Beers From The Wood 2019

MBCF has teamed up with the Society For the Preservation of Beers From The Wood (SPBW) to bring you a first for the festival – an entire bar of beer matured in wooden casks. Click here to learn more about SPBW.

Almost all of the casks on the bar have been specially filled for this years festival – you won’t find these beers in this form in any other place.

Maturation in wooden cask brings complex flavours from the interaction between the beer and the wood infused with the microscopic remains of the previous contents of the cask.

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Bretted El Dorado
Light and refreshing pale ale showcasing the versatile El Dorado hop, secondary fermented with our house Brettonomyces yeast strain to add a layer of tart complexity, while the several months spent ageing in oak casks have imparted a tannin layer to furth
Bad SeedBase Camp8.5MaltonCoffee and almond imperial stout. Tonto Espresso coffee blend from local roasters Roost bring rich and roasted flavours. These combine with a smoothness and nutty character from the crushed almonds. A grown up dessert.
Beer NouveauEast India Porter6.2ManchesterOne of only four wooden casks of the East India Porter from the Beer Nouveau Heritage Barrel Ageing Programme, and the only one to leave the brewery. Using heritage grains malted to an 1800’s kilning pattern especially for the project, and then aged in a
Beer NouveauX8.3ManchesterOriginal 1800s Stock Ale brewed with heritage grains and traditional malts, conditioned in a wooden cask to provide as close a recreation of this historic style as possible.
BlackjackSmoked Farmhouse Porter8.0Collyhurst, ManchesterA carefully selected blend of 7 malts bring you a lightly smoked rich and complex porter. Fermented with a Belgian Farmhouse yeast and hopped with Apollo, Columbus, Cluster and Mount Hood
Blackjack / AbbeydaleMrs Stoutfire4.8Collyhurst, ManchesterBrewed in collaboration with our friends at Abbeydale brewery. For our half of the colab we've done a white stout. Big chewy body with coffee, chocolate and a hint of coconut coming through in a beer to defy the senses.
Brass CastleBad Kitty (Rye Whiskey barrel)5.5MaltonThe multi award winning chocolate & vanilla porter aged in rye whiskey barrels
Brass CastleHygge Figgy (Maple barrel)5.7MaltonAutumnal fig, blueberry & almond porter aged in a maple barrel
Brass CastleQuench (Gin barrel)3.2MaltonHeavily hopped New England style pale ale aged in gin barrel. Citra & Mosaic hops are held in suspension in the beer to give maximum juiciness and distinct haziness.
Brew YorkCentral Dark8.4YorkVanilla imperial stout
CameronsTooth & Claw Brewing Gyle #030 Vanilla Latte Stout4.9
Cheshire BrewhouseGovinda Chevallier6.8CongletonBrewed faithfully to a heritage Burton-Upon-Trent IPA recipe. The recipe dates from the early 1800’s
ClunCitadel5.9ClunBrewed in our own microbrewery. It is a formidable strong ale which will appeal to the real hop lover. Perhaps more accurately described as an original style IPA, the beer is produced with Marris Otter pale malt and deploys the mighty Green Bullet hop to
Elland1872 Porter6.5EllandRich, complex and dark Porter from an original 1872 recipe, with an old port nose, and coffee and bitter chocolate flavours on the palate. Champion Beer Of Britain 2013.
FernandesDouble Six6.0WakefieldPowerful , dark , rich beer with a complex roast malt and chocolate finish.
Five TownsCandidate9.0WakefieldBreakfast Stout brewed with oatmeal, coffee, maple syrup & blueberries
Five TownsLiberty5.5WakefieldBlueberry, pecan & maple syrup pale
Half MoonDark Masquerade3.6Ellerton, YorkA rich ruby/brown ale which is packed with dark chocolate and liquorice flavours.
Half MoonLunar5.5Ellerton, YorkA refreshing golden IPA with full, well rounded flavours. Fine malts flavour and hints of caramel followed by a floral hop aftertaste.
HarrogatePlum Porter4.8HarrogateSmooth dark ale using English hops and infused with plums
HawksheadTonka Shake10.0StaveleyA match made in heaven, Tonka just got bigger and better! More tonka beans, cacoa nibs & vanilla. Expect enticing flavours of coconut, almond, bitter cherry and chocolate, all balanced together with a decadently smooth and sumptuous body from a mixture of
KirkstallThree Swords4.5KirkstallVery pale and spectacularly thirst-quenching. Three different hops give this beer a delightful citrus nose.
MaximMaximus6.0Houghton le SpringDouble Maxim’s ‘Big Brother’ and a multi award winner
A strong premium ale brewed with a hint of Demerara sugars
Dark ruby in colour, Maximus has a sweet liquorice taste that is warming and easy to drink. Beware of its underlying strength
North RidingFudge Brownie Stout7.4East Ayton, ScarboroughA rich and robust stout using a double mash technique for extra strength.7 different malts lots of fudge, lots of chocolate,lots of stout.
OrigamiJackalope6.4ManchesterDark roasted, malty & perfectly sweet stout. Wood conditioned for a unique finish.
OssettYorkshire Brunette3.7OssettAn easy-drinking session bitter brewed from pale, wheat and roasted malts. Pale chestnut in colour and with moderate bitterness, aromas of spice and citrus fruit come from German and Slovenian hops.
PhippsBlack Star4.8NorthamptonThe dark malt signature is robust but smooth whilst the fruity but subtle hop flavours give the beer an easy drinkability. Black Star was originally a winter seasonal special but demands from discerning drinkers has kept it in our range all year
PhippsKinky Boots4.9NorthamptonAn tasty red rye ale with a full body derived from Rye Malt. Brewed to mark the run of the musical Kinky Boots at the brewery's local Royal Derngate theatre. Classic English Ale hops of Fuggles & Goldings but spiced up with a daring dash of Citra and Simc
Purple MooseGlaslyn4.2PorthmadogRefreshing light and malty amber-coloured ale. Plenty of hop in the aroma and taste. Good smooth mouthfeel leading to a slightly chewy finish
RatRat Of Khan4.5HuddersfieldHoppy Pale Ale. Maris Otter and Wheat malt give this straw-coloured ale body and a hint of residual malt sweetness, that meets its match in a vengeful punch of hop bitterness. Multiple additions of British First Gold administer barbs of citrus, and floral
RiverheadRedbrook Premium5.5MarsdenRed brown strong ale. Mellow yet robust, slightly sweet
RoundhillMidnight Slug Porter4.8Billingham-On-TeesA dark, rich and creamy porter which is sweet, strong tasting and full of flavour. Notes of coffee and chocolate with a medium body and a dry finish
RoundhillOatmeal Pale4.4Billingham-On-TeesA double dry hopped American session oatmeal pale with Chinook and Amarillo. Full bodied, golden blonde in colour with big hop flavours and citrus undertones
SaltJute4.0SaltaireA pale dry hopped session IPA brewed with New Zealand & American hops
SaltMockado5.2SaltaireA rich and milky porter infused with Brazilian and Sumatran coffee
Steam MachineVoyager6.5Newton AycliffeTrue Old Ale: a dark beer inspired by authentic historic recipes, matured for over a year on a mix of wild English yeasts, then blended with a young fresh beer, and then dry hopped with loose leaf amarillo in the wooden cask. Expect a rich mix of dark ber
Tarn HowsBeertrix Porter (Whiskey Cask)4.0AmblesideTraditional porter with liquorice & vanilla flavours, matured in a wooden whiskey cask
TheakstonOld Peculier5.6MashamOne of the world’s great beers – smooth, strong and mellow
Three KingsBilly Mill Ale4.0North ShieldsClassic session bitter. A dash of Crystal malts and two additions of First Gold hops makes this light quaffable ale a delight to drink. NOW dry hopped with First Gold & Citra® hops.
Three KingsShield Maiden3.9North ShieldsGolden Bitter with Bramling Cross & First Gold Hops. Fruity nose with hints of blackcurrant & orange
TreboomBaron Saturday5.2Shipton by BeningbroughDark and mysterious, the voodoo spirit Baron Saturday captured our imagination; this porter would be his preferred pint.

Brewed with a blend of five different malts it has hints of coffee, chocolate and liquorice
Wild BeerSomerset Wild5.0WestcombeExtremely pale, bright white head

Light appliness, hay & hedgerows

Bright acidity, brisk carbonation, more apples
Wild BeerSourdough3.6WestcombeBeer and Bread have been showing off the magic of yeast for thousands of years, we decided to combine them using a 60 year old sourdough yeast!
Working HandThe Fool On The Stool5.1LeamsideA modern brown ale
WylamJust About Midnight5.6Newcastle Upon TyneCoconut Cream Porter... Dark beers for dark days... A complex ported with mild ale yeast, roast wheat, layered crystal. pale chocolate and brown malts. Rounded off with raw cocoa nibs and sweet creamy coconut
Yard of AleBEIRA (the Celtic goddess of Winter)4.8FerryhillPorter style black ale in the wood. Brewed with a warming infusion of spirit-soaked dark fruits, enhanced by an extra bit of tartness from the wood
YorkCenturion's Ghost5.4YorkA warming, dark, bitter ale with a roasted malt taste. Very easy to drink for its strength.
YorkYorkshire Terrier4.2YorkOur original brew, Yorkshire Terrier is a multi-award winning single hop premium golden ale. Using only the flavours of UK grown Challenger hops and a dash of Crystal malt, expect a refreshing taste, where fruit and hops dominate the flavour and aroma wit


SPBWThe SPBW was founded on 6 December 1963 when seven disgruntled beer drinkers gathered in the Rising Sun in Epsom. Their concern was the growing decline in both quality and palatability of beer. This, they felt, was due to the increasing use of gas pressure and the introduction of keg beers.

They formed the SPBW with the purpose of drawing attention to their plight.

Why the name?

In 1963, wooden casks were still regarded as being synonymous with traditional beer, in contrast to the metal ones containing a processed and artificially carbonated product. For this reason the name seemed ideal. The SPBW’s main concern is the beer in the cask and that it be served as a quality product. Even though the use of metal casks for draught beer had become prevalent by the 1970s the original name has been retained for the sake of tradition.

The SPBW has settled down to a largely social body, seeking to promote the
best of beers and pubs. We have several hundred members and some 26
branches throughout the UK – and a very large chapter based around
Baltimore USA.

In recent years there has been something of a revival in the use of wood for
maturing and dispensing beer. SPBW support’s this trend and the traditional craft of the cooper.

SPBW have organized two ‘WoodFests’ featuring only beers served from the wood.

Learn more at