkP5.2Gloucester1Rich porter featuring deep roasted malt character, coffee & dark fruits
GloucesterSession IPAIPA4.5Gloucester1Resinous & full-bodied session IPA
GrainstoreRutland BeastO5.3Oakham1Ruby Mahogany colour with aroma of berries & roast malts, dried fruit flavours with citrus notes
GreenfieldDobcross BitterBB4.2Greenfield1A full-lasting amber beer with lemon flavours and a dry finish.
GreenfieldVanilla StoutSp5.2Greenfield1Oat stout with distinct coffee and chocolate flavours infused with a large vanilla finish to make it very tasty.
HarbourNicaraguan Coffee StoutSp5.2Bodmin1Brewed Los Altos coffee sourced from Jinotega region of Nicaragua. Bittersweet with soft roasted flavours & notes of stone fruit & berries
HardknottDark EnergyS4.9Millom1Intergalactic stout. Rich dark berries, bitter chocolate, espresso coffee
HardknottNeutron JesterBB4Millom1Single hopped amber ale with the British Jester hop
HarviestounSchiehallionL4.8Alva1Cask lager, brewed using lager yeast & Hersbrucker hops. Hoppy aroma with fruit & malt leads to a malty bitter taste with floral hoppiness & bitter finish
Hooded RamBlack Pearl Oyster StoutS5.2Douglas1A classis smooth, dry stout with Oysters added in 3 stages.
Hooded RamMosaic Single HopIPA5Douglas1Gold at the 2015 SIBA North West awards for the Pale Ale and Strong Bitter category
HopcraftQueen Anne's RevengeSB5.2Pontyclun1Tropical pale ale with Caribbean cane sugar
HopcraftTemple Of LoveB3.8Pontyclun1Fruit& citrus hop flavour and bitterness over a simple malt base
HophurstCampfireM3.9Hindley1Dark mild with a smokey malty taste that emits aromas of roasted coffee & chocolate
HophurstCosmatiGA4.2Hindley1A hoppy citrus golden ale. The use of Mosaic American hops give the unique flavours of blueberry, citrus and tropical fruit.
HophurstFlaxenGA3.7Hindley1English pale golden ale with a fresh, hoppy aroma with hints of honey & a refreshing finish
HophurstTwisted VineBB4.1Hindley1A golden bitter with citrus hoppy aromas of grapefruit and passion fruit from the Simcoe hops.
Howard TownDark PeakP6Glossop1A strong and dark porter with a hint of liquorice and a warming rum kick
Howard TownLongdendale LightsB3.9Glossop1Unexpectedly refreshing, pale, light easy drinking beer, made with pale malt and Cascade & Willamette hops.
Howard TownO. A. T.BB4.3Glossop1Oatmeal Pale ale, hop forward with US Hops. Brewed for #Tryanuary 2017
IlkleyCrossroadsIPA5.4Ilkley2Big floral notes compliment flavours of resinous pine & mandarins. Dry, spicy finish
IlkleyDinner AleB3.3Ilkley2Light and crisp, with subtle flora and fruit.
IlkleyHanging StoneS5Ilkley2Rich and creamy, with a bitter finish of forest fruits and coffee
IlkleyRombaldBB4.6Ilkley2Hoppy American Amber. Complex malt characters of biscuit & honey with a crisp & fruity hop flavour
IlkleyTribus LupulusBB4.4Ilkley2Triple hop pale ale using El Dorado & Ekuanot from America, and "US Style" German hop Huell Melon
IntrepidAmerican Pale AleSB5.4Brough2Hop hit of grapefruit and pine with a floral/grassy aroma and a lingering bitterness
IntrepidBlondeB4Brough2Full bodied fruity & floral session pale
IntrepidBreakfast StoutS3.9Brough2Coffee stout with freshly roasted Bolivia la Linda coffee with oats added for silky smoothness
IntrepidPorterP5.1Brough2Dry porter with lots of chocolate & coffee flavours with the addition of modern hops and a less bitter finish
Irwell WorksAce Of SpadesM3.8Ramsbottom, Bury2Smooth creamy Winter mild
Irwell WorksMarshmallow UnicornS4.4Ramsbottom, Bury2Milk Stout. Unfermentable lactose sugar adds sweetness, body, and calories to the finished beer
KelburnCa' CannyO5.2Barrhead2Rich, dark ale, a fusion of coffee and chocolate with a deep, fruity aftertaste
KelburnCart NoirP4.8Barrhead25 malts & 3 hops produce a smooth, dark, spicy porter with hints of chocolate & blackcurrant
KelburnMisty LawB4Barrhead2
LancasterBlackS4.5Lancaster2Classic, traditional stout reminiscent of the beer typically found in Lancashire during the 18th and 19th century.
LancasterBlondeGA4Lancaster2A uniquely vivid golden bitter. Designed to offer a quality cask conditioned ale to drinkers seeking a pale beer with real taste and aromatic impact.
LancasterSorachiBB4.1Lancaster2Golden beer with intense lemon flavour & aroma with bitter dry aftertaste
LangwithLord HumungousP4.8Mansfield2Aroma of dry oatmeal & bitter chocolate; soft & smooth flavours with liquorice overtones
LangwithLucy LocketIPA5.1Mansfield2Crisp, sweet flavours with a Citrus aftertaste & subtle hop aromas
LangwithMystic PegBB4.1Mansfield2Floral, fresh aroma with a hint of grapefruit. Crisp taste with a zesty bite
LangwithScuba MozzSB5.2Mansfield2Amber ale with floral & fruity pine aroma; Smooth roast & tangy flavours
LangwithStumpy's BitterB3.8Mansfield2Light golden bitter. Full bodied & dry with a balanced malt sweetness
Loch LomondPeat Smoked AleSp5.4Alexandria2Brewed using distillers peat smoked malt. Peat flavour & aroma teamed with a slight sweet citrus finish
Loch LomondSilkie StoutS5Alexandria2A rich stout with hints of chocolate, coffee and orange
LymestoneCherry StoneSp5.2Stone2Amber bitter with a hint of fruit that is subtle and not over-powering.
LymestoneStone The CrowsSM5.4Stone2A rich red to black beer carefully crafted from the finest crystal and chocolate malts. Chewy juicy fruit flavours give way to a deep lingering bitterness.
Lymm Brewing CoBridgewater BlondeGA4Warrington2Light, delicate, hoppy, subtle and refreshing. From Dunham Massey's new sister brewery at the new Lymm Brewery Tap.
Lymm Brewing CoChirotheriumO5.5Warrington2Smooth dark old english ale
Magic RockDark ArtsS6Huddersfield2A decadently deep and indulgent experience.Spicy hop notes and full flavours of chocolate, liquorice, blackberries and figswith a lingering roasted bitterness finish.
Magic RockHigh WireSB5.5Huddersfield2A tribute to the Pale Ales of the West Coast of America. Unapologetically hop forward in character. Mango, lychee and lip-smacking grapefruit flavours plus a smoothly composed malt base.
Magic RockRaptureBB4.6Huddersfield2Full bodied, heavenly hoppy red beer. 5 types of malt and 6 types of hops provide uplifting aromas of grapefruit and pine, and pronounced citrus flavour.
Magic RockRingmasterGA3.9Huddersfield2Pale in colour but lacking nothing in the flavour stakes. Plenty of US hops give the beer a floral/grassy aroma & citrus flavours.
MallinsonsChinookGA4Huddersfield2Golden colour with a light citrus hop nose, bitter lightly citrusy taste & a long bitter slightly dry finish
MallinsonsColumbusB3.8Huddersfield2Pale blond with a good hop aroma & a slightly spicey nose, the finish is strong & bitter
MallinsonsSerious Blendin' vol 4BB4.4Huddersfield2Four hop varieties, paired up at fifferent stages of the brew
Mallinsons / PictishTranspennine Brown AleBIPA6Huddersfield2Hoppy dark brown ale, well hopped with Nelson Sauvin giving gooseberry & grapefruit notes. Brewed specially for #MBCF17
Manchester Brewing CoBrett IPAIPA7.8Manchester2One off cask of six month bretted IPA with rest destined for bottles.
Manchester Brewing CoCut Like A BuffaloBB4.5Manchester2Centennial, Delta & Cascade provide hop punch balanced over caramel sweet malt grain bill
Manchester Brewing CoCut Like A BuffaloBB4.5Manchester2Centennial, Delta & Cascade provide hop punch balanced over caramel sweet malt grain bill
Manchester Brewing CoKing CottonBB4.2Manchester2Traditional best bitter, bittered with Target, finished off with Bramling Cross
Manchester Brewing CoPick Me UpP4.7Manchester2Easy drinking porter spiked with a cold coffee brew
Manchester Brewing CoPick Me UpP4.7Manchester2Easy drinking porter spiked with a cold coffee brew
Martland MillArtic ConvoyS4.5Wigan2Full bodied with rich roasted malt palate giving hint of bitterness & smooth chocolaty finish
Martland MillChonkin FeckleGA3.8Wigan2Golden yellow ale with a citrus hop aroma, floral notes & pine finish
Martland MillKnocker UpperB3.9Wigan2A straw coloured ale with floral aroma, rich honey taste & hints of fruit
Martland MillSpinners GoldGA3.8Wigan2Well balanced hoppiness, a pleasant citrus taste with a hint of spiciness.
MerlinDark MagicSM4.8Arclid2Dark strong mild
MerlinDragonslayerO5.6Arclid2Malty aroma with caramel notes. Flavour is malty, sweet & hoppy. Dry and sharp bitter finish.
Monty'sMasqueradeGA4.6Montgomery2Golden ale with tropical fruit flavours & distrinctive aroma of Citra hops. Gluten Free.
MoorAmoorP4.5Pitney2Rich aroma from Chocolate malt with fruit & earthiness from Bramling Cross hops
MoorHypercaffium SpazzinateSp6Pitney2Pale ale made from Cascara which is the dried berries of the coffee plant
Moor / Birrificio LambrateLast MinuteP7.1Pitney2Well balanced porter with nutmeg, & cinnamon and a nice medium bitter finish
MoorhousesBlack Cat ReserveSM4.6Burnley2Deep complex notes of roasted coffee, chocolate &mocha, balanced by hints of dark cherry & blackcurrant
MoorhousesBlond WitchGA4.5Burnley2Pale coloured ale with a crisp, delicate fruit flavour. Dry, refreshing with a smooth hop finish.
MoorhousesPendle Witches BrewSB5.1Burnley2A full malty flavoured beer with a strong fruity hop aftertaste with a hint of sweetness.
MoorhousesStray DogBB4.2Burnley2Created by New Order. Clean tasting golden ale with hints of citrus fruit & lychee
MoorhousesWhite WitchB3.9Burnley2Blonde style ale with fruity flavour with citrus, flowers & rich peppery spice on the aroma
Ninety-NinetyDark Spaces & Empty PlacesBIPA5Macclesfield2Cascadian dark ale
Ninety-NinetyPale AleBB4.2Macclesfield2Easy drinking pale ale
North RidingAussie PaleBB4.5East Ayton, Scarborough2All Australian hopped pale ale with Galaxy &Vic Secret
North RidingMilk Chocolate StoutS5East Ayton, Scarborough2Addition of lactose mutes the bitterness of the hops & dark malts to produce a sweet stout
Northern MonkMocha PorterP5.9Leeds2Specialty ground beans from North Star coffee roasters, dark chocolate & natural milk sugar for creamy richness
Northern MonkNew World IPAIPA6.2Leeds2Modern English IPA with a combined profile of five hop varietals from the U.S., Australia & Britain
OakhamBlack Hole PorterP5.5Peterborough2Big, dark malt flavours in this almost black beer combine with a sweet, fruity hop taste to make this strong porter exceedingly drinkable for it's strength
OakhamBona NoxBW8Peterborough2Golden beer packed with citrus fruit & berry flavours and a rich aroma with a warm afterglow
OakhamGreen Devil IPAIPA6Peterborough2Single hopped IPA made with Citra. bursting with passion fruit, pineapple and mango
OakhamNew World OrderGA4Peterborough2Pale gold with a delicate malt base and bursting with tropical & citrus fruit aromas
OffbeatDelisherousS6.1Crewe2Rich, sweet stout - the beer equivalent of a mug of hot chocolate by a log fire
OffbeatUnconventional Lime Pepper SaisonSa4.6Crewe2Citrusy fruit & a hint of black pepper make a clean refreshing pint
OrigamiArctic FoxIPA7Manchester2Specially brewed for #MBCF17, a strong, pale, very hoppy ale brewed with Mosaic hops
OrkneySkull SplitterBW8.5Stromness2Rich fruity wine-like complexity with fresh & dried fruits, exotic spice & citrus fruits
PhoenixBrunning & Price Original BitterB3.8Heywood2Gentle aroma with amber colour, malty, fruity sweetness & a long dry finish
PictishBrewers GoldGA3.8Rochdale2Refreshing pale golden session beer. Malty undertones & spicy hop aroma combine to produce a moreish beer.
PictishBullionBB4.6Rochdale2Blackcurrant & spicy fruit in this very old hop variety originally used by Guinness as it’s main hop
PictishDr RudiGA4.1Rochdale2A pale, very hoppy beer brewed using New Zealand Dr Rudi hops
ProspectHoney IPASp5.4Standish2
ProspectNutty SlackM3.9Standish2Dark brown mild ale with malt & fruit in the aroma. Chocolate, malt & fruit in palate. Malty & moderately bitter finish
Purple MooseElderflower Ale (Ysgawen)Sp4Porthmadog2A refreshing pale ale brewed with Cacade hops & the added indulgence of Elderflower
Ramsbottom CraftChocolate PorterP4.2Ramsbottom2Cocoa infused rich porter with bitter chocolate notes
Ramsbottom CraftPeelers XB16O8.4Ramsbottom2Challenger and Goldings old ale
Ramsbottom CraftTitchB3.6Ramsbottom2Vienna Malt base and lots of juicy hops
RedemptionFellowship PorterP5.1Tottenham2Chocolate, coffee, liquorice & dry roasted malt flavours complimented with hints of dark fruit
Redemption / Weird BeardSouth Pacific Pale AleSB6.2Tottenham2Southern Hemisphere hopped beer which goes all out on hop bill of Waiti, Motueka & Topaz
RedWillowCherry HeartlessSp4.9Macclesfield2Think Black Forest Gateaux & won’t be far wrong. Heartless Chocolate stout steeped with cherries
RedWillowFathomlessSp5.2Macclesfield2A rich, complex oyster stout, inky black with a hint of the sea
RedWillowHeadlessGA3.9Macclesfield2Refreshingly floral Pale Ale with a restrained orange-led bitterness and a light, straw-hued colour
RedWillowThoughtlessS9.4Macclesfield2Rich dark coffee with a hint of smoke & a luxuriously smooth mouth feel
RedWillowWeightless - MosaicIPA4.2Macclesfield2Pithy grapefruit and mango flavours with a well-rounded body
RudgateRuby MildSM4.4Tockwith, York2Nutty, deeply rich and satisfying Ruby Mild
SalopianGolden ThreadGA5Shrewsbury3Clean and crisp to the palate with a hint of sweetness & a long fruit filled finish
SalopianMind's EyeIPA5.8Shrewsbury3New golden hoppy IPA from Shropshire's finest
SalopianOracleGA4Shrewsbury3Crisp, sparklingly sunflower gold ale. Dry & refreshing with a long citrus aromatic finish
SalopianPolygraphS7.4Shrewsbury3Full flavoured stout with toast, liquorice, hints of dark fruit, chocolate & mocha
SaltaireAmarillo GoldGA4.5Shipley3Bright wheat beer with a light biscuit base, distinct orange bouquet & intense citrus flavour
SaltaireBlondeB4Shipley3Straw coloured light ale with soft malt flavours. Delicately hopped with Czech and German hop varieties
SaltairePacifica IPAIPA5.5Shipley3Balanced beer with citrus and grapefruit notes from seven new world hops from the Pacific rim
SaltaireTriple Chocoholic StoutS4.8Shipley3Strong chocolate bouquet & a rich chocolate flavour from chocolate malts, cocoa & chocolate essence
SaltaireWinter AleSB4.9Shipley3Rich malty base & residual sweetness with balancing bitterness from Brambling Cross & Northdown hops
Sarah HughesDark Ruby MildSM6Dudley3Dark ruby strong ale with good balance of fruit & hops, leading to a pleasant, lingering hops & malt finish
Serious BrewingEvergreenGA4.5Rochdale3Balanced fruity sweetness and a subtle hop flavour that leads to a satisfying bitterness
Serious BrewingMatmosSP6.4Rochdale3Belgian-style beer, brewed with beech smoked malt. Brewed specially for #MBCF17
Serious BrewingMoonlightS4.5Rochdale3Silky smooth stout with chocolate notes and a bitter hop finish
Seven Bro7hersIPAIPA5Salford3Hops & malt with a touch of citrus & grape fruit. Bittery rather than sweet.
Seven Bro7hersRubyBB4.5Salford3Sweet caramel from roasted malt, aromas of tropical fruit & tangerine, cherry & vanilla flavours
Seven Bro7hersSessionB3.8Salford3Thirst quenching session ale with citrus aromas & tropical fruit flavours
Silver StreetOne (Delta)B4Bury3Single hop pale ale witth Delta - allowing the hop to stand alone in all its unique glory
Silver StreetOne (Pacific Gem)B4Bury3Single hop pale ale with Pacific Gem - allowing the hop to stand alone in all its unique glory
Silver StreetPorterP5Bury3Robust porter with a hint of liquorice & a floral, orange peel aroma.
Silver StreetPorterP5Bury3Robust porter with a hint of liquorice & a floral, orange peel aroma.
Silver StreetRed IPAIPA5.5Bury3Combines biscuity flavours with floral hops for an intense maltiness
Silver StreetRuby Ruby Ruby RubySB4.7Bury3Plenty of malty, buiscuity goodness, jammy, plumby notes with a fruity nose.
Silver StreetSessionB3.9Bury3Balanced session ale with a blend of new world & English hops; tangerine and blackcurrant notes
Silver StreetSessionB3.9Bury3Balanced session ale with a blend of new world & English hops; tangerine and blackcurrant notes
SirenVermont Tea PartySp3.6Finchampstead3Brewed with Earl Grey Tea & Lemon Zest, hopped with Chinook, Equinox, Amarillo & Citra
SquawkPaleBB4.3Ancoats, Manchester3Pale ale with regularly changing hop bill - this one should be Chinook & Junga
SquawkPorterP5.7Ancoats, Manchester3Clean and crisp. A lighter shade of dark beer, low on bitterness, with smooth and subtle hints of chocolate.
SquawkSorachi Black IPABIPA5.7Ancoats, Manchester3Cascadian dark ale with Sorachi Ace hop
Stockport Brewing CompanyCascadeB4Stockport3Very light in colour, gently hopped with English cascade which gives a slight citrusy flavour
Stockport Brewing CompanyCentaurusGA4Stockport3Golden ale with notes of citrus marmalade & a dry bitter finish
Stockport Brewing CompanyGinger TingeSp4.2Stockport3Crisply hopped bitter with a ginger bite
Stockport Brewing CompanySouth Island PaleBB4.1Stockport3Blonde, finished with Rakau & Dr Rudi NZ hops giving a bold citrus flavour
Stockport Brewing CompanyStockPORTERP4.8Stockport3Rich & flavoursome with hints of coffee & chocolate. Complex finish with liquorice maltiness
StrandsBarley WineBW10.2Wasdale3Powerful Barley Wine from Cumbria, to be drunk with caution ! Amber coloured and very strong in alcohol. Big fruit aroma, with a hint of dryness in a very bitter finish.
StrandsT'errmmminatorP5Wasdale3Dark seductive colour, and an atypical smooth full-bodied lightly hopped taste.
StringersFurness GoldGA3.5Ulverston3A pale malt base with an orange note from Cascade and Target hops
StringersThe NorthSB4.9Ulverston3Red beer with herbal hop aroma, touch of sweetness and a tangy bitter finish. Gluten free
StringersTurbine PorterP5.1Ulverston3A warming tasty porter with hints of coffee & caramel. Gluten Free
Stubborn MuleAbsolute BankerSB4.7Timperley3Smooth pale ale with a bitter finish and citrus notes
Stubborn MuleMosaic Single HopIPA5.7Timperley3Strength hidden beneath smooth caramel notes & layers of pungent whole leaf Mosaic hops
Tarn HowsBeertrix PorterP4Ambleside3Traditional porter with liquorice & vanilla flavours
Tarn HowsBlueberry and Vanilla StoutSp5Ambleside3Full bodied , moderately hopped , pleasant fruit flavours with gentle hints of blueberry & vanilla
Thirst ClassStocky Oatmeal StoutS4.7Stockport3Smooth, full-bodied oatmeal stout with notes of coffee & chocolate
Thirst Class / QuantumQuantum Thirst ZapperSB5.8Stockport3American style Amber Ale - a unique blend of 7 American 'C' hops giving hefty fruity & citrus hop aromas & flavours
ThornbridgeBlack HarryM3.9Bakewell3Dark, refreshing and very drinkable with a fruity aroma and notes reminiscent of raspberry, a light creamy body and a long nutty finish.
ThornbridgeColorado RedSB5.9Bakewell3Hints of subtle toffee malt, dried fruit, candied peel and fragrant hops
ThornbridgeLord MarpleB4Bakewell3Light toffee & caramel characters, a mixture of floral and spicy hop notes & a pleasing bitter finish
Three B'sBobbins BitterB3.8Darwen3Golden bitter with warm aromas. A full fruity flavour with light dry finish
Three B'sKnocker UpP4.8Darwen3A porter beer of supreme character with exotic ebony texture.
TitanicMildM3.5Stoke-on-Trent3Roast malt balanced by delicate hops with rounded sweetness & smooth dry finish
TitanicPlum PorterSp4.9Stoke-on-Trent3Dark strong and well rounded with natural plum flavouring
TorrsideWith Strange AeonsS10New Mills3Serious imperial stout, big, complex and warming
Torrside / MBCFMild4JohnSp3.8New Mills3Dark smooth mild brewed with outs for mouthfeel and liquorice root for long sweet finish. Brewed specially for #MBCF17 with John "@Beers4John" Clarke.
Two By TwoBergamot Citra SaisonSa5.2Wallsend3Pale ale malt base & Saison yeast make a well rounded thirst quencher with added Bergamot and citra dry hops
Two By TwoCoffee StoutS5Wallsend3Rich roast stout malt base. Conditioned on coffee beans
Two By TwoSession IPAB4Wallsend3Extra pale malt base , light and zesty. tropical aroma with late additions of Equinox ho
VocationChop & Change (Pacific Jade)BB4.5Hebden Bridge3Ever-changing Pale, made with Pacific Jade hops this time
VocationChop & Change BlackBIPA3.9Hebden Bridge3Black Pale Ale made with Chinook, Cascade & Columbus hops
VocationChop & Change Red (Simcoe)BB4.5Hebden Bridge3Ever-changing Red Ale, made with Simcoe hops this time
WaenSnowballSp7Llanidloes3Dark chocolate, vanilla and cononut. Award winning stout - a tea cake in a glass
Waen (brewed at Blackjack)PamplemousseGA4.23Pale ale full of American and New Zealand hops, fresh and zingy, fantastic lingering finish
Waen (brewed at Hopcraft)PamplemousseGA4.23Pale ale full of American and New Zealand hops, fresh and zingy, fantastic lingering finish
Waen (brewed at Loch Lomond)PamplemousseGA4.23Pale ale full of American and New Zealand hops, fresh and zingy, fantastic lingering finish
Waen (brewed at Stroud)PamplemousseGA4.23Organic version of pale ale full of American and New Zealand hops, fresh and zingy, fantastic lingering finish
WatermillDogth VaderP5.1Ings, Kendal3Balanced stout beer with fruit, malty flavour & a dry bitter aftertaste finish
WatermillShih TzuBW7Ings, Kendal3A deceptively easy drinking powerful Pale Ale with sweetness & fruit on the tounge
Weird BeardNight of the RyeclopsS6.9Hanwell3Rye stout. Sticky with rye spice, with flavours of dark chocolate with a crisp bitterness
Weird BeardSafe StoutSp7.7Hanwell3Stout packed full of Chokeberries giving complex mouthand aroma with hints of chocolate & coffee
WhippetLittle CurreS5.2Leeds3A silky, full-bodied, dark beer
Wild BeerMillionaireSp4.7Westcombe3Chocolate and salted caramel milk stout
Wild WeatherBlack NightM3.9Silchester3Smooth drinking with complex balance of rich malt and hop flavours
Wily FoxBlonde VixenB3.8Wigan3Light, refreshing and straw coloured. Spicy, citrus character with grapefruit overtones.
Wily FoxCrafty FoxB4Wigan3Quaffable, full bodied bitter ale with a spicy, earthy aroma
Wily FoxMutiny IPAIPA5Wigan3A pale coloured IPA, characterized by American & English Hops & a lingering dry finish
Wily FoxThe Fox HatGA4.2Wigan3Bitter, zesty, but well-balanced ale with spicy, citrus & grapefruit notes
Wiper & TrueMilk ShakeS5.6Bristol3Copius amounts of chocolate malts & vanilla pods to create rich, velvety & satisfying dark beer.
WishboneAbyssS4.3Keighley3Rich and dark session strength stout
WishboneTable PorterP4Keighley3Tasty and easy drinking perfectly session-able
WolfBlack WolfSM4.6Besthorpe3A dark malty mild with a floral fruity finish
WolfLavender HoneySp3.7Besthorpe3Hoppy golden session ale with added honey to give a delicate yet moreish flavour
WolfTimber WolfO5.2Besthorpe3Dark ruby beer with a full flavoured taste & a velvety finish
Woodforde'sNorfolk NogO4.6Norwich3Smooth, rich and rounded with a velvety texture & hints of chocolate, treacle & liquorice
Wylam004 PalisadeBB4.6Newcastle Upon Tyne3Single Hop Series. Munich & Vienna Malt foundation with barricade of sweet nectar & floral perfume punch
WylamGalatiaB3.9Newcastle Upon Tyne3Fresh orange shred, stone fruit blasts and a clean dry fresh pine kick to the finish.
WylamJakehead IPAIPA6.3Newcastle Upon Tyne3Distinctly bittersweet on the palate with a massive hop complexity
YorkBlondeB3.9York3Light bitterness, with hints of tropical fruit and citrus on the aftertaste
YorkGuzzlerGA3.6York3A light golden beer with well balanced hops and malt against a background of fruitiness. Crisp, dry, and refreshing.
YorkMostly GhostlySp5.4York3Infusing the award winning, dark ruby, Centurion’s Ghost Ale with the infamous Ghost Pepper. Heat coupled with a long growing warmth
YorkYorkshire TerrierGA4.2York3Fruit and hops dominate the flavour and aroma with a clean, bitter finish.
Deeply ValeDV8S4.8BuryStaffDeliciously smooth award winning breakfast stout
ProspectGolden ProspectsGA3.8StandishStaffHop flavours of citrus & passionfruit & a satisfying bitterness on the palate.
ProspectNutty SlackM3.9StandishStaffDark brown mild ale with malt & fruit in the aroma. Chocolate, malt & fruit in palate. Malty & moderately bitter finish
Seven Bro7hersSessionBSalfordStaffThirst quenching session ale with citrus aromas & tropical fruit flavours

UK Bottled Conditioned Beers

170th Anniversary Celebration Ale
English Strong Ale
Bottle Bar
This beer was created using the traditional part-gyle technique... with an adding twist of orange peel. Zesty orange notes combine with Goldings and Liberty hops to create complex fruit flavors, which are balanced by oats and pale ale malts which provide a full bodied, rich mouth feel. Ⓥ
UKFullers1845English Strong Ale6.3BottleBottle BarAmber copper coloured beer with a beautiful head. Aroma is nutty, malty and full of english hops. Maybe some vanilla. Tastes of biscuit, fruity (orange?), honey, toffee, bready, caramell and slightly spicy. Nice long hoppy bitter finish. Ⓥ
UKFullersImperial StoutImperial Stout10.7BottleBottle BarBrewed in the traditional style that became a favourite royal court, Imperial Stout has been specially created as a single brew. In a unique addition to the historic recipe, the floral character of the Centennial hops is enhanced by the inclusion of rose buds, lending a hint of Turkish delight flavour to the beer. This Imperial Stout has a rich, dark appearance with strong chocolate and deep cherry notes which lead to a lighter, bitter finish. Ⓥ
UKFullersVintage AleBarley Wine8.5BottleBottle BarAn amber/brown coloured pour with a medium off white head on top. Sweet, fruity, malty, caramel aroma. Tastes similar, sweet, fruity, malty, caramel. Very nice as usual, will certainly improve if left a few years. Ⓥ
UKLangwithSummer MozzPremium Bitter5.6BottleBottle BarA copper brown coloured ale with floral, fruity and pine aromas and a smooth zesty, tangy taste and a soft bitter finish.
UKRammy CraftAles Simcoe ShadowAmerican Brown Ale5.3BottleBottle BarDark American Amber / brown ale. Roast dryness and lasting hoppiness from Simcoe hops. Ⓥ
UKRammy CraftAles Licorice Root StoutStout4.7BottleBottle BarSweet shop stout with sweet traditional woody licorice notes. Ⓥ
UKRammy CraftAles NZ ESBSpecial Bitter7.2BottleBottle BarLight bodied but malty edged strong bitter. Southern Cross, Nelson Sauvin & Pacifica. Ⓥ
UKRammy CraftAles RyenamiteRye Double IPA6.3BottleBottle Bar20% rye malt and a touch of crystal sweetness. Liberty and Columbus hops. Ⓥ
UKStringersMutiny Double StoutStout9.3BottleBottle BarCAMRA Champion Bottled Beer of Britain 2016. Pours a deep maroon brown with a milk chocolate brown head. Aroma of rich roasted chocolate, plum, blackberry, raspberry, vanilla with an alcohol edge. Light sweetness, medium roasted bitterness, touch of sour developing. Full body, slick texture, soft carbonation. Finish is sweeter with lasting roasting and fruitiness. Ⓥ
UKStubborn MuleChocolate StoutStout5.8BottleBottle BarOriginally brewed as a Father’s Day request for West Didsbury chocolatier Cocoa Cabana this stout has a chocolate backbone without ever coming over too sweet. Malts kilned until they’ve developed a chocolate flavour, cocoa nibs mashed at the right time, and a good helping of the best organic cocoa powder make this an extremely drinkable mid-abv stout.
UKStubborn MulePre Prohibition Cream AleCream Ale5.5BottleBottle BarDespite the dark insinuation prohibition might be looming, this pilsner/pale ale hybrid is a refreshingly light & crisp beer. The recipe is a nod to the US pre-prohibition era so its Liberty hops to add a refreshing essence of citrus, grapes, peaches and vanilla. Crash cooled for a clean finish the perfectly timed drop of honey along with a double dose of hops makes this an interesting yet easy drinker for all.
UKStubborn MuleSingle Hop IPAIPA5.7BottleBottle BarHoppy? Some beers are confused, not this Single-Hop IPA. With a strength hidden beneath its smooth caramel notes, the layers of pungent whole leaf hops will help you understand exactly what standalone hops can do. Using one of our favourite beer bases our single hop beers allow us the chance to showcase the best of the world’s hops from the UK to the US Pacific Northwest, from Germany to New Zealand and Australia.
UKStubborn MuleWA 15 Magnum IPAIPA7.2BottleBottle BarHigh hopped and dry hopped this is a fully loaded American-style IPA. Dark amber in appearance the three hop varieties give a powerful, complex, yet balanced flavour and aroma. The effects of a ridiculous hop schedule draw you in and leave you in no doubt about what makes this stand out from the rest. 

Style Key:

GA Golden Ale
B Bitter
BB Best Bitter
SB Strong Bitter
IPA India Pale Ale
BIPA Cascadian Dark Ale (Black IPA)
M Mild
SM Strong Mild
O Old Ale
S Stout
P Porter
BW Barley Wine
Sp Speciality Beer
L Real Lager
W Wheat beer
Sa Saison
So Sour / bretted beer