The Bay Horse Tavern Gin Bar

New for #MBCF19 is The Bay Horse Tavern Gin Bar, brought to you in association with The Bay Horse Tavern, 35-37 Thomas Street, Manchester.

The bar will be serving a range of artisan gins from local producers (and those produced in association with a couple of our favourite brewers)

Fever Tree

Gins can be drunk on their own or mixed with one of a selection of Fever Tree tonics and other mixers.

A special Fever-Tree gin glass will be available to purchase.

Gin & tonics list

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Recommended mixer
Recommended garnish
DefianceOldhamPremium40.0%Smooth and moreish with earthy and cirtrussy notes. Made from foraged botanicalsMediterranean tonicLime
DefianceOldhamWild Rose40.0%Wild forgaed gin infused with rose petalsLight tonicStrawberries
DefianceOldhamStrawberry40.0%Citrussy and using real strawberries, lightly sweet with just a hint of aniseElderflower TonicStrawberries
DefianceOldhamOld Tom40.0%Smoky, earthy with real birch syrupIndian TonicLime
DefianceOldhamNavy Strength57.0%Overstrength, premium, junipery, moreish!Indian TonicLime
Four Sis4ersSalfordCaramel Espresso Gin37.5%Delicious fusion of roasted richness with smooth caramel. One for the coffee loversIndian tonicBlueberries & Coffee Beans
Four Sis4ersSalfordLyme & Thyme Gin40.0%A fusion of citrisy lime and herbaceous thymeMediterranean tonicLime & Thyme
Four Sis4ersSalfordPassion Fruit and Cardamom Gin37.5%An enticing fusion of aromatic and citrus notesLight tonicPassion Fruit or Pink Grapefruit
Four Sis4ersSalfordSignature Gin40.0%Classic blend of botanicals with a hint of blueberry, smooth taste leaving a warm flavour on the palletteMediterranean or Aromatic tonicOrange and blueberries with med, lemon and rosemary with aromatic
Four Sis4ersSalfordStrawberry Gin40.0%Infused with fresh ripe strawberrys, has a strawberry aroma followed by a delicious tasteSicilian Lemon tonicStrawberries
Hidden GemSwintonOriginal40.0%Complex gin with angelica and liquoriceIndian tonicLemon
Hidden GemSwintonSpiced Blackberry42.0%Blackberry, cinnamon, clove and gingerLight TonicLemon
Manchester Gin ManchesterRaspberry Gin 40.0%A delicate fruit character and touch of sweetness that leads to a slight floral tone and smooth finishElderflowerRaspberries
Manchester Gin ManchesterSignature Gin42.0%Dandelion and Burdock root and 10 other sourced botanicals including ornage, lemon, liquorice and ground almondIndian, light or Mediterranean tonicOrange (& Rosemary)
Manchester Gin ManchesterWild Spirit Gin40.0%Sage, thyme, orris, lemon balm and silver birch produce a creamy savoury gin with complex herbaceous notesIndian, light or Mediterranean tonicBlackberries (& thyme)
Saddleworth GinMossleyDoctors Favorite40.0%Perfumed citrus, earthy green body with an aromatic spiced finishMediterraneanLimes (pink peppercorns optional)
Saddleworth GinMossleyPistachio & Rose40.0%fresh floral and fruity. Sweet nutty taste developing on the palateElderflowerOrange
Saddleworth GinMossleySumac and Long Peppers40.0%Red berry citrus, saffron, Incense; full body and peppery finishIndian tonicStrawberry
Manchester DistilleryManchesterThree Rivers40.0%Smooth with mid palette sweetness from vanilla, cinnamon, almind & oats. Finally cardamom gives way to a satisfying long spicy black pepper finishIndian TonicLime