Daily archives: January 12, 2018

Barcelona brewers head to #MBCF18

Following a successful collaboration in 2016, MBCF is renewing its partnership with Barcelona Beer Festival and welcoming five of Spain’s best breweries to the Barcelona Beer Festival bar at the 2018 festival.

Visitors to MBCF can get a small taste of the incredible craft beer scene in and around Barcelona with five of BBF’s favourite brewers from Catalonia and the Basque region attending MBCF, each bringing two draft beers. The beers will rotate throughout the festival and brewers from all five breweries will be on hand along with Barcelona’ Beer Festival director Juan Fiol.

In return, visitors to BBF will be able to enjoy beers from our own Blackjack, Marble, RedWillow, Runaway & Track when Barcelona Beer Festival opens the doors to it’s 7th Edition on 16th March 2018. The Festival is one of southern Europe’s largest events with 30,000 people attending.