Vegetarian & Vegan Beers

Most of the beers at the festival are fined with isinglass, a derivative from the sturgeon fish, to aid clarity. However, a growing number of brewers are making beers without isinglass finings making them suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Below is a list of UK Beers where the brewer has advised that they are unfined and therefore suitable for vegetarians. Most vegetarian beers are also vegan, with a few exceptions which have additions of honey or lactose.

The list below will be updated as brewers notify that their beers are suitable. Therefore please check back immediately before your visit for a complete list. Note that there will be other vegetarian beers on the Bière Sans Frontières – International Beers bars.

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Ace Of Spades
Collyhurst, Manchester
Big imperial stout aged for 5 months
BlackjackBlackjackBlack Forest Stout4.6Collyhurst, ManchesterAn easy drinking, moreish, Cherry, Milk Stout, what more do you need to knowN
BlackjackBlackjackBlack Maria5.8Collyhurst, ManchesterA columbus hopped Black IPA. Hoppy aroma, light body with stout colour and tasty roasty malt flavour, made with lots of lovely US hops.Y
BlackjackBlackjackDead Man's Hand4.1Collyhurst, ManchesterA pale session ale, mainly hopped with Nugget and DeltaY
BlackjackBlackjackDeck of Cards5.8Collyhurst, ManchesterA classic American Brown Ale, brewed with Jim (BeersManchester) for Salford Beer Festival. Full bodied and hopped with a fair whack of Crystal and Comet.Y
BlackjackBlackjackFarmhouse IPA6.8Collyhurst, ManchesterA lovely hoppy IPA using a Farmhouse yeast for a funkier edge, hopped with Comet and ZythosY
BlackjackBlackjackFlemish Red6.8Collyhurst, ManchesterA slightly more sour and dry version of our Belgian Red IPA, expect complex fruit characteristics, hops and a slight balsamic feel to itY
BlackjackBlackjackPokerface4.2Collyhurst, ManchesterA new hoppy pale session ale hopped with lots of Cascade and ChinookY
BlackjackBlackjackSession IPA4.5Collyhurst, ManchesterThe second version of a hop changing Session IPA we'll be doing as a new series of beers. This one is hopped with Simcoe, Galaxy, Summit and Topaz. And for it's strength is easily the most amount of hops we've put in a beer.Y
BlackjackBlackjackStout5.0Collyhurst, ManchesterRobust stout with chocolate and licorice notes.Y
BlackjackBlackjackTable Beer3.5Collyhurst, ManchesterThis will be a regular hop changing table beer,punching above its weight and hopped with Rakau, Amarillo, Citra and EldoradoY
BlackjackBlackjackWest Coast IPA6.6Collyhurst, ManchesterA classic West Coast style of IPA, hopped mainly with Cascade, Crystal and Equinox making this a tasty beverageY
Brass CastleBrass CastleBad Kitty5.5MaltonA chewy chocolate vanilla dream of a porter.Y
Brass CastleBrass CastleDallah4.5MaltonBarrel-aged salted gose, with coffee and cardamomY
Brass CastleBrass CastleDisruptor IPA7.4MaltonA devilishly drinkable hazy New England IPA. Hopped with Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe & Comet for big fruit aroma.Y
Brass CastleBrass CastleFruit Lupe4.8Maltonsingle-hop pale ale, matched up with fruit to compliment the hop. Mosaic hops are famed for their blueberry aroma, which we've chosen to ramp up in this particular beer. Brewed to a gluten free recipe.Y
Brass CastleBrass CastleFruit Lupe4.8Maltonsingle-hop pale ale, matched up with fruit to compliment the hop. Mosaic hops are famed for their blueberry aroma, which we've chosen to ramp up in this particular beer. Brewed to a gluten free recipe.Y
Brass CastleBrass CastleHelles Lager4.4MaltonLight, refreshing, Munich-style Helles Lager. Gluten-free.Y
Brass CastleBrass CastleMisfit4.3MaltonRolling hop-swap pale ale, this time showcasing Ekuanot & ColumbusY
Brass CastleBrass CastleSaltwater Taffy4.5MaltonOur ode to the classic New Jersey candy. Saltwater Taffy is a 4.5% brown ale with upfront sweetness balanced by a gentle saltiness. Brewed to a gluten free recipe.Y
Brass CastleBrass CastleSunshine5.7MaltonBitterness is balanced by malt sweetness in our IPA and dry-hopping rounds out the aromaY
MallinsonsMallinsonsPlisner Rasberry5.4HuddersfieldY
MallinsonsMallinsonsSalted Caramel Stout4.7HuddersfieldDark and smooth with a gentle salted caramel tasteY
MallinsonsMallinsonsSamba4.5HuddersfieldStrong aromas of tropical fruits, a citrus fruity taste lightly dry and refreshingly bitter finishY
MallinsonsMallinsonsSorachi Ace4.1HuddersfieldPale blonde with a fresh lemongrass aroma. The taste is bitter lemon hop with a bitter, lightly dry lemony finish. Brewed using only Sorachi Ace hops from JapanY
MallinsonsMallinsonsTropical Blonde4.4HuddersfieldHints of pineapple and mango in the aroma, bursting with tropical fruits and a good solid bitterness. A luscious, long fruity, zest finish. Sunshine in a glass!Y
OutstandingOutstandingFour4.0SalfordThis lager outclasses its rivals with its crisp clean herbal hop flavour and refreshing dry finish.Y
OutstandingOutstandingStrawberry Witbier4.3SalfordPure strawberry juice blended with a classic Belgian style Witbear. Fruit & sweetners are balanced by a slightly tart refreshing finishY
OutstandingOutstandingWhite5.0SalfordComplex aromas and flavours of clove, coriander and vanilla interwoven with earthy undernotes, combine to create this singularly refreshing continental style cloudy wheat beer.Y
Thirst ClassThirst ClassAmerican Brown Ale5.4StockportA Brown Ale brewed to the American style with an abundance of Citra, Cascade and Columbus hops delivering a hoppy ale with a pronounced roasted maltinessY
Thirst ClassThirst ClassCask Aid Pale4.8StockportA very pale and very refreshing ale. We’ve put a lot of US Cascde hops into this beer to make a light and citrusy easy-drinking brew packed with flavour.Y
Thirst ClassThirst ClassHazy Love7.2StockportSweet, fruity and juicy - our New England IPA is a hazy hop beast. We've crammed a silly amount of hops into the kettle and dry hop for this beer.Y
Thirst ClassThirst ClassHoppy Couple IPA (Cascade, Willamette and Simcoe)6.5StockportA fruity IPA full of American hops Cascade, Willamette and Simcoe. A pleasant malt sweetness with loads of citrus flavours.Y
Thirst ClassThirst ClassHoppy Go Lucky4.1StockportHoppy session Pale Ale brewed with US hops Amarillo, Citra, Centennial and Cascade. Fruity citrus with a subtle malt backbone.Y
Thirst ClassThirst ClassMosaic Pale4.7StockportPale and hoppy beer single hopped with US Mosaic. Fresh tropical flavours of mango, stone fruits and berries.Y
Thirst ClassThirst ClassReddish Rye5.0StockportBrewed with Malted Rye, a delicious red beer with subtle, sweet spiceiness and a great hop characterY
Thirst ClassThirst ClassTamarind Gose4.8StockportRice Gose with Tamarind and Turmeric. This is a light, crisp, sharp and refreshing Gose. Sweet and sour flavours from the Tamarind combine with subtle earthiness from the Turmeric.Y
Thirst ClassThirst Class / TicketybrewPlum & Liquorice Stout6.5StockportLoads of plums and liquorice root have been added to a rich stout producing mouth puckering flavoursY
Tiny RebelTiny RebelClwb Tropicana5.5NewportIt’s super juicy and crammed full of fruity hop flavours that will have your mouth watering.Y
Tiny RebelTiny RebelFrambuzi4.3NewportWe have a soft spot for sours, and we love the rich, tangy flavours of Framboise. Packed to the brim with the plumpest, juiciest little raspberries we could get our hands on. We've fired them into this kettle soured little vigilante like a drive-by in theY
Tiny RebelTiny RebelHazelnut Stay Puft5.2NewportN
Tiny RebelTiny RebelLazy Boy4.2NewportThis is the liquid version of jumping on a hammock, lying back and letting the sun hit your face. In your hand is a Lazy Boy: a thirst-quenching, sessionable Golden Ale hopped up with the citrus spice of Cascade and Willamette hops.Y
Tiny RebelTiny RebelLush4.0NewportSession IPA hopped with Citra & CascadeY
Tiny RebelTiny RebelMosaic Milkshake4.2NewportThe second instalment of our Milkshake series!
We've picked another of our favourite hops to milkshake-ify, following from the successful experiment that gave us Citra Milkshake IPA!
The tropical and herbaceous notes of Mosaic are smoothed out by the crea
Tiny RebelTiny RebelMosaic Milkshake4.2NewportThe second instalment of our Milkshake series!
We've picked another of our favourite hops to milkshake-ify, following from the successful experiment that gave us Citra Milkshake IPA!
The tropical and herbaceous notes of Mosaic are smoothed out by the crea
Tiny RebelTiny RebelPeaches and Cream5.5NewportExclusively on cask! Does what it says on the tin! Peach flavours from peaches! Cream comes from sweet, smooth lactose and IPA from bucket loads of Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe to compliment the sweet fruit flavours.N
Tiny RebelTiny RebelPump Up The Jam5.0NewportPump up the Jam combines the sweet jam flavours with a sweet bready malt base. It’s a jam doughnut in a pint glass.Y
Tiny RebelTiny RebelStay Puft5.2NewportMarshmallow porter has the classic roasty qualities of a proper dark ale, whilst the marshmallow gives it a smooth sweetness, both combining for a delightful, S’mores-like ale. A sweet treat for the cold winter nights.N
BrewsmithBrewsmithAPA5.0RamsbottomA pale ale brewed with American hops with resinous pine, grapefruit and pine aromasY
BrewsmithBrewsmithFive A Day IPA4.8RamsbottomPale gold IPA with blueberry, tropical fruit and citrus flavoursY
BrewsmithBrewsmithFive A Day IPA4.8RamsbottomPale gold IPA with blueberry, tropical fruit and citrus flavoursY
BrewsmithBrewsmithNew Zealand Pale4.2RamsbottomMotueka, Wakatu, Rakau and Dr Rudi hops create this pronounced floral and pine aromas with assertive bitternessY
BrewsmithBrewsmithOatmeal Stout5.2RamsbottomA full bodied, richly textured stout. Balanced bitterness. Coffee, liquorish, blackcurrant and citrus aromas.Y
BrewsmithBrewsmithOatmeal Stout5.2RamsbottomA full bodied, richly textured stout. Balanced bitterness. Coffee, liquorish, blackcurrant and citrus aromas.Y
BrewsmithBrewsmithPale4.2RamsbottomA refreshingly bitter and hoppy pale ale. Big floral hop aroma, medium body, long dry bitter finishY
HawksheadHawksheadGreat White4.8StaveleyA spiced, cloudy, wheat beer. Brewed with wheat, Maris Otter barley, coriander seeds, dried Seville Orange peel and Motueka hops from New Zealand, to produce a delicately hopped, crisp, highly refreshing beer.Y
RunawayRunawayGingerbread Stout6.3ManchesterRich, full bodied, sweet stout, brewed with root ginger, mace, cloves and cinnamon to give a subtle seasonal twist.Y
RunawayRunawaySession IPA4.5ManchesterHop forward session strength IPA brewed for optimum drinkability with rotating new world hops.Y
RunawayRunawayTropical Crush DIPA8.0ManchesterFruity but light Double IPAY
RunawayRunawayWhite Stout (Coffee & Cocoa Nib)6.5ManchesterA full bodied, silky smooth, oat based, pale beer, conditioned over whole coffee beans and cocoa nibs to evoke the flavours and aromas of a delicious, dark stout, but without the colour.Y
RunawayRunaway / GrubPineapple Upsidedown Pale5.5ManchesterLimited edition - Full bodied Pale inspired by the classic flavours of a Pineapple Upside-down cake. Think sweet, caramels and toffee v refreshing, fruity pineapple. Brewed with Grub Mcr. Vegan Friendly cake inspired beer.Y
RunawayRunaway / Honest CrustPomodori Gose4.2ManchesterGerman Gose with an Italian twist! Slightly sour, slightly saline and slightly hazy, our collab with Manchester pizza royalty Honest Crust finds a deliciously refreshing balance between sweet, sour and savoury. Contains Italian tomato, fennel seed, MaldonY
RunawayRunaway / TorrsideSmoked Red Ale6.3ManchesterBrewed in collaboration with our friends at Torrside Brewing, our hoppy Red Ale has been infused with a heady mix of specialty malts, including a proportion of Rum Barrel smoked malt.Y
ThornbridgeThornbridgeBliss Point5.0BakewellAn unfined and extremely crisp pale ale with tropical fruit characters of Papaya, Passionfruit and Guava from the American hop profile which features Cascade, Simcoe, Citra & Azacca!Y
ThornbridgeThornbridgeHacksaw5.0BakewellHazy East Coast IPA with Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic & AmarilloY
KegStarAlphabet Brew CoHoneytrap11.0Ancoats, ManchesterA full mouthfeel, thick and sweet. Aromas a& flavours of dark chocolate, roasted coffee & honeycombN
KegStarAngels & DemonsRacing Tiger4.2Folkestoneeasy drinking Dry Hopped Lager is the perfect execution of aromatic hops, infused with a timeless full flavour. Best served chilled with most dishes. A true all-rounder, to be enjoyed with lots of smiley people.Y
KegStarBeatnikz RepublicWeizenart5.0ManchesterHeavily dry hopped wheat ale fermented with traditional Bavarian yeast for a delicious yeast character. The Mandarina Bavaria and Citra hops give a beautiful citrus and spice flavour to bring it all together in one tasty package.Y
KegStarBeer NouveauPeterloo4.0ManchesterGently roasted, chocolatey flavoured porter with a light tasting body and a lingering dry sweetness.Y
KegStarBox SocialI Am Hollywood4.5Newcastle Upon Tynea blood orange sour beer with a rich body, sweet caramel and citrus flavours balanced by tart undertones with a zingy refreshing finish. Cloudy vibrant orange colour, with a full mouthfeel and and light flavours.Y
KegStarBurning SkySaison de Fete6.3FirleBrewed with a blend of noble hops and subtle spices, and fermented with a classic saison yeast strain to a full strength. Perfect for the festive season, or indeed any other moment in timeY
KegStarBurton RoadCitra Pale Ale4.8ManchesterA smooth pale beer packed with citra hops for some citrus fruit and pine aromas and a super clean finish.  Y
KegStarCloudwaterDDH Pale5.5Ancoats, ManchesterOur all-season DDH Pale provides a balance between a juicy, full-bodied IPA and easy-drinking Pale. 'DDH' means this Pale has been double dry hopped, using twice the amount of hops as our standard Pale. Thick peach and grapefruit flavours are carried by aY
KegStarDonzokoNorthern Helles4.2HartlepoolFlagship unfiltered lager, rich german malts, subtle NZ hops. A true drinking beer.Y
KegStarFierceCafé Racer6.5AberdeenDark roasted coffee and vanilla porterN
KegStarFirst ChopJAM4.0SalfordPale amber. Not a fruit beer, a beer with fruit. The malt base creates a sweetness to compliment the mango infusion. A lot of late hopping with Chinook and Cascade gives a juxtaposing bitterness that balances this beer to perfection. Dry hopped with CitraY
KegStarGibberishCustard Cream Citra5.3LiverpoolThis second batch of custard cream citra actually tastes like custard creams and has a delicious lemon citrus note. Full bodied biscuity hoppy treat!N
KegStarGibberishTriple Nightmare on Bold Street13.0LiverpoolNightmare on Bold Street makes a ghostly return! Except for this time it has gained in strength and stature! A 13% imperial coffee milk stout perfect for the festive periodN
KegStarMarbleCross Collar5.2Collyhurst, ManchesterThis West Coast-style pale ale is brewed in collaboration with, and with hops sourced by Brook House Hops in Herefordshire, a grower and merchant committed to the highest quality throughout the supply chain, and to working direct with brewers and farmers.
KegStarNeptuneMedusa's Gaze8.1MaghullHeaven Hill infused stout giving notes of chocolate, caramel and coffee with a Bourbon boozy hitY
KegStarNorthern MonkeyFilm Club6.0BoltonA full on rich and velvety stout, with prominent popcorn flavoursY
KegStarPomona IslandLove Buzz3.3SalfordDDH Table beer with Ekuanot BBC, Citra and Simcoe T-90Y
KegStarPomona IslandRight Up My Strasse6.5SalfordOily, zesty lime, blackcurrant and orange flavours pack out this big DDH IPAY
KegStarRedWillowPerceptionless6.6MacclesfieldOur take on the NEIPA style, soft and silky mouthfeel from oats and wheat, with big juicy finish of Mosaic, Citra and Simcoe.Y
KegStarSerious BrewingWyldehouse4.8RochdaleHazy, hoppy, rustic pale ale, fermented dry with a Belgian Saison yeast and hopped with Cascade, Centennial & Citra.Y
KegStarShindiggerIced Coffee4.8ManchesterDark pilsner cold brewed with coffee from the Kayon Mountains in EthiopiaN
KegStarStubborn MuleGingerbread Stout4.5TimperleyWe absolutely pride ourselves on using the freshest raw ingredients and no artificial flavourings so more than 10kg of freshly grated ginger, cinnamon, lashings of honey and milk sugar, along with some top grade biscuit malts make this an amazing sweet sN
KegStarTorrside / NeptuneGoddess Of Thunder9.5New MillsDark chocolate with a hint of cherry, for the perfect winter warmer. Brewed with Liverpool legends NeptuneY
KegStarTrackWaves Of Motion8.0Ancoats, ManchesterA big juicy DIPA packed full of El Dorado, Mosaic & Citra. Notes of ripe mango and pineapple with a light bitter finishY
KegStarVerdantLightbulb4.5FalmouthAs pale as a 100W light bulb but as juicy as an IPA. Sessionable, quenching and totally addictive. Biscuity malt base with a hint of sweetness all drenched in fruity/dank hopsY
KegStarWeird BeardDirty Hands9.8HanwellWe collaborated with Haand Bryggeriet to make a dark, sticky, filthy beer worthy of getting your hands dirty. Being an Imperial Black Pilsner, we wanted to get those dark malts pumping, getting just a little naughty at 9.8%. Not too much though that you'r
KegStarWild BeerModus Operandi7.0WestcombeA transformation of an old English ale into a beer that is Wildly different. A unique, dark, flavourful beer with a smooth, rich, full body and complex fruit flavours of berries, sweet cherries and tannins. Y
KegStarWild BeerRedwood 20185.8WestcombeBarrel & Foudre Aged + Autumn Fruits + Wild YeastsY
Bar 1AbbeydaleVoyager #145.6SheffieldGetting ready for the New Year with this single hopped, unfined IPA - expect juicy fruity paasionfruit and peaches as theres oddles of Galaxy lacing this one.Y
Bar 1Abbeydale / Chorlton Brewing CoChorlton Blend Raspberries7.2SheffieldA blend of three beers from our barrel store carefully selected jointly by myself and Chorlton brewer James, plus Chorlton's culture and 36kg of raspberriesY
Bar 1AlmastyDDH Mosaic Pale4.0Newcastle upon TyneBody that defies its gravity, bursting with citrus and piney flavours with big stone fruits on the nose, this wonderfully balanced pale does more than its 4% should allow.Y
Bar 1AlmastyWhite Beer4.7Newcastle upon TyneThis sharp and refreshing wheat beer packs body and flavour and delivers a lasting and satisfying finish that made it good enough to release into the wild.Y
Bar 1Bad SeedShadow Dance5.0MaltonCascadian Dark Ale. Cross between Black IPA and hoppy porter. Big citrus fruit and pine flavours from Bravo, Centennial & Cascade hops married with a lovely rich character from the black malt.Y
Bar 1Bad SeedShortcut3.2MaltonHoppy Table beer. All day abv, big hop character. Notes of grapefruit and citrus from US hops. Soft malt and oat base makes for a big mouthfeel and combines perfect to deliver a juicy little numberY
Bar 1Beatnikz RepublicDDH Tropic Fiesta4.0ManchesterA double dry-hopped version of our best-selling beer Tropic Fiesta; this 12g/l dry hopped Session IPA is full of even punchier tropical and stone fruit characterY
Bar 1Beatnikz RepublicKentucky Riot5.0ManchesterKentucky Riot is a full-flavoured indulgent dry hopped Stout that uses bourbon oak and muscovado sugar to create a thick, lush Kentucky-inspired mouthful.Y
Bar 1Beatnikz RepublicMidtown Porter4.9ManchesterFull bodied porter with beautiful malty chocolate & coffee flavour, hopped with Chinook for a touch of spicinessY
Bar 1BlackEdgeBlack Stout4.0HorwichA velvety stout with roasted barley flavours and rich undertones of chocolate coffee and liquoriceY
Bar 1Bone MachineBackbone Bitter3.7PocklingtonMalty backbone with toffee and caramel flavour with hints of stone fruit from Norwegian ale yeast. Moderately bitter finish using English Hop, first gold.Y
Bar 1Bone MachineMalt Tooth Grin5.5PocklingtonMalty mild dry hopped with centennialY
Bar 1Bone MachineSkeleton Party5.2PocklingtonExtra pale ale, german hops hercules, dry hopped with citra and mosaicY
Bar 1Box SocialCampfire Marshmallow Porter7.0Newcastle Upon TynePorter with Toasted Marshmallow, Pumphreys Coffee, Vanilla, Cocoa and LactoseN
Bar 1Brew YorkMaris The Otter3.9YorkClassic English Bitter done well with smooth bitterness and good body.Y
Bar 1Brew YorkTonkoko4.3YorkTonka beans, hand-toasted coconut, Madagascan vanilla and Belgian sourced cacao nibs combine to make this one silky smooth and indulgent milk stout. Many have called it liquid Bounty! We built a custom infusion vessel to make this beer; we hope you thinkN
Bar 1CloudwaterPale4.0Ancoats, ManchesterOur season-long Pale Ale is a beer for everyday moments, whether it's conversation with friends or quiet relaxation after work, and aims to provide balance between bold flavour and easy drinkability. It's full of rounded tropical fruit flavours with a sofY
Bar 1CloudwaterRed Ale4.7Ancoats, ManchesterA session strength Red Ale with US aroma hopsY
Bar 1CloudwaterRed Wine BA Chocolate Porter11.0Ancoats, ManchesterSome of you may recognise this beer, as we released it a few years ago into bottle. Since then, we have aged it for a total of 24 months in our red wine foudre to pick up all the deep complexities you'd usually associate with red wine. A heavy amount of cY
Bar 1Eight ArchLayer Cake6.0WimborneBlack IPA - A dark beer with the bitterness & flavour of an IPA - fully loaded with resinous and fruity hops. Super drinkable....Y
Bar 1ElusiveLord Nelson Saison6.8FinchampsteadA single-hopped Saison showcasing New Zealand's Nelson Sauvin, as featured in "365 Best Beers in the World" (Future Publishing). Notes of gooseberry and black pepper.Y
Bar 1ElusiveSpellbinder Coffee Porter6.0FinchampsteadA London-style Porter brewed to a classic recipe with late hop additions of Target. Whole bean Hasbean coffee (El Salvador Finca Noruega Natural Bourbon) was added during cold conditioning to bring a clean coffee flavour and aroma with hints of dark berryY
Bar 1First ChopHOP4.1SalfordAn ultra pale 4.1% ale born from a love of hops. Five varieties of whole hops from the US, New Zealand and Slovenia are added through the boil and finally to the cask. Producing a thirst quenching session beer with massive hop flavours. Gluten free.Y
Bar 1First ChopJAM4.0SalfordPale amber. Not a fruit beer, a beer with fruit. The malt base creates a sweetness to compliment the mango infusion. A lot of late hopping with Chinook and Cascade gives a juxtaposing bitterness that balances this beer to perfection. Dry hopped with CitraY
Bar 1First ChopMCR4.4SalfordInspired by the Manchester Bitters consumed in great quantities during a mis-spent youth. Given the First Chop treatment (lots more hops!)Y
Bar 1First ChopPOD4.2SalfordVanilla stoutY
Bar 1Five PointsBrick Field Brown5.4HackneyOur take on the traditional English brown ale, coupled with floral American hops. Malt-forward and robust, with earthy aromas and flavours of demerara, smooth oak and hazelnuts. Balanced by the floral, elderberry-like aromas of the Willamette hops.Y
Bar 1Five PointsRailway Porter4.8HackneyA Porter in the classic London style with our own twist. Aromas of chocolate and coffee with hints of caramel, brewed with British East Kent Goldings hops.Y
Bar 1GibberishCustard Cream Citra5.3LiverpoolThis second batch of custard cream citra actually tastes like custard creams and has a delicious lemon citrus note. Full bodied biscuity hoppy treat!N
Bar 1GibberishPeanut Butter Raspberry Jelly Stout6.0LiverpoolIt's a Peanut Butter Raspberry Jelly Stout. Obvious really 🙂N
Bar 1Good ChemistryExtra Special5.6BristolThis is a rich and sweet malt bomb of a beer. A premium bitter, a strong English ale, an ESB, one of the all-time classic styles of beer. Bramling Cross hops bring the balancing bitterness with flavours of hedgerow fruits.Y
Bar 2MarbleManchester Bitter4.2Collyhurst, ManchesterYellowy gold with white head. Light, citrusy and bitter hop aroma then biscuity maltiness. Flavour is hop bitterness with dry floral finish.Y
Bar 2MarbleStout 20185.7Collyhurst, ManchesterExtra winter stout with a rich palate, roasted notes, fruity hops & a long, dry, bitter finishY
Bar 2Marble / AmundsenAlf5.4Collyhurst, ManchesterNew England-style hazy IPA. Estery Vermont yeast accentuates the stone fruit and tropical fruit character brought by a heavy dry-hop of Mosaic, Enigma and Denali, whilst a protein-heavy grist gives a full, pillowy body.Y
Bar 2MoorAll Dayer3.5PitneyHoppy Session IPA with a light citrus tasteand notable bitternesY
Bar 2Moor / Lost & GroundedSticks and Bones4.7PitneySmoked Dark AleY
Bar 2NeptuneBolska5.5MaghullTropical fruits giving way to a caramel baseY
Bar 2NeptuneOn The Bounty5.8MaghullSmooth rich dark chocolate stout with coconutY
Bar 2Northern AlchemyMoroccan Spiced Mild3.5Newcastle Upon TyneA traditional British Mild style with Marris Otter, Crystal, Amber and Chocolate malts with an addition of Ras El Hanout Persian spice mix late in the boil.Y
Bar 2Pomona IslandAPA (Amarillo | Mosaic | Chinook)5.3SalfordMade with Mosaic, Citra & Centennial hopsY
Bar 2Pomona IslandPorter5.7SalfordRobust backbone of malt, matched with subtle bitterness. Finishes with smooth chocolate & rich caramelY
Bar 2RidgesideGinger Joe5.6LeedsA seasonal variation on Milky Joe (our 5.6 cold brew coffee milk stout), this version keeps the coffee and lactose, and adds fresh stem ginger into the mixY
Bar 2Serious BrewingMoonlight4.5RochdaleSilky smooth stout with chocolate notes and a bitter hop finishY
Bar 2SirenSuspended in Light4.0FinchampsteadSuspended in Light celebrates the dawn of a New Year. It’s an explosion of fruit flavours, with bursts of mango, passionfruit, orange and pineapple with a hint of caramel and savoury shining through at the end of the tunnelY
Bar 2Siren / VarvarMavka11.4FinchampsteadVarvar Brew are based in Kiev and the name Mavka traces back to Ukrainian mythology.

This collaboration is loosely based on a recipe mash up of Siren's own ‘Shattered Dream’ with Varvar’s popular ‘Caribbean Dream’ porter.

Expect chocolate, coffee,
Bar 2Tarn HowsGuji Stout5.4AmblesideCollaboration with Red Bank coffee roastersN
Bar 2Tarn HowsPale (Citra, Centennial)4.6AmblesideLemon sherbet, grapefruit. Citrus aroma!Y
Bar 2Tom's Tap and BrewhouseChocoalte Orange Porter7.0CreweOne off cask from the Crewe based tap room and brewhouseY
Bar 2TorrsideWhat Do I Get?6.5New Millspunchy yet fruity American IPA overflowing with Apollo, Cascade, Chinook, Ekuanot and SimcoeY
Bar 2Torrside / HummingbirdAtomic Garden5.2New MillsRefreshing wheat beer with an extra zing from the zest of 126 ruby grapefruit. Brewed in collaboration with future Manchester-based brewery HummingbirdY
Bar 2TrackHalf Dome Pale Ale5.3Ancoats, ManchesterA super fruity American style Pale Ale. Crisp notes of Pineapple and Mango. A complex malt bill to give body and a beautiful yellow colour - hopped with Galaxy, Citra and Simcoe.Y
Bar 2TrackSonoma4.0Ancoats, ManchesterA fantastic session pale, fairly dry but refreshing and fruity too.Y
Bar 2Weird BeardDouble Perle8.6HanwellA double version of their deliciously, thick coffee milk stout. Both a pick me up and a relaxant at the same time! It has a delicious sugary coffee aroma but a bit more roasted coffee bitterness on the tongue. Well balanced and warming.
Bar 2Weird BeardLittle Things That Kill3.9HanwellVery hoppy, very sessionable and generally delightful pale ale
Bar 2Weird BeardThe Next Episode7.6HanwellEasy drinking with 50:50 lager and carapils malt, there is little malt presence to allow the essence of the hops to shine through. With the double dry hops of Chinook, Cascade and Centennial to give stone-fruit, grapefruit and tangerine flavours. Here's o
Bar 2Weird Beard / J WakefieldSaltacious Plum5.2Hanwell
Bar 2Wild Beer / BudvarSaaz Trek4.8WestcombeCzech brewer Budvar's first ever collaboration brew. Lager and ale malts blended and hopped with SaazY
Bar 2WishboneGreen Flute5.2KeighleyGluten Free beer, very light in colour Dry hopped with Citra, Mosaic & SimcoeY
Beers From The WoodAbbeydaleBretted El Dorado3.8SheffieldLight and refreshing pale ale showcasing the versatile El Dorado hop, secondary fermented with our house Brettonomyces yeast strain to add a layer of tart complexity, while the several months spent ageing in oak casks have imparted a tannin layer to furthY
Beers From The WoodBad SeedBase Camp8.5MaltonCoffee and almond imperial stout. Tonto Espresso coffee blend from local roasters Roost bring rich and roasted flavours. These combine with a smoothness and nutty character from the crushed almonds. A grown up dessert.Y
Beers From The WoodBeer NouveauX8.3ManchesterOriginal 1800s Stock Ale brewed with heritage grains and traditional malts, conditioned in a wooden cask to provide as close a recreation of this historic style as possible.Y
Beers From The WoodBlackjackSmoked Farmhouse Porter8.0Collyhurst, ManchesterA carefully selected blend of 7 malts bring you a lightly smoked rich and complex porter. Fermented with a Belgian Farmhouse yeast and hopped with Apollo, Columbus, Cluster and Mount HoodY
Beers From The WoodBlackjack / AbbeydaleMrs Stoutfire4.8Collyhurst, ManchesterBrewed in collaboration with our friends at Abbeydale brewery. For our half of the colab we've done a white stout. Big chewy body with coffee, chocolate and a hint of coconut coming through in a beer to defy the senses.Y
Beers From The WoodBrass CastleBad Kitty (Rye Whiskey barrel)5.5MaltonThe multi award winning chocolate & vanilla porter aged in rye whiskey barrelsY
Beers From The WoodBrass CastleHygge Figgy (Maple barrel)5.7MaltonAutumnal fig, blueberry & almond porter aged in a maple barrelY
Beers From The WoodBrass CastleQuench (Gin barrel)3.2MaltonHeavily hopped New England style pale ale aged in gin barrel. Citra & Mosaic hops are held in suspension in the beer to give maximum juiciness and distinct haziness.Y
Beers From The WoodBrew YorkCentral Dark8.4YorkVanilla imperial stoutN
Beers From The WoodCameronsTooth & Claw Brewing Gyle #030 Vanilla Latte Stout4.9N
Beers From The WoodHalf MoonDark Masquerade3.6Ellerton, YorkA rich ruby/brown ale which is packed with dark chocolate and liquorice flavours.N
Beers From The WoodHarrogatePlum Porter4.8HarrogateSmooth dark ale using English hops and infused with plumsY
Beers From The WoodNorth RidingFudge Brownie Stout7.4East Ayton, ScarboroughA rich and robust stout using a double mash technique for extra strength.7 different malts lots of fudge, lots of chocolate,lots of stout.Y
Beers From The WoodOrigamiJackalope6.4ManchesterDark roasted, malty & perfectly sweet stout. Wood conditioned for a unique finish.Y
Beers From The WoodRoundhillMidnight Slug Porter4.8Billingham-On-TeesA dark, rich and creamy porter which is sweet, strong tasting and full of flavour. Notes of coffee and chocolate with a medium body and a dry finishY
Beers From The WoodTarn HowsBeertrix Porter (Whiskey Cask)4.0AmblesideTraditional porter with liquorice & vanilla flavours, matured in a wooden whiskey caskN
Beers From The WoodWild BeerSomerset Wild5.0WestcombeExtremely pale, bright white head

Light appliness, hay & hedgerows

Bright acidity, brisk carbonation, more apples
Beers From The WoodWild BeerSourdough3.6WestcombeBeer and Bread have been showing off the magic of yeast for thousands of years, we decided to combine them using a 60 year old sourdough yeast!Y
White Hag & FriendsBullhouseDeez Nutz5.2NewtownardsA pecan flavoured porter.Y
White Hag & FriendsBullhouseOne Last Purge6.0NewtownardsClassic IPA.Y
White Hag & FriendsBullhouseRoad Trippin'4.0NewtownardsPale, dry-hopped with Citra. Bursting with citrus & tropical fruitsY
White Hag & FriendsBullhouseSmall Axe4.3NewtownardsHoppy, sessionable IPA packed with resinous West Coast hops. When Bob Marley wrote Small Axe in 1970, The Wailers were the 'small acts' stepping up to chop down the 'big tree.' Here's to the little guys.. with their Small AxeY
White Hag & FriendsFarmageddonGold Pale Ale4.2ComberAppearance: Golden
Smell: Pine scented hops, white floral notes, and sweet malty bread.
Taste: fleshy citrus, tropical fruit and sweet biscuit malts. Hop Bitterness comes through to cut down the sweet malt. Dry finish
White Hag & FriendsFarmageddonHemp IPA5.0ComberDank, resinous, bitter and 'herbal'Y
White Hag & FriendsFarmageddonIndia Export Porter5.2ComberWell hopped with grains leading to complex layers of thirst quenching bitterness including a chocolatey-orange finish. definitly not a black IPA, its a well hopped porter following the same tradition as IPA (except this was for the troups not the officersY
White Hag & FriendsFarmageddonMosaic India Pale Ale6.3ComberTropical, grapefruit and pineappleY
White Hag & FriendsFarmageddonWinter IPA5.5ComberBurnt/caramelised orangeY
White Hag & FriendsHopfully / BullhouseLime In The Coconut Saison4.5DublinSaison with lime juice, coconut and corianderY
White Hag & FriendsKnockoutIrish Red Ale4.5BelfastA gluten free Red ale hopped with WillametteY
White Hag & FriendsKnockoutMcMullan's GF APA3.9BelfastAmerican Pale Ale With Azzacca, Cascade and Simcoe.Y
White Hag & FriendsKnockout / FarmageddonGF IPA5.0BelfastGluten Free IPA with Summit, El Dorado & Columbus, dry hopped with more El Dorado & ColumbusY
White Hag & FriendsMourne MountainSwitchback Imperial Oatmeal Stout10.0WarrenpointA dark, complex, full bodied ale with a slight nutty characterY

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