Equality Policy

Real ale is great. Beer is great. Real cider & perry is pretty great too. And we at MBCF believe that everybody should be free to enjoy them in a welcoming and comfortable environment, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability or social/economic status.

MBCF welcomes all visitors to our festival as equals and expect all our volunteers and stallholders to treat visitors fairly and with respect at all times. Equally, all our volunteers are entitled to be treated with respect by our visitors and by fellow volunteers.

Comments or behaviour which discriminate, belittle or demean any visitor or volunteer based on their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability or social/economic status will not be tolerated. All stallholders have been briefed on the festival’s policy and committed to uphold this policy in respect to both their own behaviour and any signage displayed.

Visitors who experience or witness inappropriate comments or behaviour from a volunteer or stallholder (or who come across inappropriate signage or images) should report it immediately by either:

  • Speaking to another volunteer on the bar or stall and ask them to call the manager on duty
  • Speaking to a CAMRA Steward who can lead you to a private area to speak with the organisers
  • Reporting the incident to the CAMRA Information Desk

Volunteers who experience or witness inappropriate behaviour from a visitor or fellow volunteer should report it to their designated manager or direct to the organisers office. The quicker an incident is reported, the greater the opportunity to identify those involved.

All reports will be treated in confidence. The organisers will do their utmost to identify the individual(s) involved and investigate appropriately.

Sanctions available for breaches of this policy include:

  • A warning regarding future behaviour
  • Being asked to leave the festival immediately
  • Future exclusion from the festival

Members of CAMRA may be reported to the Regional Director and subject to CAMRA’s disciplinary procedures which can result in expulsion and barring from the Campaign.