UK Cask Beers 2015

Beer, beer, beer – over 400 of the UK’s finest beers at Manchester Beer & Cider Festival 2015.

All beers will be on sale as soon as they are ready to be sold and for as long as they last. Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular beer.

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BollingtonEnduranceSB4.8BollingtonBollingtonBrewed with Citra hops and fermented with Mangrove Jacks US West Coast Yeast. A one off special in collaboration with Glyn Fisher who successfully completed a Coast to Coast bike ride for Macmillan
BollingtonDinner AleBB4.3BollingtonBollingtonDeep copper coloured beer with a fresh slightly fruity nose, a traditional style bitter with a dry hoppy finish
BollingtonBollington BestBB4.2BollingtonBollingtonA delightfully hoppy bitter. Clean & Crisp with a light golden colour and refreshing bitter after taste.
BollingtonGinger BrewSp4.1BollingtonBollingtonA classic ginger bitter, pale hoppy bitter flavour, a smooth taste with fresh root ginger added at the end.
BollingtonOat Mill StoutS5BollingtonBollingtonOatmeal Stout with a twist. Hoppy bitter taste keeps sweetness in check and allows for a great dark beer.
BollingtonWinter ReserveO4.5BollingtonBollingtonGolden brown with winter fruit flavours, a warming smooth bitter.
BollingtonGoldenthalBW7.4BollingtonBollingtonA continental style golden barley wine.
HawksheadBrodie's Prime ExportBW8.5StaveleyHawksheadExtra strength Brodie's Prime. More intense flavour but still velvety smooth.
HawksheadBrodie's PrimeP4.9StaveleyHawksheadComplex, dark brown beer with malt, fruit and roast to taste. Full-bodied and clean.
HawksheadDry Stone StoutS4.5StaveleyHawksheadWell-balanced dry traditional stout with a long dry finish.
HawksheadCumbrian Five HopGA5StaveleyHawksheadZesty, tropical fruit flavours balanced by juicy malt character.
HawksheadWindermere PaleB3.5StaveleyHawksheadCrisp and fruity yellow beer with hints of melon and grapefruit and a strong bitter aftertaste.
HawksheadLakeland LagerL5StaveleyHawksheadIt's lager, but its tasty. Pale, with restrained but fresh hop character from European lager hops.
HawksheadNZPASB6StaveleyHawksheadThe strongest beer in the brewery's range, packed with wild fruit flavours. Made using four New Zealand hops (Green Bullet, Riwaka, Motueka & Nelson Sauvin) by a Kiwi brewer.
HawksheadBitterB3.7StaveleyHawksheadA pale, hoppy and bitter ale: a slight elderflower aroma from Slovenian "Celeia" hops, followed by long bitterness. A great session bitter
HawksheadSundownBB4.5StaveleyHawksheadThe colour of sunset. The flavour of big fruity hops from the American West - Cascade, Citra, Simcoe. The sweetness of juicy speciality malts. A bitter-sweet orange red ale
IlkleyMary JaneGA3.5IlkleyIlkleyMade with high quantities of Amarillo hops this pale summer beer has refreshing citrus aromas. According to the song Mary Jane was courted on Ilkley Moor bah Tat!
IlkleyThe RocketL5IlkleyIlkleyBlack lager. Powerful yet refreshing, The Rocket will propel you on a scintillating taste journey of discovery
IlkleyOlicanaB4.4IlkleyIlkleyFresh and zingy, there are grapefruit notes and a soft yet crisp finish. Hop #1391 was exclusively released to Ilkley Brewery to trial brew with. They named the hop 'Olicana' in a nod to the Roman name for Ilkley
IlkleyIlkley GoldGA3.9IlkleyIlkleyUnexpectedly refreshing, pale, light easy drinking beer, made with pale malt and Cascade and Willamette hops.
IlkleyLotus IPASB5.6IlkleyIlkleyClassic amber IPA with hints of mango & grapefruit
IlkleyIlkley BlackM3.7IlkleyIlkleyA blend of 5 malts give a smooth, mellow easy to drink beer with a hint of liquorice in the finish. There are berry fruits, sweet molasses and coffee on the nose
Wilson PotterGingery Does itSp3.5MiddletonWilson PotterAn extra pale blonde beer made with Perle and Columbus hops and a touch of ginger.
Wilson PotterIn ShredsBB4.7MiddletonWilson PotterA refreshing pale ale with notes of pine & lemon from Green Bullet & Motueka hops
Wilson PotterRum In The BlackS4.2MiddletonWilson PotterA delicious, dark stout with a lovely liquorice finish & a hint of rum
Wilson PotterNatural ProgressionBB4.8MiddletonWilson PotterFruity, amber beer with a bitter hop flavour from Progress hops, and a delicate aroma from a blend of late hops.
Wilson PotterBrewers GoldB4MiddletonWilson PotterAn extra pale single hopped blonde beer with fruity characteristics
BrightsideUnderworldP4.4RadcliffeBrightsideA drier, medium bodied porter brewed with predominantly English hops. A little more bitter than you might expect from a traditional porter. Aromas of coffee and dried fruit
BrightsideManchester SkylineGA4.6RadcliffeBrightsideA full bodied Golden Ale with a greater depth of colour & not as dry as most
BrightsideAmarilloSB5RadcliffeBrightsidePale ale, crystal, caramel malts, and wheat produce a light amber colour and complex malt profile. Liberally hopped without being overwhelmingly bitter.
BrightsideOdinB3.8RadcliffeBrightsideA very pale blonde ale with a fair whack of wheat. European Noble hops form the basis with three fruity American varieties added late. The late hops to come through clearly in the taste and aroma. A slight wheat haze takes the edge off the usual clarity.
BrightsideEk ChuahSp4.5RadcliffeBrightsideNamed after the Mayan god of cocoa, this is our first chocolate stout made using chocolatier quality cocoa powder, vanilla essence and pods
BrightsideGridlockSB6.5RadcliffeBrightsideHeavy on the malt, full bodied and with bags of flavoursome New World hops, one each from the US, Australia and New Zealand. Inspired (??) by Deansgate in the rush hour!
BrightsideWinter SolsticeSB5RadcliffeBrightsideChestnut red in colour, with warm malty flavours. This is a new recipe for 2014, and stronger in ABV than 2013.
Marble / HawksheadBeer MattsSB5ManchesterMarbleFestival special. A mash up of Cumbrian Five Hop and Lagonda IPA. The core of Lagonda with Centennial, Simcoe, Citra combined with 5 Hops Bramling Cross and a whole heap of Amarillo promises for and absolutely stonking good beer.
MarbleChocolate MarbleSM5.5ManchesterMarbleA strong, stout-like ale. Warming chocolate aroma & taste
MarbleDobberSB5.9ManchesterMarbleDark golden India pale ale is ‘Pint’ grown up, pronounced NZ hop character and smooth biscuit base offset by fruit aroma
MarblePintGA3.9ManchesterMarblePale straw-gold colour with a sharp, hoppy aroma, and a strong hoppiness carrying through in the flavour, plus a fresh, citrus-tang.
MarbleStouter StoutS4.7ManchesterMarbleAn extra winter stout with a rich palette, roasted notes, fruity hops and a long, dry, bitter finish.
MarbleManchester BitterBB4.2ManchesterMarbleYellowy gold with white head. Light, citrusy and bitter hop aroma then biscuity maltiness. Hop bitterness with dry floral finish.
MarbleLagondaSB5ManchesterMarbleAn India pale ale with a golden malt base complimenting a quadruple addition of hops. All of which precede a floral and bitter finish
MarbleEarl Grey IPASB6.8ManchesterMarbleWith timed additions of earl grey during fermentation, heavy infused hopping and traditional cask maturing. the result is a citrus fruit aroma , smooth sleek texture, hop notes are brilliantly complimented by bergamot and a light tannic finish.
Marble125 Barley WineBW10.7ManchesterMarbleThe Marble Arch’s 125th anniversary Barley Wine, aged for one year in brandy barrels
Outstanding / Wilson PotterHoney BadgerSp5.2BuryOutstandingPale amber, aromatic malt, light hops and sweet honey
OutstandingImperial IPABW7.4BuryOutstandingGolden, strong, implausibly hopped.
Outstanding3.9GA3.9BuryOutstandingExtra pale, light, hoppy
OutstandingBlondBB4.5BuryOutstandingPale, citrussy, refreshing
OutstandingRedBB4.4BuryOutstandingCopper coloured, mellow, biscuity
OutstandingMonkey Gone To HeavenSB6.2OutstandingHeavily hopped with German and UK hops and matured over Christmas!
OutstandingIPASB5.5OutstandingFour diverse hop varieties from across the globe combine to create complex yet well-balanced golden, dry IPA style beer
OutstandingStoutS5.5BuryOutstandingJet black, roasty, liquoricey.
OffbeatOff The Rails Chocolate StoutS 4.3CreweOffbeatRich, velvety smooth chocolate stout made with Crewe’s own roller derby team the Railtown Loco Rollers.
OffbeatWay Out WheatW4.5CreweOffbeatNaturally cloudy Hefeweizen style wheat beer. Lovely aromas of sweet orange peel and coriander, with banana esters from the wheat yeast.
OffbeatDisfunctional Functional IPASB4.8CreweOffbeatSan Diego inspired heavily hopped IPA
OffbeatOutlandish PaleB3.9CreweOffbeatTakes your palate to the extreme with a fresh burst of lemony hoppiness.
OffbeatKooky GoldB4.1CreweOffbeatLight, golden session ale, easy drinking and low bitterness. Finished with Cascade hops for a lovely citrus taste
OffbeatWeird Whisky MacSp6.1CreweOffbeatA traditional Scottish cocktail of whisky and green ginger. What Unhinged Ginger taste like aged in Glenfarclas malt whisky casks. Result = lush!
Bridestones/ OffbeatSprocket Wort OrangeSp4.6Hebden BridgeBridestonesChocolate, orange, juniper and sorachi ace hops
Hebden BridgePsychedelicSB5Hebden BridgeBridestonesPale American style ale but with added Mango, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Apricot & Mandarin into the cask to boost the fruitiness
BridestonesVanilla PorterP4.6Hebden BridgeBridestonesA ruby black porter, brewed with plenty of roasted barley and dark malts and natural vanilla pods for a traditional porter flavour and a sweeter twist
BridestonesPennine GoldGA4.3Hebden BridgeBridestonesThis was our original brew, and continues to be our best seller. The beer has a good bitterness balanced with a citrus fruit hop flavour, and continues to be hugely popular
Hebden BridgeGirl CrushSB5Hebden BridgeBridestonesAmber in colour it is all American hopped, has a full bitter flavour & full bitter finish
BridestonesSandstoneB3.9Hebden BridgeBridestonesThe delicate hop characteristics dominate this beer; the pale ale has been triple hopped to give a smooth clean taste
Blackjack/ IlkleyBetting CapSB5.3ManchesterBlackjack A very hoppy amber ale made with Belgian yeast, and Galaxy, Chinook, Belma & Columbus hops
BlackjackCopyright IngingementSp4.5ManchesterBlackjack The other ginger beer from Manchester, light and drinkable with a twist of ging to keep things interesting
BlackjackSmall SaisonSa4.5ManchesterBlackjack A small blonde saison. Unfined and unfiltered. Pours with natural haze.
BlackjackVanilla StoutS 5.2ManchesterBlackjack A tweaked version of the Black Jack Stout you know and love. More of a complex chocolate base then late additions of Vanilla for a indulgent and rich beer.
BlackjackBeginners CranberrySp5ManchesterBlackjack Black Jack's Beginners Luck IPA, hopped with American Cascade with a subtle hit of Cranberry from additions of whole Cranberrys in the boil and late in fermnetation. Subtle citrus notes with berry finish.
BlackjackBelgian Honey PorterP4.5ManchesterBlackjack A highly drinkable, rich porter made with a wee dram of organic honey, the sweetness of which is offset by the use of Belgian yeast and some tasty hops
BlackjackKing Of Clubs (Aged)S7.2ManchesterBlackjack Regal Stout. Aged for 4 months in cask before we let to loose on the public. A sesonal classic.
BlackjackSchapkopfW5ManchesterBlackjack A light and refreshing wheat beer with a twist of ginger and lemongrass, ridiculously drinkable. Unfined and unfiltered with a natural haze
BlackjackSingle Hop Citra IPAIPA5.2ManchesterBlackjack The latest in our single hopped series showcasing the mighty Citra, which brings an interesting citrus and tropical fruits character to the beer
Blackjack / Pig & PorterBlack PigP6.3ManchesterBlackjack A collaboration with Pig and Porter. A hoppy porter with a complex malt bill so interesting on all fronts! Hopped with Columbus, Summit and Willamette
BlackjackFull HouseIPA9.2BlackjackBeligian style triple IPA
BlackjackOne Eyed JackP6ManchesterBlackjack Sorachi Ace Smoked Porter, need we say more? Well ok then. Heavily hopped, slightly smokey porter using the singular hop, Sorachi Ace which imparts a unique (and delicious) flavour
BlackjackPokiesB 3.6ManchesterBlackjack A pale golden coloured beer with aroma and flavour of citrus fruit with floral notes. A bitter hoppy finish.
AlechemyAnti-Christmas (Aged)IPA7.3Livingston1Red Oz IPA
AlechemyColumbus BurstIPA5.4Livingston1The exceedingly tasty burst IPA range take their names from the kinds of hops they use
AlechemyDaylight StrobberyS6.3Livingston1A tasty milk stout made with a whole load of strawbs. Contains lactose (and strawberries!)
AllgatesMacadamia, Coconut and Lime PorterSp4.6Wigan1All in the name!
Alphabet Brew CoCrate DiggerS8.3Manchester1A breakfast stout with coffee and oats
Alphabet Brew CoSpace InvaderSa6.1Manchester1Pink Grapefruit, Pink Peppercorn & Tarragon Saison
AnarchyAlgorithm W6Stannington1Collaboration beer with French band The Algorithm. A beautiful Belgian wheat beer comes full of banana and bubblegum. Expect a thick, creamy pour and hazy appearance
AnarchyChilli PorterP6.5Stannington1
ArborSaison Des FetesSa5.6Bristol1Hoppy, amber ale with a clementine zest
ArborSmokescreenP5.5Bristol1A robust and full flavoured smoked porter made with seven different malts and finished with Bramling Cross.
ArborTriple HopB4Bristol1
AtlanticBee KeeperSp4.8Newquay1Honey ale. Suitable for vegans.
AtlanticFistralSB5.2Newquay1Light in colour, brewed using lager malt and quite a large proportion of wheat malt, giving it a clear crisp character. The late addition of Hallertauer Mittlefruh hops gives the herbal aroma, combining well with the citrus of First Gold. Suitable for vegans.
AtlanticGoldSp4.4Newquay1Golden Pale Ale Spiced with Ginger. Brewed using only pale and wheat malt, it is light on the palate with a subtle biscuit malt flavour. It is lightly hopped to highlight the ginger, which adds a freshness and zing to the beer without ever dominating or overpowering it. Suitable for vegans.
AtomBragg's LawB5.2Hull1Fruity, extra pale & very hop driven ale (Galaxy and Topaz hops).
AtomRare EarthSp5.5Hull1Rye pale ale infused with saffron.
AtomSchrodinger's CatB3.5Hull1Brewed as a paradox using different mashing mechanisms to create a full bodied, low abv hop bomb. Hops: Chinook, Citra, Columbus & Mosaic
AxiomAnother DawnGA4.2Wrexham1Golden, hoppy. Tastes a bit like lemon cheesecake.
Bad CoComfortably NumbGA3.8Dishforth1Hop-packed & a taste of sunshine with notes of tangerine, mango, grapefruit and pineabple. Bold fruity and just a little bit bitter.
Bad CoCommunication BreakdownIPA7.4Dishforth1Oak Aged IPA
Bad CoLove Over GoldB4.1Dishforth1Grapefruit and grassy notes make this hoppy light & refreshing
Bad SeedCitra Pale AleBB4.5Malton1Part of Bad Seed's single hop series. Citra hops imparts citrus and tropical fruit characters
Bad SeedOatmeal StoutS4Malton1Dark rich and decadent. This stout has plenty of body with rich roasted notes and biscuit flavour. Perfect for a winter's evening!
Bank TopPavillionBB4.5Bolton1Pale ale with a big fruity flavour and a peppery hoppiness and dry, bitter yet fruity finish
Bank TopPort O' CallP5Bolton1Roast barley flavour with Port overtones - definitely not mild!
Banks'sSunbeamGA4.2Wolverhampton1Zesty golden blond ale, with citrus and grapefruit overtones. Vibrant hop aroma leads to a long finish.
BarngatesGoodhew's Dry StoutS4.3Ambleside1Rich, roasted malts, smoke & liquorice.
BarngatesTag LagBB4.4Ambleside1Golden ale, fresh spicy hop aroma, fruity bitterness builds to a refreshingly dry finish. Satisfying and moreish.
BatemansSalem PorterP4.7Wainfleet1Full of fruit, hazelnuts, almonds, liquorice and spicy hops, gently fused with roasted grains to create a flavour explosion of warm buttered toast and crunchy nut biscuits.
BatemansGHAGA4.2Wainfleet1A golden beer, brimming with character and packed with luscious English and American hops and delicately malted barleys, to give a spicy aroma and fruity taste.
BatemansVictory AleO5.9Wainfleet1A pale copper coloured, rewarding beer brewed with pale and crystal malts and hopped with English Goldings and American Liberty hops. The aroma booms with peppery hops and bitter oranges, balanced by fresh bread maltiness. Hops and fruit dominate the palate, while the finish has sappy malt, tart fruit and lingering hop bitterness.
BatemansYella Belly GoldGA3.9Wainfleet1A golden, refreshing beer brewed with lager malt, Chinook and Cascade hops, giving a lovely citrus flavour and aroma, which is quite dry and very moreish
BeartownBlack BearSM5Congleton1Dark ruby stong mild. Subtle roast & malt flavours, finishing with a mellow sweetness.
BeartownPeach MelbearSp4.4Congleton1Unusual and distinctive beer with sweet aroma of peaches & elderflower, perfectly balanced by a hoppy bitterness
BeartownPolar EclipseS4.8Congleton1Oaky black stout with soft aromas of treacle, coffee & burnt toffee.
BlackEdgeAmerican Pale AleBB4.2Horwich1Pale & hoppy. Plenty of west coast American hops are added to give a delightful citrus floral hit of flavour. Pleasant aroma and a smooth finish.
BlackEdgeBlondeBB4.5Horwich1A full bodied blond ale. Well hopped with US Summit to give a bold grapefruit flavour and citrus essence
BlackEdgeDark RumP4.6Horwich1A dark rum porter with rich chocolate & roasted coffee. Finished wirh liquorice and mellow sweet dark rum.
BlackEdgeMotley BrewB4Horwich1Brewed for MBCF in association with Real Radio XS. In commemoration of 100 years since the great war this golden session ale combines hops from Britain & Germany giving a pleasant lemon citrus flavour with a hint of blackcurrant & spice.
Black FlagChameleonB3.8Goonhavern1Light medium bodied pale dry hopped with a different hop each time.
Black FlagFangBB4.5Goonhavern1Very fruity pale brewed with Citra & Centennial hops
Blue MonkeyApe AleSB5.4Giltbrook, Nottingham1A pale, strong ale. A complex and sophisticated IPA, using assertive American hops. Aromas of resinous pine, orange and just the right level of citrussiness. A dry finish and moderate bitterness.
Boggart Hole CloughRum PorterP4.6Newton Heath1Classic porter with a smooth roast finish, enhanced by sweet, spicy hop taste with a hint of rum.
BootlegChorlton Pale AleB4Chorlton1A refreshing blonde beer with a hint of citrus & a long dry finish
BootlegMetro PirateB3.8Chorlton1Zesty pale ale with a high bitterness. Pours golden and smooth and packs a hoppy punch.
BradfieldFarmers Belgian BlueSB4.9High Bradfield1Christmas berry overtones; and a slight blue tint to the head - making it an unusual winter warmer!
BradfieldFarmers BitterB3.9High Bradfield1Traditional copper coloured malt ale using English hops to produce both floral and smooth aroma but still a sharp finish
BradfieldFarmers BlondeGA4High Bradfield1Very pale, brilliant blonde beer, with citrus & summer fruit aromas, making it extremely refreshing.
BradfieldFarmers Pale AleSB5High Bradfield1Fruity floral bouquet full-bodied with a dry aftertaste
BradfieldFarmers StoutS4.5High Bradfield1A dark enriched ‘black and white’ stout balanced by roasted malts and flaked oats with a subtle but bitter hop character
BradfieldYorkshire FarmerGA4High Bradfield1A gold coloured beer, light on the palate with a smooth bitter finish.
Brass CastleAnnexationP8.2Malton1In a time of renewed Russian imperialism, we bring you an 8.3% traditional aged Russian Imperial Stout. Smooth like the Volga and as bonkers as Putin.
Brass CastleMosaicBB4.3Malton1A celebration of the 'wonder hop' Mosaic - in a dry-hopped 4.3% pale ale crafted to unleash every complexity of this citrusy/piney/tropical fruit-heavy cone.
Brass CastleNorthern BlondeB3.9Malton1A blonde ale made with hops from the world's northenmost commercial hop farm.. A new seasonal blond brewed for the fist time in January 2015
BrewsmithBrewsmith BitterB3.9Ramsbottom1A pale session bitter. Moderate bitterness, pronounced floral/citrus hop aromas.
BrewsmithOatmeal StoutS5.2Ramsbottom1A full bodied, richly textured stout. Balanced bitterness. Coffee, liquorish, blackcurrant and citrus aromas.
BridgehouseBlondeB4Oxenhope1Lager type beer made with a blend of German & American hops.
BridgehouseCherry Choc StoutSp6Oxenhope1Unbelievably smooth with sweetness from oatmeal and morello cherries. Delicate bitterness from English hops and a silky full body.
BridgehouseHoly CowIPA5.6Oxenhope1Heavenly india pale ale. Delivilishly different.
BridgehousePorterP4.5Oxenhope1Beautifully balanced, brewed from an old traditional recipe dating back to the 1700s, with a full lingering rich flavour.
BrimstageTrappers Hat BitterGA3.8Brimstage1A refreshingly hoppy session beer. Gold coloured with a complex bouquet, it provides a mouthful of fruit zest, with hints of orange and grapefruit. This was our first brew and remains the most popular having won several awards.
Brown CowIndulgenceSM4.6Selby1A dark complex ale with hints of hazelnut and toasted marshmallow giving a huge flavour burst with a long after taste.
CeltHome of the FruitcakesSa6Caerphilly2Strawberry & raspberry saison (with a ton of fruit. Like, a literal ton)
CeltChieftainGA4.1Caerphilly2First of the Welsh brewers brand new single hop range. Brewed with an emphasis on easy drinking and full aroma using Amarillo hops.
Celt / AlechemyThe Oak KingW6.1Caerphilly2A sacred Pagan Celtic collab. German Hefeweizen style ale with star anise and lemon peel. Brewed in collaboration with Alechemy Scotland.
Celt / Wiper & TrueRhubeerSo6.12A sour mashed rhubarb beer, boiled with fresh rhubarb and finished with rhubarb in the fermenter to balance a tart- fruit sournes
Cheshire BrewhouseCheshire GapB3.8Congleton2Light English Pale Ale finished with East Kent Goldings and Bodecia hops. Quintessentially English Beer.
Cheshire BrewhouseCheshire SetB4Congleton2Crisp and Clean Blonde ale, late hopped with an abundant amount of English Keyworth Early hops, lots of citrus and flavor from this exciting reintroduced heritage hop variety.
Cheshire BrewhouseLupy As A ToucanIPA5.8Congleton2Pale & as Hoppy as the gates of Hades.
CoastalErosionO7.5Redruth2A beast of a dark old ale, with caramel, molasses and roast malt on the palate, and some liquorice on the finish.
ConistonInfinity IPAIPA6Coniston2Hoppy American Style IPA rich ,full & refreshing
ConistonK7SB4.7Coniston2Premium Golden Bitter. Intensely hoppy with a crisp, dry finish.
ConistonNo 9 Barley WineBW8.5Coniston2Oats give body and smoothness, complex flavours reminiscent of dark chocolate and coffee.   
ConistonSpecial Oatmeal StoutS4.5Coniston2Delightful sipping beer rich in fruit flavours with marzipan, herbal hoppiness and Cognac overtones.
ConwyClogwyn GoldGA3.6Conwy2A full-flavoured golden ale featuring strong citrus fruit flavours throughout. Hoppy bitterness dominates the full mouthfeel and lasting finish
ConwyHoney FayreSp4.5Conwy2Golden best bitter with a hint of honey sweetness in the balanced by an increasingly hoppy, bitter finish, slightly watery mouth feel for a beer of this strength.
ConwyTelford PorterP5.6Conwy2Tasty winter warmer with hints of dried fruits, liquorice & burnt caramel.
ConwyWelsh PrideB4Conwy2A clean tasting malty bitter. Fruit in aroma and taste with a crisp, grainy mouth feel and a lingering hoppy bitter aftertaste.
CromartyGhost Town PorterP5.8Davidston2Two-tone, toe-tapping, ten-malt-porter. Monstrous amounts of fresh malts create a beer as black as the earl of hell to which some big piney hops are added to give a robust bitter finish.
CromartyHusky BrownSB5.2Davidston2American Brown, new & exciting
CromartyKowabungaBB4.6Davidston2American styled pale ale stoked with buckets of juicy hops
Cumbrian Legendary AlesAmerican InvasionIPA5Hawkshead2Big American hopped IPA commemorating the unsuccesful attack on Whitehaven by John Paul Jones, the founder of the American navy.
Cumbrian Legendary AlesGrasmoor Dark AleSM4.3Hawkshead2A dark ale full of complex roasted flavours.
Cumbrian Legendary AlesLoweswater GoldGA4.3Hawkshead2A true golden ale, brewed using three malts including lager. Bursting with tropical flavour, an outstanding beer. Finalist CBOB 2009.
Cwrw LalLimestone CowboyBB4.5Mold2A robust dark copper ale using roasted malts, big tasting American hops & West Coast yeast for a hop forward style ale
Cwrw LalPothole Porter P5.1Mold2Porter in its true classic style. Black & roasted, bursting with British Golding Hops.
Dark StarHopheadGA3.8Partridge Green2An extremely clean-drinking pale golden ale with a strong floral aroma and elderflower notes from the Cascade hops. This beer is full-bodied and full-flavoured yet gentle enough to make it a favourite session beer.
Dark StarHophead Vic Secret GA3.8Partridge Green2Special version of Hophead Golden Ale made with Australian Vic Secret hops, which impart clean, distinct fruit and pine characters
Deeply ValeCitra StormB4Bury2Made with Citra Hops. A pleasant session ale bursting with the flavours and aromas of lemon and grapefruit
Deeply ValeDV8S4.8Bury2Deliciously smooth award winning breakfast stout
Deeply ValeGolden ValeBB4.2Bury2A complex but well balanced bitterness with a slight caramel finish. Fairly fruity aroma. The flavour is refreshing, robust and satisfyingly malty.
Deeply ValeYelllow RoseB3.8Bury2Clean, crisp & smooth with the distinctive taste of tangerines. Made with Amarillo hops
DentDent Station PorterP3.8Dentdale2A dark, classic, traditional English porter with delicate tones of five different malts, a rich smooth head and lingering light bitter aftertaste.
DentT'owd TupS6Dentdale2Strong stout balanced by a warming sweetness and a raisiny-fruitcake taste which lingers on into the aftertaste.
Driftwood SparsAlfie's RevengeO6.5St Agnes2A strong rich ale with a deep polished red colour. It has a big malt flavour with chocolate and biscuit notes. The sweetness of the alcohol is balanced by a hop bite provided by a blend of English hops giving hints of resin, grass and herb with a touch of spice. The finish is long and lingering leaving warming rich malt mouthful.
Driftwood SparsLou's BrewSB5St Agnes2Light, hoppy, citrus & grassy aromas.
Dunham MasseyDunham PorterP5.2Dunham Massey2A classic old style English porter. Dark, creamy, full bodied & packed with flavour.
Dunham MasseyWinter WarmerBW6.6Dunham Massey2Strong, tasty, traditional North Western Winter ale. Perfect for a cold day
Dunscar BridgeClockin OffGA4Bolton2A hoppy ale with a nose of fruit, biscuit and lightly burnt toffee, and a pallet of cereal malts with a hint of blackcurrant - finished off with a dash of earthly bitterness
Dunscar BridgeMayflower Lancashire StoutS4Bolton2Natural English hops and malts create a unique full bodied flavour with biscuity aromas and a delicious dry bitter roasted taste
Dunscar BridgeNorthern SkyGA3.7Bolton2Spicy, hoppy treat of medium bitterness with a floral and slightly herbal bouquet. This is a slightly deeper golden, full-bodied yet highly drinkable ale
Dunscar BridgeNorthern StormO4.6BoltonA full-bodied chestnut coloured ale, boasting rich chocolate flavours and distinct nutty after taste
Dunscar BridgeResolutionB3.7Bolton2Deep golden, floral & spicy with aromas of the forest, smooth and soft finish. A wonderful blend of Cascade and Willamette hops creates a silky combination of peppery spiciness topped off with a smooth, soft and satisfying finish
Dunscar BridgeTrue NorthB4.1Bolton2Golden ale with refreshing citrus-zest and hints of pine & grapefruit, produced from American Citra hops
Dunscar BridgeWicket KeeperB4BoltonUsing only the finest English malt and hops to create a traditional smooth bitter, double-dropped to intensify flavour and aroma. Easy drinking with a good body, it allows for toffee and roasted notes on the nose, and a maltiness that's both slighty chocolately and smooth, complimented by a dryness
Dunscar BridgeRialto 47B42Deep golden, all-American hopped, mature fruity notes with the slightest caramel finish
Dunscar BridgeLion Of ViennaBB4.42Mahogany full flavoured blend of English and American hops. Strong and bold.
Elixir / AtomDevil's Bilge WaterS6.3Livingston2Smoky stout with some exciting spices. Brewed specially for MBCF2015.
EmpireMoonraker MildM3.8Huddersfield2Choclatty Dark Mild
FellPatriot WheatW4.5Flookburgh2A thoroughly British interpretation of the classic wheat beer. A clean, funk-free yeast and the additions of orange peel and elderflowers keeps things fresh, floral and fruity. Naturally cloudy
FellRobust PorterP4.8Flookburgh2All about chocolate malt with sympathetic hop additions. Pronounced yet elegant, this is truly a food beer.
FirebrandCherry PorterP5.5Launceston2Deep chocolate and liquorice flavours combine with a hint of cherry and a roast aroma
FirebrandGraffiti IPA IPA5Launceston2Smooth malty body from finest English malt, hopped profusely with Centennial & Cascade before being dry hopped with bags of Centennial & Motueka. Fruity & hoppy with an easy quaff-ability.
FirebrandYakima Valley Pale AleB3.6Launceston2Maris Otter pale malt gives a lovely golden biscuity malt base for this low abv burst of hop flavour. Columbus, Nugget and Amarillo combine for a fruit-filled aroma and flavour, with a moderate lingering refreshing finish.
First Chop Brewing ArmMCRB3.8Salford2Inspired by the Manchester Bitters consumed in great quantities during a mis-spent youth. Given the First Chop treatment (lots more hops!)
First Chop Brewing ArmCaramel IPAIPA5.2Salford2Brewed with three classic US hops, four malts and a big dose of unrefined sugar to give a rich, caramel coloured and powerful IPA
First Chop Brewing ArmSYLIPA6.2Salford2A black jaggery I?A
First Chop Brewing ArmAVAB3.5Salford2Extra pale malt, classic Czech ‘noble’ aroma and fruity Australian hops combine to give this 3.5% session blonde a whole lot more flavour and character than you might expect from a beer of this strength.
Five-Oh BrewSorachi WickedS5.52
Fixed WheelBlackheath StoutS5Halesowen2Full Bodied fruity stout dedicated to the home of our Blackheath Brewery, brewed with New Zealand and English hops to give an Oaky bitterness and a dark fruits finish. Pacific Gem and Bramling Cross Hops.
Fixed WheelSingle Speed MosaicBB4.5Halesowen2Single hopped beer with Mosaic, daughter of Simcoe hops and giving lots of tropical fruit, berry, citrus and pine flavours!
Fool HardyJack's Ripper S4.7Heaton Norris2Oatmeal Stout. Smooth, complex & very, very dark!
Fool HardyRavenous Romp GA3.8Heaton Norris2This is an emblematic beer, a contemporary twist on the traditional bitter. Brewed with new world hops, it has a wealth of taste for it's low ABV.
Fool HardyRisky BlondeBB4.4Heaton Norris2An easy-drinking pale ale with a good balance of hops, subtle hints of citrus and a well rounded finish.
Fool HardyRivalB4Heaton Norris2An extra pale blond session ale. Hoppy & Zesty, distinct fruit flavours from the New Zealand hops used during brewing. A perfect abv to be very quaffable!
Fuller'sBengal LancerIPA5Chiswick2Pale in colour, full-bodied with a distinctive hoppiness that marks it out as a true India Pale Ale.
Fuller'sGales HSBSB4.8Chiswick2CBOB 2010 award-winner, distinctive, high quality premium bitter.
Fuller'sLondon PorterP5.4Chiswick2Rich, dark & complex, this beer has an outstanding depth of flavour.
Fuller'sPast MastersSp7.3Chiswick2Brewed from a first world war recipe. Through age-old recipes resurrected, the Past Masters series recaptures Fuller’s former glories.
Fuzzy DuckRuby DuckSM5.3Poulton-le-Fylde2Dark ruby coloured beer with a rich full body & complex fruit flavours.
Great HeckVanilla Wheat StoutSp5.4Great Heck2Far from a traditional stout, with high wheat content and the addition of whole Madagascan vanilla pods. This unfined beer is brewed with English hops giving a balance of subtle flavours meaning the beer is surprisingly drinkable, smooth and satisfying.
Great HeckWashington Red BB4.7Great Heck2Brewed with Simcoe & Columbus hops, dry hopped with Citra.
GreenfieldSilver OwlB4Greenfield2Pale beer made with powerfull hops for a fruity finish
GreenfieldVanilla StoutS5.2GreenfieldOat stout with distinct coffee and chocolate flavours infused with a large vanilla finish.
Green MillCats WhiskersM4Broadbottom2Full flavoured mild, with a touch of roast, luscious dark malts, a hint of chocolate and just the merest smidgen of hopping to hold it together
Green MillGoldGA3.6Broadbottom2A quaffable golden session bitter
Green MillRaspberry PorterSp4.6Broadbottom2Brewed specially for MBCF, a rasberry infused take on Green Mill's award winning Pot Black porter.
Half MoonDark MasqueradeM3.62A rich ruby/brown ale which is packed with dark chocolate and liquorice flavours.
Half MoonSolstice O4.8York2A deep ruby ale with a warm treacle aroma. Sweet, dark chocolate flavours and a smoky finish.
HammertonIslington Steam LagerL4.7Islington2A unfiltered, unpasteurised lager with a difference. We use San Francisco Lager yeast fermented at ale temperatures to release delicate fruity esters, whilst Vienna malt is used to give the beer a hint of sweetness.
HammertonN7SB5.2Islington2A refreshing pale ale with six different hops from the US and New Zealand giving a complex citrus aroma. The subtle sweet malt flavour balances the fresh bitterness.
HammertonPentonville Oyster StoutS5.3Islington2A variety of flavoursome malts, including a good dose of oats. Fresh wild Maldon oysters are then added to the boil to add a subtle extra complexity to the taste of this stout.
Hand Drawn MonkeySmaller Pale AleB2.8Huddersfield2Mini citrus mouth party
Hand Drawn Monkey / Bexar CountyBig Wheat (Black Lime & Tamarind)W8.2Huddersfield2Collaboration with Steve Saldana of Bexar County Brewery. One of a pair of different infused wheat beers!
Hand Drawn Monkey / Bexar CountyBig Wheat (Hibiscus)W8Huddersfield2Collaboration with Steve Saldana of Bexar County Brewery. One of a pair of different infused wheat beers!
HanlonsPort StoutS4.8Newton St Cyres2Dark, Chestnut beer whose bitter chocolate and roast malt taste from the Dry Stout base is softened by the addition of rich Ruby Port, combining the hoppy pepperiness from Phoenix, Styrian and East Kent Goldings with vinous alcoholic fruitiness. 
HanlonsYellow HammerGA4.2Newton St Cyres2This golden, zesty beer is laden with bittersweet flavours, from Admiral and late hopped with First Gold and Cascade. It is aromatic with pineapple and banana fruitiness with a delicate hoppy finish from dry hopping with First Gold.
Happy ValleyAlmond StouterSp4.6Bollington2Cross between a Porter & a Stout flavoured with almonds. Brewed specially for MBCF2015
Happy ValleyBollywood IPAIPA5.9Bollington2A full bodied Indian Pale Ale. Rounded malt flavours work with a blend of bitterness and hop character. Displays a deep and intense richness.
HarbourChocolate and Vanilla Imperial StoutS8.7Bodmin2Rich imperial stout brewed with Cacao nibs in the mash and then aged with more nibs and Vanilla pods in tank.
HarbourIndia Pale AleIPA5Bodmin2A modern interpretation of the British classic with pronounced American hop aromas. This golden ale has citrus characters and robust yet balanced bitterness.
HarbourLightB3.9Bodmin2Light pale ale. Clean & hoppy, with tropical fruit notes.
HardknottCode BlackIPA5.6Millom2Toasty, citrussy, bitter, hints of chocolate and just a little bit too strong to neck in pints all night.
HardknottJuxtaB1.9Millom2Clear golden beer, with a pale cream head. Very light on the palate. Almost like a lager.
HardknottLux BorealisB3.8Millom2Pale straw in colour, herbal and grassy aroma, citrus sherbet favours and a tangy tingle of gentle refreshing bitterness.
Hesket NewmarketOld Carrock Strong AleO6Hesket Newmarket2A smooth blend of malts modestly bittered to give that classic liquid Christmas pudding flavour.
Joseph HoltTwo HootsGA4.2Cheetham Hill2A light, crisp and refreshing golden ale, with a hint of citrus and slightly sweet aftertaste.
Hop StudioXSO5.52Strong and complex, this ale is driven by its slight spicy dark fruit base. Malted bitterness with hints of floral and citrus aromatics adds a great depth to this ale.
Hop StudioPassionB3.5Fangfoss2A deliciously tropical very pale blonde beer. The same grist as blonde. Citra, Galaxy and Chinook deliver grapefruit, mango and passion fruit flavours.
HopcraftA Good RogeringIPA5.8Pontyclun2Black IPA. Loads of Carafa Spezial 1, Carared and Melanoidin plus Citra, Summit, Columbus and Cluster hops (and dry-hopped with Mosaic)
HopcraftGraveyard EyesP5.2Pontyclun2Sorachi Porter
HopcraftThe Whole Pack ProjectB4.1Pontyclun2First installment of new series with double normal amount of dry hopping. Golden Pixie with 4.5kg Citra and 500g Cascade in the tank
HophurstDebonairS4.9Hindley2A luxurious robust stout with flavours of roasted coffee, liquorice and an aftertaste of pleasant bitterness.
HophurstTwisted VineGA4.1Hindley2A golden bitter with citrus hoppy aromas of grapefruit and passion fruit from the Simcoe hops. Twisted Vine's distinctive hoppy flavours will swirl around your taste buds and tickle the senses.
Howard TownLongdendale LightsB3.9Glossop2Unexpectedly refreshing, pale, light easy drinking beer, made with pale malt and Cascade & Willamette hops.
Howard TownMill TownM3.5Glossop2Dark mild with a touch of fruit. Flavour driven by roastiness with a touch of chocolate, leafy hops and a dryish finish.
Howard TownShining CloughSM5.3Glossop2A rich chestnut coloured ale with tasty malts & hints of seasonal oranges.
Howard TownSuper FortressBB4.4Glossop2Deep Amber bitter with sweet toffee malts & grassy fruity hoppiness
HydesManchester FinestBB4.5Weaste2Choice English malts & fuggle hops combine to give this premium beer lovely balance and richness , enormously quaffable.
HydesBrass MonkeyB4.1Weaste2This superbly rounded copper toned beer has a wonderfully hoppy taste and an inviting malty and fruity nose. Crafted from Pale Ale and Crystal malts you’ll find its both warming and pleasingly refreshing
HydesPragueSp4.8Weaste2This is a dark or Tmavé beer as it is known in the Czech Republic. Using a high proportion of Munich malt along with Carapilsen and Premium Pilsen malt, this beer is rich and full of roast coffee flavours. The hop variety is typically Czech using the renowned Saaz hop. Saaz has a very delicate flavour but owing to the nature of the malts used in this recipe, will only impart bitterness to the beer as the roast flavours will mask the subtleness of this variety. This is a typical trait of this majestic beer style.
Hydes Beer StudioPacifica PearlSB4.8Weaste2The Pacifica hop is from New Zealand and is bred from the open pollination of the famous Hallertau Mittelfruh hop. It was released in 1994. It is primarily used for its light floral, slightly citrus aroma characteristic and this light coloured ale shows this off to a tee!
Hydes Beer StudioPale PropinoGA4.2Weaste2A fine light premium ale crafted from lightly kilned Propino Malt combined with Wye Challenger and Cascade hops .
IndyManBrewHousePaleB4Manchester3Extra Pale Malt and Carapils form the malt base to this easy-drinking pale ale with an ever changing hop mix.
JenningsSneck LifterSM5.1Cockermouth3Strong, wonderfully warming and full of complex flavours which create an intriguing beer of great character.
KirkstallBlack Band PorterP5.5Kirkstall3Dark, smooth and rich with a fulsome aroma and even bigger flavour. Generous fruity/roasty taste with a liquorice finish.
KirkstallDissolution IPAIPA5Kirkstall3Delicious amber ale with a substantial hop kick.
KirkstallThree SwordsBB4.5Kirkstall3Very pale and spectacularly thirst-quenching. Three different hops give this beer a delightful citrus nose.
KnopsCalifonia CommonBB4.6Dirleton3Initial malt sweetness balanced by bitterness, light toffee notes followed by a lingering secondary bitterness hit that is refreshing rather than overwhelming.
KnopsMusselburgh BrokeBB4.5Dirleton3Caramel, toffee and cocoa from the malts. A smooth, dry finish with dark malt astringency.
JW LeesMoonrakerBW6.5Middleton3Reddish-brown beer with strong, malty fruit aroma. Flavour is rich and sweet. Finish is fruity yet dry.
JW LeesMPAGA3.7Middleton3A golden ale made from all British malt, Liberty & Mount Hood hops
Little BrewExtra PorterP5.7York3Sweet & smooth with hints of roasted coffee.
Little BrewRubyBB4.6York3A malty light ruby with delicate smokey flavours
Liverpool Craft BrewHinnomaki WheatW4.7Liverpool3A wheat beer brewed with gooseberries.
Liverpool Craft BrewLove LaneBB4.5Liverpool3A pale summer ale.
Liverpool OrganicImperial Russian StoutS7.4Liverpool3Hoppy bitterness with a full-bodied sweetness. Liquorice, Dark Chocolate & Coffee : Powerful Decadence.
Liverpool OrganicJosephine ButlerSp4.5Liverpool3Initial citrus hops followed by elderflower fruit and pale, biscuity malt with a refreshing sharp finish
Mad HatterDoozy PorterP6.3Liverpool3A classic robust porter with notes of coffee and chocolate. Made using seven malts
Mad HatterFat StoutS6.1Liverpool3A big fat juicy stout. Sleek and silky
Magic RockDark ArtsS6Huddersfield3A decadently deep and indulgent experience.Spicy hop notes and full flavours of chocolate, liquorice, blackberries and figswith a lingering roasted bitterness finish.
Magic RockHigh WireSB5.5Huddersfield3A tribute to the Pale Ales of the West Coast of America. Unapologetically hop forward in character. Mango, lychee and lip-smacking grapefruit flavours plus a smoothly composed malt base.
Magic RockPunchlineSp5.4Huddersfield3Chocolate & Chipotle chili porter.
Magic RockRaptureBB4.6Huddersfield3Full bodied, heavenly hoppy red beer. 5 types of malt and 6 types of hops provide uplifting aromas of grapefruit and pine, and pronounced citrus flavour.
MallinsonsDanger HopsIPA5Huddersfield3Dangerously strong and dangerously hoppy! Pale straw, with a hoppy passion fruit and mango nose, a bitter strong taste and a long bitter citrus finish. Dry hopped with Citra in the cask.
MallinsonsExperimental CitranellGA4.2Huddersfield3A tripple hopped beer using Exp. 366 for bittering and combined quantities of Centennial and Citra for aroma. Pale blonde with a tropical fruit nose that continues onto the pallet. A fresh taste and a long bitter finish.
MallinsonsGilpanGA4.4Huddersfield3Pale gold with the aroma of vine fruits, sharp, fresh and fruity with a bitter intense lingering finish
Marston'sNew World Pale AleGA3.8Burton on Trent3A marriage of the fragrant flower of Australia with the pedigree of England, the perfect union of English class and style with the free spirit of a New World. A handsome ale with a crisp, refreshing, flavour, producing a thoroughbred pale ale.
Martland MillClogmakerB4Wigan3A rich golden full bodied ale with a refreshing fruity flavour and an inkling of cedar and honey.
Martland MillSpinners GoldGA3.8Wigan3An enjoyable, easily quaffable golden ale. Created with a well balanced hoppiness, a pleasant citrus taste with a hint of spiciness.
MerlinDragonslayerO5.6Arclid3Malty aroma with notes of caramel. The flavour is both malty, sweet and hoppy, with a dry and sharp bitter finish.
MerlinElixirB4Arclid3Pale ale made with the finest English malt combined with a magnificent blend of New Zealand and Australian hops that provide a unique aroma and a refreshing citrus and passion fruit flavour
MillstoneStoutS4.5Mossley3A classic dry Stout; the English Phoenix hop provides a smooth bitterness and subtle hints of treacle in the aroma.
MillstoneTiger RutGA4Mossley3A very pale and hoppy ale. Brewed using only the Chinook hop, mellow bitters make way for a distinctive citrus aroma.
Moor BeerPorted AmoorP4.7Pitney3Rich Amoor porter with the addition of Reserve Port. Velvety & decadent.
Moor BeerRawBB4.3Pitney3A dry hopped, unfined best, hailing from this exceptional Somerset based brewery. Basically, expect it to be slightly cloudy and fairly hoppy.
Moor BeerSmokey HorizonSB5Pitney3Rye adds a distinctive, spicy flavour to beer that is both interesting and enjoyable. It’s even better when paired with smoked malt. If you’re not used to smoked beer it may come as a bit of a surprise.
MoorhousesBlack CatM3.4Burnley3Dark mild with delicate chocolate & coffee roast flavours & a crisp, bitter finish.
MoorhousesBlack Cat ReserveSM7Burnley3Last remaining cask of this special edition beer. An intensely dark beer, with deep complex notes of roasted coffee chocolate and mocha, balanced by hints of dark cherry and blackcurrant from the Polish Junga hop.
MoorhousesBlond WitchGA4.5Burnley3Pale coloured ale with a crisp, delicate fruit flavour. Dry, refreshing with a smooth hop finish.
MoorhousesIce WitchGA4.3Burnley3Light gold, single hopped with Citra giving intense aroma of tropical fruit, mango and pineapple. Strong, yet easy drinking bitterness finish
MoorhousesWhite Witch B3.9Burnley3Brewers Gold hops blended with the ‘noble’ German origin Tettnang variety for blonde style ale that delivers a refreshing fruity springtime flavour with a bit of citrus, flowers and rich peppery spice on the aroma.
North Riding BrewpubJesterB4.3Scarborough3Single UK hop beer pale & fruity, one of the new UK hops
Northern MonkDry Hopped New World IPAIPA6.2Leeds3Special dry hopped version for MBCF. Brewed with US, Antipodean and British hop varieties. Expect big punches of Pine, pithy Grapefruit and resinous soft flesh fruit.
Northern MonkMonacus NZBB4.5Leeds3Monacus NZ is brewed with 100% 2014 harvest New Zealand hops - Waimea, Rakau and Motueka - which add a resinous soft fruit character, with Peach and Passion Fruit to the fore.
Northern MonkChennaiP5.43A tribute to this great British style, dry-hopped with Chinook and Columbus for that extra punch of hop flavour over the coffee and chocolate character provided by a blend of 7 different malts.
OakhamInfernoGA4Peterborough3This light igniting ale flickers complex fruits across your tongue leaving a dry fruity bitter finish smothering your thirst.
OkellsBitterB3.7Kewaigue3A golden beer, malty and hoppy in aroma, with a hint of honey. Rich and malty on the tongue, it has a dry, malt and hop finish. A complex but rewarding beer.
OkellsIPAGA4.5Kewaigue3An extremely light coloured beer with a surprising full bodied taste. The sweetness is offset by spicy lemony notes and a fine dry finish
OkellsMPA (Manx Pale Ale)GA3.6Kewaigue3Light Gold with aromas of tropical fruit, mango, passion fruit & papaya. Initially sweet flavours of passion fruit & peach lead to an intense dry hop finish
Otherton AlesEast IndiamanIPA4.7Crewe3An All-English IPA. Light ruby in colour with a good level of bitterness coupled with pleasing malt flavours before finishing with a subdued fruitiness.
Otherton AlesLongshipP4.6Crewe3A dark, moody porter with a smoky character, and underlying hedgerow fruits from Bramling Cross hops, this is the first beer produced under the new cuckoo brewing arrangements at Offbeat. Available from late December 2014 in cask and bottle.
Out ThereSpace Is The PlaceB3.5Newcastle-upon-Tyne3A space race between Hersbrucker, Columbus and Challenger hops, and Munich and Melanoidin malts to the light side of the moon.
Out ThereStar ChildSa3.6Newcastle-upon-Tyne3A light saison that drifts across the tongue like a summer cloud, with a tingle of grapefruit, a hint of fennel and a gentle breeze of juniper
PeerlessKnee Buckler IPAIPA5.2Birkenhead3Golden IPA style beer. Lots of initial hop bitterness which is matched with a little hint of sweetness from the use of Crystal and Caramalts. The aftertaste and aroma comes from a blend of American hops, Citra, Cascade and Columbus which gives a distinct fruity finish.
PeerlessOatmeal StoutS5Birkenhead3Full bodied black stout. The use of oats gives a good mouthfeel and dark malts provide lots of backbone with toffee and caramel tones. Final gravity is 1013 giving an element of sweetness to balance the bitterness from the roast malts.
PenpontBeast Of BodminSB5Launceston3Deep chestnut red ale, great complex malt flavours with a berry, fruity bitter finish
PenpontShipwreck CoastGA4.4Launceston3A deep golden ale, with fruity & tangerine hop notes.
PenpontWinters AleO4.53A session winter warmer, deep malty flavours, with slight spiced fruit hop notes to finish
PhoenixBlack BeeP4.5Heywood3Brewed with honey. Rich & creamy
PhoenixWobbly BobO6Heywood3Malt & hop Aroma. Bitter & hoppy finish
PictishTandemB4.2Rochdale3Collaboration with MBCF. Pale ale with an abundance of Pacific Gem & Cascade hops
PictishSnowblindBB4.3Rochdale3A straw coloured ale with a crisp hoppy finish.
PictishWhiteoutW6Rochdale3A dangerously drinkable strong wheat beer with a dry hoppy finish
Pied BullBlack Bull PorterP5.2Chester3A Complex Porter made with a blend of 7 different malts with flavours of chocolate, coffee and licorice.
Pied BullPied Bull Coffee StoutS4.6Chester3A rich stout made with Costa Rican coffee beans
Pig and PorterNeither Nor L5Royal Tunbridge Wells3A pale ale brewed with a lager yeast, this beer is neither one thing, nor the other. We brewed this for drinkers who don't like a lot of up front bitterness, so this beer features piney and citrussy hops while the lager yeast lends a crispness often lacking in other pale ales.
Pig and PorterRed Spider RyeSB5.5Royal Tunbridge Wells3An award winning ruby red ale made with rye malt and Centennial and Columbus hops. The rye lends a peppery spiciness and the Centennial gives a massive burst of citrus.
Pig and PorterSlow BlackS5.1Royal Tunbridge Wells3Mashed high for a full mouth feel this stout features porridge oats as well as de husked dark malt to enhance the smoothness and limit roasty bitterness. Expect smooth coffee and chocolate with a hint of berry fruit
Pig and PorterStarvation PointP4.5Royal Tunbridge Wells3A dark and brooding porter reminiscent of Victorian times when the style was in its heyday. A small amount of malt smoked over beechwood is balanced by the gentle fruitiness of Bramling Cross and Boadicea hops.
PilotMochaccino StoutS5.5Leith3Milk Stout with coffee & chocolate.
PilotUltra VioletSp5.3Leith3A pale wheat beer *Enhanced* by the disputable deliciousness of Parma Violets. Unfined and unfiltered.
PrivateerDark RevengeM4.5Manchester3Rich dark mild with coffee & chocolate notes.
PrivateerStrawberry WheatSp4Manchester3
ProspectBig JohnS4.8Standish3Dark stout with a smokey liquorice flavour and a bitter aftertaste. Named after the song by Jimmy Dean about a 6ft 6in heroic miner.
ProspectDynamildSM5.2Standish3A strong, smooth mild packed with chocolate & roast coffee flavours
ProspectGolden ProspectsGA3.8Standish3A golden session beer packed with hop flavours of citrus and passionfruit, and a satisfying bitterness on the palate.
Purple MooseDark Side Of The MooseSM4.6Porthmadog3Dark ale with a deep malt flavour from roasted barley and a fruity bitterness from Bramling Cross hops.
QuantumAmerican AmberSB5.3Stockport3This dry hopped beer has bags of dark crystal malt to give sweetness, which is offset by the addition of US Bravo and Summit hops at all points in the boil to give 60 IBUs. The finished product, however, is well balanced.
QuantumAmerican LightB3.6Stockport3Hazy golden colour. Aroma of tropical fruits, citrus, grapefruit, hint of resin and pine. Flavour is dry, light malty, lots of juicy tropical fruits and refreshing citrus, firm hoppy bitter finish
QuantumImperial Buckwheat StoutS8.5Stockport3Inspired at MBCF2014 with @beersmanchester and @jollyjazzyjaunt.Plenty of toasted buckwheat, roasted malts and UK hops, using Boddingtons yeast and inoculated with Brettanomyces to age very nicely
QuantumManchester MildM3.1Stockport3Inspired by the classic Boddingtons Mild. Brewed using Boddingtons yeast but without the caramel
Ramsbottom Craft BrewFlaori Maori B4.1Ramsbottom3Superbly balanced session pale, soft bready malty at first increasingly overtaken by finish of summer fruit from New Zealand aroma hops.
Ramsbottom Craft BrewNS IPAB3.4Ramsbottom3Full bodied bitter pale ale with New Zealand hops giving a lasting taste of peachy melon.
RatWorkhouse RatP4.8Huddersfield3Victorian smoked Porter
RedWillowDirectionlessB4.2Macclesfield3Easy drinking session ale, warm amber in colour, with Amarillo and Centennial hops providing a subtle candied orange fruitiness.
RedWillowSmokelessSp5.7Macclesfield3Surprisingly approachable smoked porter, velvet smooth with a robust malt backbone.
RedWillowSoullessIPA6.5Macclesfield3A black IPA. Aroma is roasted caramel and hoppy. Flavour is roasted malts and fruity with bitter hoppiness at the finish.
RevolutionsFairytale of Yorkshire Sp4.5Whitwood3Spiced chestnut-brown coloured winter ale
RevolutionsHappy FamiliesBB4.5Whitwood3Pale ale finished with a number of hops from around the world
RingwayAdmiral PaleB3.5Reddish3Super pale with hints of orange
RingwayBest BitterBB4.2Reddish3Classic malty English bitter with caramel & honey being the dominant aromas.
RingwayIPAIPA4.8Reddish3Pale bitter beer with hints of marmalade
RingwayWor StoutS4.3Reddish3Milk stout with sweet chocolate aromas
RingwoodOld ThumperSB5.1Ringwood3Warm, rounded yet surprisingly delicate pale strong beer.
RiverheadBrewdicaIPA4.5Huddersfield3Brewster’s IPA brewed with First gold hops, orangey, marmalade flavours coming through with spicy notes to finish.
RobinsonsOld TomBW8.5Stockport3Legendary, full-bodied dark beer. Complex flavours includes dark chocolate, port, and dark fruits.
RobinsonsTrooperSB4.8Stockport3Malt flavours and citric notes from a unique blend of Bobec, Goldings and Cascade hops dominate this deep golden ale with a subtle hint of lemon.
RobinsonsVoodoo DawnB3.9Stockport3Red ale with spicy hop aroma and toffee, biscuit malt and citrus flavours. Target & cascade hops.
SalamanderDoppleganger Porter P4.8Bradford4An intense winter porter packed with complex coffee, chocolate & nutty flavours.
SalopianDarwins OriginBB4.3Shrewsbury4An eclectic mix of hops from across the world produces a beer that offers something to everyone. Crisp, tart, fruity and refreshing but also with a juicy malt background. Hops used: Cascade, Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin, Saaz
SalopianHoptwisterGA4.5Shrewsbury4Fresh, piercing and focused golden ale with soft malt overtones and pronounced citrus flavours. A strong focus of taut, lemony, grapefruit on the finish which is balanced by a dry bitterness
SaltaireBlackberry CascadeSp4.8Shipley4American style pale ale with the floral aromas and strong bitterness of Cascade and Centennial hops, infused with a hint of blackberries.
SaltaireTrio PaleBB4.4Shipley4A classic pale ale with three America Hops providing good bitterness with strong citrus flavours. Let us know what you think of it.
Seven Bro7hersEPAPA4.8Salford4A classic English ale with a pale malt base that combines both grapefruit and citrus flavours from Chinook hops, with pine and floral tones from English hops Target and Sovereign, during which, a pleasant and floral aroma can be enjoyed throughout.
Seven Bro7hersIPAIPA5Salford4First, we mixed hops and malt. Then, added a touch of citrus and grape fruit. Why? Because we can. And it makes for a great beer that�s bittery rather than sweet.
Seven Bro7hersPorter StoutS5.2Salford4A smooth stout with hints of coffee. Dark Delicate & Daring.
Sharp'sAtlanticGA4.2Rock4Amber pale ale with fragrant citrus hop aroma. Orange citrus flavour with caramel sweetness balanced by gentle bitterness and malt.
Sharp'sSpecialSB5Rock4Rich red ale with a malty nose. Sweet fruit and malt dominate the taste, fading slowly. Caramel and roast hints.
ShindiggerPacific Pale AleBB4.5Manchester4Southern Hemisphere and American hops, with a focus on the New Zealand varieties which give tropical fruit notes. We’ve thrown in some crystal malt to add a slight caramel flavour and give the beer its amber glow.
ShindiggerPilsL4.1Manchester4Pilsner with zing! Conditioned for 3 weeks and dry hopped with Aussie hop Vic Secret and US hop Simcoe which shine over a clean malt profile.
Silver StreetDriftwood IPAIPA5.7Bury4Well balenced IPA with an interesting blend of new world and english hops. tangerine and blackcurrant notes.
Silver StreetPorterP5Bury4A deceptively easy drinking robust porter with a hint of liquorice and a floral, orange peel aroma.
Silver StreetRuby Ruby Ruby RubySB4.8Bury4Plenty of malty, buiscuity goodness, jammy, plumby notes with a fruity nose.
Silver StreetUSA IPAIPA5.7Bury4You guessed it ! an american hopped ipa with a well rounded caramel body and tangerine nose.
SirenBroken DreamS6.7Finchampstead4Breakfast stout with a gentle touch of smoke, coffee & chocolate.
SirenRyesing TidesIPA7.4Finchampstead4Ryesing Tides teases with a toasty velvety slick malt base from the use of rye, and balances with a hop profile full of juicy American hops. Smile and Mosaic provide the high notes in this IPA.
SirenBuffalo Trace (Barrel Aged Broken Dream)S7.4Finchampstead4Siren's flagship Breakfast Stout has been aged in Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels.
SirenSoundwaveIPA5.6Finchampstead4West coast IPA. Golden, immensely hoppy and alive with grapefruit, peach and mango flavours
Six O'ClockOvertimeB4.2Manchester4A citrusy sessionable pale ale.
Six O'ClockP45: EKGSB6Manchester4An extra strong bitter with a fruity finish. Grassy aroma from exclusively East Kent Goldings.
Sonnet 43Bourbon Milk StoutS4.3Coxhoe4Dark malts give this sweet stout an almost black body with a tempting dark tan head. Brewed using the finest ingredients gives a rich, full-body and aromas of bitter chocolate and oak, as well as multiple flavour levels comprising delicate sweet bourbon, silky chocolate and dry oak.
SquawkBeanbrothers Espresso StoutS6.5Manchester4Don’t miss this. Founded by two brothers and based in Huddersfield, the Beanbrothers are committed to producing artisan coffee of the highest quality. SQUAWK couldn’t resist collaborating with them to produce a silky smooth and rich beer with a whole heap of rich espresso flavour.
SquawkFloating Pints PaleBB4.5Manchester4A pale hoppy delight, mingling Citra, Amarillo and Chinook hops. Very drinkable with good body and a grapefruit afterglow
SquawkAd Hop Liquorice PorterP6.5Manchester4Everything a Porter should be. Dark, deep, rich chocolate with a massive liquorice hit. Collaboration with the new and wonderful Ad Hop Brewing from Liverpool.
SquawkIPAIPA64An amber coloured beer with a lovely fruity aroma. Hopped with Citra and Centennial, this IPA boasts a biscuity malt base holding up sticky, tart citrus hops.
StancillGinger PaleSp4Sheffield4Subtle undertones of warming ginger, which provides intrigue for the taste buds and refreshment for the taster.
Stockport Brewing CompanyBlack BuckSM5.8Stockport4Black and rich with a roast and malty start. Very fruity and smooth leading to a bitter finish.
Stockport Brewing CompanyStockporterP4.8Stockport4Rich and flavoursome dark ale with hints of coffee and chocolate. Dark malt and coffee in the mouth, complex finish with liquorice maltiness.
StrandsBarley WineBW10.9Wasdale4Brown in colour with aromas of raisins, candy sugar, plums and alcohol. Similar flavours with a dry finish and a long alcohol hum.
StrandsPied PiperM2.7Wasdale4A full flavoured light mild
StringersBauhausL4.7Ulverston4A cool-fermented beer brewed with pale and lager malts, Hallertauer Northern Brewer and Mittelfrüh hops. Pale gold, crisp malt flavour, a light floral / herbal aroma and a clean finish. Most refreshing.
StringersPlan BB3.7Ulverston4Pale, light & zesty. With a touch of honey! Gluten Free
Tapped Brew CoMojoB3.6Sheffield4Heavily late hopped extra pale ale, Dry hopped with Mosaic and Admiral after fermentation.
Tapped Brew CoPegglerBB4.44Extra Pale and Pearl Barley Malt, heavily hopped with American Calypso hops and dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic.
TattonRed Hot PokerSp6Knutsford4A spicy, fruity, warming beer - rich red colour, big flavour.
TattonRuck & MaulP4.5Knutsford4A classic, smooth English porter - rich dark ruby coloured ale with vanilla aroma and undertones of coffee and molasses. Just the thing for celebrating - or crying into.
TattonTatton BestBB4.2Knutsford4A classic best bitter, light amber coloured with a clean malt flavour and fine hop character derived from a blend of aroma hops.
TattonTatton GoldGA4.8Knutsford4A full-tasting, satisfying deep golden special ale. The generous honeyed malt flavour is backed up by a robust hoppiness with a hint of citrus orange.
TattonYetiO4.5Knutsford4A rich, fireside copper-coloured winter ale with a distinctive warming flavour and classic British hop aroma.
Thirst Class AleHoppy Couple IPAIPA6.3Stockport4American style IPA, rich copper in colour with a big citrus hop aroma & flavour
Thirst Class AleStocky Oatmeal StoutS5.2Stockport4Smooth, full-bodied oatmeal stout with notes of coffee & chocolate
ThornbridgeBeerkeepersSB5.3Bakewell4Light and fruity ale brewed with honey. Flavours of grapefruit, lychee and mango are complemented by the honey sweetness creating a lingering and moreish aftertaste.
ThornbridgeJaipurSB5.9Bakewell4A citrus dominated India Pale Ale, soft and smooth building to a crescendo of massive honeyed hoppiness.
Thwaites13 GunsSB5.5Blackburn4American IPA. Hops, hops and more hops… totally awesome! (Absolutely marvellous to you and I).
ThwaitesLight TouchB3.5Blackburn4Mixed-fruit hoppy aroma, earthy flavours with soft fruit background notes
ThwaitesNutty BlackM3.3Blackburn4Curious dark ruby mild with a hint of nuttiness but unmistakable roasted and bittersweet flavours.
ThwaitesOld DanO6.5Blackburn4A delicious mellow beer with vibrant chestnut hues, Old Dan has a smooth finish with lovely 'fruit cake' flavours.
ThwaitesWainwrightGA4.1Blackburn4A great thirst quenching beer with a wonderful bright, blonde colour in the glass and delicate fruit flavours, and a hint of sweetness.
TicketybrewJasmine Green TeaSp3.8Stalybridge4Inspired by the January detox, we used Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls in this bear, as well as some lovely lemon. Weak for us at 3.8% this packed a punch flavour wise for its strength. Lovely and refreshing with a bitter finish, making you want another sip! Before you know it the pint has gone! So much for Dry January!
TicketybrewMűnchnerL4.3Stalybridge4Mixing malty caramel sweetness with a distinctive German hops; a traditional beer is given a new lease of life with the spicy flavours of our Belgian yeast. A tribute to our Central European friends – Prost!
TicketybrewTicketyFew Pale Ale v2B4.5Stalybridge4Our ‘Pale’ is darker than your average, but we’ve included a fair bit of caramelised malt to add sweet flavours to complement the bitterness.
American bittering hops provide an initial hit and a long finish that makes you smack your lips and go for another sip (or gulp, depending on the day you’ve had!). We've thrown in a lot more aroma hops in this version. They are also a classic American variety with a distinctive citrus character. It’s all rounded off with a subtle Belgian spice in the mix. Most re-freshing!
Timothy TaylorBoltmakerB4Keighley4Tawny bitter combining hops, fruit and nutty malt. Lingering, increasingly bitter aftertaste. Formerly, sometimes still, sold as Best Bitter
Timothy TaylorLandlordBB4.3Keighley4Full bodied beer with complex hop aromas & flavour
Timothy TaylorRam TamO4.3Keighley4A black beer with red highlights topped by a coffee coloured head. Roast coffee bitterness balanced by fruit and malt with burnt caramel coming through in the dry and bitter finish
Tiny RebelBass DropS9Newport4Warming, malty imperial double stout. Brewed for bottling. Very limited edition in cask.
Tiny RebelCwtchBB4.6Newport4A Hoppy Welsh Red Ale
Tiny RebelLoki LiteIPA4.5Newport4Bold Citrus aromas with tropical fruit punch flavours make this 'Jester' hop IPA no joke. Moderate in bitterness and refreshing on the palate. Combined with American hops, the new British Jester hop makes for an extremely sippable, transatlantic golden beer.
Tiny RebelDirty Stop Out 12 Month BrettSo5Newport4Tiny Rebel's classic oatmeal stout, aged for a year, with Brett…very limited amount, catch it while you can!
Tiny RebelOne Inch PunchGA3.9Newport4A very Hoppy & Sessionable Pale Ale
Top Out Smoked PorterP5.6Loanhead4Full on smoke & roast aromas, still nicely balanced & very drinkable.
Top Out StapleB4Loanhead4An American style pale ale with a hazy/golden colour - nose is toasted malt, light citrus, bread dough, grass. Taste comprises orange pith, mandarins, toasted malt, citrus tang. Medium bodied
Totally Brewed4 Hopmen Of The ApocalypseIPA5.2Nottingham4Orange blossom and pine aromas with a satisfyingly deep hoppy flavour and a hint of caramel
Totally BrewedCaptain HopbeardSB5.5Nottingham4This pacific pale ale is saturated with Australian and New Zealand hops to deliver tropical flavours of pineapple and passion fruit with a background of spice and molasses.
Track Brew CoTobaS5.6Manchester4Rich and smooth Oatmeal Stout, full bodied and combining rich chocolate and roasted malts. Hopped to provide a smooth integrated bitterness with late hop additions providing citrus notes.
Track Brew CoOzarkBB4.4Manchester4A refreshing and easy drinking golden pale. Superbly balance of early hops with juicy, tangy finish and aroma
TweedWinter TweedB4.1Hyde4Dark Mahogany ale with hints of toffee and biscuit with a smokey finish.
TweedBlack Shire StoutS4.5Hyde4Malted stout with a smooth coffee & chocolate presence and sweet liquorice notes
Two By TwoMonkey PuzzleBB4.6Wallsend4West Coast Pale Ale
VagrantSouth Central PaleSB5.64Forward hopped US Pale with Citra, Mosaic & Centennial
WaenChilli Plum PorterP6.1Llanidloes4A dark velvety smooth porter, with luscious plum falvours & a chilli warmth
WaenLemon DrizzleBB3.7Llanidloes4Lemon & vanilla flavours in a gorgeous American Pale Ale
Watt's BrewingOrange GlowSp5Stockport4
Watt's BrewingR & R (Rose hip & Raspberry)Sp4.6Stockport4
WeetwoodEastgate AleGA4.2Kelsall4A golden beer brewed especially for the centenary of Chester’s famous Eastgate clock. The fruity foretaste is followed by a lingering sweet finish which compliments a distinctive hoppy flavour.
WeetwoodOld Dog BitterBB4.5Kelsall4A premium bitter with a smooth, full bodied flavour. Dark roasted malt produces a deep colour, and the use of whole Challenge & Goldings hops provides that extra flavour and aroma.
Weird BeardBlack PerleS3.8Hanwell4Coffee milk stout chock full of roasty malts, milk sugar and hopped with handfulls of perle on a chest ful of Zamorana coffee beans.
Weird BeardMariana TrenchSB5.3Hanwell4Pacific Northwest meets Pacific Southeast as the best of American and New Zealand hops meld together with just enough malt backbone to allow them to sing. A riot of mango and passion-fruit on the nose but balanced enough to drink by the bucketful.
Wild BeerBibbleB4.2Westcombe4A delightfully fresh, mosaic hopped pale.
Wild BeerYankee SandwichSp4.7Westcombe4Being a team of peanut butter lovers, we thought it would be fun to make a peanut butter stout for the winter months. We have sourced top quality peanuts for a beer that will coat your mouth in chocolate peanut butter cup heaven!
The rich dark malts, cacao nibs, oats and lactose add to the big creamy body of the beer whilst the salty-sweet combo of chocolate and peanuts gets us salivating.
Yankee Sandwich makes a fantastic ice cream float, so drop a spoonful of your favourite ice cream into your glass for a real treat!
Wild BeerWild Goose ChaseSo4.5Westcombe4Wild Beer's new 'Everyday wild beer, a dry hopped farmhouse pale with gooseberrys and their culture of wild yeast'.
Windsor & EtonConqueuer 1075 SB7.4Windsor4A rich and complex innovative black IPA brewed from a unique blend of five speciality malts along with Cascade and Pacific Jade whole leaf hops.
Wiper & TrueSmall BeerB3.3Bristol4A full-bodied beer with the same big hop hit you've come to expect from our more muscular Pale Ales.
Wiper & TrueMilk ShakeS4.4Bristol4A milk stout uses sugar made from cows milk to give the beer a sweet, creamy tone. Bristol breweries were once famous for brewing the best milk stouts around. Copius amounts of chocolate malts and vanilla pods to create rich, velvety and satisfying dark beer.
WychwoodHobgoblinBB4.5Witney4Chocolate-toffee malt flavour, moderate bitterness and distinctly fruity character Ruby-red-glowing, well-balanced ale.
YatesBitterB3.7Wigton4A well balanced, full bodied bitter, golden in colour with complex hop bitterness. Good aroma and distinctive flavour.
YorkBeta Max B3.7York4This is an amber coloured session beer in which biscuity malt character combines with honeyed almond hop tones to make a rich, full tasting beer, whilst a dash of oats in the grain bill adds a lovely silky mouth feel to the experience. UK grown Pilgrim hops and French Bouclier, give rise to the almost Belgian style hop palate that has a spicy, slightly sweet aroma.
YorkCenturion's Ghost AleSM5.4York4A warming, dark, bitter ale with a roasted malt taste. Very easy to drink for its strength.
YorkGuzzlerGA3.6York4A light golden beer with well balanced hops and malt against a background of fruitiness. Crisp, dry, and refreshing.
YorkMosaicB4York4Formally known by the rather catchy name of HBC 269, Mosaic hops impart a complex aroma and flavour that seems to constantly evolve through the life of the beer. Some more unusual flavours to look out for include, bubblegum, blueberry, lime peel and black pepper.
Yorkshire Brewing Co MutinyP3.6Kingston-upon-Hull4London porter style ale, based upon 1750 recipe with coffee & chocolate characteristics. 2014 SIBA North East England award winning beer
Yorkshire Brewing Co Raspberry TippleSp4.8Kingston-upon-Hull4Traditional Belgian wheat beer, infused with raspberries
Yorkshire Brewing Co MoondanceW4.5Kingston-upon-Hull4Traditional Belgian wheat beer with coriander & oranges

Style Key:

GA Golden Ale
B Bitter
BB Best Bitter
SB Strong Bitter
IPA India Pale Ale
M Mild
SM Strong Mild
O Old Ale
S Stout
P Porter
BW Barley Wine
Sp Speciality Beer
L Real Lager
W Wheat beer
Sa Saison
So Sour / bretted beer