Bière Sans Frontières 2017

Manchester Beer & Cider Festival will feature three bars of draught and bottled beers from around the world.
These will be located next to each other adjacent to bar 3.

All bottled beers will be located on the Bottle Bar while draught beers will be split by their country of origin – German, Belgian and Czech on one bar and the rest of the world on the other.

We cannot guarantee the availability of any particular beer at any particular session.

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Tasting Notes
BelgiumAchelBlondTrappist8.0BottleBottle BarHazy golden color with off-white head. Aroma has hay, malt, fruits and yeast. Taste is malty with quite long a bit sweet aftertaste. Flavors of yeast, fruits, malt and herbal bitterness.
BelgiumAchouffeHoublon ChouffeAbbey Tripel9.0BottleBottle BarAn Indian Pale Ale type beer with a harmonous balance between a marked bitterness and a pleasant frutiness. Ⓥ
BelgiumBoonFramboiseFruit5.0BottleBottle BarMore than 300 grams per litre of fresh raspberries give this lambic a fresh fruity taste
BelgiumBoonOude GeuzeGueuze6.5BottleBottle BarA subtle blend of aged lambics
BelgiumBoonOude KriekFruit6.5BottleBottle BarClear red with no head retention. Sweet and sour cherries, berries, grapes, dry woody notes, rusty metallic notes. Medium sweet and sour, light nutty bitter. Medium body, soft carbonation. Rich fruity aroma and feel. Rusty metallic, nutty/woody bittersweet and fruity tart finish.
BelgiumBrussels Beer ProjectDeltaIPA6.5BottleBottle BarHazy light orange pour, small head. Very nice hoppy nose with fruity notes. Taste the same. Crisp. Medium body, soft carbonation. Ⓥ
BelgiumBrussels Beer ProjectGrosse BerthaHefeweizen7.0BottleBottle BarHazy pale golden colour with a thick white head. Aroma has banana, herbs and citrus. Taste yeasty and light bitter. Medium body. Ⓥ
BelgiumBrussels Beer ProjectSalvationPorter5.0BottleBottle BarRich malty brew full of chocolate, toffee, roast. Full bodied. Moderate carbonation. Ⓥ
BelgiumBrussels Beer ProjectTu Mi TurbiImperial IPA7.1BottleBottle BarPours hazy gold in colour edging towards amber with a white sticky head. The nose is a little muted but as it warms some wet grass shows. A touch tropical in the mouth fruity, a little soapy hop edge, quite unusual at times. Ⓥ
BelgiumChapeauOude GueuzeGueuze5.5BottleBottle BarYellowy amber colour, thin white foam head and aroma of apple, honey, yeast. Taste is sour & sweet, honey, apple, with biscuity & straw notes. Light bodied, low carbonation, dry sourish, sweet finish.
BelgiumDe La SenneBrusseleirBlack IPA8.0BottleBottle BarPours dark brown color, beige head. Aroma of citrusy hops, roasted malt, coffee. Taste is medium bitter, medium sweet, roasted malt, coffee, cocoa, citrusy hops. Bittersweet coffee finish.
BelgiumDe La SenneBruxellensisBelgian Ale6.5BottleBottle Bar4 months bottle refermented with 100% Brussels Brettanomyces yeast. Amber colored with copper reflections, very fruity (pineapple and red fruits), sustained by hop flavors and complex notes of old leather. Its dry and bitter finish makes it a surprising thirst-quencher.
BelgiumDupontMonks StoutStout5.2BottleBottle BarA strong aroma of roasted malt, coffee, light sour. A very huge beige creamy-foamy head with a normal duration, the body is black. A malty taste, roasted malt. The body is medium strong and creamy with a lively carbonation.
BelgiumHanssensFramboiseFruit6.0BottleBottle BarClear red amber, no head, just a few bubbles. Aroma has raspberries, light funk and notes of hay. Raspberry yoghurt flavour. Sweet and sour, tart and tasty.
BelgiumHanssensOudbeitjeFruit6.0BottleBottle BarMurky orange with a foamy white head. Flavors are strawberry, acetone, oak and cork with funky notes. Strong lactic acidity. Light body, soft carbonation, slick texture.
BelgiumHanssensOude GueuzeGueuze6.0BottleBottle BarClear golden body, thin white head. Huge barnyard notes in the aroma escorted by vinegar, lemon zest, salt and earth. Taste of cheese, salt, vinegar, dark sugar and lemon zest. Very sour and the finish is quite bitter (not hoppy, more like when you are chewing on lemon peel). Almost totally flat.
BelgiumHet AnkerBoscoliFruit3.5BottleBottle BarA bright, clear beer made with red berries, giving a crisp clean slightly sweet finish. Ⓥ
BelgiumHet AnkerGouden Carolus ChristmasSpiced10.5BottleBottle BarAn Indian Pale Ale type beer with a harmonous balance between a marked bitterness and a pleasant frutiness. Ⓥ
BelgiumHet AnkerManeblusser BokDunkler Bock3.5BottleBottle BarA dark amber ale with a fine balance between bitter and sweet, plus hints of ripe fruit. Just like autumn, it is mellow, full-bodied and heartwarming. A delicious seasonal treat as the “moonfireman” kicks his way through the fallen leaves. Ⓥ
BelgiumLiefmansCuvee BrutFruit10.0BottleBottle BarLiefmans Cuvee Brut is a deep reddish-brown colour, with a pale head and wood and almond notes. On the palette, you can clearly taste the slightly sweet, yet at the same time gently bitter fruit flavours. Ⓥ
BelgiumLindemansCassisFruit6.0BottleBottle BarPours dark red with tall, long-lasting, foamy white head and nice lacing. Nose is of funky yeast, black current and sour wine. Body is medium and tangy. Taste is pleasantly sour, funky, tart with black current. Finish is long and sour. Ⓥ
BelgiumLindemansCuvee Rene GueuzeGueuze5.0BottleBottle BarClear golden with a white head to fades quickly. Aroma is pretty funky with notes of oak, zesty lemon, and green apple. Taste is quite similar to the aroma with the funk and lemony notes dominating, the whole thing is pretty reminiscent of champagne. Light bodied, highly carbonated with a tart finish. Ⓥ
BelgiumOrvalOrvalTrappist6.5BottleBottle BarPours a translucent, nutty caramel with a monstrous, sudsy head with a distinct aroma - green apple, pear, white wine, fruit vinegars and wet hay mingling on a backbone of sweet malt. The taste follows, bringing musk, boozy esters and punches of bitter lemon rind. The mouthfeel is akin to champagne - high, tight carbonation with one of the driest finishes of any beer that I've yet had. Ⓥ
BelgiumOud BeerselFramboiseFruit6.2BottleBottle BarDark red with a pink head. Aroma of big and sweet raspberries, taste of.. well you guessed it; raspberries. It is tart but not as tart as you usually get your framboise. Very juice and overall refreshing.
BelgiumOud BeerselOude GueuzeGueuze5.0BottleBottle BarRich, refreshing, complex and intriguing. Hoppy flavour with the typical smell of wild yeasts.
BelgiumOud BeerselOude KriekFruit6.0BottleBottle BarDark garnet beer with small pinkish head that forms puddles on the surface. Lightly carbonated. Aroma is dark cherry and a little wood. Not as rich in the aroma as I was hoping. Taste is a little more muted than others of this style. Some dark cherries, light sourness, a little funk and a build up of tart cherry drops in the finish.
BelgiumRochefortRochefort 8Trappist6.5BottleBottle BarDried fruits, yeast, caramel, brown with reddish reflections with a beige foam, medium body, high carbonation, taste of dried fruits, waming. Ⓥ
BelgiumVicarisGeneraalAbbey Dubbel6.5BottleBottle BarDark brown color with belge head. Aroma has dark fruits, caramel, malt, sugar. Taste is malty sweet with nice long a bit sweet aftertaste. Flavors of dark fruits, raisins, malt, caramel and some yeast. Ⓥ
BelgiumVicarisTripelTripel9.2BottleBottle BarPours dark yellow with medium long lasting head. Aroma is sourish, sweet, some caramel, cinnamon, spices. Taste is bitter, light sweetness, spicy, caramel, some cinnamon. Abv is quite well hidden. Aftertaste is light and enjoyable. Ⓥ
BelgiumVivenImperial IPAImperial IPA8.5BottleBottle BarBig creamy beige head very long lasting. Hazy dark amber colour with orange hues, Aroma is candy, citrus, tropical fruit. Taste is complex: caramel,, biter, fruity, resin and malty. Medium thick and oily palate. A strong, intense and complex IIPA.
BelgiumVivenPorterPorter8.5BottleBottle BarVery dark mahogany pour with a medium height, fine-grained, tan head with decent retention. Notes of smoke, roasted malts, bitter chocolate, some cocoa and subtle roasted coffee beans. Medium body and carbonation and a very smoky and roasty finish.
BelgiumWestmalleTripelTrappist8.0BottleBottle BarThis is a complex ale with a fruity aroma and a nice nuanced hop scent. It is soft and creamy in the mouth, with a bitter touch carried by the fruity aroma. An exceptional ale, with a great deal of finesse and elegance, and with a splendid long after taste. Ⓥ
BelgiumBoon2 year old Lambiek FoederLambic6.5DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechDeep yellow to golden body, small white head. Aroma of berries, flowers, citruses, zest, wine, must, cherries, hay, yeast, flowers... really rich aroma! Taste is also very rich: sour and tart. Cherries, wild cherries, citruses, stones of fruits, apricots, flowers, yeast, but mostly berries. Mediun to full body, high carbonation.
BelgiumBrussels Beer ProjectDark SisterBlack IPA7.0DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechA Belgian Black IPA with an evil twist. A strong aroma of tropical fruits and citrus with hints of chocolate and coffee. Nicely balanced flavours of chocolate and tropical fruits. Long and slightly bitter finish. Oily and full mouthfeel. Delicious. Ⓥ
BelgiumBrussels Beer ProjectDelta IPAIPA6.0DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechDark golden body with white head. Aroma is nice fruity mostly mango with some citrus and malts in the background. Taste is citrus malty slightly sour. Aftertaste is nice balanced between fruity bitterness and malty sweetness.
BelgiumDe La SenneJambe de BoisAbbey Tripel9.5DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechGolden in colour, medium sized white head. Aroma of malt, herbal hops and light spiciness. In taste lightly sweet, malty, dry with spicy and zesty notes. Finish is hoppy.
BelgiumDe La SenneStouterikStout4.5DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechAroma is roasted malt, coffee, dark chocolate, touch of charcoal. Flavour is light sweet and medium roasty bitter. Body is light to medium. Excellent for a low abv Stout, light but very roasty
BelgiumDe La SenneTaras BoulbaBelgian Ale4.5DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechCloudy lemon yellow color, stable, small creamy head, with some lacing, citrusy, herbal, candy aroma, flowery malty flavor, light mellow bitterness.
BelgiumDe La SenneZinnebirBelgian Ale5.8DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechClear yellow golden color with white head. Grass, lemony citrus, hay, and some floral notes on the nose; follows onto the palate. Medium bodied. Finishes with lemon zest and some grass.
BelgiumDochter vd KorenaarCrime PassionelIPA7.0DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechOrange body capped by a dense white foam made of the tiniest of bubbles, with lots of lacing. Some sediment in the bottle. Bready smell of light wheat malt with moderate floral notes of orange and sweet tropical fruit, a tad of cheese. Tastes of orange/tropical notes, with a serious level of hoppiness over a light malt base. Dry-hopped with Citra. Belgian yeast with fruit and metal notes. Just a little bitterness in the long dry finish. Mouthfeel is light and bubbly, with a moderate amount of carbonation.
BelgiumDochter vd KorenaarExtase Double IPAImperial IPA8.5DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechHazy dark golden amber colour with a medium sized off-white head. Aroma of tropical fruit, citrus, caramel malt and pine. Medium body and soft/medium carbonation. Lovely flavour - grapefruit, caramel, juicy hops and smooth malty body. Light sweetness with a long bitter finish.
BelgiumDochter vd KorenaarSans Pardon IRSImperial Russian Stout11.0DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechPours black with medium sized tan head. Nice lacing. Aroma is dried fruits, booze, cocoa and some roastiness. Taste has bitter smoke, roasted coffee and a hint of alcohol.
CzechBudvarBudvar DarkDark5.7BottleBottle BarMalty aromas slightly smoky with hints of cold coffee. Chocolate and caramel tastes with a sweet finish. Ⓥ
CzechBudvarBudvar OriginalPilsner5.0BottleBottle BarFloral hop aroma with some malt. Malty flavour with a smooth bitterness and a spicy bitter finish. Ⓥ
CzechBudvarBudvar Dark CherryFruit4.4DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechSweet cherry and caramel aroma and reddish black color with a short lived foam. Tastes sour and bitter, quite balanced. Ⓥ
CzechBudvarBudvar OriginalPilsner5.0DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechFlora hop aroma with some malt. Malty flavour with a smooth bitterness and a spicy bitter finish. Ⓥ
CzechBudvarBudvar Krausened LagerLager5.0DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechA hazy golden beer with a lazing white head. The aroma has notes of grain, straw, spices, hops, and hints of diacethyl. The flavor is sweet with notes of malt, grain, straw, and herbs, leading to a bitter finish. Ⓥ
GermanyAndechsDoppelbock DunkelStrong Dunkel7.2DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechClear mahogany color with tan head. Aroma has dark, toasted malts and some brown sugar. Taste starts sweet and malty with a burnt sugar note. Finish has some roasty bitterness. Medium body and carbonation. Ⓥ
GermanyAndechsDunkel ExportDunkel5.0DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/Czech
GermanyAndechsSpezial HellHell5.9DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechClear pale yellow bodied with medium sized head. Chalky and slightly lemony aroma. Hints of honey malt, too. Flavor was well balanced between lightly sweet and lightly bitter, but not thin, actually full bodied for the style and tasty. Fine, surprisingly long finish started herbal dry with more sweetness emerged towards the end. Ⓥ
GermanyAndechsVollbier HellHell4.8DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechLight yellow colour, white bubbly foam. Slightly sweeter in the malts than many other helles with a tingling but not obtrusive hop finish. Ⓥ
GermanyAndechsWeissbier DunkelDark Wheat5.0DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechAroma is mild roasted wheat. Flavor is sweet well balanced, wheatey, medium bodied. Very smooth. A touch of chocolate and fruit but not overbearing. Ⓥ
GermanyAndechsWeissbier HellWheat5.5DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechReally hazy, milky looking, peach color with white head. Aroma is full of banana esters and sweet honey malt. Taste has also banana shake flavor with some cloves and smooth yeast. Medium to full bodied with medium to high carbonation. Ⓥ
GermanyAugustinerOktoberfestOktoberfest6.0DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechAroma of grass and some toasty malt. Taste is sweetness and sourness. Some bitterness as well. Well combined. Mouthfeel is kind of marshmallowy. Rather sweet finish. Ⓥ
GermanyEhrenfeldAltAlt4.6DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/Czech
GermanyHacker PschorrOktoberfest MarzenOktoberfest5.8DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechIt pours clear with a cooper color and an off white moderate head. It has caramel aromas with low fruit and some sweetness to it. There are sweet flavors, but not overly. There is a slight plum-like flavoring to it with the caramel and a hint of cherry. It has a moderate body with low bitterness and a clean finish. Ⓥ
GermanyHofbrauOktoberfestbierOktoberfest6.3DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechA clear pale golden colour with a fizzy white head. Aroma of bready malts, some grain, slight mineral and subtle grassy, herbal hops. Taste of bready malts, grain, subtle grassy, herbal hops. Medium bodied and moderate carbonation. A dry, lingering, herbal hop bitterness in the finish. Ⓥ
GermanyKargWeisse HellPale Wheat Beer5.2DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/Czech
GermanyKeesmanFestbierHelles5.3DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/Czech
GermanyKeesmanHellHelles4.9DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/Czech
GermanyKneitingerEdel PilsPils5.2DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechAroma is hops and light oats. Appearance is clear golden with a two finger white foam. Taste is medium bitter and very light sweet. A medium carbonation with a light, perfectly balanced dryness. Ⓥ
GermanyLowenbrau ButtenheimFestbierHelles5.5DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/Czech
GermanyLowenbrauOktoberfestOktoberfest6.1DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechPours a Yellow color with fast to go white head. Taste is a very fresh beer with crisp grassy hops, malty and medium sweet. Ⓥ
GermanyPaulanerOktoberfestOktoberfest6.0DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechAroma is light malt, light bread. Appearance is clear golden with a white head. Taste is light to medium sweet and very light bitter. A medium carbonation. Ⓥ
GermanyReissdorfKolschKolsch4.8DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/Czech
GermanySchlenkerlaEicheRauchbier7.5DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/Czech
GermanySchlenkerlaLagerbierRauchbier4.3DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechClear gold pour with an abundance of white foam. Clean, solid, gentle smoky flavor from top to bottom. Modest blonde caramel malts underneath. Ⓥ
GermanySchlenkerlaUrbockRauchbier6.5DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/Czech
GermanySchneider WeisseTap 1 Mein Blond WeissWheat Beer5.4DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/Czech
GermanySchneider WeisseTap 4 Mein GrunesWheat Beer5.7DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/Czech
GermanySchneider WeisseTap 6 AventinusWheat Beer8.2DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/Czech
GermanySpatenOktoberfestOktoberfest5.9DraughtBSF - German/Belgium/CzechThe color is a deep gold with a foamy white head. Some nice lacing. The smell is a bit caramel, some wheat and malt flavors and a bit sugary. The taste is of caramel and cinammon. There is also so bitter fruit flavors as well. Ⓥ
GermanyAndechs Dunkel DoppelbockDunkel Bock7.2BottleBottle Bar
GermanyAndechs SpezialHelles5.9BottleBottle Bar
GermanyAndechsVollbier HellHelles5.2BottleBottle Bar
GermanyAndechsWeissbier HellWheatbeer5.5BottleBottle Bar
GermanyAugustinerDunkelDunkel5.2BottleBottle Bar
GermanyGollerKaiser Heindrich UrstoffHelles5.2BottleBottle Bar
GermanyGollerPilsPils4.9BottleBottle Bar
GermanyHeld BrauDunkelDunkel5.3BottleBottle Bar
GermanyKarg WeisseHellHelles5.3BottleBottle Bar
GermanyKarg WeisseDunkelDunkel5.0BottleBottle Bar
GermanyPyraserHopfenpflueckerHoppy Helles4.9BottleBottle Bar
GermanySchlenkerlaEicheRauchbier7.5BottleBottle Bar
GermanySchlenkerlaUrbockRauchbier6.5BottleBottle Bar
GermanyTilmansDunkelDunkel5.0BottleBottle Bar
GermanyWagnerDunkelDunkel5.1BottleBottle Bar
BelgiumGreensGluten Free DarkGluten Free5.8BottleBottle BarA pronounced chocolate flavour with sour cherries and burned sugars, has a rich and complex mouthfeel. Ⓥ
BelgiumGreensGluten Free India Pale AleGluten Free5.0BottleBottle BarAmber red in colour with a mix of herbal and pine aroma, a full mouth feel of the special hopping is unique for this IPA. Ⓥ
BelgiumMongozoPilsGluten Free5.0BottleBottle BarMongozo Pils is the first beer in the world to combine gluten free, organic and Fairtrade in one bottle. This beer is easy to drink and has a mild slightly bitter flavour of hops. Ⓥ
CzechBudvarB FreeAlcohol Free0.5BottleBottle BarClear, orange, frothy, white foam, medium sweetness, lightly bitter, light body, thin feel, soft carbonation, & astringent finish. Ⓥ
FranceSt Sylvestre3 Monts Grande ReserveBiere De Garde9.5BottleBottle BarClear dark golden coloured, small airy white head, some yeast and alcohol in the nose. Sweet malty, yeasty, alcoholic, notes of dried fruits and rather sweet alcoholic finish.
FranceSt SylvestreGavrocheBiere De Garde8.5BottleBottle BarAmber colored beer with a spicy body of malt. Has dryish notes of fresh herbs like anise. Yeasty as well.
FranceThiriezThiriez Ambrée d'EsquelbecqAmber Ale5.8BottleBottle BarCloudy amber with white wave. Sweet, a little date and spices like cardamom in the nose, quite flat bitterness with some hyssop in the mouth. Full body, dry, spicy finish.
FranceThiriezThiriez Bière de NoëlSpiced5.8BottleBottle BarAroma of cherry, plum, caramel, alcohol fusel provides a brandy side. Flavours of cherry, dried plum, caramel, spicies. Medium bitter fruity and caramely finish. Changes every year!
FranceThiriezThiriez Québecoises BlancheWit5.5BottleBottle BarHazy, pale amber. Thick, bubbly, white, lasting head. Subtle, bready, light fruity aroma. Taste has a grainy sweetness. Some dryness. Soft carbonation. Dry, lemon pith bitter, to finish.
FranceThiriez/Jester KingThiriez/Jester King La Petite PrincesseBiere de Table2.9BottleBottle BarCloudy dark yellow. Thin soft foam. Saison scent. Spicy strong flavour. Good malt.
FranceThiriezThiriez Blonde d'EsquelbecqSaison6.5DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Swedenamber beer with medium carbonation and medium white foam. Smell: malt and caramel domination with a good floral taste. Taste: good balance of malt and hops with caramel notes. Really drinkable. Aftertaste: caramel, sugar cane and sweet bitterness.
FranceThiriezThiriez Rouge FlamandeBiere de Garde5.8DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenSimple bready malt aroma with hints of toast. Medium sweet flavor with more general bready malts and caramel accents. Medium bodied with fine to average carbonation. More bready malts on the finish with further caramel and also some cereal and toasted sugars.
FranceThiriez/Jester KingThiriez/Jester King La Petite PrincesseBiere de Table2.9DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenCloudy dark yellow. Thin soft foam. Saison scent. Spicy strong flavour. Good malt.
ItalyLoverBeerBeerBeraSour Wild Ale8.0BottleBottle BarPours a amberish red with a quickly fading off white head. Aroma of red fruits, cherries, grapes. Taste is of red fruits, wood, tart, cherries, grapes, dry finish. Slick oily texture, soft carbonation.
ItalyLoverBeerLoverBeer MadaminSour Red Brown6.2BottleBottle BarOak amber ale. Fermented and maturated only in oak vats. The name "Madamin" is a piedmontese word meaning "young lady".Clear amber with a beige head . Aroma and flavors of tart fruit and cherries, finishes sweet and dry
ItalyLoverBeerLoverBeer Saison L'OuvrierSaison5.8BottleBottle BarClear yellow with small white head. Malt aroma, citric, fruity, yeast. Sweet favour with smoothy acidic notes, hay, spicy
ItalyLoverBeerLoverBeer Saison SerpillaSaison5.8BottleBottle BarPours light amber, nose of lemon-grass, saison funk. Taste of apple, big fruit, lemon, dry bitter finish, slight funk, good.
Netherlands3 HorneKerselaerFruit6.5BottleBottle BarThis is the top fermented 3 Horne ale flavoured with cherries
Netherlands3 HorneWiegelierBelgian Strong8.7BottleBottle Bar3 Hornes ale flavoured with apricot
NetherlandsDe MolenHemel & Aarde Bourbon BABarrel Aged Smoked Imperial Stout11.0BottleBottle BarSimply a very good example of imperial stout using lightly smoked grain-brewed by a master of big, powerful beers
NetherlandsDe MolenMooi & Meedogenloos Bourbon BABarrel Aged Quadrupel10.2BottleBottle BarThis is the rich Mooie.. Balanced by the use of oak bourbon barrels. A touch of smoke-Rich and smooth.
NetherlandsDe MolenTrots & TevredenDark Ale6.8BottleBottle BarCloudy brown color,creamy froth. Aroma: candy, yeast, caramel, fruits and dried fruits, cakes with anise. Taste: sweet and bitter, bitter chocolate, caramel, slightly anise and other spices.
NetherlandsDe MolenZon & GezelligheidSaison7.6BottleBottle BarAroma-apricot, peach, floral, spices Appearance-golden, hazy, white foam, Taste-medium bitterness, lightly sour, light sweetness
NetherlandsEmelisseIRSImperial Russian Stout11.0BottleBottle BarPours almost black with an ephemeral tan head. Aroma of roasted malt. Taste is roasted malt, dark chocolate, licorice notes, and some alcohol.
NetherlandsKaapseTesWhite Wine Saison5.0BottleBottle BarQuite a traditional style saison-Herbal notes with a hint of yeastiness. Quite refreshing
NetherlandsKees!Barley WineBarley Wine11.5BottleBottle BarDark brown with a small tan head. Full body with low carbonation. Quite sweet with nice bitter tones. Raisin, chocolate, vanilla, marzipan, booze and figs. Nice!
NetherlandsKees!Caramel Fudge StoutImperial Stout11.5BottleBottle BarDark brown, small espresso head. smells like a caramel fudge sundae. like a snickers bar. wow. flavor. lots of caramel. Nouget chocolate, creamy very tasty.
NetherlandsKees!Export Porter 1750Imperial Porter10.5BottleBottle BarPours black with a tan head. Nose shows heavy roast, oatmeal, toasty notes, soft booze and cocoa. Flavours include more heavy roast and dark chocolate along with a bit of sweet bready malt and a soft hit of alcohol.
NetherlandsOedipusKinderyogaImperial Stout11.0BottleBottle BarA dark beer with low copper head. Nose is on molasses, licorice and soy sauce. Aroma is on dark chocolate, lot of mocha, roasted caramel, espresso, vanilla. Texture is very nice deep and smooth, no astringency, very powerful.
NetherlandsRamsesKolibrieIPA Lapsang7.0BottleBottle BarSingle hop: Polaris Beer with Maracuja (Passionfruit) Collaboration brew with Eric van der Lugt
NetherlandsTwo ChefsDirty KatarinaImperial Stout10.5BottleBottle BarA hefty stout!Strong complex flavours of dark fruits and chocolate along with dark malts and sugars.All balanced by the alcohol.
NetherlandsTwo ChefsTropical RalphieHefeweizen5.2BottleBottle Barhazy pale staw yellow colour with a medium frothy white head. Aroma is tropical fruit with a little citrus. A light sweet fruit and wheat flavour and a little grass in the finish.
NetherlandsUiltjeDwerguilDry Hopped Lager5.0BottleBottle BarPours a hazy light amber with a frothy off white head. Aroma of sweet citrus and bitter hops. Medium body, flavour is medium sweet, medium bitter. Dry, bitter finish
NetherlandsUiltjeMet Je Cascade Groene TruiImperial IPA8.4BottleBottle BarAroma has that citrusy, grapefruity sting with touches of resin and pine. Taste is somewhat sticky and resiny with a solid, but yet clean malt base. Orange marmalade, citrus peelings and pronounced bitterness. Not too heavy, but just about right. It’s a solid, classic Imperial IPA
NetherlandsUiltjeSmoking PilsSmoked Pilsner6.0BottleBottle BarA lovely light, drikable pilsner with a hint of smokiness that just lifts the flavours.
NetherlandsUiltjeSpray Tan Gone WrongMilk Stout Orange6.5BottleBottle BarChocolate orange milk stout-flavours of chocolate orange pralines. Bliss
NetherlandsUiltjeValse Noot - BananasplitBanana Brown Ale7.5BottleBottle Bardeep brown colour with a tanned head. nose of dried dark frutis and caramel malts, raisins, note of chocolate, ripe banana, brown sugar, dry
Netherlands3 HorneBananatanaFruit7.0DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenA quality amber ale base brewed through with fresh fruits. In this case bannana's and sultanas
Netherlands3 HorneKerselaerBelgian Strong6.5DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenThis is the top fermented 3 Horne ale flavoured with cherries
Netherlands3 HorneMangootjeFruit7.0DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenCloudy amber beer with a thin head. Light fruit and toffee aroma. Flavour is lighter with a hint of citrus and hop in addition to the aroma.
Netherlands3 HorneWiegelierBelgian Strong8.7DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden3 Hornes ale flavoured with apricot
NetherlandsDe MolenAmarilloDouble IPA9.2DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenInitially bright burnished copper colour and a slight haze. Seems quite heavy bodied with good fruit notes but soft carbonisation and a gentle bitterness actually leave a very easy drinking and light beer
NetherlandsDe MolenBommen & GranatenBarley Wine15.2DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenCopper colour with off white head. Wine, fruity, malty and caramel aroma. Sweet, malt, caramel, fruity, almost like a desert wine!.
NetherlandsDe MolenHel & VerdoemenisBarley Wine10.0DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenA very complex dark beer from a master of dark beers! Complex dark fruits,coffee,chocolate and enough sweetness to provide balance. Lovely
NetherlandsDe MolenLicht & Lustig aks AmerikaansPale Ale4.5DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenThree-grains beer with thin, off-white head and hazy orange blonde robe. Aroma of peach, yeast, wheat, nuts, vanilla and grass. Caramel malts in the mouth, fruity with velvety oats, subtle spicy accents, finishing in a rather assertive hop bitterness
NetherlandsDe MolenMooi & MeedogenloosQuadruppel10.2DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenDark brown with a good tan head. Dark fruity and sweet malty aroma and taste, lots of dried fruit, chocolate, caramal, brown sugar, some nice spice,
NetherlandsDe MolenOp & TopPale Ale4.9DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenA modern session I.P.A. Fruity hop flavours balanced by biscuity malt and some sweetness.
NetherlandsDe MolenTsarina EsraImperial Porter10.1DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenStronger version of a Baltic Porter. Comparable with an Imperial Stout but without the heavily roasted malt character. This created a soft beer with strong hops in the finish
NetherlandsDe MolenVuur & VlamIPA6.2DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenAroma of hops, pepper and caramel. Taste is quite bitter, notes of citrus and caramel.
NetherlandsJopenAdriaanWit5.0DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenMedium creamy head, cloudy lemon color with orange taints, aroma of wheat and bubblegum with a spicey hint, flavor of lemon grapefriut and bubblegum with some almond in the back, light citrusy bitterness, light sourness, prickly carbonation.
NetherlandsJopenKoytAle8.5DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenPours a clear dark brown with light head. Aromas of dry Xmas spice and toasty malts. Flavors of same with cinnamon and anise plus bread crust and light herbal notes. A great break from big hoppy beers. Very dry.
NetherlandsKaapseCarrieIPA6.5DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenAmber coloured not clear IPA. Big cream head. Very hoppy, nice bitters. Smell and tast of lychee, kiwi, citrus
NetherlandsKaapseGozerImperial Stout9.8DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenAroma of roasted malts, coffee, dark chocolate. Taste is light to mdium sweet, light bitter.
NetherlandsKaapseHarrieSaison6.1DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenAmber with medium white head. Ginger aroma. Sweet, than sour fruity, than medium bitter taste with remarkable ginger notes.
NetherlandsKees!Pale Ale CitraPale Ale4.6DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenCloudy, bitty amber beer with a bubbly white head. Aroma is light grapefruit given it’s citra hops. Taste if dry, sharp grapefruit and hops.
NetherlandsKees!Pink Grapefruit IPAIPA5.5DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenThin creamy white head. Grapefruit aroma. Cloudy blond pour. Grapefruit bitterness in the aftertaste
NetherlandsKees!Session IPASession IPA3.5DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenBig grassy aroma with some grapefruit and tobacco. Taste is a whole lot of grapefruit with a huge dry finish.
NetherlandsKees!Strawberry FieldsSweet Stout6.0DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenAroma is mainly strawberry chocolate. Look is pitch black, taste like a strawberry chocolate icecream. A sweet beer.
NetherlandsLOC BreweryDinky MosaicImperial IPA4.7DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenPeach, strawberry, carrot in finish. This is actually a very good beer, one that brings a big smile to my face. Great introduction
NetherlandsLOC BreweryTrain Hopper DIPADouble IPA8.4DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenBasically the Mosaic let loose! Lots of hoppy fruit flavours and some sweetness. Dangerously easy to drink.
NetherlandsOedipusGaiaIPA7.0DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenAn amber colored beer with the focus on resiny, piney hop varieties (Cascade, Columbus, Chinook, Centennial and a bit of Amarillo).
NetherlandsOedipusMannenliefdeSaison6.0DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenClear golden with orange hue and medium sized slight bubbly white head. Nice dry grain character, slight sour citrus, spices, dry bitterness in a raw-vegetable kind of way. Medium to light bodied with dry feel and full carbonation. I hardly get the peppers in this, but veru decent saison.
NetherlandsOedipusPantyStout6.0DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenRoasted, caramelized and some rye malts enhance the body of this beer. Together with Cascade hops the flavours of Panty are mostly roasty, chocolately and licorice-like.
NetherlandsOedipusSlomoBiere de Table3.5DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenHazy yellow colour with a white head. Aroma and flavour of peach, grass, fruit, hops, straw, citrus and bitterness.
NetherlandsRamsesDen Dorstige TijgerIPA6.0DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenBrewed at Drie Horne.Cloudy reddish dark amber colour with off-white head. Piney hop aroma, caramel malty basis. Taste is minimally tart, slightly piney hoppy, a touch of peppermint, earthy notes.
NetherlandsRamsesIBISPremium lager5.4DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenAroma of pale malt, wheat, citrus, hops. Flavour is light sweet with a medium bitter finish. Nicely hoppy and very refreshing ale.
NetherlandsRamses/BierderieDe Stijdende KaterAmerican Strong Ale10.0DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenHazy mid brown in colour with an off-white head. This is far too easy drinking for the abv, wow! There is coffee and caramel here, a little fizzy carbonation, some dried fruit and a little buzz of bitterness.
Netherlandst IjIjWitWit6.5DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenMisty yellow-golden body. Aroma.. lime, coriander, soft. Light taste, fresh, coriander and lime, perfumey, ends slightly yeasty.
Netherlandst IjIPAIPA7.0DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenHazy dark orange colour. Intense fruity aroma (grapefruit?) Flavour is very citrusy, fruity and hoppy. Quite low on bitterness for an IPA.
NetherlandsUiltjeFF Lekker met je Bek in het ZonnetjeSession IPA3.6DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenCloudy orange-brown colored, off-white head. Very hoppy nose, citra, cascade, grapefruit, bit yeasty. Hopbitter flavor, fruity and yeasty, some caramel, malty. Bitter finish.
NetherlandsUiltjeMe, Myself & IPANorth West American IPA8.0DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenVery much a tropical/soft fruit hop flavour I.P.A. Some bitterness but smooth and very drinkable.
NetherlandsUiltjePerfect FitAmerican Pale Ale5.0DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenMedium bitterness and citrus hoppiness.Session A.P.A.
NorwayLervigArt collection V Iconoclast QuadBrettomices Quadruppel9.5BottleBottle BarPours very dark, small tan head. Aroma is dark fruits, cascara cherries, dark malts. Taste is quite a complex quad with interesting cascara cherry notes blending well with the fruity Belgian yeast. Excellent.
NorwayLervigFat EarlIPA4.5BottleBottle BarLight hazy gold to orange color. Thin white head. Medium bitterness, light sweetness. Thin body. Aroma is nutty, malt, cereal.
NorwayLervigOat IPAIPA7.2BottleBottle BarLervig’s Brewer first made this oat IPA as a "hoppy birthday gift" for himself on his 40th. In this version the 25% oats build a full body. The Nelson Sauvin and Hallertau Blanc hops add their wine/grape flavours. The result is an intense grapey grapefruit flavor.
NorwayLervigSaisonSaison6.6BottleBottle BarPours golden with a big white head. Nose is apples, orange, lemons, big fruits. Taste is sharp acidic fruit juice, herbal
NorwayNøgne ØOud BruinFruit7.0BottleBottle Barpours browm with an off white head. Wood, vinegar notes, brett, dark fruit,
NorwayNøgne ØTindvedSour Wild Ale7.0BottleBottle BarAroma is fruity and light sourish. Stables and Hay. Taste is fruity with hints of red berries and farmhouse
NorwayNøgne ØWitWit4.5BottleBottle Barwit with an attitude. We are generous with all our ingredients - including both orange peel and coriander.
PolandPintaAja Pale AlePale Ale4.5BottleBottle BarSlightly haze, pale yellow, nice head. Hoppy aroma, citrusy. Nice fruitiness in taste, citrus again, grapefriuty medium bitterness
PolandPintaAtak ChmieluIPA6.1BottleBottle BarCaramel monster of IPA. Some citrus and resin also present. Dark amber body, off white dense head. Medium citric bitterness, some citrus taste, again a lot of caramel and some pine.
PolandPintaHoplaagaImperial Pils6.6BottleBottle BarLemony hops, farmy, smooth, super fresh! Quite light but tasty, rich flavour. Nice brew
PolandPintaOto Mata IPAIPA5.2BottleBottle BarOrange hops. Appealing, warming but from the malts and sweet modern hops, not the alcohol. Great! Very smooth
PolandPintaZytorilloBlack IPA5.3BottleBottle BarDeep dark and cloudy color. Looks great in the glass. Rye dominate both in aroma and taste. Noticeable citrus, chocolate and a little resin
SwedenAll In BrewingHustle Imp StoutImperial Stout9.8BottleBottle BarRoasted malty, nutty, chocolate, sweet, full body with an oily texture. The finish is dry, bitter, toasted and light nutty. Brewed with hazelnut cream
SwedenAll In Brewing/LOC BreweryI Milk Your Drinkshake IPA- CollabIPA6.0BottleBottle BarTaste of orange and raspberry, quite bitter with a late vanilla sweetness, hoppy and sweet aftertaste. They say that it a Rasberry/Key lime milkshake I.P.A.!
SwedenBeerbliotekPale Ale Bobek CitraPale Ale5.5BottleBottle BarAroma is fresh, tropical fruity hops. Taste is dry and hoppy. Light bodied and sessionable IPA. Finish is dry and full of tannins, drying the mouth. Decent beer, refreshing.
SwedenBeerbliotekSingle Hop Mosaic IPAIPA6.5BottleBottle BarExpect orange, marmalade and tropical fruit tones delivering a luscious IPA.A good way to learn this hops character
SwedenBrekerietSaisonSaison6.5BottleBottle BarA rustic farmhouse ale fermented with multiple strains of saccharomyces and brettanomyces yeast, giving it a complex and elegant taste.
SwedenDuggesChristmas Idjit!Imperial Stout9.5BottleBottle BarBlack pour, creamy head. Aroma of salty licorice, chocolate and roasted malt. Smooth taste of roasted malt, milk chocolate, cream, mild licorice and a more bitter finish. Good beer.
SwedenDuggesFather Yod Organic TripelOrganic Tripel8.5BottleBottle BarAroma is bready, sweet honey and a tad of yeast. Fizzy. Taste is kinda sweet with those esters breaking through, slight banana, spices
SwedenHantverksbryggerietExperimentellt Batch #03 HallonWild Raspberry6.0BottleBottle Barhazy pinkish amber, thin off-white pinkish head. Big raspberry aroma. Taste is smooth with fresh lightly tart berries and a bready sweetness
SwedenOmnipolloBianca Mango LassiGose3.5BottleBottle BarGose brewed with rock salt, lactose and mango purée.Mango, salt, fruit skin, taffy
SwedenOmnipolloLeonPale Ale Champagne Yeast6.5BottleBottle BarTaste has sweet yeast in a Belgian way combined with bitter hops. A modern take on the Belgian blond bier, where you can taste some hops too
SwedenOmnipolloMagic #3,5 - Pineapple GoseTropical Gose3.5BottleBottle BarPart of Magic Numbers (a dreamy small-batch series): 3.5 is a german style wheat beer (gose) brewed with rock salt, conditioned on pineapple, and lightly dry-hopped
SwedenOmnipolloNebuchadnezzarImperial IPA8.5BottleBottle BarOrange, crystal clear. Aroma cane sugar, tropical fruit, toffee. Palate medum, nice carbonation. Taste tangerines, pineapple. Dry finish
SwedenDugges/StillwaterTropic Folk - CollabWild Fruit3.5DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenPours pale golden, nose is peach, pineapple, toffee, funk, taste is tart, juicy fruit, light sweetness, tropical.
SwedenOmnipolloArzachel - Session IPA hopped as DIPASession IPA3.5DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenSession IPA hopped like a double IPA
SwedenOmnipolloMagic #3,5 - Pineapple GoseTropical Gose3.5DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenPart of Magic Numbers (a dreamy small-batch series): 3.5 is a german style wheat beer (gose) brewed with rock salt, conditioned on pineapple, and lightly dry-hopped
SwedenOmnipolloMazarinAmerican Pale Ale5.6DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenPours cloudy amber colour with an off-white head. An aroma of grass and citrus. The taste is medium sweet and medium bitter
SwedenOmnipolloNebuchadnezzarImperial IPA8.5DraughtROW - France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, SwedenOrange, crystal clear. Aroma cane sugar, tropical fruit, toffee. Palate medum, nice carbonation. Taste tangerines, pineapple. Dry finish

In addition to the draught beers listed above there will be a range of German beers available in both bottles and on draught. The styles will include wheat beers both dark and pale, Altbier from Dusseldorf, Kolsch from Cologne, Rauchbier from Bamberg and other regional specialities. The details of the full range will not be known until the beers are delivered. All German Beers at this festival are brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot Purity Law and are Vegan.