UK Beers 2016

470 beers for your delight. Please drink responsibly. But remember it is Tryanuary!

All beers will be on sale as soon as they are ready to be sold and for as long as they last. Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular beer.

For infomation on gluten free beers click here. For information on unfined beers suitable for vegetarians, click here.

Brewery Beer Style ABV

Bar 1

8 Sails Victorian Porter P 5%
Abstract Jungle Casual S 4.6%
Abstract Jungle Restless GA 4.5%
Acorn Old Moor Porter P 4.4%
Ad Hop Sasquatch BB 4.2%
Adnams Old Ale O 4.1%
Allgates Mad Monk S 7.1%
Allgates Wigan Junction B 3.9%
Allgates / Manchester Beer Week All Day Coffee IPA Sp 5.1%
Almasty Gingerbread Mild Sp 4%
Almasty Winter Saison Sa 4.2%
Alphabet Brew Co A to The K SB 5.6%
Anarchy Antichrist Black IPA IPA 6.66%
Anarchy Strait Jacket B 3.6%
Arbor Boomtown Brown SB 5.3%
Arbor Nice to Wheat You W 6.4%
Arbor Triple Hop GA 4%
Ascot Ales Anastasia’s Imperial Stout S 8%
Atom Bunsen SB 5%
Atom Dark Matter S 4.5%
Atom Schrodinger’s Cat B 3.5%
Bad Seed Orange and Rosemary Belgian Pale Sp 5%
Bad Seed Summer Ale B 3.8%
Bank Top Dark Mild M 4%
Bank Top Port O Call P 5%
Banks’s Sunbeam GA 4.2%
Barngates Goodhew’s Dry Stout S 4.3%
Bathams Best Bitter BB 4.3%
Beartown Black Bear SM 5%
Beartown Polar Eclipse S 4.8%
Beer Nouveau Satanic Mills S 6%
Beer Nouveau / Chorlton Home Brewers Et Tu Brewtus IPA 4.7%
Beer Nouveau / MBCF Sally’s Tipple Sp 5.2%
Bexar County Un Poquito Pequeño B 3.1%
Bexar County Victoria Export Stout S 6.7%
BlackEdge Black S 4%
BlackEdge Dark Rum P 4.6%
BlackEdge NZPA IPA 4.5%
BlackEdge Zinc B 3.5%
Blue Monkey 99 Red Baboons M 4.2%
Blue Monkey BG Sips BB 4%
Boggart Hole Clough Rum Porter P 4.6%
Bootleg Chorlton Pale Ale BB 4%
Bootleg Fools Gold B 3.9%
Bootleg Urban Fox BB 4.2%
Boudicca Spiral Stout Sp 4.6%
Boudicca Three Tails Bitter B 3.9%
Bradfield Farmers Belgian Blue BB 4.9%
Bradfield Farmers Blonde GA 4%
Bradfield Farmers Stout S 4.5%
Bradfield Yorkshire Farmer GA 4%
Brampton Mild SM 4.9%
Brass Castle Cliffhanger B 3.8%
Brass Castle Helles Lager L 4.4%
Brass Castle Sunshine IPA 5.7%
Brewsmith Admiral Porter P 4%
Brewsmith Bitter B 3.9%
Brewsmith IPA IPA 6%
Bridgehouse Aired Ale BB 4.1%
Bridgehouse Blonde GA 4%
Bridgehouse Cherry Choc Stout Sp 6%
Bridgehouse Holy Cow IPA 5.6%
Bridgehouse Old Bear – Yorkshire Ale BB 4.2%
Bridgehouse Porter P 4.5%
Brimstage Brimstage IPA IPA 6%
Brimstage Oyster Catcher Stout S 4.4%
Broughton Old Jock O 6.7%
Buffy’s Festival 9X O 9%
Burning Sky Plateau B 3.5%
By the Horns Lambeth Walk P 5.1%
Cairngorm Black Gold S 4.4%
Celt Experience Blood Moon So 4%
Coastal Angelina GA 4.1%
Coastal Erosion O 7.5%
Coastal Merry Maidens Mild M 4%
Coniston No 9 Barley Wine BW 8.5%
Cryptic Anagram GA 3.5%
Cryptic Enigma SB 5%
Cryptic Round One S 5.6%
Cryptic Tip Of The Tongue BB 4.2%
Cryptic / MBCF Milli S 5.4%
Cumbrian Legendary Ales Grasmoor Dark Ale SM 4.3%
Cumbrian Legendary Ales Loweswater Gold GA 4.3%
Dancing Duck Dark Drake S 4.5%
Dancing Duck Imperial Drake S 6.5%
Dark Star Creme Brulee Sp 5.8%
Dark Star Hophead GA 3.8%
Darwin Extinction Ale O 8.3%
Deeply Vale Chocolate Orange Stout Sp 4.6%
Deeply Vale Deeply Blonde GA 4.5%
Deeply Vale Deeply Red M 4.3%
Deeply Vale DV8 S 4.8%
Deeply Vale Equilibrium B 3.8%
Deeply Vale Golden Vale BB 4.2%
Dent T’owd Tup S 6%
Drink Up Brewing dubALT SB 5%
Drink Up Brewing dubDAY So 5%
Drink Up Brewing dubKELLER L 4.7%
Drink Up Brewing dubTROPICANA SB 5%
Dunham Massey Dunham Porter P 5.2%
Dunham Massey Landlady BB 4%
Dunham Massey Winter Warmer O 6.6%
Earl Soham Sir Rogers Porter P 4.2%
Edenmill Seggie Porter P 5.5%
Exe Valley Winter Glow O 6%
Facer’s Clwyd Gold B 3.5%
Facer’s North Star Porter P 4%
Fallen Just The Ticket BB 4%
Fallen Sleeper Pils L 5.3%
Fell Robust Porter P 4.8%
Firebrand Fallen Saison Sa 5.5%
First Chop AVA B 3.5%
First Chop Extra Love GA 4%
First Chop Good Measure B 3.9%
First Chop POD S 4.2%
First Chop SIP (South Island Pale) SB 5.4%
First Chop SYL IPA 6.2%
Five Oh Brew Co Sorachi Grey IPA 6.5%
Fixed Wheel Blackheath Stout S 5%
Fixed Wheel Chain Reaction BB 4.2%
Fixed Wheel No Brakes IPA IPA 5.9%

Bar 2

Fool Hardy Ragging Yeti Warmer P 5%
Fool Hardy Ranting B#st#rds IPA 5.9%
Fool Hardy Rash Dash B 3.8%
Fool Hardy Rebel GA 4.5%
Fool Hardy Reckless Danger SB 5%
Fool Hardy Risky Blonde BB 4.4%
Fuller’s Gales Seafarers B 3.6%
Fuller’s Jack Frost Sp 4.5%
Fuller’s Olivers Island GA 3.8%
Fuller’s Past Masters 1910 Double Stout S 7.3%
Fuller’s Vintage Ale 2015 O 8.5%
Fuzzy Duck Ruby Duck SM 5.3%
Fyne Jarl GA 3.8%
Grafton Cleopatra’s Needle GA 4.2%
Grain Lignum Vitae IPA 6.5%
Grain Slate P 6%
Green Duck Duck & Dive IPA 5.9%
Green Duck James Pond SM 5.2%
Green Jack Orange Wheat W 4.2%
Green Mill Cats Whiskers M 4%
Green Mill Chief BB 4.2%
Green Mill Ella BB 4%
Green Mill Gold GA 3.6%
Green Mill On The Tiles IPA 4.8%
Green Mill Shorthand Stout S 4.5%
Greenfield Dobcross Bitter BB 4.2%
Greenfield Pretty Eclectic IPA 4.6%
Greenfield Thirst Born GA 4.1%
Hammerton Baron H IPA 5.8%
Hammerton Geist Weiss W 5%
Happy Valley Black Out XO P 4.4%
Happy Valley Sworn Secret B 3.8%
Hardknott Dark Energy S 4.9%
Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted GA 4.2%
Harviestoun Schiehallion L 4.8%
High Peak Brew Co Pale Ale B 3.7%
High Peak Brew Co Porter P 4.8%
High Peak Brew Co Red Ale BB 4.5%
Holdens Black Country Mild M 3.7%
Holt Two Hoots GA 4.2%
Hooded Ram Jack the Ram S 4.7%
Hooded Ram Mosaic Single Hop Pale Ale SB 5%
Hooded Ram Toasty Ram O 5%
Hopcraft Devilfish Ink IPA 5.8%
Hophurst 50 Gyle BB 4.4%
Hophurst Campfire M 3.9%
Hophurst Debonair S 4.9%
Hophurst Mellors B 3.8%
Hopshackle Double Momentum O 7%
Howard Town Lords A Leaping P 6%
Howard Town Mill Town M 3.5%
Howard Town Monks Gold GA 4%
Howard Town Shining Clough SB 5.3%
Howard Town Superfortress BB 4.4%
Intrepid Explorer BB 4%
Intrepid Porter P 4.8%
Intrepid St Bernard BB 4.4%
Intrepid Trade Mark IPA 4.5%
Intrepid Traveller IPA 5.4%
Irwell Works Lightweights & Gentlemen B 3.2%
Irwell Works Marshmallow Unicorn S 4.4%
Isle Of Skye Skye Black O 4.5%
Jennings Cumberland BB 4%
Jennings Sneck Lifter O 5.1%
Kent Pale GA 4%
Kent Twelfth Night BW 7.4%
Kinver Over the Edge O 7.5%
Lees Moonraker BW 6.5%
Left Handed Giant US Porter P 6%
Mallinsons Simcoe B 3.9%
Mallinsons Sorachi Ace BB 4.2%
Merlin Dragonslayer O 5.6%
Merlin The Wizard BB 4.2%
Millstone Stout S 4.5%
Millstone Tiger Rut GA 4%
Millstone True Grit GA 5%
Moor Old Freddy Walker O 7.3%
Moor Sloe Walker Sp 8%
Moorhouses Blond Witch GA 4.5%
Moorhouses Pendle Witches Brew SB 5.1%
Moorhouses Pride Of Pendle BB 4.1%
Moorhouses White Witch B 3.9%
Nene Valley Bitter B 4.1%
Nene Valley Mid-Week Bender SB 7.4%
North Cotswold Hung Drawn and Portered P 5%
Northern Alchemy 60 Min Pils L 5.6%
Norton Priory Gold GA 4.2%
Oakham JHB GA 3.8%
Oakham Tranquility GA 6.5%
Offbeat Disfunctional Functional IPA IPA 4.8%
Offbeat Lupy Lager L 4.7%
Offbeat Off The Rails Chocolate Stout S 4.3%
Offbeat Outlandish Pale B 3.9%
Okells Bitter B 3.7%
Okells IPA IPA 4.5%
Okells MPA B 3.6%
Ossett Snake Mocha Stout S 5%
Ossett Treacle Stout S 5%
Ossett / Brass Castle Rampart IPA 7%
Palmers Tally Ho! O 5.5%
Peakstones Rock Black Hole O 4.8%
Peerless Jinja Ninja Sp 4%
Peerless Oatmeal Stout S 5%
Penzance Scilly Stout S 7%
Pig & Porter Disgraceful Behaviour Sp 6%
Pig & Porter / Elusive Elusive Pig IPA 5.7%
Pilot Iced Tea Ale Sp 5%
Pilot Mochaccino Stout S 5.5%
Prospect Gold Rush GA 4.5%
Prospect Nutty Slack M 3.9%
Purple Moose Dark Side of the Moose SM 4.6%
Purple Moose Glaslyn GA 4.2%

Bar 3

Quantum American Light B 3.6%
Quantum Brett Pale Ale SB 4.5%
Quantum Grailfrit GA 4.8%
Quantum Magnum Pale Ale BB 4.5%
Quantum Milk Stout S 5%
Ramsbottom Craft Brazilian Brown SB 5%
Ramsbottom Craft Ruby Oatmeal Mild SM 5.7%
Ramsbottom Craft Waterfall Pale Ale B 3.9%
Rat Phantom Ratsberry Blower Sp 5.5%
Rat Rat Attack B 3.8%
RCH Old Slug Porter P 4.5%
Redemption Hopspur BB 4.5%
Redemption Trinity B 3%
Revolutions Blue Monday W 4.5%
Revolutions Clash London Porter P 4.5%
Robinsons Hartleys Cumbrian XB BB 4%
Robinsons Old Tom BW 8.5%
Robinsons Porter P 5.3%
Robinsons Trooper BB 4.8%
Robinsons Unicorn BB 4.2%
Saddleworth Shaftbender O 5.4%
Salopian Hop Twister BB 4.5%
Salopian Shropshire Gold GA 3.8%
Salopian Vertigo IPA 7.2%
Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild SM 6%
Seven Bro7hers EPA BB 4.8%
Seven Bro7hers IPA IPA 5%
Seven Bro7hers Ruby BB 4.5%
Seven Bro7hers Session B 3.8%
Seven Bro7hers Stout S 5.2%
Silver Street HEAVY SB 5.5%
Silver Street Old J Porter P 4.5%
Silver Street Saison Sa 7%
Silver Street Session B 3.9%
Siren Broken Dream S 6.5%
Siren Counting Vampiers Sp 6.1%
Six O’Clock P45: Zoigl L 5.5%
Six O’Clock Union IPA 5%
Squawk Mr Scruff Pale IPA 4.6%
Squawk Porter P 4.2%
Stockport Brewing Company Arch 18 Mild M 4%
Stockport Brewing Company Bitter Lemon BB 4.2%
Stockport Brewing Company Cascade BB 4%
Stockport Brewing Company Deluded IPA 6.1%
Stockport Brewing Company Ginger Tinge Sp 4.2%
Stockport Brewing Company Stockporter P 4.8%
Stringers No 2 Stout S 4%
Stringers Plan B B 3.7%
Stringers Turbine Porter P 5.1%
Stubborn Mule Single Hop IPA (Amarillo) IPA 5.7%
Tempest Long White Cloud SB 5.6%
Thirst Class Penny Black IPA IPA 6.5%
Thirst Class Wild Wit Fury W 4.1%
Thornbridge Kipling SB 5.2%
Thornbridge Made North B 3.8%
Thornbridge Saint Petersburg S 7.4%
Three Blind Mice Milk Worm Sp 5.2%
Three Blind Mice Wheat Widow W 5.4%
Ticketybrew Jasmine Green Tea Sp 3.8%
Ticketybrew Table IPA IPA 3.5%
Ticketybrew / Quantum Marmite Stout Sp 5.3%
Timothy Taylor Boltmaker BB 4%
Timothy Taylor Dark Mild M 3.5%
Timothy Taylor Landlord BB 4.3%
Timothy Taylor Ram Tam O 4.3%
Tiny Rebel Cwtch BB 4.6%
Tiny Rebel Flux BB 4%
Tiny Rebel Fubar GA 4.4%
Tiny Rebel Hadouken BW 7.4%
Tiny Rebel One Inch Punch GA 3.9%
Titanic Stout S 4.5%
Torrside Centenial P 5.4%
Torrside Franconia Sp 5.2%
Torrside / Manchester Homebrew Club Upstairs Downstairs IPA 5.2%
Totally Brewed Slap In The Face B 4%
Track Mazama IPA 5.5%
Track Sonoma GA 3.8%
Track Toba S 5.6%
Track / Matt Dutton Pale Rye (Name TBC) %
Tryst Sherpa Porter P 4.4%
Tweed Black Shire Stout S 4.5%
Tweed Hopster GA 3.9%
Vale of Glamorgan Dark Matter S 4.4%
Vocation Bread & Butter B 3.9%
Vocation Heart & Soul IPA 4.4%
Vocation Pride & Joy Simcoe SB 5.3%
Waen Mellowdrama SB 5%
Waen Pamplemousse GA 4.2%
Waen Snowball Sp 7%
Watermill Shih Tzu BW 7%
Weetwood Ambush SB 4.8%
Weetwood Cheshire Cat BB 4%
Weetwood Oast House GA 5%
Weetwood Southen Cross B 3.6%
Weird Beard Black Perle S 3.8%
Weird Beard Little Things That Kill B 3.9%
Weird Beard Pankot Palace Sp 5.4%
Wibblers Apprentice BB 3.9%
Wibblers Crafty Stoat S 5.3%
Wild Beer Madness IPA 6.8%
Wild Weather Storm in a Teacup Sp 6.1%
Wild Weather / Waen Message in a Potel S 7.5%
Williams Bros Fraoch Sp 4.1%
Williams Bros Harvest Sun GA 3.9%
Windswept Wolf O 6%
Wiper & True Pink Peppercorn Sp 5.5%
Wychwood Arrowaine M 3.6%
York All Seeing Rye B 3.9%
York Guzzler GA 3.6%
York Migratory Coconut Stout Sp 3.9%
York Otherside IPA IPA 4.5%

Blackjack Bar

Blackjack Ace of Spades S 10%
Blackjack Aces High SB 5.5%
Blackjack Belgian Red IPA IPA 6.8%
Blackjack Belgian Red IPA IPA 6.8%
Blackjack Dead Man’s Hand BB 4.1%
Blackjack Dragon’s Tears Sp 5.2%
Blackjack Duel BB 4.5%
Blackjack Four of a Kind IPA 6.2%
Blackjack New Deck BB 4.2%
Blackjack Porter P 4%
Blackjack Snip Snap Snorum BB 4.6%
Blackjack Stout S 5%
Blackjack The Pokies B 3.6%
Blackjack Wai-iti IPA IPA 5.2%

Bollington Brewery Bar

Bollington Bollington Best BB 4.2%
Bollington Defiance IPA 5.8%
Bollington Endurance BB 4.8%
Bollington Ginger Brew Sp 4.1%
Bollington Goldenthal BW 7.4%
Bollington Oat Mill Stout S 5%
Bollington White Nancy BB 4.1%

Brightside Brewery Bar

Brightside Amarillo GA 5%
Brightside Amarillo SB 5%
Brightside B-Side GA 4.2%
Brightside Darkside S 4.6%
Brightside Manchester Skyline GA 4.6%
Brightside Odin GA 3.8%
Brightside Polaris IPA IPA 4.8%
Brightside The Beast EPA B 3.6%

Cloudwater Bar

Cloudwater Bitter BB 4.3%
Cloudwater Brown BB 4.8%
Cloudwater ESB O 6.5%
Cloudwater Imperial Stout BW 10%
Cloudwater IPA IPA 8%
Cloudwater Pale B 3.9%
Cloudwater Stout S 4%

Bragdy Conwy Bar

Conwy California GA 4.4%
Conwy Honey Fayre Sp 4.5%
Conwy Riptide IPA 4.6%
Conwy Telford Porter P 5.6%
Conwy West Coast Surfin’ IPA IPA 4.8%

Hawkshead Brewery Bar

Hawkshead Bitter B 3.7%
Hawkshead Brodie’s Prime P 4.9%
Hawkshead Brodie’s Prime Export BW 8.5%
Hawkshead Cumbrian Five Hop GA 5%
Hawkshead Dry Stone Stout S 4.5%
Hawkshead Lakeland Lager L 5%
Hawkshead NZPA SB 6%
Hawkshead Windermere Pale GA 3.5%
Blackjack / Hawkshead / Quantum Manuka Sp 5%

Marble Beers Bar

Marble Chocolate Marble SM 5.5%
Marble Earl Grey IPA Sp 6.8%
Marble Ginger 5.1 Sp 5.1%
Marble Lagonda IPA GA 5%
Marble Manchester Bitter BB 4.2%
Marble Pint GA 3.9%
Marble Stouter Stout S 4.7%

Outstanding Beers Bar

Outstanding 3.9 GA 3.9%
Outstanding Alpha Papa Rye IPA IPA 5.7%
Outstanding Blond BB 4.5%
Outstanding Chocolate Liqueur Stout S 4.9%
Outstanding Imperial IPA BW 7.4%
Outstanding Monkey Gone To Heaven SB 6.2%
Outstanding Red BB 4.4%
Outstanding / MBCF NZ Weiss W 4.9%

Pictish Brewery Bar

Pictish Alchemists Ale BB 4.3%
Pictish Blue Moon IPA 6%
Pictish Brewers Gold GA 3.8%
Pictish Porter P 4.4%
Pictish Talisman IPA BB 4.2%

RedWillow Bar

RedWillow Directionless BB 4.2%
RedWillow Faithless XLIX BB 4.6%
RedWillow Feckless BB 4.1%
RedWillow Heartless Sp 4.9%
RedWillow Smokeless P 5.7%
RedWillow Thoughtless S 9.4%
RedWillow Wreckless BB 4.8%

Runaway Bar

Runaway American Brown SB 5.7%
Runaway Bitter-Chocolate Stout S 5%
Runaway Double IPA IPA 7.2%
Runaway IPA IPA 5.5%
Runaway Pale BB 4.7%

Wilson Potter Bar

Wilson Potter Don’t Fall B 3.9%
Wilson Potter In The Black S 4.2%
Wilson Potter Is This The Way SB 6.3%
Wilson Potter Ruby Red BB 4.4%
Wilson Potter The Darkness S 4.6%

The Font (Key Keg Conditioned)

Ad Hop If you’re hoppy and you know it clap your hands IPA 6.8%
Ad Hop / MBCF Choc Rockin’ Beats Sp 7.4%
Alphabet Brew Co Flat White S 7.4%
Alphabet Brew Co Nouvelle Saison: Beetroot and Horseradish Sa 6%
Bad Seed I am the one who Equinox IPA 6.2%
Bad Seed Vic Secret Sour So 4.9%
Bexar County Death in the Sea of Mediocrity IPA 6%
Bexar County Papa Steve S 9%
Brass Castle Heretic SB 6.4%
Brass Castle / Ad Hop California Steamin SB 5%
Brew By Numbers 01|14 Saison Jarrylo Sa 5.6%
Brew By Numbers 10|05 San Sebastien P 6.5%
Brew By Numbers 25|03 Enigma IPA 7.2%
Burning Sky Monolith So 8%
Drink Up Brewing dubNIGHT So 5.4%
Drink Up Brewing dubSMOKE SB 5.7%
Hardknott Brownian Motion Sp 4.5%
Intrepid Cornucopia Rhubarb & Strawberry Sp 4.5%
Mad Hatter Chipotle Porter Sp 6.2%
Mad Hatter Hot Toddy So 6.6%
Mad Hatter Occulatation Sp 6.8%
Nene Valley Big Bang Theory SB 5.3%
Partizan Lemon & Thyme Saison Sa 3.8%
Pig & Porter Honey Hill Wit Sp 5%
Pig & Porter Whispering Bob IPA 6.5%
Pig & Porter / Runaway Runaway Pig S 7.3%
Quantum Imperial Stout (Cranberry) Sp 8.5%
Sacre Brew Man On The Oss Sa 5.5%
Weird Beard Mac Spreadsheet Ninja L 5.5%
Weird Beard Saison 14 Sa 5.5%
Weird Beard Trad Spreadsheet Ninja L 5.5%
Wild Weather Kahreef B 2.4%
Wild Weather Peach of a Weekend So 5.6%

Style Key:

GA Golden Ale
B Bitter
BB Best Bitter
SB Strong Bitter
IPA India Pale Ale
M Mild
SM Strong Mild
O Old Ale
S Stout
P Porter
BW Barley Wine
Sp Speciality Beer
L Real Lager
W Wheat beer
Sa Saison
So Sour / bretted beer