Do you have the skills to join MBCF’s organising team?

The MBCF team are preparing for the 5th Manchester Beer & Cider Festival to be held next January. Although hundreds of volunteers come together in festival week, it’s a small team working behind the scenes for months before that gets us to January.

Since 2014, we’ve tried to develop MBCF to be an event that spans the divide between the traditional beer festival and new festivals that have rejected the bad elements of old school festivals but also shunned what is great – like excellent cask conditioned beer. Whether it’s putting the Family Brewers of Britain alongside bars from Tiny Rebel, Marble and Brass Castle or hosting the Great Manchester Beer Debate, we want to embrace the best of the old & the new.

But to grow the festival and take it forward, we are looking for new volunteers to join the organising team – people with the skills we need to get better at what we already do, people with new ideas to bring new elements to the festival. If you love beer and cider, that could be YOU……

  • Do you have event management or organisational skills?
  • Are you experienced in grapic design or marketing?
  • Do you have a passion for traditional or modern world beers?
  • Are you, or have you been, employed in the pub or brewing industry with the contacts to match?
  • Could you lend IT skills to our website and social media?

Whether you are a professional or a self-trained amatur, if you are able to volunteer some of your spare time, there are a wide range of roles where you could help get MBCF to that all important week in January and out the other side.

Keep reading for some examples of specific areas where you could help, or click here to let us know what you think you could add to MBCF.

If you don’t think an organising role is for you but still want to get involved in January, click here for our online volunteering form.

Design & Marketing

From designing posters to planning our marketing strategy, we’ve come this far largely thanks to enthusiastic amateurs and the odd beer loving professional. If you have experience of marketing large scale events and could advise is on improving what we do, we’d love to hear from you.

When it comes to graphic design, we’ve had some help to come up with our logo and look, but throughout the year there is a regular need to develop that image into artwork for different formats – for posters, flyers, print and online advertising etc . Most of our artwork is prepared in Inkscape so experience with Inkscape would be ideal but designs can easily convert to InDesign and other packages.

Web programming & social media

We try to make our website informative and easy to navigate. But we’d like it to be better with plans for live online beer lists, intergrated volunteering forms and more. Do you have experience with writing, implementing and customising WordPress plug ins? PHP & Javascript?

Can you find your way through the world of stats that Google Analytics throws out and work out what they mean for website development?

Do you follow us on Facebook? We know our Facebook page could get more updates but it’s a task which is currently covered by busy people. Have you run Facebook pages for other organisations? Utilised Facebook advertising and interpreted the feedback? You could help run our Facebook page.

Site electrics

MBCF uses hundreds of metres of electric cabling to power the cooling equipment that keeps the beer in top condition. This may sound like a wind up, but the volunteer who has planned and set up our network is moving to the Falkland Islands in October and can’t pop back in January.

Are you familiar with three phase distribution for temporary events and BS 7909? Could you plan power requirements and liaise with Manchester Central’s electricians to ensure supplies are in place? Safely route and connect up cable with RCD protection where needed? Can you do PAT testing?  MBCF most definitely needs YOU….

Talks & Tastings

As well as The Great Manchester Beer Debate, since our move to Manchester Central, we’ve run a series of tutored tasting events and Meet The Brewers. We’d like to do more of these events, both for the general festival goer and corporate clients who want dedicated events for their staff and customers. Do you have experience of planning events & a passion for things beery? Contacts in the industry who could deliver tastings, brewers our customers would want to meet? If you could help, get in touch…..

And lots more….

There’s lots more roles with scope to share with our existing team – shadowing & deputising, advising and improving.

These are just a few of them:

  • Sourcing draught and bottled world beers
  • Selling sponsorship packages to local businesses
  • Preparing site plans in AutoCAD
  • Ordering cask beers
  • Organising food for volunteers
  • Selling VIP packages
  • Helping manage our online ticketing platform (currently in partnership with EventBrite)

Can you help? Want to know more?

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