Training available


In house sessions:

As a volunteer at MBCF 2020 you will have the opportunity to sign up for in-house training in :-

  • Use of Electric assist Pump trucks. This is being offered on both the Sunday and Monday of set-up.
  • Introduction to Keg Walls. This is being offered on the Monday and Tuesday prior to us opening the festival.

You will be required to liaise with your Manager at the time in order to confirm it is OK for you to take the time away from your given task to complete this training.

There will be a signing in sheet at the Volunteer Staffing desk to secure your place.

Cooling Induction Training

CAMRA will be offering the national Cooling Induction training at MBCF 2020. This is open to all CAMRA members.

In order to hire CAMRA Cooling equipment from CAMRA’s warehouse, festivals are required to have a cooling manager who has completed the CAMRA Cooling Induction Training.

This training course an be done with an individual but is best offered in small groups, no larger than 6 volunteers.

This can be arranged for Friday 24th or Saturday 25th January.

To register your interest in this course, either at MBCF (or at any of the venues listed below) please email Beverley Gobbett at beerfestivaltraining(at)

This course is currently offered at the following festivals :-

  • Manchester Beer & Cider Festival
  • Skipton Beer Festival
  • Ealing Beer Festival
  • Kingston Beer Festival
  • GBBF Winter
  • Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival
  • Swansea Beer Festival

Beer Festival Training Programme

In order to register for a place on this course, please go to the Member’s area of the CAMRA National Website then choose Get Involved.

Select “Training For Volunteers”  from the menu on the left hand side of the page. Under Beer Festival Training select “For further information and an application form click here.

Should you have any questions, please email Beverley Gobbett at beerfestivaltraining(at)