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Sexism is Bad for Business – What Are We Going To Do About It?

On Wednesday 24th January 2018, Manchester Beer & Cider Festival’s trade session hosted the debate Sexism is Bad for Business – What Are We Going To Do About It?

Below is the video of the debate.

Apologies for the sound quality – we have done our best to remove as much background noise as possible but some speakers are difficult to hear.

Below are the notes on the debate compiled by Christine Cryne and Katie Wiles. These will be circulated to CAMRA’s National Executive and beyond.


Build it and they will come

Beer festival organisers announce a return to Manchester Central in 2019

Beer lovers flocked to the city last month when the Manchester Beer and Cider Festival took over Manchester Central’s great hall.

Organised by the combined expertise of the nine Greater Manchester branches of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), a team of 330 volunteers built the festival in four days, served a record number of drinkers in three days and dismantled the whole event in just over a day. Their efforts were recorded on a time-lapse video, now on the festival’s YouTube channel.

Although the attendance of 14,675 was just shy of 2016’s 14,804, the festival opened to the public a day less than in 2016. Organisers were delighted with the public response which reinforced the festival’s position as the biggest beer and cider festival in the North.

And drinkers didn’t just turn up. Almost every one of the 22 bars recorded an increase in consumption with a staggering 41,000 pints of cask ale supped. In line with its reputation for innovation, the festival showcased a wide range of high quality beers dispensed by keg or key-keg and 7,730 pints were enjoyed by visitors. Records tumbled at the cider and perry bar with 4,300 pints consumed, an increase of 8% from the previous year. The main international bar serving German, Czech Republic and Belgian beers shifted almost 2,100 litres (3,560 pints). (more…)

Beer & Cider of The Festival

Results of the People’s Choice vote – favourite beers & ciders as selected by YOU, our customers.

Beer Of The Festival

Gold: Tiny Rebel Peaches and Cream IPA

Silver: Brass Castle Bad Kitty

Bronze: Stockport Brewing Co. Avant Garde Cutting Edge


Cider Of The Festival

Winner: Cleeve Orchard Dry


Perry Of The Festival

Hecks: Perry


The winner of the prize draw was Mrs B Skelton of Ramsbottom