Brewery Bars 2016

Complementing the 300+ beers on our three main bars, MBCF also welcomes twelve of the North West’s (and North Wales’) most innovative and exciting brewers bringing their own bars to the festival.

As well as a great range of beers, the brewery bars will give you the opportunity to meet some of the brewery staff, talk to the brewers about their beers and taste some of the ingredients which go into the beers.

The brewery bars will be grouped in four locations, two on the central island and two as part of our 60 metre mega-bar.

All beers named are provisional.

On the island:


Blackjack Beers

Blackjack Beers

Since the 2015 festival, Blackjack Beers have expanded to include two award winning pubs in their empire – Altrincham Market Hall’s Jack In The Box & the Blackjack Brewtap at the Smithfield Market Tavern.

Such is the demand for their beers that even having doubled capacity, the brewery is running flat out brewing seven days a week.

Always innovative, the Blackjack team have been saving away special beers to feature on their MBCF bar, so we can expect some rare treats. Just like the Blackjack Brew Tap, weekends beers will be served in rotation.

All beers are un-pasturised and un-fined and suitable for vegetarians.

Ace of Spades S 10
Aces High SB 5.5
Belgian Red IPA IPA 6.8
Dead Man’s Hand BB 4.1
Dragon’s Tears Sp 5.2
Duel BB 4.5
Four of a Kind IPA 6.2
New Deck BB 4.2
Porter P 4
Snip Snap Snorum BB 4.6
Stout S 5
The Pokies B 3.6
Wai-iti IPA IPA 5.2


Bollington Brewing Co

Bollington Brewing Company

Bollington Brewing company was established in 2008 in the small village of Bollington near Macclesfield.

Within one year, head brewer Kym Wainwright had won both Gold & Silver in the Champion Beer Of Cheshire competition for Bollington Best & Oatmill Stout respectively and have gone on to win many more awards since.

The brewery has three pubs in Bollington, Macclesfield & Poynton.

Bringing their custom built mobile bar to MBCF for the third year featuring the following beers:

Endurance SB 4.8%
Bollington Best BB 4.2%
Defiance IPA 5.8%
Ginger Brew Sp 4.1%
Goldenthal BW 7.4%
Oat Mill Stout S 5.0%
White Nancy BB 4.1%


Cloudwater Brew Co

Although less than a year old, Cloudwater Brew Co are already a major name on the UK brewing scene.

Their range of beers is re-invented every season, using seasonal ingredients at their very best, and taking inspiration from the change of lifestyle each season creates.

With a team drawn from the very best of Manchester’s micro-brewing boom, they use the best of both traditional and cutting edge techniques to create modern seasonal beer.

Bitter BB 4.3%
Brown BB 4.8%
Imperial Stout S 10.0%
Pale B 3.9%
Stout S 4.7%


Hawkshead Brewery

Hawkshead Brewery was founded, by Alex Brodie in 2002 in a 17th century barn at the head of Esthwaite Water, just outside Hawkshead. Within 4 years their exciting range of beers had seen demand exceed capacity and they moved to larger premises at Staveley.

Hawkshead is one of the most successful of the new wave of independent breweries which have ignited public excitement about beer and furthered the renaissance of British brewing. Their beer is full of flavour, handmade, crafted, bold, personal and made by people who love beer for people who love beer.

Here at MBCF, over the last two years, you, our visitors have shown that you can’t get enough of their great beers.

Bitter B 3.7%
Brodie’s Prime P 4.9%
Brodie’s Prime Export BW 8.5%
Cumbrian Five Hop GA 5.0%
Dry Stone Stout S 4.5%
Lakeland Lager L 5.0%
NZPA SB 6.0%
Windermere Pale B 3.5%
Hwkshead / Blackjack / Quantum Collaboration ?? ???


Marble Beers

Marble Beers

Marble beers have been instrumental in putting Manchester on the nation beer map for approaching 20 years.

From their 1997 beginnings in the back of the Marble Arch pub on Rochdale Road to their current home on a 12 barrel plant just down the road, they have won countless awards in the 18 year history.

Recent award favourites include Marble Chocolate, Lagonda IPA and Earl Grey IPA but the old favourites like Pint and Manchester Bitter still underpin the range.

All of their beers are natural, un-pasturised and un-fined.

Chocolate Marble SM 5.5%
Earl Grey IPA IPA 6.8%
Ginger 5.1 Sp 5.1%
Lagonda IPA IPA 5.0%
Manchester Bitter BB 4.2%
Pint B 3.9%
Stouter Stout S 4.7%




Another brewery that has come a long long way in a short time. Founded by husband & wife Toby & Caroline McKenzie in late 2010 the sheer quality of their brews and some great marketing saw them in demand across the region and set them off on a sequence of progressive expansions.

Having taken all the available units on the small Macclesfield industrial estate where they began, October 2015 saw them finally relocate the brewery to a cavernous new unit complete with in house canning line.

And the beers continue to excite the regions drinkers – from traditional bitters to the often innovative Faithless series, demand regularly outstrips supply.

Directionless BB 4.2%
Faithless 49 BB 4.6%
Feckless BB 4.1%
Heartless Sp 4.9%
Sleepless SB 5.4%
Wreckless BB 4.8%


Runaway Brewery

Runaway Brewery

The Runaway Brewery was created when two old friends came together to take on an adventure – joining the movement to help modernise British beer and beer culture

They brew great, modern, British beer. Rather than being cask conditioned like most of the beers at the festival, Runaway are specialists at conditioning their beers in the modern key-keg – it’s real ale but maintaining a higher level of carbonation and served slightly colder than traditional cask ales.

They don’t cut corners and quality always comes first. If you’ve never tried key-keg conditioned beer, you can’t have a better introduction than Runaway Brews.

American Brown SB 5.7%
Double IPA IPA 7.2%
IPA IPA 5.5%
Pale Ale BB 4.7%
Bitter-Chocolate Stout S 5.0%

Wilson Potter Brewery

Wilson Potter Brewery

Wilson Potter Brewery is a six barrel microbrewery in Middleton owned and run by friends Kathryn Harrison and Amanda Seddon, producing a range of handcrafted real ales with a variety of styles and strengths.

Within 12 months of setting up they had won their first awards picking up Gold & Bronze at Oldham Beer Festival, following this with many more including being voted Beer Of The Festival twice at Chorlton Beer & Cider Festival and their Don’t Fall winning at both Stockport Beer Festival & Didsbury Beer Festivals.

There is a core range of seven beers which are supplemented with a range of occasional beers and one-off specials brewed throughout the year – their MBCF bar will feature a mixture of both.

Don’t Fall B 3.9%
The Darkness S 4.6%
In The Black S 4.2%
Is This The Way SB 6.3%
Ruby Red BB 4.4

On the main bar


Brightside Brewing Company

Brightside Brewery

The Friedrich family’s Brightside Brewery have come a long way from humble beginnings in the back of the family bakery in Bury back in 2010. In just 5 years they have grown to have an 18 barrel plant in Radcliffe and far too many awards to list here .

Their beers are regularly seen in pubs and bars across the region – from traditional pubs to craft beer bars, you’ll find their increasingly diverse range has something for everyone.

Amarillo IPA 5.0%
B-Side GA 4.2%
Darkside S 4.6%
Manchester Skyline GA 4.6%
Polaris IPA IPA 5.0%
Odin B 3.8%
The Beast EPA B 3.8%

 Conwy Brewery

Bragdy Conwy Brewery

Established in 2003, Conwy Brewery (Bragdy Conwy in Welsh) were the first brewery in their home town for over 100 years.

They specialise in cask & bottle conditioned ales of the highest quality with probably the best range of ales in North Wales. They recently expanded to a new 25 barrel brew length brewery designed by Brendan Dobbin, the brewing engineer behind the Firkin brewpubs.

Alongside the traditional Conwy brewery brand, they also showcase modern beer styles under their West Coast Brewing brand with beers like Riptide Black IPA and San Francisco.

West Coast California BB 4.4%
Conwy Honey Fayre Sp 4.5%
West Coast Riptide IPA 4.6%
Conwy Telford Porter P 5.6%
West Coast Surfin IPA IPA 4.8%


Outstanding Beers

Founded in 2008 with the mission of Bringing the Art Back to the Science of Brewing, Outstanding Beers are based in an old mill in Bury. Their beer focuses on the quality of the four basic ingredients – malt, hops, yeast & water.

A dual brewing systems sees a 15 barrel and 2.5 barrel plant run side by side allowing them to produce a range of small production and experimental beers alongside their main production. Across their diverse range they combine traditional brewing practices with cutting edge technologies.

Their mission statement is “Don’t aspire to be ordinary”.

3.9 GA 3.9%
Alpha Papa Rye IPA IPA 5.7
Blonde BB 4.5%
Chocolate Liquor Stout Sp 4.9%
Imperial IPA BW 7.4%
Monkey Gone To Heaven SB 6.2%
NZ Weiss W 4.9%
Red BB 4.4%


Pictish Brewing Company

Pictish Brewing Company

Pictish Brewing Company is a small independent brewery established in April 2000 by Richard Sutton who quickly built a reputation for brewing spectacular hoppy pale ales.

Early in 2013 Richard decided to opt for an easier life and skive off leaving things in the hands of his old friend Paul Wesley. Paul has continued the Pictish tradition with an sequence of monthly single hop beers supplementing the legendary Alchemist Ale & Brewers Gold.

Alchemist Ale BB 4.3%
Blue Moon SB 6
Brewers Gold B 3.8%
Porter P 4.4%
Talisman IPA IPA 4.2%