Soft drinks, wines & mead

While we’ll have over 700 beers and ciders, at #MBCF we appreciate that some people don’t drink alchohol – or that at some point in the day you might just fancy a break.

Our Bottle Bar will have non-alchoholic beers available.

Czech Republic
Budweiser Budvar Brewery
B Free
Clear, orange, frothy, white foam, medium sweetness, lightly bitter, light body, thin feel, soft carbonation, & astringent finish. Ⓥ

Pure (non-fermented) apple juice will be available from the Cider & Perry Bar

Fruit Wines & Mead

We will also have available a range of English fruit wines from Lyme Bay winery and natural mead from the Lancashire Mead Co available by the glass from the Bottle Bar.

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Lyme Bay Winery
Cherry Wine
Sweet Fruit Wine
A smooth, full flavoured sweet wine with an aroma of real cherries & hint of almond.
Lyme Bay WineryElderflower WineDry Fruit Wine11.0An off-dry wine, light, crisp and beautifully refreshing with a floral bouquet.
Lyme Bay WineryPeach WineMedium sweet Fruit Wine11.0A medium Sweet, deliciously scented smooth summery wine with soft ripe fruit flavours.
Lyme Bay WineryRaspberry WineMedium dry Fruit Wine11.0A medium wine with a ripe raspberry character & a real berry aroma.
Lyme Bay WineryStrawberry WineMedium Fruit Wine11.0A medium, well balanced fruit wine with a delicate strawberry aroma.
Lancashire Mead CompanyAegirOrange & Tannined Mead14.5This mead is a ‘Tannined Melomel’ (fruited honey mead). This is one of the most traditional mead recipes giving a well-rounded edge to the full body flavour.
Lancashire Mead CompanyBaldurDry Mead14.5Baldur mead is our dry ‘Hydromel’ (pure honey mead) using Wildflower honey. To give it a dry finish, we simply use slightly less honey. By using the wildflower honey, it gives it a deeper, earthier flavour but without the sweet edge for those not blessed with a sweeter tooth.
Lancashire Mead CompanyFreyaSweet Mead14.5Sweet Orange Melomel made with Wildflower honey and wild fermented, the addition of fresh orange juice gives a nice citrus edge to this mead.
Lancashire Mead CompanyOdinTannined Mead14.5Traditional Tannined Hydromel, tea tannins gives this traditional Metheglyn (herb mead) a deep, rich flavour, similar to aging in an oak cask.
Lancashire Mead CompanySkadiMedium sweet Mead14.5This mead is a 'hydromel' (pure honey mead), using Blossom honey which gives it a medium sweet taste