The Bay Horse Tavern Gin Bar

New for #MBCF19 is The Bay Horse Tavern Gin Bar, brought to you in association with The Bay Horse Tavern, 35-37 Thomas Street, Manchester.

The bar will be serving a range of artisan gins from local producers (and those produced in association with a couple of our favourite brewers)

Fever Tree

Gins can be drunk on their own or mixed with one of a selection of Fever Tree tonics and other mixers.

A special Fever-Tree gin glass will be available to purchase.

Gin & tonics list

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Recommended mixer
Recommended garnish
Four Sis4ersSalfordCaramel Espresso Gin37.5%Delicious fusion of roasted richness with smooth caramel. One for the coffee loversIndian tonicBlueberries & Coffee Beans
Four Sis4ersSalfordLyme & Thyme Gin40.0%A fusion of citrisy lime and herbaceous thymeMediterranean tonicLime & Thyme
Four Sis4ersSalfordPassion Fruit and Cardamom Gin37.5%An enticing fusion of aromatic and citrus notesLight tonicPassion Fruit or Pink Grapefruit
Four Sis4ersSalfordSignature Gin40.0%Classic blend of botanicals with a hint of blueberry, smooth taste leaving a warm flavour on the palletteMediterranean or Aromatic tonicOrange and blueberries with med, lemon and rosemary with aromatic
Four Sis4ersSalfordStrawberry Gin40.0%Infused with fresh ripe strawberrys, has a strawberry aroma followed by a delicious tasteSicilian Lemon tonicStrawberries
Manchester Gin ManchesterRaspberry Gin 40.0%A delicate fruit character and touch of sweetness that leads to a slight floral tone and smooth finishElderflowerRaspberries
Manchester Gin ManchesterSignature Gin42.0%Dandelion and Burdock root and 10 other sourced botanicals including ornage, lemon, liquorice and ground almondIndian, light or Mediterranean tonicOrange (& Rosemary)
Manchester Gin ManchesterWild Spirit Gin40.0%Sage, thyme, orris, lemon balm and silver birch produce a creamy savoury gin with complex herbaceous notesIndian, light or Mediterranean tonicBlackberries (& thyme)
Saddleworth GinMossleyDoctors Favorite40.0%Perfumed citrus, earthy green body with an aromatic spiced finishMediterraneanLimes (pink peppercorns optional)
Saddleworth GinMossleyPistachio & Rosefresh floral and fruity. Sweet nutty taste developing on the palateElderflowerOrange
Saddleworth GinMossleySumac and Long PeppersRed berry citrus, saffron, Incense; full body and peppery finishIndian tonicStrawberry
Tiny RebelLlandysulClwb42.0%Juicy & tropical with sweet rich fruits and tropical spiceLight tonicMango, passionfruit, pineapple, pomegranate
Tiny RebelLlandysulCwtch42.0%Fresh clean citrus, refreshing and coolLight tonicStrawberry, Juniper berries, mint
Tiny RebelLandysulDutty42.0%Citra mosaic hopped, zingy, zesty, lemonLight tonicLemon & Lime
TurncoatLiverpoolCascade43.0%A long process of infusion and vapour distillation with the infamous Cascade Hop creates a unique and intense citrus gin.Indian tonicOrange and rosemary
Turncoat / Blackjack BeersLiverpoolDragon's Tears40.0%Using Dragons s Tears - the top bud of a jasmine tea plant - creates an amazing delicate flavourIndian tonicMint
Three RiversManchesterDry Gin40.0%Subtle perfume on the nose precedes a smooth mouth feel with mid palette sweetness from vanilla, cinnamon, almind & oats. Finally cardamom gives way to a satisfying long spicy black pepper finishIndian tonicCherry
Worsley GinWorsleyLondon Dry45.0%Freshly cut grass, floral and buttercups followed by a well balanced juniper and corriander zingLight tonicPink grapefruit and rosemary
Worsley GinWorsleyLondon Dry gift box
ZymurgoriumIrlamOriginal Manchester40.0%Foraged British juniper, organic coriander and caraway, home grown raspberries, Angelica, orris root with the main ingredient being honey. Honey is the basis of the Vodka that makes this Gin. This is because of the Mead background of Zymurgorium and a representation of Manchester's motiff Mediterranean TonicLemon
ZymurgoriumIrlamMarmalade Gin40.0%A slight piney citrus pepperiness, following a mixture of fruit in the mid pallete, finishing off with comforting notes if Madacascan Vanilla linger for a while enticing you for another sip.Light tonic or Indian TonicLime
ZymurgoriumIrlamMandarin40.0%A culmination of sweet and sour mandarins, Chinese cinamon, fennel, Sichuan pepper, clove, star anise and juniper. A sweet but fresh fruit flavour and subtle tartiness, with the juniper adding a hint of exciting pepperiness.Light tonic or Indian TonicLemon
ZymurgoriumIrlamSloe40.0%Produced with sloe berries from various different British regions and made with reduced sugars than expected from a Sloe Gin allowing for this gin to stand out. It has a rather pruney note and nice sweet finishSodaLime
ZymurgoriumIrlamChoc-o-Bloc40.0%Smooth gin with a hint of chocolate.Clementine tonicLemon
ZymurgoriumIrlamSyllabub40.0%Full frontal lemon, lime & pine with a note of warm oatsIndian tonicOrange
ZymurgoriumIrlamWinter Raspberry40.0%A summer mix of rich cream, golden honey, wholesome oats & good old whisky lead to a spicey and warm flavourSodaLemon